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25 years old
San Diego
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Fire Emblem of course. Pokemon and other video games. Piano. Writing.
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30 Jul 2012
Name: Ross Cooper
Title: Vesper Squadron Leader
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Etruria
Birthdate: January 17
Dexterity: Ambidextrous (writes with right)
Affinity: Water-Light cusp
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Etruria; Vesper Squadron

Class: Mage
Level: 8
Weapon Levels: Anima: D
Weapons: Autumn Breeze, Sutekh
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Autumn Breeze - E ranked Simple, Attuned Wind Spell:
Shoots the opponent with a gale strong enough to strip a tree of its leaves. Strongest closer to the autumnal equinox.
Sutekh - D ranked Intermediate, Horseslaying, Armourslaying Thunder Spell:
Ross' personal, self-written spell. Shocks the opponent with a cloudless lightning bolt. Spooks cavalry and severely shocks heavily armoured enemies.

Height: 6'1 (186 cm)
Weight: 185lbs. (84 kg)
Build: Average but with muscular undertones
Appearance: When one looks upon Ross, the first thing they will notice is his rich chocolate-colored skin, a rare trait in Etruria. The second things they will notice are his striking emerald-green eyes, which seem to pierce to the very soul of a person. For a mage, he's built quite solidly, and would have made a decent soldier or warrior if fate had that in store for him. He's let his hair grow long out of simple laziness and has been meaning to cut it for a while now. He keeps it out of his face as best he can with his cloth headbands.

Ross usually sticks to his simple, gray robes, giving him an unassuming but sophisticated look. If the weather calls for it, he will shed the robe altogether, opting for his lighter waistcoat and shirt. Around his neck, he keeps a star sapphire carved into an orb, a keepsake from his time in The Fold. He usually carries a satchel with him, holding most of his important items and oddities; spare tomes, inkwell and quill, spectacles, and rations if he's out on a mission. A bundle of three raven feathers are attached to the outside of the satchel as his good luck charm. His personal tome, Sutekh, is kept close by in a pocket at his waist.

Overview: If one were asked to describe Ross in one word, a general consensus would draw them to "eloquent." In two words, most would call him a "Renaissance Man." Personality-wise, the young mage places great value in poise and politeness. He is intelligent, often beyond his years, and feels most comfortable when matters are in order and going according to plan. As such, he can be a bit controlling, and overly ambitious. His comrades often say he can come off as stiff and too serious. Still, none of them deny his talent in magic, specializing in storm magic, but also has a small interest in floral magic. While money is not a primary factor in his happiness, it is a main driving point, and welcome at any time. What Ross really excels in is his creativity, showing great skill in music, theatrics, art, and especially writing. From time to time, he may take up a job playing piano at the local inn in his district, if the mercenary business is slow. He also writes serial works, publishing under the penname "Raven de Soir."

Ross is interested in philosophy, the arts, affinities and horoscopes, and strategic games, and is quite knowledgeable in them. He does drink and has a slight habit of gambling when business is up. Ross has no opinion on religious matters, and expresses no sort of religious affiliation one way or the other. When it comes to romance, Ross seems to keep mostly to himself, offering only chaste compliments or mild flirtation with the opposite sex. His love life is essentially left to the imagination.

As the leader of the Vesper Squadron, a well-known and proven mercenary troupe in Etruria, Ross generally deals with finances, organization, and delegating the other units in assignments. He usually only goes on mission if he expects it to be very difficult, or if it is a fair opportunity for publicity. Currently, he's worked out a long-term agreement with an aristocrat by the name of Kelso Bovary, whose expansive estate and esteemed support of General Dawn Quell and the Queen has increased his need for hired swords. He prefers to employ domestically rather than seek the aid of foreign mercenaries, and Ross is quite happy to oblige.

Biography: Ross was taken from his family to join the Magus Tower Guild at a very young age. He was never informed of his parents' names or whereabouts but assumed nowadays that if he was fated to meet them, it would happen on its own accord. What memories he does have of life before the Fold are broken memories and vague dreams. Before he began learning combat magic, he was placed through 8 years of rigorous training. At the age of 13, he finally went through the iniation. Each mage of the Fold must make a pact with a tower spirit. Not all of the initiates survive, instead having their souls ravaged and devoured by the spirit possessing them. Those who succeed however, are given great magical abilitity. There is of course a catch to the pact. If the mage ever attempts to betray or destroy the Fold, the tower spirit will kill them. A cruel fate, but it ensures the loyalty of its members. After successfully surviving the pact ceremony, Ross was given the star sapphire necklace, said to hold the essence of his tower spirit, and became an apprentice to Master Manfredo, the leading expert on anima magic within the guild. Manfredo was a curt and fairly unpleasant old man, putting Ross through hell for what he called "the good of the guild." Though Ross was very talented, he never seemed to meet up to his mentor's expectations and somewhat resented him for it. His rival and peer was Jacqueline Petrarch, another mage being trained by Manfredo. The two shared a close friendship and helped to lessen the intense pressure around them.

When Ross was 16, he overheard Manfredo and the other guildmasters discussing plans for monopolizing on the mercenary industry in Aquleia and eventually overtaking the city. Horrified by what he had heard, he rushed to tell the information to Jackie. Jackie took the news without flinching, stating she already knew of the plot. The two argued heatedly about what was the right thing to do; eventually leading to a magic duel. Though the duel ended in a draw, Ross decided it was best if he left the Fold. He hadn't looked back since and in the five years he'd been gone, no one had come looking for him, probably assuming he was dead from spirit pact.

But Ross lived on. While hot food and a soft bed weren't guaranteed, he was free to do as he pleased, which made all other problems insignificant in comparison. He found a job at the local inn, first as a servant boy, then as a pianist when his musical talent was revealed. He hadn't used magic since he had left, and most people probably considered him a common civilian. One day, a brawl broke out between a couple of ruffians and a youth slightly younger than Ross. The boy looked to be a Bern Wyvern Rider, judging by his armour, and the men were clearly drunk and giving him a hard time. Heated words became a flying punch which elevated to three drunk minutemen with spears versus one pissed off wyvern rider with a sword. He was clearly outnumbered, and feeling more of a bound with the innocent youth than the idiot men, Ross joined in on the side of the Bern boy. It had been a while, but his magic hadn't lost its touch, nor did he burst into flames like he thought he might if he used magic outside the guild. The youth had performed well, though had received more than his fair share of wounds in the fight. Ross nursed him back to health, feeling somewhat responsible for him, and knowing that most doctors in Etruria would be hard-pressed to offer their services to a Bern rider. The boy, as Ross learned his name was Michael, was grateful for the care and the assistance in the fight, commenting on Ross' incredible skill at such a young age. Michael had come here to escape the Bern army and hoped to find work as a mercenary. Ross sympathized with the youth, and offered him a chance to work at the inn until he was able to find sellsword work. His boss seemed to hold a greater amount of respect, or fear, for Ross after seeing his talent and allowed Michael to work as a waiter. When work did finally come around for Michael, he nearly lost the contract when the employer learned it was just him he was hiring. Thinking of nothing else, Michael pointed to Ross, who was currently performing on piano, as his partner and hailed him as a great mage. This eased the heart of the man a bit, who gave the first half of the payment and went on his way. Admittedly, Ross was a bit upset to be included in this senseless fighting but nonetheless agreed to help, so long as he received a cut.

This was the beginnings of the Vesper Squadron. The two young and nameless sellswords soon proved their raw talent for fighting. Ross ensured Michael was kept safe from mages and archers while Michael aided Ross against hordes of soldiers and brigands. The two were a pair, whose ranks were soon bolstered with men impressed by their skill. By 19, Ross was the appointed leader of a group of 6 men; Michael the wyvern rider, the archer Hyungjin, Troy, the knight, JT, a young thief, and even a nobleman named Jacob. They called themselves the Vesper Squadron, being most active during the setting sun, and soon grew into the skilled mercenary force they were today.

Still, Ross knew of the hidden agenda of the Magus Tower Guild and figured that at some point, he would have to return to destroy the Fold, and succeed or fail, it would be his death.

9 Jul 2012
After taking some time to explore through the sheer mass of Fire Emblem stuff here, I thought I'd take a break to introduce myself. So hi, I'm dusksage. Still new to all this, but I desperately want to get in to FETO, I just don't know where or how to begin. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated! Uh, I got nothing else. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sweat.gif)
4 Jul 2012
Thank you.
4 Jul 2012
Thank you.
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