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19 Jan 2011
ok, so it happened.

i've outgrown fep. i just sort of drifted away. no drama, just lost interest. other things fill my free time these days, and they seem to fill me up more. life is great, really fucking great. the business is taking off and rob and i couldn't be happier together. we'd like to start a family in the next few years. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/^_^.gif)

thanks for the good times, everybody. so much of my creativity has been honed here, and i thank you all for the great opportunity and memories.

i'm mostly posting because this leaves a big gaping hole for hatari, and ya'll deserve better than that. none of the plans that were intended for neylan came to fruition, which basically leaves not a lot of options for a successor if you decide to replace her. i had originally spoken with satori about setting up selene to be in a position to take over after neylan's eventual demise. to my knowledge, selene isn't even in hatari at the moment, so i am unsure of how viable this plan is.

without tomis, much of her plot is moot anyway. the original plan was to let her continue to drive hatari into the ground and eventually have tomis discover she's branded (or come out of denial about it) and strangle her. to be honest, i'd be tickled pink if this still happened in some form, even if they're both essentially NPCs. will get in touch with kilvy. maybe he and i could post up one last hurrah and end her sooner rather than later. at our rate, she'd be dead in six months to a year. xP

aside from hatari, ariadne has no RPs right now and no loose ends. grey's only thing to feel particularly bad about is CDS. sorry about that one. if it's worth grading, grade it, but there's been no combat or puzzles, or really anything except pity to warrant experience.

so now you know, i'm not dead, just done. catch me on facebook or send me an email, anastasia.ehlers@gmail.com.

peace out, kids.
15 Dec 2010
I'm sorry.

I regret that I am not a good or proper wife. I hope that you do not think me entirely wicked, but I promise to understand if you do. Faith is a matter of the heart as well as the body, and I'm sure you already know that I am incapable of both.

Simply put, I am ill suited for partnership in any permanent fashion. We both understood that was always the risk, even if neither of us spoke of it. I am curious as to how much of this trait is my history, or if it is simply my nature. It doesn't matter. I've proven I cannot change it, and I am exhausted by pretending I have.

I am not so foolish as to ask for your forgiveness. You gave me that gift once, and it is a shameful thing I do, throwing it at your feet now.

You will not see me again. Over time, forget me.

With great affection,

The end of Ariadne's silk cloak barely cleared the door in Aoredde as it shut behind her for the final time. Resting on the table, the parchment of her letter had a curious weight to it, as if the wood might buckle and splinter beneath it. The crash of the lathe-turned legs and polished top would fill the silent hall and startle the servants. By the time a maid poked her head around the corner to investigate, she would be just in time to watch a bright blue feather flutter and float silently downward to rest amongst the rubble, almost as light as air.
5 Sep 2010
Fall, 765
Hengist National Academy
Marzkivf, Daein

Marzkivf was something of an oddity among Daein cities. Being a successful port, international trade was allowed and even flourished despite careful supervision by local customs agents. With a wealthy metropolitan area that tolerated proportionately more foreigners, the atmosphere in Marzkivf was favorable for exchanging another commodity--knowledge.

Bright minds from across the beorc nations of Tellius studied at the Hengist National Academy, a boarding school for those who were well off or apt enough to attend. A rigorous program readied young students for advanced pursuits in magic, philosophy, military, or government roles and many of Daein's most eminent citizens were counted among the graduates and pupils.

One of these happened to be the only son of His Royal Majesty Tomislav Hinzvark the Eisenhertz, Prince Kristoffer Hinzvark. Whether the king meant to provide his son with the best education he could or simply desired him out of his hair was a question Kris tried not to dwell upon.

The first day of classes made Kris nervous and excited at the same time. A new year was bound to present new challenges and new friends, both of which he was very excited for, but this year it was tempered with anxiety. Over the summer, Kris learned a secret. Somewhere in his heritage--more likely from his mother but at this point anything seemed possible--Kris was descended from a subhuman. The mark on his leg revealed itself gradually, just slow enough to kindle fierce denial and disbelief. No point in avoiding the truth any longer--the heir to Daein's throne was branded.

With the knowledge came rather a heavy dose of paranoia, not only born of the fear of accidental discovery, but also the problem of aging. As a citizen of Daein, the prince had a poor understanding of just what his predicament entailed, but he knew that his lengthened lifespan would create a multitude of problems. With a little luck, he would at least be able to graduate. But really, how long could he keep up appearances before others began to notice that he just wasn't growing up?

Kris shoved these thoughts aside as he thanked the person who handed him a glass of punch. Now wasn't the time for all that worry. It was the back to school social, held in the old ballroom the evening before classes started, and it was time to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.
3 Sep 2010
been kicking this around for a while. here goes nothing. let's make this official-looking and bust out the caps, even.

This is an ongoing, single-thread RP in the side story forum set 18 years from present RL--that is to say, fall, 765. Because this is in the future, it's essentially an "alternate universe" scenario since we don't know how RP events will pan out. The idea is to play the hypothetical offspring of our characters or a future version of them.

We're starting off at a prestigious Daein academy. Tomis is still alive and in power, so all standard Daein stereotypes are still in place. The status of the resistance is undetermined at this time. I have no plot in mind, and I expect the beginnings of the RP will be pretty social. I understand that this setting may be restrictive for some. If the RP is successful at all, it's eventually likely that our precocious teens will wander off on an adventure to open up the possibility of meeting new characters.

Here's a bullet list of stuff you should know:
  • Students should be assumed to be low first-tier. Existing characters can't be third-tier unless they already are. I don't want to approve everybody's random third tier ideas till I have to, and I bet the guys feel the same.
  • Nobody younger than 14. Gogo freshmen.
  • This is not Hogwarts and I have only ever read the first Harry Potter book. It is a boarding school, however.
  • Characters are free to come and go as they please.
  • Regular RL rules apply.
  • If your character is the kid of your other character and somebody else's character, you need the other player's consent. It's probably wise to agree on a basic backstory too.
  • No whining.
  • There's currently no over-arching plot and only one thread. I expect people to wander off and do their own thing or split into groups. Absolutely no post order, and two-sentence posts are acceptable.
  • Not sure how many people this can tolerate yet. Probably best to start small and see how we do.
  • Interested? Post a brief character profile below. Don't spam this thread with "oh hay, that looks cool, i might write one." Write a character first.
QUOTE(new kid template)
Age and Grade:

Brief Personality:
Brief Appearance:
Brief Biography:

Weapons: Freshmen and sophomores are stuck at E, juniors up to D, and seniors up to C. No ginormous spell lists or a zillion concealed daggers, please. No skipping a grade for being super smart. have a prf if you like.

Other Notes: Could be race, country of origin, anything that's important.

QUOTE(existing character template)
Link to Profile

Brief Personality: If changed
Brief Appearance: If changed
Fill the Gap: What has this person been doing the last 18 years?

Weapons: Up to S, remember each character only gets one S-level weapon type. No legendaries unless you already have one, since I don't want to approve your requests.

Other Notes: Important stuff goes here. Maybe some of the highlights from your character's profile.

When I say brief, I mean brief. We want to roleplay, not read paragraphs full of obnoxious complete sentences.

I'm sure other stuff that turns out to be important will be added to this post as life goes on. Or it will collect dust once this is abandoned. Up to us.

Enjoy. And remember, post a character. Or at least a legitimate question. Nation leaders, it might be helpful if you post what's what here. Neylan's dead, btw. Not sure how yet. Stay tuned.
2 Sep 2010
The sound of ripping fabric broke the silence of the dark forest. Not many traveled this stretch of road, and Grey hardly bothered to step off it to bandage her wounds with a bit of muslin she carried that came in useful for this purpose a touch too often.

Her victim was long gone, on about his business, probably hardly even disturbed enough to tell the story of how they were almost robbed at the dinner table later that night. Grey's stomach rumbled. Dinner did not seem likely.

The sticky wound was hardly cleaned before she tied off the cloth, irritated with herself and her situation. How was she supposed to know that traveler was lightning fast with a pair of knives? He was likely her last chance for a while, judging by how few people she passed on the road. Maybe a few before sunset. Then the lucky brute that bested her. But the darkness was more complete every minute. It would take a fool to be out here now. Or just somebody very weary and desperate.

With a sigh, Grey collected her things again and pushed off the stump she was seated on. Despite the dark, it was still early. She might as well put some miles behind her in case the man made it back to town and reported her to somebody that cared.


Nightfall. The best time of day in Minerva's opinion. Few people remained on the road at this time, mostly falling into the categories of either the foolish and desperate or those who preyed on the foolish and desperate. In between, there were people who preyed on both. People like Minerva.

And then there were some, hanging onto the edges of daylight and struggling to remain in the second category of travelers, even as their own incompetence forced them into the first. Minerva had just witnessed one of these cases, by way of following the charmer girl from Millstadt.

As the girl finished bandaging her wounds and returned to the road, intent on setting off into the night, Minerva chose that moment to come out from her hidden pursuit. The underbrush rustled for several seconds as the robed figure of the druidess crept out of it. "Well well," she opened, almost conversationally, "You seem to be having a hard time of it out here."


Grey jumped. There was no helping it. Embarrassed, she tried her best to pretend it never happened. She tossed her bangs out of her eyes and regarded Minerva coolly, head cocked back just a bit. The druidess just understated Grey's entire life. It was strange though. Grey admitted her struggle to herself rather readily, but she felt oddly opposed to somebody else pointing out just how hopeless she was.

She shrugged and kept walking. "Why follow me? And why not help? I would have shared."


Why indeed. Minerva could have helped, easily. But where would the fun in that have been? Besides, even if she had wanted helped the sudden jolt of surprise her presence had brought in Grey was well worth staying out of it. "Sorry, I don't just help people," she said simply. "As for following you, Charmer girl...mm, call it curiosity."


"Curiosity," Grey repeated the word slowly, spitefully. "I must be quite the sideshow to get your attention."


"Oh, but you are," Minerva said, drawing out the last word in an almost seductive manner as she took a few steps toward the girl. A smile crept across her face. "I don't think I've ever seen a Spirit Charmer that couldn't even use magic before. How did that happen, I wonder?"


"Not for lack of trying," Grey said with another shrug. It seemed to be a habit. As with the long strides and determination not to regard Minerva more than absolutely necessary. The woman's familiarity was unsettling at best. "That was the last resort. It failed too. I know a good deal about magic. Its mechanics. Language, even. No talent though." That ought to be enough. It was the truth, anyway.


So this girl had made a spirit pact out of desperation. Minerva couldn't help but give a soft, muted laugh at Grey's words. She herself had learned enough about spirits to have some idea of what she was getting into before making a pact, but that wasn't to say everyone had. "Spirits don't work that way," she said.


Grey was quiet for a long time, focused on the sound her heavy footfalls crunching the gravel of the road. It was getting colder. Maybe there would be frost tonight.

"So I've learned," she said softly. She hated asking. It was the same as admitting her ignorance about everything. But she had to know more about what she'd done. What she'd done for absolutely nothing, she thought bitterly, shoving aside memories of home and the old man who tried to raise her. "How...do they work?"


Another soft laugh as the girl's words met Minerva's ears. "Well," the druidess said, pausing after the first word as though debating whether or not to actually tell anything. "They do enhance magical abilities, But you can't enhance something that simply isn't there."

She stopped, staring ahead at Grey with a thin, twisted smirk on her face. The wind picked up, escalating from nearly nonexistent to a steady, biting assault on every inch of exposed flesh on the two women. "Oh yeah," she said over it. "And in exchange it slowly eats away at you."


Grey turned her collar up against the harsh wind and fought off a shiver. "That...explains a lot," she said simply, and gave over to pondering the things about her life that had changed since then. She remembered back to the day that she finally agreed. She was so eager to please, and yet there was something that held her back. "I thought it was the spirit's nature. Elder magic. It's like...it's like your wretched thunderstorm in my head. All the time."


"Hey, I like that thunderstorm," Minerva said, before returning to her explanation. "But yes, it's something like that. I guess some of them don't try to make your life a living hell, at least not intentionally, but many of them do. And you seem to have gotten one like mine. One of the worst." She smiled again, flashing the same twisted smirk as she removed the glove over her right hand, revealing the same mark on the back of the hand that she had exposed in the woods near Millstadt.


It was hard to make out the mark in the dim light, but Grey knew what to look for. "How long have you had it?" she asked, her haste giving away her interest. "How did the...bonding work for you?"


Oh? Now the girl had become curious about her, eager, or perhaps even anxious to know about Minerva. A part of her, at least, for the spirit that inhabited her body was certainly a part of her now.

"It found me, actually. Five years ago, I think," she said. "I'd run away from home and was hiding out in the mountains north of Sienne, and this...mass of dark energy happened on me. It burned some images into my head, some...very nice images..." She trailed off for a few seconds, remembering, before continuing. "It showed me how to make the pact, too. I'd done some research into spirits before then, but I didn't know how to make a pact with one until then."

A deep breath, during which the idle wonder crossed Minerva's mind of why she was revealing this much about herself to someone, anyone. Even if she wanted a person to trust her, she'd never known herself to actually reveal anything about her own past. Nonetheless... "I...don't really remember anything after that except being found by a group of mercenaries a few days later. Oh, and nightmares. Lots of nightmares."


"Nightmares..." Grey repeated quietly. "Not prepared for the nightmares. Not prepared for much." She thought back to the time she spent researching before she finally agreed to form the pact. It was an adequate demonstration of why she knew so little about the world--one could only absorb the skewed view of whomever authored the book one was reading. An eyebrow raised involuntarily as she wondered if her grandfather withheld the works that would have shown a more complete picture of charming.

It felt good to talk with somebody that understood what she'd been through. It was a connection, and though it was small and singular in this instance, Grey was desperate for it. "Heh. I was unconscious for a few days right after. Maybe a week," she shared, almost boasting. "Haven't wanted to sleep since."


Another soft laugh escaped from Minerva's lips as the girl responded, sharing her own experience with the bonding and the nightmares. She couldn't help but be interested in the sufferings of this fellow charmer. "You get used to the nightmares eventually. Or I did, at least. I barely notice them anymore." In truth, she hadn't met any other Charmers, and thus didn't have anything else to go by. Perhaps this was normal, or perhaps she was simply instilling false hope in the girl that things would inevitably get better, at least for a time.

Minerva doubted it would bother her terribly much either way.


Minerva's laugh drew Grey's attention. She looked over at the woman, trying to gauge what sort she was, based on what little she knew. The sum of her impressions, from Minerva's behavior in the woods earlier and this conversation, was more confusing and contradictory than anything else. The sort of person that hardly noticed the kinds of despicable things Grey saw in her sleep was not the sort of person to provide encouragement. Yet here she was. "I don't want to get used to that."


"Well then, I guess you can go sleepless for however much longer you last," Minerva said, her words backed by the same eerie smirk that she had flashed repeatedly up until this point. "I'd be interested to see what comes of that, at least."


A short, ugly, sarcastic laugh escaped Grey's lips. "Eventually the nightmares catch up regardless. They are worse when you know you're actually awake." She'd only stayed up long enough to hallucinate once. It was an experience she was not eager to repeat. "I'll...let you know how it goes," she said tentatively.

Grey stopped abruptly and hung back for a moment. The question was not a new one for her, but she still hesitated asking it. What would this woman think of her for it? Why did she need the approval anyway? "...There's no going back, is there?" she asked after a moment's deliberation. "No way to get rid of it?"


"Nnnope," Minerva answered. "Only way to get rid of it I've heard of is to die."


"Hnh. I'd rather not," Grey replied. She started walking again, kicking a rock down the road ahead of her. Thanks to her awkwardly long, loping stride she fell in next to Minerva again quickly. "I appreciate it. You telling me all this. My...instructor was less forthcoming."


The girl caught up with Minerva easily, leading Minerva to wonder if she was willingly trying to keep up with her. And she was...grateful? Grateful that Minerva had essentially told her she was going to die early and live hell on earth until then, and gained nothing in return? It was funny, Minerva thought, just how well people took brutal honesty. "I don't think I would have said any of this before you made the pact either," she answered. "Just that you were wasting your time."


Grey shrugged. "Hnh...Never mind. So...satisfy your curiosity yet?"


"Well..." Minerva considered the question. She didn't want to lose track of this one, but...some of them always did come back, whether they wanted to or not. Perhaps Grey would be one of them. "For now, yes."


For now...

The woman had followed Grey long enough and she had no want of a proper traveling companion. She'd have accepted Malachi's offer if that was the case. Maybe things would have worked out differently if she had. "Whatever," Grey replied with typical sophomoric profundity. "Safe travels."


"And safe banditry to you," Minerva teased, turning to head down another road. "Though if you ask me...it helps to just skip the holdup step and kill your victims outright before taking their money." She turned back and smiled. Though it was more pleasant than here usual smirks, the effect, especially combined with her words, was undoubtedly more unsettling. "Just a thought. Goodnight."

And with that, Minerva turned away again and disappeared into the night.
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