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9 Aug 2011
Name: Lucia Avery
Title: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Etruria
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 18
Weapon Levels: Sword - C (1/5)
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
>Steel Sword: Folded, Perfect Balance.
Lucia's primary weapon, Oathwarden is a fairly plain sword, in terms of appearance. It possesses a curved, single-edged blade, roughly seventy centimetres in length. It has a simple circular guard, and a grip long enough to accommodate two hands. While the weapon is not particularly pretty or ornate, it is very functional, and very well balanced. The sword's name does have meaning: It was the first weapon Lucia took up after she made a promise to herself—an oath, in a manner of speaking—to leave her old life behind her, and if possible, to do what she could to make up for what she had done in the past.

>Steel Sword: Light.
A shorter blade Lucia carries as a companion to her main weapon, or as a backup weapon. The blade is still of quality make, though not quite the same grade as her primary weapon. It possesses a similar single-edged and curved blade, though only comes to a shorter forty-five centimetres in length.

Height: 158cm (5'2")
Build: Fit, lithe.
Character Images: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Lucia, by Kei.

Appearance: Lucia's most striking feature is her hair: Nearly waist-length and a pure silver-white in colour, it is easily the first thing most people notice about her. Her other features could still be considered quite 'pretty', but not the sort of beauty that would cause heads to turn on the street. She has fairly soft features, tending toward gentle curves rather than angular shapes. Her skin is naturally somewhat pale, but usually fairly tanned from spending a lot of time outdoors. Lucia usually wears her hair straight, though she will tie it back when on a job to prevent it from interfering with her vision. Her eyes are a rosy brown, and fairly pale in colouration; It is also near her left eye that her single facial scar—a thin, curving mark extending from below her eye to the bottom of her ear—mars what is otherwise a face that is truly quite deceiving. Thanks to her below-average height and overall looks, she is sometimes mistaken for being younger than she is, though rarely by more than a year or two. She does not, however, have a face one would easily associate with a professional killer, neither by looks nor expression.

She tends to dress fairly simply, in an attempt to strike a balance between standing out enough to be notable, and she is a mercenary by profession, and no standing out too much, to avoid Nyle catching word of her. Her usual outfit consists of a light, sleeveless tunic, primarily dark purple in colour. The tunic only reaches a short distance past her waist, so she wears a pair of black shorts underneath. Her boots are just below knee-length, and black in colour. Her gloves are of a similar look, fairly thin, but still tough enough to handle wear, and fingerless to allow her to do fine work without removing them. She tends to also wear a pair of detached sleeves or arm warmers, in a paler blue. Lucia also has a pair of swords sheathed and hanging from either side of her waist from the belt, one longer and one shorter.

Overview: On the surface, Lucia comes across as a very pleasant person. She is not particularly social, but neither is she antisocial. She gets along well with most people, and tends to be fairly helpful and considerate of others. From a short meeting, Lucia's past, and her darker side are not readily visible, and she generally appears to be little beyond the norm. She is loyal to those she feels she can trust, but she also has a difficult time trusting after being manipulated as she was in the past. She also tends to be wary, if not necessarily paranoid, and always alert.

She is very protective of her younger sister, Ashlyn, the only family she has left, and goes to great lengths to keep her safe, though her sister has also managed to convince Lucia that she can take care of herself too. Lucia still does everything she can to protect Ashlyn, as she knows that if Nyle does come after them, her sister won't be able to do much, but she does give her her space, especially since she can't always bring her along while on a job.

Buried beneath her relatively normal personality, though, is the person Lucia had become over the years of working with Nyle. She did everything she could to push that side of herself down, lock it away as well as she could, but it was impossible to rid herself of it entirely. The personality that she calls "Luce", after the alias she bore as an assassin, is as much her as the one she shows to others, and it is not something she can simply get rid of.

This suppressed personality can rise to the surface at times, usually when Lucia is fighting, or under great stress. Usually, it is only the conditioning reasserting itself in some way, though rarely something that noticeably alters her behaviour, and usually having to do with whatever situation caused it to surface in the first place. Other times, though, it is as though Luce "takes over". The phenomenon could not quite be considered a true split personality, but sometimes those instincts and teachings, ingrained over nearly half of her life, take over. She is still the same person, but colder, more ruthless, as she had become in the past. This happens rarely, however, and Luica is not entirely certain what the trigger is, though she tries to suppress it as much as she can nonetheless.

Biography: Lucia's family was not one of particular wealth, but neither were they in real danger of poverty—comfortably off, if little more than that, and they lived in one of the larger, coastal cities in Etruria. Lucia was the first child of two, her sister, Ashlyn, being born four years after her. Before her younger sister's birth, Lucia's life was fairly typical for a child of her age, though she has few real memories of the time, most of those memories being only the vague recollections of her mother. There were complications after Ashlyn's birth, when Lucia was only four, that resulting in their mother passing away several months later.

Her father was just a labourer, working at the docks, usually just loading and unloading cargo, and didn't make much, but he did what he could to support his daughters, and pay someone to look after them while he was working—he had no other family nearby to entrust them to. Unfortunately, though, he wasn't able to make enough to support the costs, and eventually wound up in debt. In an effort to pay off the debt, he began doing some work on the side for less reputable employers. This work was also less than legal, mostly involving smuggling cargo, but it paid much better, enabling him to start paying off the debts he'd accumulated. Unfortunately, it may also have been the cause of his death, when he was later involved in an accident. Though Lucia was still young at the time, and not knowledgeable enough to understand just what he'd gotten involved in, when looking back, she is uncertain whether it truly was an accident or not—but after eleven years had already passed, there was no way to go back and investigate.

Their father's death, however, left Lucia, only eight, and her four-year old sister orphaned, and when the debt collectors came and "took possession" of their father's house as payment, homeless too. Lucia wasn't even certain how they managed to survive as well as they did, even if it was only for a few months... while she might have been able to take care of herself, taking care of her sister as well was quite a challenge, but she had always been strong-willed, even as a child.

They were fortunate, then, when a man found the two of them on the street, and offered them a place to stay. Lucia was wary at first, but accepted anyway... anything had to be better than where they were, in her mind—and it was, at least on the surface. As it turned out, they were not the only orphaned children he had "adopted", apparently running something of an independent orphanage.

Though Lucia wouldn't know it for a long time to come, though, his motivations were hardly selfless in nature. The man's name was Nyle Varden, ostensibly an information dealer, and that was his primary business. There was much more than that hidden below the surface, though, and in truth he was involved in many of the underground activities in the city. The full extent even Lucia was never really aware of, as he tended not to trust any of those who worked for him with more information than they needed to know, ensuring that even if operations were compromised in one business, there wouldn't be enough information to link them to the others.

He was a man who could be considered something of a genius, especially when it came to manipulating other people, on a large or small scale. To Ashlyn and Lucia, and to the other children he had rescued from a life on the streets, he appeared benevolent, like some sort of saviour to them, and he acted the part too. He never let them see the other sides of him, not until they already trusted him. To him, it was a way of scoping out talent for future use, and ensuring that they would be loyal to him when the time came to use it. He was always looking to the future, never overly concerned with immediate gains, as was obvious from his willingness to put such effort into raising these children, while they would not be as useful as he needed for years to come.

None of that was apparent to Lucia and Ashlyn, though, not at the time. As far as they knew, Nyle had only their well-being in mind. For the first year they were there, it was almost as if they had a parent again. Although Nyle was fairly distant most of the time, they were used to that, and he did seem to genuinely care about them. Lucia had heard that some of the other orphans who were here before them had started working for Nyle when they were old enough, and eventually, she decided that she wanted to help too. She wanted to do what she could to repay him for taking them in, at least.

At first, he seemed hesitant. Lucia was only ten, and the work he would usually start them on could still be dangerous, despite not being anything actually illegal. She was persistent, though, so eventually he gave her a chance. Most of the work simply consisted of courier jobs, either picking up or delivering messages and packages. It was generally fairly safe, but there were always risks. The other job, and the slightly riskier one, was information gathering. Nyle's primary business was in information, and he had to have eyes and ears everywhere. The children were perfect for that role, as most people wouldn't even give them a second glance. Of course, if one was caught spying or eavesdropping, it could be quite dangerous—most people prefer to keep their secrets secret after all, and a few people had "gone missing" on such jobs in the past, only to be found dead days or weeks later.

Lucia actually proved to be quite adept at the latter, though. Despite her rather distinctive looks, mainly due to her hair, she was fairly good at avoiding notice, and even better at watching without seeming to watch, or listening without seeming to listen. Most of what she learned was trivial, but Nyle seemed interested in all of it regardless. She usually managed to avoid trouble, and though she had a few close calls, it was never enough to really put her off the work. In fact, she found it kind of exciting, in a way. That didn't last, though, and things started getting a bit rougher within the year. People were starting to stir up trouble, Nyle told them, rivals of his, most likely, who would try to strike at them in their inability to get at him.

This was when Lucia began to learn to fight. She was still young, only eleven, so she didn't really have the strength to put up a real fight, but she wasn't expected to get involved in one, and the skills would be useful in the future. Nonetheless, Nyle had all of them, Lucia and the others who did the same sort work for him, undergo some training... just enough to give them a bit of an edge if they did end up in danger, and to prepare for the future, where they would be able to really put the skills they learned to use. It was both a precaution and preparation. They began undergoing almost daily training, but Lucia didn't really mind. She'd always been the active sort, so this sort of workout wasn't as much of a strain on her as it might have been. In fact, she actually liked the idea of learning how to fight, though some of the others were less enthusiastic.

While things did get a little rougher, few fights actually broke out over the course of the next few years. It was just a hanging tension, slowly growing. It was inevitable that it would snap eventually, and Nyle wanted them to be ready for when that time came. Of course, he had others working for him who could handle the more violent sort of work, if it came to that, but he couldn't protect every set of eyes he had out there; there were just too many of them, and not enough protection to go around, so they had to be able to hold their own, at least long enough to get away, or for help to show up. He was confident, though; many of them were showing good progress for being so young.

Despite all the training, though, they were still young, and still vulnerable, as Lucia learned the hard way. It was a risky job to begin with, but she had accepted without a second thought: A local merchant, and one of Nyle's suppliers, one in charge of importing goods from abroad, had recently seen a rather sudden, unexplained increase in personal wealth. Nyle suspected the man was intentionally "losing" some of the goods to sell on the side, especially with the fact that the numbers always seemed just a bit off, and he wanted proof.

Lucia had managed to sneak into his home undetected, but made a slip when inside. She hadn't expected him to have bodyguards inside his home—and he normally didn't—but she had the bad luck to have tried to sneak in while he was in the middle of one of his side deals. She tried to get out as soon as she realized this, but was too hasty in doing so. She was caught, though they thought her just a thief; Nevertheless, she was beaten nearly to death and tossed back into the street as "punishment". She might very well have died had another one of Nyle's people not been nearby to spot her and take her back.

It was something of a humbling experience. Though she'd tried everything she could to escape, she simply couldn't match up when it came to a matter of strength. To make matters worse, she wasn't the only one who's run into trouble recently. A few of the usual couriers had wound up dead, victims of some sort of organized attack, which Nyle was certain it was. He was still in the process of tracking down just who it was at the time, but he'd said he was certain it was someone intentionally targeting him. Despite the danger, though, Lucia was still willing to go back to work after she'd recovered, though she'd now taken to actually wearing a weapon around the city, as had many others. While she couldn't match up to most others, especially those older than herself, in strength, a blade was something of an equalizer.

It proved a prudent choice, as Lucia eventually found herself the target of an attack. It was a close fight, very close, but she managed to just barely gain the upper hand in the end. She was certain she was about to die several times, but managed to turn the tables in the end, striking down her assailant instead with a lucky blow. It was the first time she'd killed anyone, the first time she'd been in a real life-or-death fight. It was both frightening and a bit exhilarating. It took her some time to really come to terms what had happened, and what she had done... but she didn't regret it either. The man had been the one responsible for killing people who had been her friends, if only distantly, and she couldn't bring herself to feel bad over his death.

It was with these same feelings that Lucia accepted when Nyle presented her with a very different sort of offer, nearly half a year later. The attacks had died down for a time after Lucia had killed her attacker, but they had begun to start again, and this time Nyle had discovered who was behind it. The culprit wasn't an easy man to get at, but Nyle also had a plan for that, he just needed someone who could pull it off. Lucia immediately accepted, despite the nature of the job, he'd been responsible for the deaths of several of her friends already, she wasn't about to sit back and let another, or maybe even her own sister, be the next victim. The solution was simple: He had to die.

Lucia had practice sneaking around, even into occupied buildings, and Nyle had already mapped out a route for her, and given her the means. Poison... you didn't have to be strong to kill someone that way, and it was something no amount of bodyguards could fight against. All she had to do was get inside, and slip it into something he would drink. It went flawlessly, almost surprisingly to Lucia. Nyle had managed to arrange for the guards to be distracted just long enough for her to slip past, and the man was almost careless with security once past the gate.

Though she didn't know it at the time, Nyle considered Lucia one of his greatest successes by this point. He had taken a girl, eight years old, and already she had become, in a way, a deadly weapon. Even looking back for where that transition took place, she couldn't place it. One thing had led to another, in tiny steps, until she had willingly, if not knowingly, become a weapon for him. The scariest part was the fact that she couldn't really tell where it was she had changed, it simply seemed natural.

Though the next did not come for some time, the first assassination Lucia carried out was far from the last. She had proven her talent, and Nyle was not about to let it go unused. At first, they were only the occasional extra job, whenever someone started to threaten them a little too much, but they also proved to be a surprisingly good team. While Lucia had the raw talent, she wasn't particularly good at seeing the big picture, or trying to plan beyond the immediate future. On the other hand, that was exactly what Nyle did best, and his information network was quite extensive.

Over the next several years, Lucia's work shifted almost entirely toward these assassinations, or jobs that involved her in fighting of some sort or another—she had become much better with a sword over the years, and was at the point of maturing more physically, allowing her to finally make up for some of the previous discrepancy in physical size and strength that had been such a weakness. She was still not particularly strong physically, compared to others, but she had reached the point where her other talents could supplement it enough to put her on even footing.

She had even begun to gain some infamy in the city, after carrying out a number of successful assassinations. Few knew her identity, only Nyle and a few others who were directly involved, but the alias she had been using, "Luce", had slipped out. She suspected that might have been intentional in Nyle's part, to put a name to what people feared, but she didn't really put much thought into it. She just focused on what she needed to do, for herself and her sister, and for Nyle.

Her sister had been relatively sheltered, thanks to her efforts, kept safe from the dangers Lucia herself had been through. They were each the only family the other had left, and she didn't want to lose Ashlyn too. She also kept just what she was doing a secret from her sister, out of protectiveness perhaps, not wanting the girl to become involved in the deadly game. Or perhaps some part of her really did think what she was doing was wrong, some part of her that had escaped Nyle's gradual conditioning, and she just didn't want to admit what she had become.

It wasn't until another few years later, when Lucia was nineteen that her loyalty began to waver. Her targets had shifted; no longer did she only target rivals who directly threatened Nyle, but even those whose offences were less severe, or who were simply inconvenient to keep around. Not only that, but he had also begun to use her as a tool for intimidation. Her targets were not only those who were threats or enemies themselves... but even the families of those who he wanted to threaten.

It was when her targets became even children that Lucia began having doubts. Why was she doing this? Had this not all started out of a desire to protect her own family, or at least what was left of it? How could she possibly consider herself justified if she would murder the families of so many others just to protect her own? When she imagined her sister in the place of one of those people, it was not something she could bear. That one, simple thing began to crack the surface of the years of careful conditioning Nyle had built up. She wouldn't escape it that easily, naturally, but she could see past it. She could see what he really was, what she had become. Not only that, but she could see just how difficult it would be to escape. When she looked back, it all seemed so obvious, but she was the one who had built the trap she now found herself ensnared in. Ashlyn had been safe, under Nyle's protection, while Lucia worked to earn their keep, but what she failed to notice was that, if she were to ever become disloyal, that also put Ashlyn in a position to be used as a hostage against her.

It took a lot of planning, something Lucia was not all that skilled in, but she eventually came up with a workable plan of escape. It was risky, incredibly risky, but it was the only thing she could think of that would work. While out on a job, she left something behind, an anonymous tip, so to speak. She did this several times, not expecting for it to be taken too seriously... but eventually one of them might try something. What she'd left them was a series of notes detailing some of Nyle's future plans she was privy too, and most importantly, the dates on which he would be least defended as a result.

Eventually, one of them took the bait. Lucia wasn't really sure who or why, all that mattered was that they did. It was not easy, and she had to fight her way out with her sister in tow, but Lucia managed to get the two of them away safely. They immediately left town afterwards, Lucia hoping to put as much distance between them and Nyle as possible before he had a chance to recover.

Several months later, Lucia and her sister were still in Etruria, but well away from Nyle's sphere of influence. Lucia made an oath when she left, after finally explaining to her sister just why they had to leave: She would leave as much of that life as she could behind her, to never use those underhanded methods of taking lives she had mastered. She could not swear not to fight, or not to kill—she still intended to protect her sister, and herself, any way she could—but at least she could keep herself from sinking so low again. She currently makes a living as a mercenary, or doing other odd jobs if she can find them. She was initially wary about attempting to make a living through more fighting, but she really hadn't developed many other marketable skills, so she simply settles for being selective about what sort of jobs she is willing to take. It does limit her options, but to her, it is better than the alternative.

RP History:

Initial Level: 8
Line in the Sand - Western Isles - (CRP | 6 Levels, 2/5 Sword)
Meet the Neighbours - Western Isles - (CRP | 4 Levels, 4/5 Sword)

7 Aug 2011
Name: Eira
Title: N/A
Age: ??? (Appears to be in her mid/late-teens, or 15-16)
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: (Dragons' World)
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Manakete
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: Dragonstones - E
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
> Ice Dragonstone, Short Duration Transformation: Snow, Flierslayer.
Eira's basic transformation to dragon form. Her breath leaves a coating of snow and frost, making it especially dangerous to winged foes, who will be hampered in their ability to fly.

Height: 148cm (4'10")
Build: Thin, Slight
Appearance: Eira appears to be much younger than her true age, by human standards—although of course, human standards also do not encompass the lifespan of a manakete. She looks like a girl in her mid or late teens among humans, though with a few noticeable differences, not usually readily visible, with the most notable among them naturally being her wings. Her wings are mostly leathery, stretched between the bones and more rigid segments, very much bat-like in appearance, but also akin to what one might expect a lizard to have if it possessed wings. They are primarily a light bluish colour, along with some darker violet markings, the same shade that her entire body takes on after transforming fully. Another notable feature are her ears, being slightly elongated and pointed compared to those of a human. This fact, however, is usually hidden by her hair, which is long enough to reach down past her waist and easily covers her ears.

Her hair is a darker shade of steel blue, and quite straight and long. Her hair is something about her human form Eira takes great pride in, and she will often spend long times grooming it when able to. It is a bit longer than waist-length on her, and she rarely styles it in any way other than a straight fall. She sometimes wears a black cloth ribbon like a headband to keep it out of her eyes, but she does not need to worry about it often—if she needs to fight, she takes on her dragon form, in which it is no way affected by it. Her eyes are yet another tone of blue, a more vibrant medium shade, but also with a hint of green in them. Her face has a relatively soft, almost childlike look to it, though considering her apparent age, that is not unusual. Her features haven't developed into any real angular shapes, leaving everything as fairly gradual, round curves.

Having only been among humans for a matter of months—a very short time for a species which lives as long as hers—Eira still lacks a proper understanding of their habits regarding clothing. Having had no need for such things to protect her body as a dragon, the whole concept is rather foreign. What she usually wears serves as little more than protection from the elements, something she grudgingly accepted that her human form needed. All most people will see is the dark brown, full-body cloak she always wears, which wraps around her enough to conceal her body underneath from view. Under it, she wears a very light and simple black tunic, sleeveless and a little above knee-length. Eira also has wraps of black cloth around her hands, arms, feet, and legs. It covers the palms and backs of her hands, but not her fingers, and extending up past the elbows, and likewise around the sole of her foot—the parts that would come into contact with the ground while walking are wrapped more thickly compared to the rest—and extending up slightly past her knees.

Overview: Though by human standards Eira would have become an adult long ago, her personality reflects more closely what her physical appearance implies. Despite having lived quite a long time by the standards of humans, she is still relatively naïve and immature. She often comes across as a bit of an airhead, being quite clueless about Elibe and its people, and having simply jumped in unprepared. As such a choice reflects, she is quite impulsive, prone to acting on emotion rather than logic, and driven by an insatiable curiosity. This curiosity has been the driving force behind many of her actions, as well as being what gets her into trouble more than anything else.

Eira is generally fairly quiet, rarely being the one to start a conversation without reason. She is not unsociable, and has no problem carrying on a conversation under normal circumstances, even getting carried away and talking too much at times—she is merely not the initiator in most cases, and is comfortable enough in silence. She also tends to be quite laid-back, generally just taking things as the come and not thinking too far into the future. She is not incapable of thinking ahead, she simply chooses not to, and lacks any experience in planning ahead beyond basic necessities.

She often seems to treat serious matters as if they are a game, but she can also be serious when it is necessary. The one surefire way to make the normally laid-back Eira turn serious is to threaten her friends—she is very loyal to them, and with her only personal goal being to sate her curiosity about this world, she can be very protective of her companions, especially those she has spent significant time with. Overall, Eira is still very much a child, and though she has begun to mature more fully, she has not yet reached the point where she could truly be considered anything else.

Biography: Eira's history is the same as many who came to Elibe through the Dragon's Gate. Displaced by conflict in her own world, Eira chose to follow the example of others before her, and return to the world her people had once called their home. An impulsive decision, based mostly out of emotions and her naiveté, but she was—and is—still very young by her peoples' standards, and the choice is not one she has regretted either. She had always been curious, always seeking to learn about everything around her, and the temptation of a whole other world to see was too much to ignore.

She spent some time in Valor with the other manakete who came to Elibe and did not immediately leave the island. Even there, things were different, and the sense of adventure inside her continued to push her. She spent her months in Valor alternatively helping out with the others there, learning how to actually utilize her abilities in their altered state, and simply exploring the island and especially its ruins. Nonetheless, an amount of time measurable in months is but a short delay when one lives as long as the manakete do. While her time in Valor had not been unpleasant—quite the opposite—the rest of the world was calling to her. She could not simply sit around, even though she had only been in this world a short time, while there was a whole world out there just waiting to be explored.

She was warned, of course, about the potential threats that lurked out there. They had been driven from this world once before, after all, although most humans had likely never seen a dragon for many of their lifetimes. Eira would not be swayed by such things, however, and nothing would stop her from going. She simply could not be satisfied knowing what was out there, but being unable to see it for herself.

RP History:

Initial Level: 1
Girls With Dragonstones Are Larger Than They Appear - Lycia - (CRP | Ongoing)

27 Jul 2011
Name: Naomi Devorah
Age: 18/19 (Born April 15, 1985)
Major/Degree: English Major (Creative Writing Focus)
Hometown: Sunrise City
Place of Residence: Family Residence (connected to business) in the Downtown area.
Job: Martial Arts Instructor (Family Business)

  • Eyes - Dark Brown.
  • Hair - Black (Really just a very dark brown, but effectively black). Naturally fairly straight, and cut to just above her shoulders.
  • Skin - Relatively fair skin; She is predominantly Caucasian, which the colour of her skin reflects, though she usually also has a decent tan, depending on the time of year.
  • General Face - There is nothing particularly notable about her features—she would be considered attractive in a general sense, but not exceptionally, and even then it is a matter of opinion. She is usually seen wearing a pair of glasses when not engaged in some sort of physical activity, though she really only needs them for reading for extended periods of time—her eyesight is only very slightly impaired, she simply wears them most of the time because she would likely forget them otherwise.
  • General Body - Naomi is quite physically active, and possesses a relatively slim, but well-toned build; overall, she could be described as having an 'athletic' build. She's fairly average in terms of height, at about 167cm (or roughly 5'6").
  • General Expression(s) - She usually has a "pleasant" expression—not necessarily a full smile all the time, but not quite neutral either. Her laid-back attitude is often reflected in her expressions, posture, and habits, but so is, to a lesser extent, the fact that she has trained in martial arts for years. She can come across as looking "lazy" at times, but the only situation where she usually is not paying attention to the world around her would be when absorbed in a book.
  • Accent - Some influence from her father's Asian heritage, but nothing particularly notable.
  • Clothing - Naomi tends to dress simply, commonly just jeans and some sort of T-shirt. When the weather calls for it, she also wears a black jacket. She also owns several training gis, but is rarely seen wearing them outside of practice. Naomi is not entirely adverse to dressing up, but rather, she dislikes spending the time necessary for it. She owns several dresses, but will only wear them on formal occasions.
16 Aug 2010
Hiding from Storms

QUOTE(Members: (Closed. A Two-Person RP.))

Annette stumbled as her foot caught in the underbrush, falling hard to her knees as she braced herself against a nearby tree for support, panting for breath. She didn't know what was going on: She'd simply been on her way through the forest, alone, when she'd been accosted by some sort of patrol who'd insisted on performing a search. She hadn't seen the harm in it, so she'd let them look through what meagre possessions she carried. They hadn't been convinced though: If anything, the fact that she seemed to be carrying so little only seemed to make them more suspicious. She'd tried to reason with them, but they were convinced that she was some sort of smuggler, and didn't seem like they'd be satisfied until they'd torn apart everything she owned, if even then.

She'd tried to be patient with them, she really had, but it was just to much. Finally, when they simply wouldn't let up, she broke down and resorted to something she would much rather not have. How exactly magic worked was not something Annette understood in the slightest, but she'd managed to learn a few tricks from other bards in the past. A simple melody, when preformed right, could have a profound, magical effect on its listeners. One particular trick she'd learned was a sort of momentary pacifism: It lasted only seconds, but could make people much less willing to do her harm. So, that was exactly what she did... and then she ran. She didn't know where she was going, and knew that she hadn't made it far before the enchantment wore off. They were right behind her, and with their horses, even through the difficult terrain of the denser forest she was trying to reach, it was only a matter of time before they caught up.

As she pulled herself to her feet, Annette could hear the sound of hooves growing near. They would be on top of her again in moments. Unfortunately, her desperate attempt at escape would likely only make things worse for her. She'd probably made them quite angry with that display, and only reaffirmed their suspicions that she had something to hide. She knew it was a bad idea from the moment she tried to make a break for it, but the weight of their accusations and suspicion bearing down on her had just been too much. She just knew she had to get away, somehow, before she broke down entirely. Why did they think it was her, anyway? Why were they so certain? She hadn't done anything to offend anyone, she'd tried to avoid conflict as much as possible. What was it that made her so much of a suspect to them? Could they simply not believe that someone like her would be travelling alone without ulterior motives?

Annette was back on her feet only moments after falling, but even that proved to be too much. She was still too close to the main path, and before she'd taken more than a few steps, her path forward was cut off, one of the soldiers parking his horse directly in her path. The others arrived almost immediately afterwards, all but surrounding her.

"Now, are you going to cooperate this time?" The man in front of her called out, annoyance at her attempt at escape clear in his voice. Annette didn't say anything, but slumped back against the nearest tree. She didn't know what to, what to say. Even if they did eventually believe that she wasn't some sort of smuggler, she was sure to get in trouble for resisting in the first place... she was barely managing to hold back tears, as the feeling of hopelessness threatened to overwhelm her.
16 Jun 2010
Name: Lorelei Marquard
Titles: Erdeleutnant
Nation: Daein
Age: 25
Race: Beorc
Affinity: Heaven
Class and Level Magus level 20/4
Weapon Levels: Anima - A

Appearance: Standing at roughly 5'4", Lorelei is not quite the imposing figure one might expect the Erdeleutnant to be. She keeps herself in good shape, as her work can be physically demanding at times, and generally bears at least a light tan, from time spent outdoors. Otherwise, she is fairly average in build, though that can sometimes be difficult to make out under the traditional mage's cloak she often wears. Her hair is slightly longer than shoulder-length, and a deep brown in colour. She may style it on certain, formal occasions—and rarely even then—but generally wears it simply straight. Her eyes are a forest green, and she has a face that could be considered pretty by most standards—fairly soft around the edges—aside form some light scarring on her forehead, above her left eye, a souvenir of the battle that she barely survived, and most others didn't.

While on duty, Lorelei wears a variation of the standard Erdeschutz uniform. Over everything else she wears a cloak of the sort common among mages, in an earthy brown, though hers is embroided in silver along the edges. If one were to look closely, the embroidery is done in small, leaf-like patterns, along the edges of the entire cloak. This cloak is generally fastened over her chest with a pin displaying the brigade's symbol. Underneath this she wears simple, durable clothing: A black shirt, either short- or long-sleeved depending on the time of year and climate of the location, and a pair of likewise black pants. For footwear, she generally favours the practicality of a simple pair of leather boots, each reaching to about mid-shin and laced up the front. When going into what she knows will be a large-scale battle, Lorelei wears a light chainmail vest over these clothes, but she usually forgoes it under normal circumstances. She wears a belt specifically designed with mages in mind, possessing a pair of tome-sized holsters, one of each side, where she keeps hers, both entirely designed and written by herself. In terms of casual wear, Lorelei's tastes tend to be fairly simple. Usually a simple shirt and pants or skirt combo will make up her wardrobe, of varying colours, though favouring neutral tones. She generally wears a simple cloak over these, without the decorative aspects of her uniform's cloak.

Personality: Lorelei is a fairly quiet, though by no means timid, person. She isn't much of a conversationalist, and is fairly blunt and technical in speech. While not any sort of genius, Lorelei does possess an above-average intelligence and a natural affinity for magic. Despite her relatively young age, Lorelei may seem someone jaded to some, though she would describe it simply as a 'realistic worldview'. She bases her opinions entirely on fact whenever possible, and is also a student of history, so she has a good understanding of what has and has not succeeded in the past, and often applies that knowledge to the present. She tends to be a fairly solitary person, and though she works with and commands a large number of other mages, she is often impersonal in her relations with them. She views them only as fellow soldiers, nothing more or less, and makes no attempt to befriend any, keeping all contact with them purely professional. She comes across as arrogant often, which is not entirely a false assumption. She doesn't think much of others without reason to do so, and she bases her opinion on personal experiences, not reputation. This, combined with her impersonal attitude, leads to her appearing very arrogant to those she meets, especially for the first time, as she tends to think little of anyone she meets, and that opinion will only change when they 'prove themselves' in her eyes.

While her duty—which she takes very seriously—is the protection of her country and its people, she puts more value on the collective well-being of her people than on any individual lives. Far from idealistic, she is quite aware that nothing comes without sacrifice, and in times of conflict or war, that said sacrifice is measured in lives. She has no qualms with sacrificing a few lives to save many, and takes a dim view of obscure moral concepts that—as far as she is concerned—are overly idealistic and can cost more lives in the end than they save. Her overreaching goal is simple: Nothing more than the protection of her people, by any means necessary. Unlike many of her fellows in the military, Lorelei does not bear significant ill will toward laguz as a species. Rather, she sees the attempted coexistence of beorc and laguz as an inevitable source of conflict, and the best solution to lie in separation. As Daein is primarily a beorc nation, and was originally founded as such, her solution to the ongoing rebellions are simple: Get rid of the laguz. Not necessarily by exterminating them, as some would prefer, Lorelei simply wishes to remove them from Daein lands. If they leave peacefully, all the better, but she has no issues forcefully removing those who resist—fortunately, her own goals do not conflict overmuch with those of her King.

Lorelei has a solid grasp on the trends of human behaviour: in most cases, she finds the reactions of people on a large scale to be quite predictable. On the other hand, this knowledge does not extend down to the more personal level, and after spending so much time looking only at the 'bigger picture', Lorelei often has trouble understanding or empathizing with individuals. Outside of her duties with the Erdeschutz, Lorelei's free time is dedicated primarily to intellectual pursuits. While she keeps herself in good physical shape—a necessity to do her job properly—she finds little enjoyment in physical activities, and rarely participates in any outside of training. She is, as mentioned, a student of history, and a reader of fiction as well, so much of her free time is spent on one of the two. She also enjoy a number of intellectual or tactics-based games, when she can find a decent opponent. Being that tactical acumen can be an important trait for one in her position, she finds them—if not truly representative of battlefield tactics—helpful in keeping her mind sharp, especially during relatively quiet periods. Her natural talent for magic, when combined with her intellect, has lead to some creative applications, though her magic tends to reflect her mindset: Not flashy, simply efficient.

Biography: Lorelei's early life was fairly unspectacular, all told. She grew up in the nation's capital, Nevassa, and lived there for most of her life. She was an only child, and her parents owned a shop in town—her mother was a tailor, and her father handled management the shop. Lorelei's intelligence was observed from early in her life, as she picked up on both language and math skills quickly in her education. She did consistently well in her schooling, though she never had much in the way of friends as a child—a few, but never more than two or three at a time—a cause of constant worry from her parents. It wasn't that she had trouble socializing, she wasn't any worse with it than the norm, but she never showed any desire to meet new people. What friends she did have were those who came to her, rather than the other way around.

She quickly grew enamoured with the study of history, which ate up most of her free time, between schooling, helping her parents with the shop, and whenever her friends managed to drag her away. By the time she was twelve, Lorelei likely knew more about the history of the continent than most people three or more times her age. This obsession with history turned into one of the major factors that shaped her future self: Absorbing decades or even centuries of human history left her somewhat jaded with the world long before her time, as nearly every major event she observed on greater than an individual scale looked to her as simply endless repetitions of the past. This contributed significantly to her status as a relative loner, as she drifted apart from her peers, and made no effort to bridge the gap.

In her mid teens, Lorelei's aptitude with magic was discovered, after a few generic tests. She showed a natural talent for it, notably in the anima school. Despite some reservations on her parents' part, she eventually enrolled in a school for the training of mages. Though she started off with mixed opinions, she eventually came to enjoy it, more so than ordinary schooling. She still kept up with her own personal studies of history, with more information at her disposal thanks to the schools' libraries, in her free time, but she adapted fairly quickly to the change in curriculum. She picked up on the principles behind using magic quickly enough, though did have some difficult when it came to application, at first. Lorelei had always been a very logically-minded person, and the ways magic seemed to function weren't always logical, at least from her perspective. Regardless of minor difficulties, which she eventually overcame, Lorelei advanced at or near the top of her class in most subjects.

As time went on, Lorelei, like many mages, began to lean toward a specialization, favouring one branch of magic over others. In her case, that branch was the earth element of anima magic. Though underestimated by some, she could see the potential in a form of magic that took advantage of the very land one stood on. Though somewhat lacking in raw power compared to her 'rivals'—though she never really considered them such; they were those students comparable to her in age and level of skill, but while many had friendly and unfriendly rivalries always going on, Lorelei never intentionally took part—she proved capable of some rather creative applications of her talents. Unlike many mages, Lorelei also wrote many of her own spells, and the ability to create spells which played on her strengths gave her an edge in a way generic spells used by others couldn't.

When Tomislav took power in Daein, things started to change for Lorelei. With the onset of rebellions throughout the country and especially the capital, the Magierschutz began recruiting from various schools of magic, looking to bolster their ranks and replace losses. Being one of the top students at her school, Lorelei was among the first approached, in her case by a representative of the Erdeschutz—the force dealing mainly with domestic and protection duties. Seeing no reason to refuse, Lorelei was also among the first to accept the offer. She had to go through additional training, but had little trouble with it. When she did enter active service, it was into a unit formed primarily of new recruits like herself, along with a few veterans.

Their work was fairly light at first, the only combat Lorelei experienced in her first two years with the Erdeschutz were minor skirmishes or in a supporting role. That all changed when, while investigating a reported rebel hideout, they were ambushed. Their 'leader', and the few veteran mages were cut down before anyone knew what had happened, leaving the relatively inexperienced recruits to fend for themselves. By the time reinforcements arrived, barely a handful were still alive, and only one who hadn't suffered permanent injury in some form or another. That one person was Lorelei, who, despite being exhausted and suffering from several not-minor wounds, had managed to hold out until help was able to arrive. Not only that, but she had taken down at least three of the rebels herself, along with causing several more injuries. Unlike many of her fellows, who had tried to meet the enemy head-on, and paid the price for it, Lorelei has focused solely on keeping a distance between herself and the attackers, making use of narrow streets to cut off passage and taking out any targets of opportunity that presented themselves.

Apparently someone took notice of her talents after that incident, as her next assignment was to a unit under the direct command of the Erdeleutnant, despite her inexperience. From there on out, her assignments only got more dangerous, and she herself—among others—questioned the wisdom of assigning her to one of the foremost 'elite' units in the brigade. Over time, though, she adapted, showing significantly accelerated progress with the threat of death if she wasn't good enough always hanging over her shoulder. Despite the life-threatening nature of much of her work, though, Lorelei did find some satisfaction in the results. Despite their intentions, rebels in the country were sowing chaos and in some cases even death among the populace. She took her duty to heart—to protect those people, and restore order to the country.

In a way, she became something of a public face among the Erdeschutz, the relatively young woman easily recognizable. By virtue of her age and gender, she did hold something more of an appeal than many of her fellows. Her lack of charisma meant this never really moved on to anything more than simple recognition—she was too impersonal with the populace to be much more than a familiar face among the Erdeschutz. Eventually, Lorelei came to rival, and in some cases even surpass, her new peers: The best of the Erdeschutz. Her advantage wasn't in raw power, but rather, much like her time in school, in her flexibility and adaptive approach to combat. She had proven time and again to have a sound mind for tactics, and it showed through even in individual combat, though her speciality lay on a larger scale.

There was talk of putting her in charge of her own unit, where she could better put those tactical skills to use. In the end, it did happen, though not in the way anyone expected. The Erdeleutnant was killed, assassinated by rebels—or so is the common belief, as the culprit could not be caught. Nonetheless, his death left a hole in the chain of command that needed to be filled quickly. There were several candidates, all of whom were very talented mages in their own right—Lorelei was somewhat surprised to see that her own name had ended up on the list. She was even more surprised when she was told that she had been chosen. While there were many very talented mages who could have taken the Erdeleutnant's place, less had the sort of tactical mind necessary for the position. While it took significant getting used to—jumping from simply a soldier, if an 'elite' one, directly into command of the largest brigade of the Magierschutz, without even a smaller command in between—she managed it. While not the most conventional of commanders, she has had a relatively positive record in her so far short tenure.

Initial Grading: Level 20/3 Magus, Anima A
+1 Level transfered from Karin Raskoph


QUOTE(Anima—Earth Spells)
Erdereissen (PRF-11)
Anima Magic - Earth
Full Power (+4), Unstable (+1), Short-Ranged (-1), Attune (+2), Conjuration (+2), Impact (+3)

Lorelei's most commonly used close-quarters offensive spell, it causes (usually sharp-edged) chunks of stone and other minerals to rise out of the earth, continuing in a 'line' toward her target. The spell has a maximum range of roughly 25-30 feet.

Erdbeben (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
Full Power (+4), Area of Effect (+2), Impact (+3), Entangle (+1)

Creates a small, localized earthquake in the targetted area, potentially crushing or wounding those caught within its radius, and causing them to lose their footing.

Fallstrick (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
High Power (+2), Area of Effect (+2), Mercy (-1), Charge Up (-1), Entangle (+1), Permanence (+3), Delayed(Triggered) (+4)

When casting this spell, Lorelei "marks" a spot on the ground and, either on a timed delay, at will, or triggered by someone passing over it (the choice is made before the initial casting), the ground below and around the mark will give way, dropping anyone caught within its radius into a large-scale pitfall trap.

Kirchturm (A-9)
Anima Magic - Earth
Full Power (+4), Artillery (+3), Conjuration (+2)

A simple spell, causing a pointed "spire" of rock to jut out from the earth at a chosen location, potentially battering or impaling a target. The spell can be cast over long distances, so long as the target area is on land.

Begraben (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
High Power (+2), Attune (+2), Conjuration (+2), Impact (+3), Armorslayer (+1)

Another simple spell: Tears a large chunk of stone (or a cluster of smaller chunks) from the ground, and hurls it toward an enemy. The spell is notably effective against armoured opponents, thanks to the fact that the spell does most of it's damage through force of impact alone, which armour provides little protection against.

Steinhagel (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
High Power (+2), Attune (+2), Brave (+4), Homing (+2)

Pulls a number of small, sharp-edged stones or other materials from the ground, and fires them toward a target. The spell can be cast quickly, and the projectiles have a limited ability to 'home in' on their target, making it an effective spell against fast-moving, lightly armoured opponents.

Sandsturm (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
Normal Power (+0), Area of Effect (+2), Shade (+2), Mercy (-1), Amalgamation(Wind) (+1), Attune (+2), Permanence (+3), Entangle (+1)

Creates a localized sandstorm, hampering those caught within by reducing visibility, and slowing them down. This spell is primarily used to cover an escape or set up targets for another attack.

Steinmauer (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
Epic Power (+6), Mercy (-1), Attune (+2), Permanence (+3)

Simply creates a "wall" of earth, nearly impossible to penetrate as it is capable of drawing more material out of the ground to 'repair' itself of any damage.

Stosswelle (A-10)
Anima Magic - Earth
Epic Power (+6), Mercy (-1), Short-Ranged (-1), Area of Effect (+2), Impact (+3), Unstable (+1)

A ground-based shockwave effect extending outwards in all directions from the caster, knocking nearby enemies down and away.


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