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Cricket, football, roleplaying, gaming (pen&paper or console/PC), writing, Diplomacy, Mafia
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11 Aug 2007
Name: Quinn (adopted identity, real name N/A)
Age: N/A (conscious for 1 year)
Homecountry: N/A (found in Azgarth)
Affinity: Anima
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 227lbs

Appearance: As is the norm with his kind, Quinn has very pale, silver skin, almost pure white, and eerie gold eyes, the impact of which is dulled by his perpetually furrowed brow, which gives him the look of one with a great burden on his shoulders. His hair is clearly unmanaged, as it is tangled and, although not very long, just grown past the point of needing a cut. It too is silvery-grey, but a far firmer shade of it than his skin - the two contrast in a subtle way that serves to enhance his otherworldly appearance. He wears a dusty brown suit of armour, which gives no hint as to where it might have come from before being left with him by way of markings or emblems.

Bio: Quinn became conscious at midnight on a cold winter evening, standing in the middle of an empty farm pasture on the periphery of Teskay, a small, inconsequential hamlet on the westernmost island of Azgarth. He was clad in a dusty, though perfectly servicable, suit of armour with a lance strapped to his back. He had no idea who or where he was. Upon wandering tentatively into the settlement Quinn was treated with both interest and suspicion by the locals, but the town's innkeeper seemed sympathetic to the confused knight, and offered him a bed for a time while he tried, in vain, to remember his past. It was he who gave Quinn his adopted name, after a particularly strange uncle of his.

Three weeks went by before Quinn became restless. He knew, reluctantly, that he could not be human - or at least, as human as the villagers of Teskay were. His appearance and circumstance of "birth" were clear signs of that. So, bidding farewell to the kind innkeeper, he set out to search for a scholar or mage who might be able to recognise him for what he was, and from there, to find out about how he had come to be on that farm. Months went by without success as Quinn traveled the archipelago - he did not think to leave, knowing that he was in the right country to investigate a mystery such as this - before finally he met somebody who knew.

Lev Nurshankar was a seventy-seven-year-old man, who had once served the LaRusse family of Alacia as a magical scholar and advisor before retiring to Azgarth, the place he had long been fascinated with, to live out his days. Quinn was referred to him by numerous citizens for a few weeks prior to finding his home in a coastal village in the south of the archipelago. Nurshankar, after listening to Quinn's story, replied with the word "morph". It transpired that the old sage had only heard of the morphs in passing in a conversation with a now long-dead bishop who claimed he had fought a creature that was created in the image of a man, but with pale silver skin and golden eyes. He had claimed that the man had been forged like a sword from the essence of human energy by a dark wizard, who was killed soon after by mercenaries. It was all that Nurshankar could tell him, but it was enough. Quinn understood what he was and could now search for answers with direction - that in all likelihood, he had been created by a dark wizard. But for what purpose? Why had he been left, battle-equipped, in the middle of nowhere? These are the questions that Quinn now wanders the continent to find answers to.

Personality: Quinn is a solemn man, who tends to be caught up in his own thoughts, as he constantly tries to find reason to his existence. Many who meet him see it as anything from absentmindedness to rudeness, depending on their own predisposition to judge a man who clearly does not look entirely human. He does not try too hard to dispel this feeling, although it has led him to develop a dislike of those who are prejudiced, impatient, and jump to conclusions. While he would quite like to integrate and feel comfortable with others, he feels that, in comparison to those who have had a lifetime to build skills and develop talents, it is in his interests to retain any traits that could give him an advantage in the future - in this case, his air of mystery and, to some, inherent intimidation.

Class: Knight
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Lance, Javelin
Weapon Levels: Lances - E

Additional Notes/Comments: I understand this may be treading the line as far as the amount of N/As and morphness go, but I'm quite fond of the concept. I'm more than willing to do some tweaking with mods to make this playable if it isn't already.
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