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"That's when I tried to argue that 'murderize' was a real word. And...well, common sense should say that it's never a good idea to get your English professor both drunk and angry."
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26 Aug 2009
3 Aug 2009
Could there be an option to turn off things like sprite animations and movement? Or other optimizations intended to decrease load time within a battle, so that a battle would be slightly more bearable to one on a slower connection. Currently, on a dialup connection, there is severe lag when a character is issued to move, and sometimes sprites just don't show up at all, as the connection just decided to stop loading them. As for people on a better connection, it'd just be that much more of a speed boost - maybe the person doesn't like watching the sprites move or something.

It's an idea. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/oh.gif)
28 Jul 2009

Horrible foghorn impressions aside, it was a lovely day in Marcellus. The seagulls were chattering, the ocean was roaring, and the clamorous hubbub of the general public rang out over the crowded piers. Many people were gathered to board the great ship, to wine and dine in luxurious style, but only a select few lucky ticketholders would claim a place on this glamorous cruise.

Madame Sarah Alexandrine Hayes the Second was one of these ticketholders. Having procured a much sought-after place on this cruise through some heroic means that aren't really that important to recant right now, she found it an absolute waste to not go onto the cruise. No one would be able to tell that she was the blue-clad superhero who had rescued little Timmy, after all, so it was her chance to have some fun for once.

So there she stood in line, wearing a frilly pink dress and toting a...rather ordinary totebag. It was her usual pack. What? She'd spent a lot of money on the dress! And she already had a perfectly functional pack, so why did she need to buy another? She didn't, that's why.

So while all the nobles nearby were snorting at this poor girl's horrible clash in styles, she happily made her way to the line as it slowly fed into the ship itself. Up and up the ramp she continued, and she was ecstatic when the attendant finally took her ticket and motioned her through. It didn't take her long to find the travelers' quarters, so she wasted no time in depositing her pack and returning to the main gathering area to find herself a drink. She quickly procured herself a fizzy water (complete with straw - the ultimate noble-y drink) and was sipping on it as the boat blew its horn one final time and pulled away from the dock. Eeeeeeeee, they were on their way!

Some time later, with the fizzy water long gone, she was on her way back to the room. She was also having way too much fun, so she found herself slightly dancing on the way there. It occured to her that she needed to get her suitcase, too, so she made a detour to the cargo hold to pick it up. Passing through, dancing, she swayed just a bit too far and crashed into a suitcase, subsequently bring a rather large pile of suitcases down with it. She squealed in panic, hoping no one had heard the massive tumble, and attempted to right all the suitcases. She lifted up one that seemed particularly heavy, and she thought she heard the sound of movement inside - live movement. She paused. And then, not quite believing what she was thinking, she punched the suitcase. It squirmed.

Yeah, something wasn't right here.

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Set up for Ari. Everyone else, fall in somewhere.
23 Jul 2009
Name pending!

Okay, so we're looking at a RP taking place off the coast of Marcellus on a cruise ship. Look at the title and guess what happens. RPFF. It's going to be awesome. Looking for two to four more people!

Cerulyth - Vortex (level 5 adept)
Shaman Rei - Ariale Ryner (level 5 bard)
doc - that one dude
rook - that other dude?
legault - some priest. maybe.
batman with bears - bardgirl.
gua - were you even requesting to join?
22 Jul 2009
A peal of thunder rumbled through the air, rocking the atmosphere as pale grey eyes turned to the sky. They blinked once, focusing on darkened clouds floating above, then once again as raindrops began to spatter upon her unprotected face. The rain was spotty at first, slowly gaining momentum into a torrential downpour.

She shrugged, pulling a blue hood over her great black wings and her head to stop the rain. She looked around. The streets were clearing in this border town, and Crimea was only about half a day's pace off. It'd be nice to finally be back in Crimea - Begnion's restaurant's just couldn't compare. But, alas...this rain was definitely going to slow things down. It was getting late, anyway, and it would be in her best interests to find someplace to crash for the night. And soon.

So she strolled in such a slow, sauntering stride, her standard deliberate pace not hastened by the weather at all. Eyes glanced from sign to sign, looking for a relevant building to take refuge in. Stables, general stores (that reminded her, she needed to pick up some herbs later), there was even a pawn shop...ah, here we were. Nemo's Tavern and Inn. She pulled the cloak closer around her and entered the building.

Being late evening, the tavern was beginning to fill out with the usual nighttime crowd, in addition to patrons much like herself who had come in to escape the rain. She wasted no time in wandering over to the main desk in order to procure a room for the night. An exchange of a paltry amount of gold resulted in her obtaining a key to one of the upstairs rooms. Excellent.

That done, she removed her cloak and stowed it away, taking a nearby seat at the bar. The bartender mumbled something in a gruff tone that vaguely sounded like a greeting. Nerezza glanced at him. "Your strongest drink, please. I don't care which."

She received a grunt for a reply and shortly thereafter an amber liquid in a small glass was slid to her. In return, she deposited a few shiny coins onto the counter and took a sip of the drink. It felt good to sit down and have a stiff drink after a long day of walking. The glass paused at her lips after a quick sip, and then it was raised again as she took a long draft of it. She hesitated a moment, raised the glass again, and-


Nerezza's eyes barely shifted upwards at the loud thud that had just echoed through the building. It seemed to have come from one of the upstairs rooms. Nerezza decided it wasn't really any of her business, though, and she quickly drained the remainder of the drink. She was a bit buzzed now, an effect that'd hopefully be gone by morning, and decided that it was in her best interest to find that room and crash for the night. So she brought herself to her feet, swaying just a bit, and wandered over to the stairs, pausing a moment to look at a flyer. Crimea. Bimillenial Festival. Celebrating prosperity and wealth! Sounded like fun, at least. If she was still in the area at the time, she'd have to check it out.

But for now, she carefully stepped up to her room, unpacked, and crashed upon the hard bed within. She was out within moments.
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