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Marionetta Fargus, Prima Donna
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Skylessia Characters
Radiance of Elibe Characters

Name: Marionetta Josepha Leonna Fargus
Maiden Name: Marionetta Josepha Leonna du le Dolche
Age: 20
Homecountry: Valhassa
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Build: Shapely

Class: Light Mage (Monk)
Level: 2

Weapons: Light, Flare
Weapon Stats: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Light: Mt: 5 Hit: 90% Crit: 5% Wt: 4 Rng: 1-2 Rank: E Uses: 35/35
-Flare: Mt: 2 Hit: 95% Crit: 0 Wt: 1 Rng: 1-2 Rank: E Uses: 20/20 Effect: Inflicts Blind Status.

Weapon Levels: Light - Rank: E

Summary: Passionate, Flamboyant, Lively. All of these words have been often used to describe the young lady of Valhassa. More often than not, it is non other than Marionetta who describes herself as such. Others tend to have much harsher words to say about her. Usually selfish, arrogant, or nosy fall under the general category of insults directed at her. However mad anyone may be with her actions, no one would ever have the gall to insult her to her face. She is typically very passionate around friends, bringing up lively debate and dishing out her own input on the latest news from all the world.

Always desiring to be "in-the-know" about all the worlds events, Marionetta is a very itinerant noblewoman. Rather than spend her days cooped up in the castle with her husband, she'd much rather be seeing the world with her very own eyes. This travel is all lovingly accommodated by her husband, who's very generous. At least, he certainly is with his gold. However when she returns, she's always quick to throw a welcoming home party. She floods the room with stories of her "exotic" travel trips to foreign countries far from the isle of Valhassa.

Despite her outwardly brash personality, there are some deeper elements to the woman. Hidden truths she masquerades with her flamboyant personality. Trapped in a loveless marriage; no doubt exacerbated by three unfortunate miscarriages, she's a very lonely woman. She understands fully well that her new "friends" despise her and only tolerate her because of her position. It's a sad life, but one all too common for those in high classes.

Appearance: Standing in at 5'6 feet (1.4 Meters) and weighing in at 135 pounds (61.2 Kilograms), the shapely Valhassan beauty stands tall. Her natural height is all the more bolstered by her knee high heeled boots, giving her an apparent height of 5'11. These shoes, a wonderfully pristine white with golden trimmings accent the coloring of her white robes. They give her the appearance of a holy woman, which is enforced by the tomes of light she carries in her light brown satchel. Despite this being her primary traveling robe, she's known widely for changing her attire at the blink of an eye. She has vast amounts of dresses and decorations carried along with her. As always, she intends to make a scene.

Her main robe, the white and gold holy robe, does well to match her fair skin tone. Her pale skin naturally stems from her mother's influence. Raised to be a lady, Marionetta takes lengths to keep her skin shielded from sunlight.

Her light blonde hair, also a gift from her mother, is held up into whatever fashion style is trending. As of now, she wears it in a high ponytail, accented with a golden clip. Usually her hair is kept away from her face to show off her dazzling blue eyes. Her large doe eyes stand out from the otherwise small features of her face. Her nose is small and petite, her lips are small and rounded, and her cheekbones melt into her face, giving her a round facial shape.

Bio: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Part 1: The Demon Wars of Valhassa
Marionetta was born the second of two daughters to the du le Dolche noble house. Five years after the birth of the eldest daughter, Marionetta was a much desired addition to the family.

The du le Dolche family has had their hands intertwined in Valhassa's history. As remnants of a former nobility, the du le Dolches managed to stand beside their Holy Emperor, Sebastion Marmaduke, and offer exceptional aid in liberating the state from demons. When their funds dipped dangerously low, the family gritted their teeth and stuck out their financial woes. Surely, they thought, life will be better once the demons are exercised from the land. 

And so they spent and spent. The financial burdens, as well as the burdens of loss, paid off. With Sebastion Marmaduke claiming credit for the expulsion of demons, all was well in Valhassa. The people rejoiced and welcomed their new leader. When selecting his advisors, among the decision to implant Callisto Granburn, he would select those who helped immensely in the war efforts. And thus, the du le Dolche family was finally rewarded for their valiant efforts. The surviving wing of the family, Pierce Jacob Friedric du le Dolche, was appointed as an advisor. As a young man at the time, he was immediately a sought out bachelor. 

Women flocked to earn the heart of the "Blue Wolf"; a man so influential in the battle against demons. In part because of his sapphire armor, and in part because of a monumental battle in which he single-handily fought off a pack of Mauthedoogs, the name stuck. He became something of a hero in the repairing state. Eventually he picked a unique bride to be by his side, Kathputli. A strange woman of unknown origin, her beauty and devotion to the state simply won over the young lord. 

Part 2: Becoming a Lady
In the following years, they were wed and started to repopulate the family. The du le Dolches had lost all other members of the family. From the patriarch, Fiyero, his wife, and Pierce's two brothers (and their families), all were slain in the attacks. Because of Pierce's prowess with armor and lance, he fought off death. When the first child was born, a son, he was immediately named after the lost patriarch, Fiyero. However, this son would die in infancy due to what some believe to be residual demonic energies in the air. 

Naturally they tried again and were blessed with two daughters. The oldest of the two, a strong-willed and passionate girl, was named Marotte. The youngest, an intellectual and ladylike girl was named Marionetta. The two girls were polar opposites towards one another. Where Marionetta idolized her reserved and charming mother, Marotte tried to emulate her father. Where the eldest took to training for battle, Marionetta focused on learning history, science and the finest arts of conversation. Eventually, the distance between the two sisters would grow to a point where there was little speaking between them. 

Where Pierce focused his energies raising the budding warrior in his daughter Marotte, Marionetta more closely bonded to her mother, Kathpulti. Marionetta absolutely adored and idolized her mother. To the girl, her mother was as elegant as any queen from the storybooks of Skylessia.

At the young age of five, Marionetta was already starting to display the behaviors of a lady-of-the-house. She often held tea parties in which she'd invite the neighboring noble daughters of the other advisors. Though her group of friends varied in age, they were always willing to sit down to tea and scones, thereby emulating the women that they hoped to grow to be. At least, they shared common goals until Marionetta matured.

At the age of nine, she started to look outside of the nobles for interaction. While the women of high society were much to be desired, she couldn't help but wonder what the outside world held. She would look outside her door and watch the servants' children play amongst each other. Young girls played amongst their male counterparts; this all seemed so... strange. She began to wonder, "Why do they play around so wrecklessly? Aren't they worried about dirtying their blouses? And playing with boys?" She watched with hidden interest, knowing full well what her society would think of a girl with her status muddying her dress. This was explicitly enforced by her mother, who would vocally scoff at how uncivilized the daughters of the servants were. "If they act like boys, they'll never find husbands. Right, dear?" Despite being directed towards the servants daughters, this was a jab at her own daughter, Marotte's, masculinity. Because Marionetta idolized her mother more than anything, she agreed with her mother.

Any interest she would have in the outside world would have to remain hidden. Her mother certainly wouldn't approve of her daughter befriending anyone who didn't hold an important bloodline. In time, her mothers prejudices would be replicated in her own behavior. The servants she once admired and watched from afar, she was now forced to reject. It pained her to be so cruel, but it would have to be. At least, until she turned fourteen.

Julius, the son of Kathpulti's head butler, began to replace his father for a few weeks. The older man had earlier succumbed to a strange illness known as the "peasant's plague" by the nobles. As the man suffered, Julius agreed to take over his father's role, despite being a youth himself. The long hours and the arduous duties of keeping the matriarch pleased kept the young man busy. While working, he noticed the striking beauty that was the youngest daughter of the house. Despite his best efforts to combat it, he began to fall for her beauty and charm. Though he would never act on it, he would stare at her from afar while working.

"Boy. Come here." Marionetta would call to Julius after catching him staring at her. He feared a reprimand, or at worst a potential firing. But instead, Marionetta responded much differently. "What about me is striking you so? My figure is artificial, my palor is painted on, and my attire is hand-crafted. If you wish to compliment those things, you --" She began to start. At that age, she began to grow into her femininity. No longer solely attracting female friends, she was starting to find herself batting away male suitors. All of whom liked her most artificial features.

"It's your eyes." Julius interrupted. She abruptly stopped talking, staring at him with her head tilted. "What?. . . My eyes?"

"They convey such natural beauty, rivaling the roaring seas and sparkling moon. They speak to real beauty in your soul, and no amount of crafting can fake that." She swooned at his words. The interest he had in her was incredibly genuine. Thus began a relationship so controversial, that they could never speak about it openly.

Their months long relationship ended in cruelty inflicted by the matriarch herself. Using the excuse of a stolen necklace, she arrested the youth on the baseless grounds of theft. Despite his proclamations of innocence, the Holy Emperor's dungeon master was more willing to believe the word of a high ranking lady. "But he's innocent!" Marionetta tried to protest with her mother, but to no avail.

"Dear. Haven't I warned you about associating with people of lower caliber?" Kathpulti chided while brushing her hair back, revealing the very necklace she claimed to be missing. Marionetta wanted to scream;cry;hit her mother. Anything. But she just nodded to her mother's words.

"Don't trust anyone in this world, dear. As a woman, you have so much to give. Your love, your life, your children. And there are plenty of dastards willing to take it."

"Mother. . . Do you love father?" This question made the exotic Kathpulti's eyebrows raise. She turned to her daughter and placed her hand upon her shoulder.

"No. I feel nothing when I lie with him. He's just a vessel for acquiring wealth and a stable life. It's an ugly truth that we all masquerade as 'love.' It doesn't exist, and you'd do best to accept that."

"Mother. . . Do you love me, then?" Tears began to welt up in the daughter's eyes, but she struggled and craned her head to avoid them from flowing.

" Darling." She held her daughter up close to her breast. "How could you even ask that? Of course I care for you. You're my flesh and blood. This is why I teach you the truth. Other women would sooner lie to their daughters about love than admit the truths to themselves. It's pathetic. The only real love that I've ever felt was toward you."

Marionetta heeded her mothers words. As far as she understood, marriage wasn't for love. There wouldn't be a knight on a white horse that would take her hand and whisk her off to have wonderful children. None of that was true. To be a real lady, you must understand that your gifts were used as tools. The real test of a lady's worth was the power she could obtain in her lifetime.

Part 3: It all ends here
As an advisor to the Emperor, Pierce was kept in high regard when the country held discussions. Pierce learned everything from Marmaduke's side. He learned what issues the country befaced. He heard the people's requests for new systems, or new ideas. Genuinely interested in helping his countrymen, Pierce brought these issues right to Marmaduke himself. Much to du la Dolche's pleasure, the Emperor seemed just as passionately interested in aiding the people as well.

However, not everything was as simple and perfect as that. Among the selection of advisors, Pierce was uncommonly disliked. Seen as a brute who'd rather dirty his hands in demon-slaying, rather than in knowledge, the other advisors often spoke ill of the man. Despite the common practice of flinging political mud at each other, du le Dolche was untouchable. He was the heroic "Blue Wolf," and was much loved by the citizenry. 

So much so, that Marmaduke kept him as his second most coveted advisor, directly behind Callisto Granburn. Whether this was based on actual trust, or obligation, du le Dolche was kept purposefully ignorant. 

This blissful ignorance would change one night. While in a private meeting between the Emperor and Granburn, their discussion turned to dark topics. These topics would shake the entire society of Valhassa to their very cores. Pierce, while rushing in unannounced to present an urgent piece of news to the Emperor, stood outside in absolute shock. His mouth hung open with horror, revulsion, even disbelief. Certainly he could not have been serious about what was just said. 

Suddenly, Pierce heard movement in the meeting room. His warrior senses kicked back in, and Pierce bolted from the area. He wasn't sure if they had been aware of his presence, but he sure hoped not. He would be in danger. His family would be in danger.

The following days were strife with panic. He never knew if the Emperor's army would burst into their estate and imprison the family. He didn't know if his hiring of a merchant ship would be noticed by the other advisors. The act alone conflicted with Valhassa's isolationist policies. All he could do was bide his time and play the act. All, of course, while keeping his family safely ignorant of the horrors he'd heard. 
- - - 
Knock Knock Knock. The ominous rattling at the door awoke the lord and his family. While they scratched their eyes and headed for the door, Pierce knew exactly what that noise meant. He was found out. They knew he knew what they were keeping so dreadfully secret. With the utmost horror, he shuffled his family out of the door and into the harbor. There, awaiting them was the merchant boat. Having arrived a mere half day beforehand, the happenstance was incredible. 

"Go my family! They're ruthless monsters! You've no idea what they're capable of!" Pierce cried out as he readied his armor. Marotte, the strongest daughter, took hold of her mother and sister and lead their party out the back of the castle.

"Mother, what has father done? Why must we run?" Marionetta questioned why the nobility they had been so close with was suddenly coming to claim them. I don't care what father has done, Emperor Marmaduke can't be sending his men for no reason. They just have to listen to us if we cooperate. The must! Marionetta broke her hand free from her sister's and ran back towards the castle.

She glanced one last time at her mother, hoping to see her mother share her sentiments, only to see her completely disappear. "Mother!?" Suddenly she felt a tight grip wrap around her arm. "Ow! I'm complacent, I surrender. Just please do not treat me so brusquely ."

Marionetta, along with her father were jailed by the royal guard. Going from a place of high nobility to that of a prisoner was devastating for the young woman. She blamed her father for their situation and refused his attempts to contact her. For all she cared, he was a traitor to the Emperor, and she had the unfortunate coincidence of being his offspring. Any other girl would have lamented the situation, but her mother's influence still sounded in her head. As a woman, you have so much to give. . . and there are plenty willing to take it.

"Dungeon master, if you would grant me one request." She begged the guard with a pitiful voice. She feigned weakness, tears, anything she could think of to garner sympathy. He looked right into her sullen blue eyes, completely enticed by her siren song. Per her request, he arranged for a private meeting between the girl and some high ranking advisors to the Emperor.

After replaying her previously utilized sympathetic act, she garnered some support from the older men. These men, most of whom had personally watched the young girl's birth, were now the judges for her life. One particular advisor, Fallon Fargus, took special interest in the girl.

Personally paying the young girl's pardon was effectively paying for her hand in marriage. Marionetta knew her best option was to align herself to her largest supporter and one of the most powerful men she could think of. Despite the age gap of thirty-two years, the pair were wed just a few months after her pardon from jail.

Part 4: Bouquet and Bloodshed

The marriage to her husband was entirely devoid of love; just as Kathpulti has promised it would be. Her husband saw her as a beautiful toy that he could play with whenever he pleased. To him, she was a replacement bride after his first two fell in their youth. To her, he was just a means of survival. Like her mother before her, she feigned her love for her husband, and in turn, he reciprocated his affections in wealth.
On multiple occasions, he would enter her chambers, often drunk, and violate his new bride. Claiming he wished for an heir after multiple failed attempts with his previous wife, he would try continuously with Marionetta. Though she didn't enjoy any of his advances, she knew she had to relent and hope a pregnancy stuck. If she bore him children, perhaps she could feel the love that her mother felt towards her. She would want for nothing else in her lifetime if she could find something that would give her the love that she had given her mother. And with my child, I would never leave her to rot away in a jail cell.

Throughout her married life, she was pregnant three times, each lasting less than an initial trimester. With each successive miscarriage, her husband would become angrier and angrier. His frustrations began to turn violent.

Though it was absolutely never mentioned to either one of them, talk began to spread about the abuse that Marionetta suffered. Some nobles thought he was an absolute monster; others thought that as a traitor's daughter, she'd gotten what she deserved. Regardless of the case, Marionetta conceals any feelings of hurt under her facade. Acting the part, she hoped, would make her eventually be what she emulated.

Part 5: Current Day
Using her husband's wealth and using his transgressions against her, she has leaned on him enough to allow her to travel to her hearts content. So long as he has mistresses to keep his tempers satiated, Marionetta is free to have free reign of the country. This travel fulfills her childhood curiosities of the world, and makes her seem cultured amongst her friends.

Additional Notes/Comments:
~Marionetta was born the youngest daughter of a former advisor to Emperor Marmaduke. However, her father overheard a dark secret and was discovered, effectively being labelled a traitor. Unlike her sibling, Marotte, she completely believes her father is guilty and repremands him for his trechery.
~Marionetta grew up with a mother who's cruelity towards those of a lower class was influential in Marionetta's development. She was also taught that her sexuality and femininity were mere tools for securing a husband with power. She currently has no belief in true love, though that will hopefully change.
~She holds a grudge against her father for his transgressions, her mother for abandoning her mid-battle, and a much more hidden jealousy of her sister Marotte.
~She has no idea about her sibling's whereabouts, or the fact that she now lives as the male "Fiyero."
~She is involved in a physically abusive relationship with her husband. Though at first she seems completely happy and narcissistic, it masks a deeper pain inside of her.
Mod Notes: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-I lifted some of the shared history that Marionetta has with her sibling Fiyero. I changed it where it was appropriate.
-She doesn't believe her father at all when he proclaims his innocence, and is completely ignorant to this "dark secret" her father mentions but never states.
-There is an intentional disconnect between Kathpulti stating that she loves her, then abandoning her during battle. It will actually be a self made plot point later on in her life.

Personal Extras:
Personality Type: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Your type is ESFP

The Promoter (ESTP)
The Crafter (ISTP)
The Performer (ESFP)
The Composer (ISFP)
You are:
~Very Expressed Extrovert
~Distinctively Expressed Sensing Personality
~Moderately Expressed Feeling Personality
~Very Expressed Perceiving Personality
Description: Performers are exciting and full of fun, and their great social interest lies in stimulating those around them to take a break from work and worry, to lighten up and enjoy life.
-Strengths: Lively entertainment, Empathy, Quick Thinker.
-Weaknesses: Bored of educational endeavors, ignorant, not concerned with morality.
For more information, click the links below:

Stats: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Light Mage
Hp: 15/40 - 50%
Mag: 5/20 - 45%
Skl: 8/20 - 55%
Spd: 6/20 - 50%
Luk: 7/30 - 45%
Def: 2/20 - 10%
Res: 6/20 - 35%
Mov: 5
Con: 5
Aid: 4
Affinity: Fire

Thread's Marionetta's been in: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Floral Arrangements Galore
Progress: In Progress
Characters: Elyson (Aviv), Amanda [NPC] (Aviv), Isleifur(Foe), Raphael (Darth Slaverus), Karla (Satori), Marionetta (Shangela)
Description: On the day of Amanda's wedding, a special event that melds a lord with his commoner wife, she is attacked by a group of trained assassins under Erikson's watch. Amanda and Elyson are assaulted, but a rescue attempt has been made by the passerby's: Raphael, Karla, Islefur and Marionetta. Literally fighting in the streets, our party is fending off an initial assassination attempt.
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