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6 Jan 2009
Name: Quinn Sajaer
Age: 26
Homecountry: Marcellus
Affinity: Earth
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169lbs

Class: Soldier
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Greatlance, Iron Ranseur
Weapon Levels: Lances - E

Appearance: Quinn is an imposing figure despite his barely higher than average height. His mild brown hair is cut short so as to not impede his vision in combat. His eyes, hazel, do not carry much expression, giving him a slight air of detachment, which he tries not to back up with his actions. He wears dark purple armour over a snug black jumpsuit, but does not take great care to keep his armour clean, so the colour is somewhat obscured by mud, wear and tear.

Personality: Quinn is warmer than he looks, and feels that it is important to leave a good first impression. He has a cynical side, though, hoping for the best but never expecting it. His sense of humour tends towards the silly and surreal. Though he goes out of his way to be easy to get along with, he can become irritable and contrary if he hasn't had enough sleep. Quinn is quite a progressive thinker, feeling strongly about equal rights and opportunities - the situation in Erimate depresses him and he hopes to be able to make a difference in such areas of life. He knows his talents lie ultimately in combat rather than politics, though, and has trouble reconciling his skillset with his values.

Bio: Quinn was born to Hallen Sajaer, now 56, a fletcher, and Ruth Sajaer, 53, a bookbinder, in the port town of Rallemor on the east coast of Marcellus. He was the second of four siblings - his only sister, Ileyes, being the eldest. Now 29, she was recently appointed one of Rallemor's three city councillors, the second youngest ever. Faren, 24, works as a scribe at the local courthouse, while Cay, 17, idolises his father and is starting to work for him with hopes of eventually taking over the business. Life was comfortable during his upbringing, a benefit of living where they did, but it was still somewhat cramped living with six in the house. Quinn often found himself having to play peacemaker between bickering children, particularly through Ileyes' adolesence when she tended to get frustrated by the younger boys. His father always hoped that Quinn, as he did with all of his sons, would join the family business, but never put too much pressure on him and it didn't take long before Quinn felt quite sure that he wasn't suited to being a fletcher.

He started looking seriously at making a living from battle when his school began holding basic armed defence classes to boys when he was 13. He showed plenty of natural skill with the training spears the school used and his teacher referred him to a retired Val Maen knight named Vedran, thinking he would make a good cavalier. Quinn liked the romantic idea of fighting on horseback, but his training stalled when he realised that horses didn't like him. He tried training with various different breeds and specimens, but none responded to him, often shirking away from his approaches. Vedran eventually decided enough was enough and focussed Quinn on his skills as a footsoldier, passing on plenty of tips from his long career.

Quinn kept practising throughout his schooldays but made sure to be academically solid before he started seeking out any sort of work. At 17, he joined up to the local militia and looked for occasional jobs guarding merchant caravans, feeling he should stay local in order to help pay back his parents for their hard work in giving him a good upbringing. Eventually, though, as his awareness of the larger world grew, he became restless, finding it hard to stay in his hometown when he could try to make a difference in less comfortable climes. At 25 he gave all of his admittedly meagre savings to his parents and set out to leave Marcellus, spending a year travelling on his way out of the country, taking small jobs from town to town as he made his way to the border before heading out to see what he could find.

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