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I am a lone defender in a sea of darkness.
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30 years old
New Hyrule
Born May-18-1989
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19 Jan 2010
Name: Mel Rivas

Class and Level: Mercanary Level 4
Weapon Level(s): Sword: E


His hair is a dirty blond, mostlikey due to the amount of time he spends in the dirt tracking whatever he may be looking for. His blue eyes are an uncommon trait, mainly becouse his parent had brown. His tattoo on his right arm is something of pride for him. He aquired it to cover up a nasty wound he recived after slautering a group of bandits near Melior, but didn't bother to cover up the scar on his chin. His green coat is something of his fathers that he couldn't get rid off, despite the person he was.

Normally a nice guy, but show him an injustice, and he'll snap. He'll do the right thing even if it means breaking the law and risking imprisonment. Very kind to women and childern, he has no respect for whores, but is more than willing to help out thier childern if need be. He belives that one should not suffer for anothers choises. Kind and gentel to all, exectp evil and wicked is his main way to live life. He enjoys the company of Laguz, mainly becouse they show him how much stronger he could become.

Mel grew up in Melior as a "hunter". He hunted rats, and other household pests for people to earn money for him and his mother. At age 13, he learned why his father left. He was a bandit. And evil man who raped his mother. From that day, Mel vowed to never see any other woman treated like his own mother. When he turned 17, his mother died from something even the best clerics in Crimea couldn't idinitfiy. So, he took on bodyguard jobs to support him self. Thats when he recived the scars on his right arm and chin. His employer had sent him with his daughter to deleiver her to the Daien border, but along the way, 7 bandits ambused them. Mel was able to fend them off, but recived the nasty wound on his right arm and chin. He coverd up the arm scar with an Laguz style tattoo, to "make him stronger". For the past 4 years, he's only done odd jobs around Crimea. Now in possesion of a letter addressed to a family in Galia, he is on his way, during the middle of winter, to deliver it, in which he was payed a handsome some to deliver, along with a specail sword.

(What ever is happening in the RP I'm in)

Shadow of the Forest : Rank: Prf (+2)

Iron (+0), Echo (+2)

Mel obtained this blade after he "liberated" it from his fathers chest. Along with the green coat, this is the only other thing of his father's that he would never give up. Its blade is an odd dark green steel, and seems to allow him to get an extra strike before the foe knows what hit him. It aslo seems to fit his hand just right.

Iron Sword: Rank: E(+0)

Iron (+0)

Just a common Iron Sword. Mel never travels without a backup weapon.

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