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28 years old
In America!!
Born Aug-23-1991
I enjoy video games, reading, sometimes watching an anime, and writing. I'm currently working on a story now Message me if you want to check it out. I also do a bit of free running, and parkour, though I'm still practicing it.
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Current Mood: Pretty good, thanks for asking.
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2 Oct 2009
Name: Sovegin Von Forde
Nation: Crimea
Race: Borec

Appearance: Sovegin has messy dirty blond hair, reaching just above his eyes. His left eye is blue, while his right eye is green. His skin has a hint of tan
in it. He always has either a smile, or a smirk on his face. He has think brown eyebrows, that make him look mad if he's not smiling.
He wears a short sleeved jacket with the collar popped up and is closed to just below the neck. The jacket is a mix of Navy Blue, and Grayish White.
Under his jacket he wears a black and navy blue long sleeve shirt with a turtle neck. On his right hand he wears a brown gauntlet with gray plating on the back of his hand.
The gauntlet reaches past his wrist and goes over his right sleeve. On his left hand he wears a gray, fingerless glove that cuts off at his second knuckle.
Sovegin also wears black denim pants. Hit pants are tucked into brown ankle high leather boots. His height is just above average, while he is slightly underweight, and rather thin.

Personality: Sovegin's parents were both in the military, so he was raised with a strong sense of duty. He's almost always in a good mood, and is known to be quite
an optimist, always looking at the bright side of life. He goes by a personal motto "Everything has a good side, Even if it takes a while to find it." He's also known to have a smart mouth. Occasionally make wise cracks about people. Sovegin is also very sarcastic, and likes to have fun and mess around. However he also knows when he needs to mature up and take things seriously. He's also rather intelligent for his age, and chooses not to get into an argument if he feels it isn't worth it. Sovegin is an observer. Be it people, environments, even if it's just the food in front of him. His eyes are always on the move, making sure to get every detail before making an action.
He is also very protective of those he cares about. After losing both of his parents he wants to make sure he never loses anyone again. He even goes to the level of putting himself in harms way to protect them. However it has been noted that he has always been like this, even when he was younger. Especially towards Vanessa.[/b]

Biography: Both of Sovegin's parents were in the military. His father was a general, his mother a lieutenant. His mother taught him how to wield a sword at the same time she taught him how to walk. His parents held great love for Sovegin, and were willing to protect him from anything. He had a good life when he was young, his father being a general made his family somewhat of nobility. His father taught him court manners whenever he was home. His mother would take him out to see friends whenever his father was out fighting skirmishes. Also being of nobility, it also meant he had a predetermined fiance', Vanessa. The two of them were particularity close. Dispite being forced to marry, they did love each other. He was also very protective of Vanessa, and made sure she was always happy. When Sovegin turned fourteen, his parent's were both killed in a fight, leaving him and his older sister alone. Without telling anyone, she took Sovegin and the moved out into the plains, throwing out their rank with it. There they made a small home and she raised him as best as she could. At the age of 20, Sovegin, moved out, and lived the next couple years as a mercenary.


Class an level: Mercenary level 6
Weapon Levels: Sword: {D}

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Just as a note, dude, you can still call his class Ranger if you like; just make sure it's clearly marked that it's the same as Mercenary. Like how I call my Bow Knight a Nomad.
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