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Magnus Blade
27 years old
Baton Rouge, LA
Born Aug-6-1992
I like to play Video Games, draw, and play basketball when I get some spare time. Mega Man is my favorite Game with Sonic, Shining Force, and Fire Emblem next to it.
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Magnus Blade


Current Mood: Bowie is gone, but Magnus Blade has awakened!
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3 Aug 2010
Name: Magnus

Nation: Crimea

Age: 18

Race: Beorc

Class and Level: Mercenary level 1

Weapon Levels: Sword: E

Appearance: Magnus stands at 5"9 and weighs about 145 lbs. He has gold hair that's sort of spiky and has green eyes. He has a slight muscular build but it is normal for a teenage fighter. Magnus wears a red buttoned up shirt and has a shoulder pad on his left side of the shirt. He wears light gray pants and red & black boots. He also wears a blue cape.

Personality: Magnus is an overall confident person. Even when a situation turns on him, he'll never give up until the end. He has faith in his skills that was passed on to him from his father but sometimes that leads him to trouble when he tries to face someone way out of his league. He's also soft-hearted, meaning he would most likely take any request given to him, except requests that require him to do bad things. He wold even help the enemy if he believes they really deserve to be saved.

Biography: About six years ago when Magnus was 12 years old, his father, Sentaneil began to teach him how to fight and wield swords. Of course, his father never allowed him to pick up a REAL sword until he was ready for real battle. That's until one day, bandits attacked their home, killing Magnus's family and Sentaneil as well, since he was unable to fight them with the bandits threatening to kill his family, even though they were planning on killing them anyway and stilling all of their belongings. Magnus managed to hide in one of the rooms in their house where the bandits didn't check. He watched his family through the crack of the door getting cut down like cattle. He couldn't take it anymore.

There were only three bandits and Magnus became desperate for revenge. His father always taught him to fight fair and do not pull any tricks but revenge and actual fighting were different in this situation. The room he was in was a small shrine where the family's most prized possession was a special Silver Sword that was passed down by many generations lied. He wasn't strong enough or skilled enough to use it with ease but he felt the rage build up in his soul and used it anyway. He sneaks out the room silently and heads back into the part of the house where his family's corpses were and the bandits were still stealing pots and barrels.

They couldn't fight Magnus back because they hands were full and he so suddenly appeared. The young and strong willed Magnus used his family's sword to make a surprise attack on the bandits and made sure he made it quick before the bandits could drop the goods. It was over in an instant. Magnus dropped the family Silver Sword on the floor and cried for hours until some Crimean Knights came to help clean up the aftermath of the conflict and took Magnus in for awhile until he was old enough and strong enough to live his own life. That's when he decided on his 18th birthday that he was going to set out to be a Mercenary and help people in need, especially from bandits, his most hated group of fighters because of the death of his parents.

Magnus also remembered that his older brother, Zeon was a traveling Mercenary and he doubted that his big brother had known that their family was slaughtered. He also vowed to find him one day to tell him the disturbing news...



10 Jul 2010
I know I've only been here and registered for a short time but I'm sad to say that I'm leaving this site permanently. I just simply do not have enough time to log on and hang around anymore. I got accepted into college and I've got a new job. Then I have my artwork to attend to, as well as development in my Mega Man X Fan game I'm making. Although I will not log on ever again, I'll at least visit the site to see how things go. Like I said in the topic in the Introductions, I spend my time on Mega Man X9.com Forums, which I have many good friends there so I spend some good time there too.

I'm really sad that I wasn't around long enough to get into the RP here. With the limited time I have, I could never create a character and all. Even though I haven't been around long enough to create good friendships with you all, I'll at least give a few information to keep in touch with me if you want. On my free time, I'm still on the computer so you'll receive a quick reply, but it doesn't matter to me if you don't care and you don't have to contact me if you do not desire it. So anyway, here's some information:

Yahoo e-mail address: zero_nickdab3000@yahoo.com

Mega Man X9.com username: Megamanwiz

YouTube account: Megamanwiz


But now that that's out of the way, I will say my final farewell. I wish for you all to enjoy your lives and I wish this site well. Adios! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/awesome.gif)
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Lord Torell
I'll see if I can't get some friends of mine involved over at SR. I'd hate to see it go down without very much of a fight.
10 Jun 2011 - 8:00
Lord Torell
Hey, any time! I try to help out whenever I can. And, yes, the link does indeed work now. See ya around, be it here or at SR.
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Lord Torell
FYI, the link in your signature appears to be broken. As I too am a fan of SF, it called to me...
Anyway, just thought you ought to know.
12 May 2011 - 11:26
Crimea River
:3 I'm thinking of joining the RP there once I get more time.
4 Mar 2011 - 12:00
Crimea River
I made it a long time ago, with Photoshop. The image itself, I found on a Japanese site (I don't recall where).
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