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Big Men Ovulate
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Music. Lots of music. So much in fact that my mind can't contain much more. So that's it .

(Actually, I'm just too lazy to fill this out.)
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12 Jul 2010
Hey, kids! After a couple years of making fun of me for playing FETO, my little brother is now convinced that it might not be so bad, although he said he's definitely not into the whole internet forum thing, so don't expect him to be in here too much. He'll be joining the ranks today, and I hope you all treat him well! I'm starting to teach him everything I know, and while you may not know it, he's actually played a couple of my matches for me recently. He may be new, but he's not "new," if you know what I'm saying. His username is Saxyphone, and his real name is David, so welcome him if you get the chance. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/wink.gif)
28 Jan 2010
So, yeah.  I have pretty much lost all interest in all things internet.  Thus, I've decided to go on hiatus/disappear.  Real life is too time consuming, and way more fun than sitting at my computer, at least at this point.

Just know that when I say hiatus, I mean indefinite leave of absence, and don't wait up.  Not that I expect you to, since you're all busy folk given the fact that Mass Effect 2 just came out and your Algebra II homework is still due every Friday.  (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/awesome.gif)

So this is goodbye!  I'm not hard to find if you're looking for me.  (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/grin.gif)

8 Sep 2009
Sucks.  Buff pl0x.

25 SEV/CEV sounds fair.

30 Aug 2009
I believe it might have been yesterday when I updated Java, and since then, I've been having some annoying technical problems running FETO.

I use Opera, since Firefox doesn't do too well here at school, and lately, every time I refresh or a turn ends, all the characters disappear from the map, almost as if I was using IE.  I was just curious as to whether anyone else had a similar problem, of if anyone knows what to do in this situation.

18 Jul 2009
OK, so here's my beef with forging. It takes forever. And it's boring. And it takes too many steps.

Let's say I want a Reliable Great Axe, amongst a bajillion other things for equipping my fancypants squad, and I happen to have none of those things in my storage. I have to buy each item individually, go to the forge, and then forge them all one at a time. It is very time consuming, especially when you have to mass forge new equipment.

Problem solved.
indiekidmike (11:18:45 PM): You know what?
indiekidmike (11:18:49 PM): Idea.
[FETO] (11:18:55 PM): ("Brodin" harbleboy) ?
indiekidmike (11:19:08 PM): In the item shop, why can't there be a dropdown menu by each item for forging?
indiekidmike (11:19:23 PM): That way, you can just buy forged items?
[FETO] (11:19:31 PM): ("Brodin" harbleboy) That sounds awesome
indiekidmike (11:19:39 PM): Tack on the extra cost, and you're set.

Yes. I want this. Leave an option for "normal" or whatever, and then a bunch of other options that already have the added cost and effects of the forge.

Also. Repair item option? We need this. Just for buyables, same price as buying new per charge. I know it's been discussed a lot, but this stuff is obnoxious.
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I never knew Pai Mei and Lady Gaga were related. :o
6 Jan 2010 - 22:30
Plant Undersea Royals
"Ah, another trinket. With this trinket, I am likely to do the same, for it is a trinket, and trinkets aren't things to muse over for long. Given the likelihood of this reaction, I've decided that it's precisely the reaction I will give. Here you go," I say to the small kitten beside me.
15 Aug 2009 - 3:34
Plant Undersea Royals
You'll give me this, and I'll treat it as I treat most small trinkets -- I will acknowledge its existence with a nod, and then set it aside for a child or kitten to enjoy.
15 Aug 2009 - 2:14
Plant Undersea Royals
Found a clue, I take it? I didn't mean to encourage you, Baberaham, but I suspect the end of this act will come at the beginning of another. Then, Sherlock, from this clue, I think the conclusion should be obvious: You're a total dufus.
14 Aug 2009 - 21:37
Plant Undersea Royals
And finally, you're imitating Sherlock Holmes. Somebody is a giant dork.
14 Aug 2009 - 21:10


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