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Why look at the glass as half empty? For that matter, why look at it as half full? Its water. Drink it, I say.
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Leave your chocolate here, and become a demon
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Obviously Fire Emblem. Other various, miscellaneous, assorted, and any other word that means those things. Woot.
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12 Jun 2011
Northern Gaddos, Begnion

"I'm telling you, it's simply impossible!"

"No it's not, you coward, you just don't want to try!"

"They have the border locked down tight. There's no way anybody will get across without being ported back here in chains."

Axel held back a snort. He'd been listening to these two young men arguing back and forth for a few minutes now. Apparently, it was a matter of some urgency that they somehow get into Daein. From hearsay recently gathered, security had been upped dramatically for some sort of drive to push the Laguz out of the borders. The swordmaster listened a bit longer, until he began to tire of listening to the same words being thrown about. "It's not impossible, gentlemen," he boasted as he drew in close. "But you have to know what you're looking for. It's tough, I can tell you that. Claimed a few lives, I know. Might even have to kill for it. Question is, are you willing to risk it?"

He had a devilish smile on his face as his tone dropped from his usual bravado to a conspiratorial whisper at the end. "Seems to me your friend here has the right idea. Best to stay away from Daein. Not much of interest there anyways."
7 Jan 2011
There it was. Tatana. Aethril was almost giddy with delight. It had been months since she'd last seen Tristan, and a little over a week since his last letter, which she kept hidden in her room, creased from the numerous times she'd read it. The day after she'd sent her reply, she'd reserved a cabin on a ship headed towards Crimea, planning on taking advantage of a short stop in Gallia. Now she was here at last, coming into port. Giggling with excitement, she grinned at Tahm, who had come along as an escort before leaning over the railing and searching for the other Stag.


Tristan rubbed his palms down his cloak again. Sweating..How unattractive. Surely Aethril would disapprove. And what would she think of the mud on his boots? He had shined them clean just before he went out this morning...But he had simply been unable to avoid it. He knew it was stupid to think Aethril petty enough to care, but he couldn't help but be nervous. It seemed like forever since their last meeting, and this time she was coming to see his home...

That was the true reason for his nerves. What would she think of his life? His crazy family...his life in the military...His...new found opinions on Paci, and her idol...

But, none of that mattered right now. Her ship was now arriving in the port. Soon he would be with the woman that he was sure he... Well, he couldn't let himself get carried away. On step at a time...


"There he is!" Aethril squealed when she spotted his face in the crowd. And he was every bit as handsome as she remembered, too. "I see him, Tahm!" She climbed so that she was balancing on a lower rung of the railing and waved like mad, hoping that he would spot her and wave back, but an untimely swell in the bay made the boat lurch. The Stag lost her balance, and would have fallen over had it not been for the Tiger at her back, who grabbed her about the waist with an admonishment to be more careful. Aethril blushed and murmured an apology, but was soon back to leaning against the railing, waving again. Why couldn't this boat go any faster?


As Tristan scanned the ship he spotted a familiar figure waving and grinning in his direction. Tristan immediately returned the gesture as his nerves began to melt and he felt his body grow lighter. He almost decided to teleport himself onto the boat instead of waiting for it to make dock, but he wasn't sure if he could manage the distance. He would look awfully silly launching himself into the ocean only to be run over by a ship. Instead, he waited impatiently for the doe to make her way over.


Finally, the boat was docked. Without helping, or even waiting for, Tahm with the bags, she took off down the gangplank, only barely avoiding bumping into the other passengers who were getting off at this stop. There was one thing and one thing only on Aethril's mind, and she'd been debating over it the entire three day journey. But the instant she had seen Tristan, she had decided. She was going to do it.

As the doe closed the distance, she jumped the last stretch, grabbing the man in the tightest hug she could manage. Then, before he could say a word, she grabbed his head and pulled his lips down to meet hers. She had originally hoped he would make the first move, but she had grown impatient. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds before she broke it off and hugged Tristan again. "I missed you."


Tristan was caught entierly off guard. He was quite pleasantly surprised, but he wish he'd been prepared! He might have been able to muster up a little less clumsy of a kiss...Still, this meant so much. He no longer had to guess if Aethril shared his feelings on their relationship. Her feelings were now very clear.

Tristan returned the embrace. "I...I missed you too."


Tahm, meanwhile, struggled a little carrying his bag and Aethril's two. He caught up just in time to witness a scene that, to almost anybody else, would have been very heartwarming. The Tiger merely rolled his eyes, tossing the bags into the carriage that would take them out of Tatana. "Can we go now?" he called out. "We won't get to Gebal if you just stand there canoodling."
19 Jun 2010
Goddess, it was sweltering outside. Ahearn sat on a nondescript wooden chair in a small room off the side of the castle, having refused to receive the weekly audiences in the windowless throne room. The king scrubbed an arm across his brow and gulped at the ice water in his goblet before waving for the next person to be sent in.

The only concession he had made to the heat was to meet his guests with his coat hung over the back of his chair, rolling his sleeves up to his elbow and leaving the first few buttons on his shirt open. A window across the room stood open, tempting breezes to blow through the open door, but the air outside was almost stagnant. He supposed he didn't look very kingly at the moment, but it was cooler. Besides, most people seemed to be under the silly impression that royalty doesn't sweat. Ahearn was certainly proving that wrong.

Briefly, he pondered over that particular assumption. How did the other rulers fit there? Hinzvark lived in Daein, which as far as the knight was concerned, was an eternal winter wasteland. Takara? Surely the most powerful and influential young woman on Tellius would be sitting in a comfortably cool room instead of this small office. Solan had so much hair it was almost impossible to see his face, let alone beads of perspiration. All the Herons he had met had to have mastered the art of ignoring the weather. Ansel was probably sitting on a cushion in some summer home, being fanned by scantily clad servants. The same could be said for al Beyza in Hatari. And Wynne? She was most likely sweating right now, but from some new workout program she had devised for herself. Finally, Dheginsea of Goldoa. With a small sigh, Ahearn discarded the line of thought. He would likely never find out about the last, in any matter.

He stood to greet the man who was shown through the door. Ahearn realized with a small surprise that, while he certainly wore clothes suitable for church day best in Ohma or any other small village in Crimea, the man's posture spoke of a knight, while the look on his face could have matched any politician the king had ever met. "Your Majesty," he began as he accepted Ahearn's handshake, "my name is Eamon Adelmar, and I have a proposition for you."


The next few days had Ahearn riding toward a mountain fortress under the command of a group of mercenaries led by Adelmar. The knight had heard of these men, known only as "The Bannerless." They had quite the reputation as a strictly regimented group the size of a small army. Adelmar had told Ahearn of their presence in Crimea, which had been allowed after an audience with a messenger the sellsword commander had sent, and the work they did. Ahearn was fairly impressed. They didn't have much custom yet, but they had maintained good relations with villages nearby, sending squads of volunteers out to help repair damage after a recent storm.

The relative lack of assignments, especially for a group of this size, was the reason for Adelmar's visit. "As a show of good will," the king addressed his honor guard, "I'll only be taking a few inside with me. No more than ten. We're only here to work out a contract of defense, after all, not to wage war. The rest of you will wait outside." Finishing his instructions, he began calling out the names of the men and women he expected to come with him. "Sergeant Major Schuyler, Captain Greenwood, and Colonel Englebert," he finished. All three women had had their names put forth for promotion, and, despite how well he knew his grandmother Egretta, it was bad form to give her more consideration than others who might be deserving of the rank. "Are we set then? Good. We're expected in the fortress."
12 Jun 2010
A large and well-organized mercenary group known as The Bannerless has approached King Crimea with a contract of sorts. Though skeptical, Ahearn agrees to a series of meetings where...things happen. I don't want to spoil it for you guys. This RP won't be happening for a while, seeing as we're waiting on an RP to finish so a certain character can be available. I just didn't want to forget the idea I had, so I decided to post this.

Cast List
1. Ahearn O'Connery (Falkyn)
2. Egretta (Viceman)
3. Mallory (Dante)
4. Freya (Nexus)

Probably reserved for CRK, but if you can think of a decent way to get your character involved, I might be inclined to include another character or two.
27 May 2010
QUOTE(Message I sent to him.)
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Makeshift Blade. Will change later.

Name: Blade Avuari
Age: 17.
Homecountry: Blade's story starts in Nagrath. See additional info for details. *
Affinity: Anima
Gender: Male
Height: about 5 feet 6 in
Build: on a 1-10 scale, 1 being skinny, 10 being buff, hes about 3

Class: Myrmidon

Weapons: An iron blade, and if i may, a rapier. (Blade is good at fencing, so battle with this weapon would be easy.)
Weapon Levels:

Appearance: Blade's hair is a Black, long, Natural ponytail. He rarely wears shoes. He always wears either a blue gi, Jitsu pants, and blue headband, (His normal clothes.) or a black cloak and black headband. (for battle.) He looks like a normal 15 year old with no acne or facial hair. He also has red eyes, but they change to gray when he gets tired. Its easy to read his emotions, because they're written all over his face. He has one scar on his arm, and it is in the shape of a sword.

Personality: Friendly toward wolves, Blade can easily make friends with anything. He is almost always in a good mood. He is easy to anger, though most things don't anger him. When he gets bored, he may show off. Friends say that blade has a great sense of humor, but isn't interested in going out with girls. When blade makes up his mind, you cant stop him. Although he likes to make weapons and play with them, Blade abhors war. He also likes to stay away from anything suspicious. Blade likes making stories, and tells them to his friends.

Bio: He woke up one day on the shore of a beach in Nagaräth. "Where am I? What's going on here?" Without his memory, all he had with him was his black cloak, a headband, and a sword who's hilt takes the shape of a wolf head. (he never fights with it.) Deciding to become a mercenary for the time being, he searches for clues of his past. But nobody has ever seen him, so they cant help...
And worse yet, he keeps seeing images in his head. There's a girl in a black cloak. She says "Blade... You cant die... I will sa..." and then she stops. And every dream, a nightmare... He is under the ocean. he cant breathe, but then a hand reaches out. But it doesn't help him. Instead, a knife forms in his hand. He stabs Blade... He can't think, and he keeps hearing the name... But he cant remember what it is now. But the girl pulls him out of the water. She cries.
In the Past: Blade was born in Alacia His best friend was Shaaru . At age 6 Blade learned to fence. On his 8th birthday, Blade was given the sword, Avuari (Wich he based his whole life on), and at age 10 he became friends with a wolf he named Avuari, after his sword. Avuari died the next year, leaving blade without a friend. At age 12, he became best friends with Shaaru and at 17 blade was lost in the ocean after getting attacked by an evil creature. Then, everyone forgot everything about him...
Extra desc stuff that doesnt really go with anything else: After waking up on the shore, blade tries to find out about himself, but fails. Quite alot of people think hes crazy. After finding an inn, blade tells the innkeeer the story in blue color. His story begins 3 days later.
Additional Notes/Comments: * Blade has no memory of his past, and there are no records of him, either.

I don't like being ignored. I think it's more than warranted by this point to be a little harsh with you. I've tried giving you suggestions of things you should do with your profile and it's always the bare minimum. When I'm doing more work on your profile than you are, something's wrong. So I'm going to say this as bluntly as I can. If you ignore what I'm telling you (not suggesting, telling) one more time, Blade Avuari will never be a character in Skylessia.

Take out the colored text. Do NOT provide a suggestion for what skin to view it in. Do not include it next time.

"He woke up on a beach and doesn't remember his life but he knows how to use a sword and has bad dreams" is NOT a biography. I've tried making concessions, but you don't listen. If you include this at all, it is to be AFTER everything else that you're trying to pass off.

QUOTE(This is what SHOULD be making up the bulk of your bio.)
His best friend was Shaaru. At age 6 Blade learned to fence. On his 8th birthday, Blade was given the sword, Avuari (Wich he based his whole life on), and at age 10 he became friends with a wolf he named Avuari, after his sword. Avuari died the next year, leaving blade without a friend. At age 12, he became best friends with and at 17 blade was lost in the ocean after getting attacked by an evil creature. Then, everyone forgot everything about him...

This would be a perfectly good bio for your character, if you just expand on it. Don't simply tell the basics.

Finally, take out that frown face in the topic description. We've been patient enough with you and you still ignore what we try and tell you. Next time you submit Blade, I don't want to see anything except the topic name. No smilies, no grumbling about how many times you've tried to submit it, no passive aggressive comments about the mods. Nothing, zip, nada.

I am saving this message, so I have a copy of what you've been trying to pass off. I am also letting the other mods know about this. This is your last chance with this character. If you don't do exactly what I've told you in this PM, Blade Avuari will not be approved no matter how many times you submit him. This isn't to say you can't try again with a new character. And when I say a new character, I mean a new character. Not Blade under a different name.
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