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Beatrix Karina, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by UnnamedDude, Jul 11, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("UnnamedDude @ post: 15320, member: 242")
Name: Beatrix Karina
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ylisse
Allegiance: Ylisse

Class: Lord (Lady?)
Level: 1

Weapon Levels:
Medium Lances: E [0/5]
Karin’s trusty first weapon, designed to overcome mounted enemies.
[Bronze Ridersbane Glaive]

While Bea is of average height (roughly 5'4'' and weighing in at around 118 lbs), she is slender, with long black hair trailing behind her, and sky blue eyes. Her fighting style tends to reflect her build, emphasizing grace and carefully placed strikes rather than power. When in battle, her armor consists of a few thin, blue green plates over her chest and joints. Her forearms and legs are protected by padded leather vambraces and greaves.

Besides her armor, she tends toward cool colors (her house’s affinity), and wears a light green dress when occasion allows. When it doesn’t (i.e. the midst of combat) she settles for a more practical outfit: a plain brown blouse and matching pantaloons; not the most ladylike look, but she considers herself a knight first and lady second.

She has a Pegasus, a white-coated mare named Chrysta, and has some experience with riding her; however, she is not capable of riding her into combat as of yet, and is preoccupied with learning the ways of war even without a mount.

Though still young and, at times, naďve, Beatrix is still a Lady of the realm and has a strong sense of duty. She puts on a regal, stoic face whenever she is acting as the head of her house, which often conflicts with her naturally compassionate nature. Those who do earn her trust, however, are treated to a far more casual and oftentimes exhausted persona.

Despite her usual air of refinement, the times when she does drop her guard make it clear that it takes a toll on her to be responsible for her people. Her speech patterns become far less dignified, especially when stressed. It also becomes clear that she is still a young girl, trying her hardest to live up to the role she was given without always knowing how.

Beatrix was born in the midst of the crusades, to the Lady of House Karina. She never knew her father, though, as he had led his forces into battle. During the more brutal battles, he had lost many good men and eventually his life. House Karina’s formerly considerable power waned significantly, especially as its new head maintained her devotion to her fallen husband, and did not wed another. As Beatrix was the only child and rightful heir of the household, she was raised and expected to carry on what was left of the house’s name, and had it repeatedly drilled into her the ways of nobles; proper etiquette, politics, and the like.

Though she had hardly known anything else, such long hours never satisfied her. After one such day, she finally worked up the nerve to ask her mother for something of another sort to do. When her mother asked her, in turn, what she wished to do with her time, she responded--truthfully--that she wasn’t certain. Lady Karina told her she would think on this matter, and the next day Beatrix was introduced to the head of their guards, a Pegasus rider by the name of Tamara.

However, there was apparently some sort of miscommunication; Lady Karina had intended for Tamara to instruct her daughter only in riding a horse, and later, a Pegasus. The Pegasus knight, though, had missed this particular part of her orders and trained Beatrix in the ways of the lance. Lady Karina had duties to attend to at the times the lessons were scheduled, though, and by the time the clerical error was uncovered and corrected, the training sessions had become part of their daily routine, and Bea enjoyed them, so they were ultimately kept.

As she aged and grew, she attracted suitors, both for her looks and for her station. One pursuer, in particular, proved quite persistent in his efforts and had to be vociferously rejected by way of the Lady’s personal guard throwing him out. Still, despite (or perhaps because) of their attention, she has shown little interest in being wed, and, herself still a widow, Lady Karina condones her daughter’s decision. However, she herself also acknowledges that she is growing old and it will soon be time for Beatrix to take the reigns of the house.
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