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11 Nov 2013
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9 Mar 2012

This is something I've seen done on my other site, with mixed success. Basically, this is for my benefit more than anything, to keep me organized on what all needs done and what's being done about it. Any of you may post here (in fact, I recommend it if you have something to say), but try to stay on the current topic. It doesn't help to list and order everything if we're jumping all over the place anyway.

Opinions are welcome, opinions on what issues are more important are not. With any luck they'll all get covered sooner or later anyway.

It's my hope that mods and graders (more on that bit in a minute) will check this thread and work with me in it. Because fuck if I can get it all done by myself.


List Key

Current topics will be bolded.
Covered topics will be struck out, but may be bolded again if another issue comes up with them.
Future topics will be plain text.
Items listed in Italics are either being discussed in another topic, or issues I will deal with elsewhere, and are only listed to keep this record as complete as possible. They do not need to be discussed in this thread.

As more specific issues come up, I will add them and address them in order of how urgently they need to be resolved.


The Agenda
-Our current staff
-Rewriting the rules topics
-Current Events
-New world info topics:
--Nation summaries (expanding and updating)
--Others as they come up
-Third Tier
-Legendary Weapons

5 Mar 2012
Name: Sarane of Ostia
Title: Princess of Lycia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ostia, Lycia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Lycia

Class: Lord Bard
Level: 12
Weapon Levels: Song {C}
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Although the songs used in Sarane's magic contain no lyrics, they each contain stories in their melodies, depicting nameless figures known only by their titles. Some come from stories Sarane read as a child, while others were made up upon the song's creation.

The General's Tale (D, Song): An inspiring and invigorating tale of a man who rose through the ranks of a great nation's army to become its general, then led his men in a grand campaign against the forces of evil. Those affected by this song are reinvigorated and empowered to do great things, as though listening to a rousing speech given by the General to his army just before their final battle.
Allegro [Rejuvenate, Might]

The Fugitive's Tale (D, Song): The story of a man once imprisoned, breaking out of his chains and fleeing from his captors. It is a frantic but uplifting piece, pairing a fast-paced but subdued background with an invigorating melody line, all tied to the rhythm of a heartbeat. Those affected become more agile and temporarily feel their exhaustion fade away.
Allegro [Rejuvenate, Litany]

The Bandit's Tale (E, Song): A controversial tale to many, especially noblemen and clergy, about the misdeeds of a bandit leader. Those affected by this provocative song seldom take it well, and become more aggressive in response.
Andante [Incite]

The Investigator's Tale [D, Song]: A ghost story about a freelancer hired to investigate a haunted ruin. The song conveys the atmosphere of the ruin and what its investigator found there by lulling those affected in with softer, subdued sections before hitting them with out of place notes and sharp, startling chords as the song builds to a frantic climax and then suddenly ends, leaving no resolution.
Allegro [Startle, Blank]

The Captor's Tale [C, Song]: The story of a man who was driven to act against the oppressive ruler of the region where he lived, and took hostages as part of a planned attack. The story focuses on the interactions between the captor and his hostages, and how those hostages came to empathize with the captor. Those affected experience a similar feeling of empathy for Sarane, regardless of how they previously regarded her.
Andante [Echo]

The Villain's Tale [C, Song]: Every good story set to music needs a villain song. This one is particularly menacing, as while it sounds chaotic and bombastic to all who hear it, those specifically targeted by it feel as though they were singled out by the villain as a target for his misdeeds and experience all the pain the song is capable of inflicting.
Allegro [Torment, Slander]

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Build: Willowy
Appearance: In appearance Sarane takes very closely after her mother, although there is also obvious influence from her grandparents and great grandparents. She is of medium height, with a willowy frame. Her features are smooth, although they often appear hardened by a nearly perpetual stern expression. Like nearly everyone to come in the Ostia line before her, her hair is a deep blue in color, although unlike her mother she keeps it fairly short - no longer than shoulder-length. Her eyes in contrast are green, a trait that hasn't shown up in any descendents of Hector and Lyndis before her.

Sarane's manner of dress depends entirely on the situation. She has and wears what she calls the "standard princess attire": ornate dress, shoulder-length silk gloves, fur cape, and tiara, when she has to look the part of a princess. When not appearing in public or trying to appear undercover, however, those are the first things to go. For other occasions she prefers more practical wear. Dresses, even fancy dresses, are fine so long as she can still move and perform without feeling stiff. When she's undercover though, which happens a lot more than she would let on even to her mother, she prefers to look the part of a commoner or simple traveler, with a basic traveling cloak over plain garments. Even then, she will usually keep a signet ring on her if she ever needs proof of her identity in an emergency.

Overview: If someone told Sarane that princesses were supposed to be innocent, delicate, shy, and kind to everyone no matter what, she would laugh in their face. She also might be quick to remind them that she comes from a line of men and women who were just as much warriors as rulers if they didn't immediately change their tune. On the surface she is kindhearted, and in fact prefers to go through an average day without any undue antagonism. She is not one to take sass, however, and so that attitude can quickly change when things start to go sour. In reality she is very assertive and commanding, preferring to deal with matters she can have any influence in personally rather than relying on others. Her methods are straightforward and oftentimes morally questionable, and she hasn't shied away in the past from detaining or even kidnapping suspicious characters for questioning or punishment when she feels that it is quicker and easier than letting the guard or the Knights or Ostia deal with them. There are still plenty of limitations on what she will do, though. She doesn't kill or physically assault anyone, for one. After all, she has retainers and soldiers to do that for her. Of course, this doesn't apply to anything her music can do to a person, as she doesn't consider it to be physical.

In person, she tends to be quiet but assertive and businesslike. She is not one for small talk, at least not among people she isn't familiar with. When busy, she has little tolerance for needless interruptions or distractions, and none at all for outright hindrances. Despite this attitude she does thoroughly enjoy most of what she does, at least when nothing goes horribly wrong. When not busy she is much more relaxed and sociable, although she still doesn't do particularly well with meeting new people.

Biography: Sarane was born to then-Princess Regina of Ostia and a noble named Lyall originally from the protectorate of Caelin in 1031, only a year before Queen Lilina's death. She was the younger of fraternal twins, with the prince and future heir Cyril being born first. The rebellion and near-upheaval that shook all of Lycia following Lilina's death came and went before Sarane could have any lasting memory or understanding of what happened, but she grew up with stories of it nonetheless. Naturally they were slanted in favor of the royalty and Pherae's involvement as they were the victors and storytellers, so she never knew enough to understand and form a real opinion of what happened for many more years.

Her childhood wasn't particularly turbulent, but nonetheless colored by being raised by a royal family still very new to actually being a royal family. As a result her upbringing was more one of practicality and expectations than that of the spoiled children of Etrurian nobility or of the princesses in stories she would hear and read as a child. She never learned entitlement, at least not quite to the same degree, as after the wide-scale rebellion of 1033 and 1034 she was forced to grow up under the possibility of everything they had crashing down should such an incident happen again. She was given and expected to carry out real responsibilities from the moment she was deemed capable of them. They were hardly the menial labor of the castle's servants, but as she got older she was expected to be able to take care of herself to increasing degrees, should the need arise. She was also educated from a very young age and learned to read at a rudimentary level by six years.

She and her brother then both started to learn the basics of combat and self-defense: Cyril in martial training, and Sarane in magic. She never took particularly well to the idea of summoning water or throwing bright lights around though, and so until she was seven she only ever learned the barest essentials with no thought toward a specific field. That was when she first wandered off into parts of the castle that she had never before seen. She expected to find monsters or other scary things, but instead stumbled upon the kitchen and found the servants preparing a meal while another man played on a harp, bolstering and invigorating the other servants with his song. She asked him to teach her and he agreed, mainly for fear of getting told off or fired if he turned her down.

Learning to make the harp make sound she found easy enough, although somewhat painful. The harp's strings were sturdier than she had thought, and she injured her fingers several times before learning to play a proper tune. The man taught her how to put her magic into the music as soon as she had learned enough of the basics to play simple songs, which turned out to be a mistake as even with the rings the man loaned her, the magic went haywire whenever she made a mistake. After several tutoring sessions where Sarane came out frazzled, jumpy, and unable to focus on more important studies, her mother eventually found out what was going on and had the servant fired.

What resulted was a heated argument between Sarane and her mother, followed by a couple weeks of Sarane trying to teach herself to play based on what she had learned. Recognizing that Sarane was not going to give up trying to learn performance magic and that as she was she was only making things worse by trying to learn on her own, Regina began looking for a proper teacher. It was her father that came through for their daughter, however. He refused to discuss how he had found the performer and occasional teacher with his family, although Sarane managed to get the story out of her new tutor and learned that he had found him in a rather seedy Laus tavern. With this new piece of information in hand she questioned Lyall again. Although she eventually learned that he was meeting a couple spies investigating the new marquess now that he had had a few years to 'settle in', the actual information meant little to her next to the fun she had making a game of investigating her father's actions.

Sarane played a few more investigative "games" over the next few years, with results that she would look back on and laugh at. It was all in good fun to her, but by the time she was thirteen she had caught guards and servants shirking their duties, her brother trying to sell a set of ceremonial armor to buy a new spear and shield after breaking a set, and even uncovered a servant's plot to poison his former employer when the queen invited her to a banquet. After the attempted assassination was thwarted, Regina caught onto the fact that Sarane had started to get really good at her "game" and took efforts to cultivate this ability. She assigned two of her knights, Guile and Roderick, to Sarane as retainers and brought a former spy out of retirement as a new tutor. Sarane was forced to learn that what she was doing was more than just a game and that it had real consequences both good and bad, but could greatly benefit her family, her country, and eventually herself. She was given practical experience around the city and territory of Ostia rather than just within the castle walls, and within two years she was taking initiative on matters that the queen would normally command of her spies or knights. She still learned and practiced her performance magic, of course, as it served surprisingly well in interrogations and, in at least one near-emergency, crowd control.

When she was sixteen she turned to Laus to answer a personal question about the rebellion shortly after she was born. With some amount of persuasion she managed to get Lord Caldwell to talk about his territory's involvement, tracing it back to the retribution exacted against Laus after the actions of Darin and Erik and objection to the Lycian League being reorganized into a monarchy. Why it took Erik's successor and the other Lycian lords involved in the rebellion so long to finally act out he could only theorize, but both he and Sarane agreed that the timing, so soon after Queen Lilina's death, was no coincidence. Caldwell then tried to reassure her that he had no intention of repeating the mistakes of his predecessors and that Laus remained loyal to the throne of Lycia, but expressed his fears that if he was ever so much as accused of treason, substantiated or not, it would be the end of Laus as its own territory.

In the years that followed, while her brother the Prince began to come into his own as a soldier, Sarane dedicated herself to ensuring that such a rebellion could not happen again. She instructed her retainers to disguise themselves as mercenary knights and traveled undercover, investigating any signs of potential uprising or unrest she caught wind of. At first she deferred to her mother in how to respond, but after almost two years she was acting almost entirely on her own. Queen Regina did not always approve of her actions, but at least acknowledged them. When Sacae attacked the territory of Araphen and the rest of Lycia scrambled to fight back, Sarane immediately took advantage of the distraction to investigate several nobles that had become distracted by the conflict, discovering in the process that while there was not yet any organized plans of rebellions, the dissatisfaction with the Lycian monarchy and with the Queen for her disproportionate response in the past had not faded but merely been suppressed. And if there was an ideal time for anyone to act, it would be immediately after the conflict with Sacae ended, meaning she was on a time limit for preventing more unrest before it began.
1 Sep 2011
Reports from members of the Order of Zwi that the town of Kideia has been abandoned seem to have been exaggerated. Eyewitness accounts from travelers passing through the area have confirmed that the town is still populated, although sparsely so.

Kideia, located on the coast of Eastern Araducia and less than thirty miles from the edge of the Deadzone, has for many years been used as a starting point for attempted expeditions into the Deadzone. Due to recent disagreements with the Nineveh tribe, however, most of these efforts have been discontinued. Since then, rumors have arisen and spread throughout Eastern Araducia that the town is haunted.

So, pretty basic premise here. There's a town on the coast of Eastern Araducia, and it's haunted. And our PCs, whether because they're investigating the rumors or just passing through, end up staying the night there. Fun and possibly a bit of mindscrew ensue. Characters will start by meeting in town late in the afternoon, and by the time night falls things start to get strange. Is there a person behind it? A demon? Is the town really just haunted? That's for us to find out.

The usual rules apply and I shouldn't have to restate them, but I will if I have to (don't tempt me). This is not first come first serve, I'll be choosing a cast based on characters I think will work best for this thread and with the rest of the cast. Level doesn't matter, although I'd rather not have anyone disproportionately low or high compared to the rest of the cast.

Other notes: I'm still waiting on Jailbreak to finish and will be gone this weekend, so final cast and topic will go up next week at the earliest.

-Alexandra Mischa: Level 6 Shaman, Satori
9 Aug 2011
Name: Sophia Rosarite
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Etruria
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Etruria

Class: Mage
Level: 13
Weapon Levels: Anima {C} (3/5)
Weapons: Please list the weapons you build with the weapon system inside the spoiler tag below. What weapons you have access to are dependent on your class and weapon level.
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Shock Stick (D, Lightning Anima Magic): Good for dealing with unwanted solicitors. Bound to Sophie's staff, this spell only works at very close range, but can activate almost instantly and temporarily paralyzes the target.
Intermediate [Close Range, After Effect]

Heat Mirage (C, Fire Anima Magic): Bathes an area in intense heat, and distorts the appearances of anything within the affected area.
Intermediate [Area of Effect, Illusion]

Flamethrower (C, Intermediate Fire Anima Magic): Creates a jet of flame from the end of Sophie's staff that ignites anything it touches. Theoretically the flame can be maintained indefinitely, but the constant drain it puts on the caster prevents this from actually being the case.
[Permanence, After Effect]

Overgrowth (D, Earth Anima Magic): Calls forth vines to overwhelm and bind the opponent. More effective when there is underbrush or existing vines to manipulate.
Intermediate [Attune, Entangle]

Douse (E, Water Anima Magic): Hits the target with a large amount of water. The spell needs to be charged to be effective as an attack, but has some other uses.
Simple [Charged]

Gust (D, Wind Anima Magic): Summons a short but intense burst of wind. Not particularly effective for dealing raw damage, but can be used for blowing targets around (or over).
Simple [Impact]

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Build: Slender, athletic
Arts: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Sophia, or Sophie as she is more frequently known, is of medium height at 5'8", boasting a shapely, well-developed figure. Her skin, typical for one of northeast Etruria, is very light, complementing a smooth complexion and deceptively soft, youthful features. This illusion of "soft"-ness is reinforced only most of the time by how she carries herself. Usually, she comes off as carefree and relaxed, but when she feels threatened in any way she can turn aggressive fast. Her hair is a shade of dark red often compared to red wine and nearly waist-length, left to flow freely whenever possible. In contrast, her eyes are jade green. Sophie is almost always smiling, although that tends to be just as often a sly smirk or a wild grin as something pleasant.

Sophie is most commonly seen wearing a heavy dress of thick material, rust-colored in appearance and falling to her ankles. Though open and shoulder-less at the top, she covers the difference with a heavy scarf of matching color, long enough to leave its ends hanging as tails falling to her knees. Aside from this, she wears thin, dark brown gloves that extend halfway past her elbow, black winter boots, and a pair of tight slacks under the dress. The latter are allegedly for modesty in case she has to ride somewhere, despite also claiming to not get along well with horses.

Rather than tomes, Sophie uses a staff as a vessel for casting. The staff in question is five feet long, mahogany, and appears to be more of a solid, straight rod than a magic staff.

Overview: Sophie is an oddity, with a personality comprised of opposites and contradictions. She is friendly, with the occasional tendency to act aggressive. Caring and kind, yet potentially violent. She loves fighting, but hates the consequences of large-scale conflicts. She believes people are inherently good, despite seeing firsthand what they are capable of when forced into a criminal lifestyle. Though born a daughter of a noble family, she prefers to experience the world without the same sheltered, privileged life that most noble children are born into. Despite this, she does still enjoy some of the finer things in life when able to experience them.

In person, Sophie is upbeat and friendly, with a very casual attitude about most things. Sometimes she takes this too far, acting flippant in serious situations or speaking too directly in delicate ones. She also has a tendency to act aggressive and think nothing of it, and though she doesn't mean anything by it can appear standoff-ish as a result. She believes it to all be in good fun and tries to avoid being outright antagonistic, although it can sometimes be difficult for her to see where the line between the two is. If she realizes that she's crossed it, or thinks she's crossed it, she's very quick to apologize and becomes rather meek toward the person she's apologizing to. When actually upset at someone, she will usually either avoid talking to them altogether or lose all sense of humor when she does.

Despite her history, she loves fighting, which is one of the reasons for her attitude. If she had her way, she would greet almost anyone she met by picking a fight with them, and would always let off steam by hitting things with non-lethal magic until she felt better. Her experience as a mercenary has been more than enough for her to know that most of the rest of the world fights for keeps, however, putting her at a disadvantage. Although she once had a policy of never killing, even when her own life was very much in danger, she has since realized that it was rather unrealistic. She still tries to avoid killing whenever realistically possible, however, although she has no qualms about hitting kneecaps, burning clothes, or hitting them with a lightning-charged staff. Her lack of physical strength also puts her at a disadvantage, which she has no problems using magic to compensate for.

Sophie is surprisingly religious, although she has plenty of distrust for people who sit in a cathedral preaching the word of St. Elimine rather than being out in the real world.

Biography: Sophia Rosarite was born to a minor noble family in Etruria, known for producing several ranking military officers in the past but having never particularly stood out. Though her mother was a typical Etrurian noblewoman from another family, her father had just come out of a border conflict with the Knights of Eckesachs and was far more in touch with his occupation as a soldier than his standing as a noble. Sophie's early life, as a result, was fairly skewed. One day she would be learning how to be a proper Etrurian lady, the next she would be hearing stories about the nation's military history. To her father's dismay, her favorite stories were the less glorious ones, dealing with conflict in the Western Isles or corrupt nobles attempting to take power for themselves rather than tales of conquest and victory. When she was older she would finally come up with a reason for this. Etruria and, in her view, the Western Isles, came out better for their troubles, while the nations on the losing end of wars of conquest were devastated in the aftermath.

By the time of her ninth birthday, Sophia decided she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps as a mage and a soldier. Though her mother tried to forbid it, her father agreed and set her up with a private tutor in secret. Though Sophia had displayed plenty of potential and covered the basics in no time flat, once she got past them she had a very rocky start. Over the next three years the excitable Sophia did not so much learn to cast spells as to make them explode. Although she had plenty of success in her training, it was offset by the many times she would cast improperly, or lose control of a spell and cause it to run wild. Many days she would come home sporting injuries from these incidents, and have to fabricate explanations while being reprimanded by her mother. Though she never openly made any indication that she had caught on to what Sophia was doing, it became clear by the time that Sophia's father was called back into service in 1044 that her mother knew and, after several arguments with her father had for the time being given up trying to prevent it.

For the first few months that her father was gone, Sophia was forbidden from seeing her tutor. Her mother gave up on this as well, however, after she started practicing her magic on her own in secret and tried to go beyond the level that she had finally learned to control. After her bedroom was destroyed in a resulting explosion, her mother reluctantly allowed her to return, if only so that she would learn restraint. One more year later she was asking about requirements to join the military.

Though he had his doubts, her tutor did not want to ruin her hopes and taught her some basic combat skills as well. As he did Sophia found that, although she was still rather bad at it, she really enjoyed fighting.

Her wishes to be a soldier were shot down within weeks of this, however, when she learned that her father had been killed at the hands of Lord Helter's men. For days Sophia sulked, refusing to even touch her magic. She blamed her father's superiors for his death, putting him in a position where he had little chance of surviving. Deciding she didn't want to ever get stuck in a situation like that herself, she discarded the desire to serve in the military entirely.

Although her tutor left her alone to grieve during this time, he never learned that she had given up on the military, and when she was fifteen came to her with an opportunity to get some real combat experience with a band of mercenaries heading for the Western Isles. Reluctantly, she accepted on the hope that a band of mercenaries wouldn't be as bad as she now believed a military unit would be.

To the other mercenaries, she introduced herself as simply Sophie, a nickname she would grow attached to afterward. They headed for the Western Isles, where they played the roles of privateers and were primarily hired by wealthy merchants to fight pirates and bandits causing problems for their businesses. Although for the most part they tried to stay out of the growing unrest among the local population, they occasionally ended up fighting pirates that had directly opposed the Western Isles council and its Etrurian influence. Mentioning that most of them were Etrurian natives, as well, turned out to be a very bad idea that they stopped doing early on.

Despite their best efforts, however, they eventually came face to face with one of the two growing folk heroes of the Western Isles near the end of 1049 when the pirates they were hired to fight were led by the Black Sea Dragon himself. Their attack on the Pirate Lord's ship ended disastrously, with all but Sophie and her mercenarily leader being killed in the ensuing battle and retreat. Both returned to Etruria after reporting that they had failed, and agreed that it was best to part ways from then on. Now without work, Sophie found herself unwilling to return home. Though she at first considered finding another mercenary group to join up with to go back, news within the next few months of unrest turning violent deterred her, at least for the time being. With both of those options ruled out, she was left with no idea what to do next.

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