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Suzu Fujibayashi
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Suzu Fujibayashi


Current Mood: Why is Touhou music so awesome?
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6 Feb 2008
So I know this game uses only 1 RNG but when you levelup does it generate a new RNG for each STAT? Since looking at my Myrmidons level here...

Faye gains 30 experience. Level up!

HP increased by 1, up to 17.
Power increased by 1, up to 4.
Defense increased by 1, up to 2.
Resistance increased by 1, up to 2.
Luck increased by 1, up to 6.
You can now call yourself a Myrmidon level 3.

I find it hard to believe that her Skill/Speed growth % is lower then Defense and Resistance.
6 Feb 2008
Name: Aegina Chimamire
Age: 16
Homecountry: Arad'uun
Affinity: Dark
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 104 lb

Personality: Growing up without a parent's tender love and instead relying on the love of gypsy's does not often result in a very loving child. The girl has a definite streak towards isolation and has pretty low social skills; she's annoyingly blunt and it is a trait that often winds her up in trouble. Her lack of social skills also is a good reason why she tends to resort to violence to solve her problems, she just simply doesn't know any other way to solve problems. Aegina is also openly hostile, so if she treats you harshly don't take it personally... She treats everyone that way.

Appearance: The first thing usually notice about Aegina is her hair, it's about as blood red as you can get. Sometimes people get the impression its so red simply because she dips the stuff in it. Her hair is long and untamed reaching down past her thin waist where it ends unevenly; she never cuts it so the hairs just fall out from their own weight. The right side of her face is often obscured either partially or completely by a bang that grows far faster then its left cousin, this rogue bang generally covers her right eye.

The next thing people notice is her eyes... Or rather usually the one visible eye. Her left eye is always uncovered and its, oddly enough, pink and in sharp contrast her right eye is golden. How exactly her eyes are this color is a mystery, but many people don't really bother to know why (and frankly Aegina has no idea). Aside from her hair and eyes she is pretty normal. In spite of the long hours she spends outdoors her skin defies the sun and remains a sick-looking pale. Her rather unbalanced and random diet is what keeps her slim and slender figure, still she is pretty athleticly toned all around... The only thing she dislikes is her buxom bust. It was the source of much un-needed commenting (and then of course bloodied noses) and back pain.

Bio: Aegina never knew her parents. Her surname isn't even her own. It was given to her by the wandering gypsy that found her and then brought her back her traveling friends and raised her. Given that wandering people tend to be pretty poor parents the girl was very independent from a young age and was generally forced to survive on her own most of the time. Everything she learned, she learned the hard way but she is pretty thankful for it as it allowed her to develop a pretty tough outside. She picked up the sword on her own one day, completely by accident when she had to fend off a wild animal and just happened to find a sturdy looking enough branch nearby and used it as a makeshift sword. Of course she later found out the wild animal was half-starved to death. Once she was old enough to take care of herself she left the traveling gyspys, as they frankly annoyed her, and has basically been a wanderer her whole life. She might've been born in Arad'uun but she has no attachments to it or anything else. Her first time killing a person was actually in Valhassa in a battle in the city's arenas. Of course the fact doesn't bother her in the least due to her total lack of human caring.

Class: Huntsman
Level: 5

Weapons: Slim Sword, Jitte
Weapon Levels:
Sword: D

Additional Notes/Comments:
2 Feb 2008
So I have some minor questions since this seems kind of interesting (And hey, I have nothing to lose by trying it out amirite?). So, just a few little questions here...

1. Thinking of making a female Huntsman but I can't really think of a nation... I've looked at them and well... Just kinda stumped on what sounds nice is all. XD
Maybe I'll make her a Myrmidon. One or the other.

Ok so I had one question. Maybe I'll remember more later on.
31 Jan 2008
I'm just curious as to why Vulanaries aren't present in this. Is it a coding thing? (I have no idea what PHP is like so I obviously have no idea on its limitations and such) Or are they present and just not buyable in the Shop? Just curious. Please don't eat me.
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