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Smack Johnson
I hate Illinois nazis
26 years old
the blue between
Born Sep-30-1992
300. Thats about it until Heroes comes back on April 23. Oh, and girls are good too. And America.
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20 Jul 2008
reason for edit:I made him huge!!

Name: David Chrestomanci
Age: 19
Homecountry: Arad'uun
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180

Personality: David is a generally funny and kind individual, but his almost insane dislike of dark magic, as well as being indifferent to anima magic, makes him a little standoffish to magic weilders. He does actually like light magic, and takes kindly to monks and bishops.

Appearance: David was born with white hair and pale skin, as well as an average stature and a medium build. He wears the signature colors of his tribe, blue and red. He wears an earring and has a scar along his face.

Bio: David Chrestomanci was born to the Chief of an obscure tribe, the Dankos. His father was Chief Donni Chrestomanci and his mother was Ellta Chrestomanci. This birth not only destined him to power in the tribe, but was also a guaranteed aprenticeship with town monk Cranio Darjholm. The entire line of Chrestomanci's have been relatively powerful light magic weilders, and their name means, the spirits have blessed us. While this may or may not have been true once, it is not true now. Some have even joked that by spirits, they meant hard liquor. David hated learning magic, and turned to a mercenary (job, not class) to secretly teach him the staff and lance. All seemed to be going well, until Cranio went crazy. He had found an old dark magic tome, and loved its power. He killed off half of the tribe before Donni and David could stop him. Sadly, Donni found out about David's lance training, and he believed that tarnished his soul and ability to rule. He chose David's brother to rule in his stead. He allowed David to leave if he so desired, taking a few companions with him. David travelled with them, forming them into a mercenary group that rivalled the one of the merc that taught David. THe merc, thinking him a traitor, sent his force in the middle of the night to slay David and his group. Many of both sides died, but in the end David was spared. He awoke near a river with a long scar on his face. He saw his equipment folded and stacked near a horse. It was the merc, he had felt mercy after all that happened. David travelled onward after that, under the guise of a musician (again, not the bard class, just a guy who played flute). He arrived in Valhassa and is living there now.

Class: lancer/soldier
Level: 6

Weapons: Iron lance
Weapon Levels: (E for everything at the start)

Additional Notes/Comments: David cannot do any light magic at all anymore, nor can he rejuvenate with his music.
14 Jul 2008
Waterframe is a breakthrough alt rock band from Long Island led by my good friend Jesse. Unfortunately they do not have any videos other than this one of them performing acoustically their most famous (relatively speaking of course) song Finding Virginia.

4 Jun 2008
Does anybody know if there is a channel this show is on? I love it so much but it was taken off of TV land and the only other way to get it is a $200 timelife 28 dvd set. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to pay $200 just to watch tv.

In case anybody wants to use this topic to discuss the show, it is about CONTROL secret agent 86, Maxwell Smart, and his adventures thwarting the agents of KAOS, assisted by the lovely agent 99 and occasionally other members of the CONTROL organization. It may be the funniest action show ever on tv, and may prove that tv now does not hold a candle to the shows of the past.
4 Jun 2008
I...I cant fight it, I actually missed this place. Whether I was a really important member or not, I felt kind of involved here. Because of this I guess I'm making a sort of comeback? In case anybody cares life's still goin good, so thats not the reason I'm back, it's just that I love you goofs.

I see there's a new RP, so I guess I'll make a character, and maybe I'll actually finish an RP with my old skylessia character now?
17 Feb 2008
I didn't make leaps and bounds in my life like Myke did in my absence, however I feel that around this site I have been nothing but a bum, not contributing in the least. Because of this I decided to take a break, and that break turned into something much more. I made some new friends, got more involved in some clubs I should have been more involved with from the start (speech and debate ftw), and just generally, I don't know, grew up a bit.

That's not to say that I think you all are immature. On the contrary, I respect most of you and I will miss you. You are an amazing group of internet people, almost like an Ifamily or something. An Ifamily that I don't feel a need to latch onto anymore.

I have been with this site for a long while, through most of its ups and downs, and I am sad to leave it, but I will not be returning like I usually do. I just wanted to tie up some loose ends here, and to wish you all good luck in your lives. I guess I'll check in for the next day or two.

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