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9 Aug 2011
Sorry, we're closed to any more members.

- Following the sudden Sacaen assault on Araphen (see below), Marquess Araphen and his family have fled West, seeking refuge with the Marquess of Tuscana, abandoning their people in the process to the mercies of the invaders.
- the queen has called the Marquesses to mobilise their forces to repel the Sacaen invasion.

- Acting suddenly and without warning, High Chief Yul has launched an assault on the castle of Marquess Araphen in response to the man's support of a recently put down rebellion against Yul's rule. The nomads set the castle on fire and put most of his knights to the sword (or the bow). However, the Marquess escaped the destruction of his stronghold, forcing Yul to continue his invasion, even as Lycia masses to drive him out (see above)

With the Sacaen tribes moving deeper into Lycia, Araphan's neighbors are likely the first target of the wrath of the Kutolah. With the whereabouts of Marquess Araphen unknown to the invading army, it's likely that the army will attack neighboring territories in search of him. Unfortunately for Lord Conrad Harding, this would include Khathelet.

Not only is this the first existential threat faced by Khathelet since Bern's invasion some years ago, it's also the first major problem faced by the young marquess. Needless to say, he's open to all the help he can get. From fellow Lycians to mercenaires, Conrad will need help from all to defend his territory. However, the marquess has a plan to keep casualties to a minimum and end the conflict quickly and peacefully. With permission from Queen Regina, Conrad has acquired the fabled Sword of Spirits, the Mani Khatti. Though the blade cannot be wielded by anyone alive today, the marquess plans on giving it to Yul himself as a peace offering and an invitation to discuss Araphen's meddling in a peaceful manner. The trick is getting to Yul when there is an army between Khathelet and the high chieftain. Conrad fears that there will be a fair amount of bloodshed before he can even make his offer...

That's my new and improved storyline for this RP. Again, it's pretty open as to what can happen, so if you have an idea you would like to implement, I'm all ears (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif) .

Objectives: Defend Khathelet! There is one major village close to the castle (and thus the battle). Lord Conrad has ordered a fair-sized unit to guard that in case the battle draws in civilians. Of course, the castle is the main target. Much of the battle will take place there.

Open to: Anyone in the area. I would definitely like to see some people on the Lycian side of the battle, seeing that most RPs that are up are focusing on the Sacaens. However, I'm totally open to getting characters on the invading side as well. I don't currently have a set limit as to number of players, but I do plan on keeping it relatively small. We'll see who wants in (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/wink.gif) .
If there's anything I forgot, I'll announce it here.

Conrad Harding- Lvl. 6 Cavalier- 2gamers
Leiran Lazure- Lvl. 7 Shaman- Zirind
Etain- Lvl. 15 Archer- IrishBarbarian
Denaris- Lvl. 14 Myrmidon- Lady_Soul
Lillian Badon- Lvl. 15 Wyvern Rider- Blond Panther
Azora- Lv. 1 Invoker- Yuki
9 Aug 2011

Name: Ahava Nigma
Title: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Nation: Arcadia, Missur Penninsula

Class: Partisan
Level 6
Weapon Levels: Lance: D
Weapons: Currently wielding Bo Staff, Lvl D.
Weapon Descriptions: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Bo Staff: Light, Treated Steel Lance

The Bo Staff resembles a walking stick. At 4' in length, the weapon is mostly made of treated wood, with three steel braces on the middle and ends of the staff to increase strength and stability. It's designed for strikes rather than stabbing.

Height: 5'1" (153 cm)
Build: Lightweight
Appearance: Ahava is a small woman, standing at 5'1" (153 cm) and weighing only 101 lbs (46 kg). Her wavy platinum hair drapes down her shoulders and across her upper back. Those deep green eyes stare upon both the world of the present and the future. Though her predictions may be dire, Ahava's face seems to have a hopeful expression, accented with a tinge of cuteness with a button nose. Her skin is a fair tan due to her desert homeland and time spent walking the sands.

Her attire consists of a light lilac armor vest covering her chest, upper back, and shoulders. Though armor might seem to be too light, even this simplistic metal vest has proven useful in the occasional encounter with bandits. Under the armor is a white leotard, attire more associated with gymnasts. Again, this is another odd choice, but Ahava prefers to be nimble than to be a giant walking hunk of metal. The entire outfit is usually kept hidden under a silk white robe when out of battle. The robe is not too different from a bathrobe: a silk belt holds the robe together, which can be slipped off for increased mobility (like in battle). She has a pair of strapped Roman sandals that reach halfway up her calves. Long white gloves cover up much of her arms and help keep a good grip on her staff, as well as protect her from magic burns. Finally, she has a gold chain around her head like a tiara. It holds a small sapphire between her eyes.

Overview: Ahava is a strong-willed independent person. She believes that fate is not predetermined. Coming from a society where two different beings coexist in harmony, Ahava also believes humans from different countries should be able to get along as well. Her teacher's visions of war and fire motivate her to set things right in the world and prove her beliefs. That's where her strong will comes in. She will attempt to get others just as motivated behind a cause. If they dismiss her, she will persist. Even with total rejection, this doesn't bother Ahava too much; so long as her message gets out.

In order to accomplish the seemingly impossible, Ahava realizes that she will need help from many people. She is not shy about coming up to others and striking conversation. In groups, she's often the cheerleader, raising spirits in times of doubt and despair. That being said, the girl doesn't like to be totally helpless. In one attempt to be more independent, Ahava has taken lessons in using the lance to defend herself. She combines this skill with martial arts and gymnastics for a more unique combat skillset. In addition, she relies a great deal on her foresight to avoid lethal strikes. She can feel something bad coming in advance (think spider sense or Ninian/Nils from FE7), giving her some time to figure out what exactly the threat is. (Note that this shall be treated as a "high luck stat." Essentially, her ability makes Ahava as nimble as the thief class.) Even then, it assumes she's focusing on one opponent. More targets to worry about means less time to interpret her foresight and even less time to react. Because of these limitations, Ahava must pay attention to the enemy's present movements and surroundings for more thorough protection.

Ahava sees herself as a quite capable person. This can lead her into a false sense of security during battle. While her abilities are useful, they don't make her invincible. She is liable to bite off more than she can chew, and so needs some help from her friends to get out of such messes.

One of her favorite pastimes is looking for treasure in sand. Ahava uses her foresight as she touches the sand to find hidden objects. Sometimes, dreams lead her to such spots. The priestess enjoys the history behind each object she finds.

Biography: Ahava was born into the isolated society of Arcadia in 1031. As a child, she spent much of her time playing with friends in the relatively quiet streets of Arcadia. There, she grew up with human and manakete children alike, excelling at their games. Her natural agility made her difficult to catch in games of tag. A scholar, named Lady Sable, was curious about Ahava's success and decided to test her theory. She constructed an experiment in which Ahava was to predict which cup a marble was placed in, given a choice of 100 cups. Amazingly, the girl was able to say the correct hole almost perfectly. After a few tests, Sable had determined that the girl had inherited the gift of foresight: she could see the near future. Though her gift was only just emerging, the elder shaman saw Ahava's potential in becoming an expert diviner. She took her as an apprentice of sorts in order to develop her gift, with the blessing of the girl's parents (they hoped she would get some magical talent out of the lessons) Turns out there was much more in their future than marbles and cups.

As a child, Ahava had several dreams involving visions of various battles and wandering travelers throughout the Nabata desert. At first she dismissed them as simply that. But her teacher suggested that those dreams were manifestations of Ahava's powers. Sable encouraged the girl to go to the scene and investigate. And so, Ahava traveled by herself through the desert to find the source of her visions. Strangely, the area was barren; no one was fighting. And yet her visions led her to a spot near an ancient skeleton of some bygone creature. Curiously, the girl dug through the sands and found a white gem. By simply touching the gem, Ahava unlocked a fuller meaning to her dream. She was seeing an event from the past. A warrior passed away here, leaving behind his earthly possessions. She found out that her visions weren't limited to those in the near future but those that had happened long ago. This was also when Ahava discovered a new hobby: treasure hunting. Not only could she find interesting objects, each one had a story to tell.

Just then, several bandits descended on her position. Being a young girl, she was hardly a match for the threatening thieves. Had the Guardian of Nabata not arrived just then, Ahava would have lost more than the gem she carried. For the first time in her life, she had felt helpless. Before, when her greatest worry was winning games, she felt invincible. Now that she knew that she had limits, she wanted to do all she could to exceed them. A couple days later, the girl asked the guardian for training. After much arguing, the guardian directed her to a trusted mercenary group, the Sand Beetles. Here, Ahava learned to use a combination of acrobatics and martial arts to better defend herself. Upon learning of Ahava's extra-curricular activity, Lady Sable taught her apprentice to combine her divination with her defensive arts. As a result, Ahava was able to enhance her evasive maneuvers by receiving advance warning for a strike. But it wasn't enough...

At 13, Ahava decided to train in the art of the lance. However, her parents would never have allowed her to wield any weapon of that sort. Instead, she told them that she was learning the staff. They supported their daughter in becoming a healer, for they were in much demand in Arcadia. In secret, Ahava trained with a bo staff, incorporating it into her unique defensive skills. While she was supposedly training with priests to excel at healing, in actuality, she was joining the Sand Beetles in patrols and raids. Ahava was making sure no one else would be confronted by a gang of bandits like she was.

When Ahava turned 19, despite years of training, her divination skills were far from complete. Unfortunately, the young woman would have to continue that journey alone. Lady Sable, the teacher that had practically become a grandmother to Ahava, had succumbed to old age, but not before sharing with her apprentice her own vision. In this dream, the teacher had witnessed the entire continent of Elibe burst into flames amidst the clash of weapons. This scenario kept entering Sable's mind frequently. She interpreted it to mean that war was coming, and it would destroy Arcadia as well as everything else. But why? How? And when? Sable didn't live long enough to find out. In her will, she had passed down her journal to her apprentice, hoping that the writings would help Ahava uncover the meaning of this disturbing future. Within the book were Sable's personal thoughts of the events, as well as notes on the outside world, as taken from occasional travelers. Ahava knew the answers to Sable's vision wouldn't be found digging through the sands of Nabata. In order to find the truth about this dream, she would have to journey outside of her utopia and across the continent of Elibe. She would go to each country and search for clues of what the future holds for the people. Only then could she uncover the truth of Sable's vision.

But first, Ahava would have to find a way out of Arcadia. Being a rather secretive people, the elder of the village was reluctant to have his people travel to the outside world. Arcadia was extremely fortunate to remain hidden from common knowledge after the war with Bern fifty years ago; they intended to keep it that way for as long as possible. Worse, if Ahava fell into the wrong crowd, they could use her powers for their own devious purpose. Consequently, Ahava's attempts to start her journey were rebuked on numerous occasions. To this day, she has not given up, though she worries that time may be running out to prevent catastrophe...

NOTE: If her powers aren't acceptable, I do have an alternate version of the profile that dumbs them down even further.

8 Aug 2011

Name: Lord Conrad Harding
Title: Marquess Khathelet/ Lycia's Most Eligible Bachelor
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Khathelet, Lycia
Nation: See Place of Birth

Class: Cavalier
Level: 6
Weapon Level: Lance D
Weapons: Currently wielding Knightside

Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Knightside: Shade Armorslayer Steel Lance, Level D.

Given to Conrad when he ascended into his title, the Knightside is named for being a knight at his side. The lance is collapsible; the six foot lance can shrink down to a much more manageable one-foot steel bar. A simple squeeze of the middle section extends the lance to full length, revealing a rapier-like edge at the end. This allows all force to be focused on a small surface area, perfect for piercing armor.

While extending the weapon takes little effort, there is no simple mechanism for shrinking it back down. That is done by hand via twisting and pushing down on both ends.

Height/Weight: 5'9" (175.3 cm), 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Build: Somewhat muscular

Appearance: Conrad is a dashing young gentleman, standing at around 5'9" (175.3 cm) and weighing in at 140 lbs (63.5 kg). Years of training with the knights of Khathelet has given him a fairly muscular build, but he's no bodybuilder. Judging from his country accent, one could see that he shares more rural origins with his royal bloodline. His somewhat rounded nose was inherited from his father, but the dark green eyes are from his mother's side of the family. Arguably the knight's most distinguishing feature would be his long messy blond hair, which is kept out of his face by a purple headband with gold embroidery.

Conrad's attire is typical to that of Lycian knights, albeit with a bit of a royal flair. His white cotton tunic is tucked into his equally pale pants. The colors are contrasted by his suit of ivory-colored armor. The suit consists of separate pieces of metal covering his chest, upper back, shoulders, forearms, hips, knees, and calves. Each piece has a border of gold color as a decorative highlight. Over his shoulders is a royal purple sash that can serve as a scarf in colder climates. Finally, Conrad doesn't go far from his trusty steed Huckleberry, a bay-colored (reddish brown body, black mane, tail, lower legs) horse that came with the knight's title. The stallion is equipped with a saddle, which had several pockets for supplies, a hunting knife, and whatever else Conrad comes upon in his adventures.

Overview: Conrad was raised on tales of knights and their great deeds, so it's no surprise that he identifies with the qualities defined in those stories. At his best, he's brave, loyal, and determined. When a fellow countryman is under attack from a ruffian, Conrad does not hesitate to rush to the aid of the former. Even if the foes are stronger than he, Conrad rides to meet them in battle. The knight believes himself to be something greater than those that oppose him. A knight of Lycia is not a mere man in armor. He is a physical embodiment of the will of his people to preserve the country once shattered by war. Such strong opinions had made him oppose the rebellion some years ago. That being said, these strong feelings also make the knight rash, stubborn, and a little arrogant. Some would call him a bit of a cowboy if the term existed. He has a tendency to get in over his head and thus Conrad depends on friends to make sure things don't get too ugly. Finally, his courage really only applies when land and people are at risk. When there is nothing to gain from getting his body bashed, he won't take the risk.

As a leader, Conrad keeps his people in mind when weighing in on tough decisions. He personally visits the surrounding villages to see what needs to be addressed in his territory. Of course, being so busy tending to his people, Conrad doesn't often give time for himself. That includes time to find a wife and make an heir, not that he has to put too much effort into it. Wealthy families in Lycia and even across Elibe attempt to offer their daughters in exchange for some influence in Lycian affairs. So far, Conrad has yet to take the bait.

Conrad's patriotism is only matched by his appetite. Indeed, he believes that to judge a country past the politics and history, one must try the cuisine. The food is the edible representation of a people's culture. One of his life goals is to visit countries the world over and eat their food. This way, he could claim to know the true nature of the people in any given country.

Biography: Conrad was born in a small village in the Khathelet countryside in the year 1028. Like many villages, it was the center of community life. Mr. Ferns would always have fresh pie available. Mrs. Loch, the local folklorist, would always have a story to tell of the grand adventures of ancestors past. These and many other people defined the country of Khathelet: regular people living, laughing, and loving. In addition, the village was also rather isolated, meaning they didn't get much exposure to the rebellion going on across Lycia. Khathelet remained neutral in the conflict; its responsibility was to keep an eye on borders to ensure outside countries didn't get involved. Away from the horrors of war, this was where Conrad would gain the love for his country.

Conrad's childhood consisted of huckleberry pies and corn farming. He had lived with his mother and grandparents, who descended from a family of grain farmers, specifically the main suppliers of their village. His father, on the other hand, was someone of great importance. Conrad always believed he was a high-ranking knight, as he was told. He understood why his father couldn't be at home all the time, but he surely enjoyed the days he came home. Conrad would hear tales of his father's exploits, as well as roughhouse in the fields. One day, Conrad would do his best to make his father proud.

When he wasn't helping with the crop or in the schoolhouse, young Conrad was wielding wooden weapons with his friends as they staged battles. After an afternoon of epic fights, the crew went down to the bakery for a fresh huckleberry pie. This was sometimes followed by a trip to the Loch home, where the storyteller would share tales of adventurers from all around Elibe. Conrad believed that, when he grew up, he would become one of those heroes, joining his father at his side for one of those grand adventures.

Destiny had other ideas.

As he grew up, Conrad's days included more farm work and schoolwork, but stay mostly uneventful after that. One day, at the age of 16, Conrad was helping out Mr. Ferns by sweeping up the front step of the store. Recently, he had accidently eaten a customer's order; this was simply payback. That was the day when a band of bandits invaded the village. After killing the gatekeepers, the gang rushed through the village like locusts. They plundered the homes and shops; villagers had no choice but to run. Conrad did not. He would not surrender his home, his life to a bunch of thieves. Armed with only the broom, Conrad stood his ground, protecting the baker and his livelihood. As one of the brutes approached him, the boy jabbed the blunt end of the broom into the enemy's gut. The brigand responded with a vertical slash from his axe, cutting the broom in half. The situation looked dire for Conrad, but even with two pieces of the broken broom in his hand, he did not run. Just as the bandit was about to strike again, a sword stabbed him in the back. The knights of Khathelet had arrived! Conrad watched in awe as the invaders cowered in the face of the mighty horsemen. They were quickly routed, but the knights didn't simply leave. They stayed to help with repairs and injuries. They were truly the best of men. The knight that saved Conrad stepped off his horse to greet the boy.

"Your bravery is uncommon in this day and age, boy. It's quite clear that you were meant for much more than sweeping floors. Ride with us and find out how much more."

That day, Conrad was added to the village's collection of local lore. "The Boy with the Broom." That was what he was known as. But the boy was not around to hear that tale. He chose to travel with the knights to Castle Khathelet, where he would meet the marquess. Little did Conrad know that Marquess Khathelet was none other than his own father. He explained the reasoning behind keeping his title a secret from his son. He wanted Conrad to live a normal life amongst the people he would one day lead. He didn't want his future title getting him special treatment. Rather, the marquess wanted Conrad to win the love of his people with his own merits. He did just that during the bandit attack. All other things like combat skill and courtly etiquette could be learned in time. But the most important aspect of being leader of a Lycian territory was having the people behind him. When offered to train by his father's side, Conrad gladly accepted his fate.

To be a successful leader, Conrad would not only have to learn about diplomacy, but also excel at combat. He received training under Lycia's best warriors. His experience with the broom inspired him in choosing the lance as his primary weapon. Six years of training had transformed him into a full-fledged warrior. Much of those years were spent at the castle, building up his skills with the now standard "Manual of Knightly Prowess", written by the famous Crag of Caelin, General Wallace (albeit somewhat dumbed down for the more human warriors). From dodging spear jabs and running laps around the castle grounds, Conrad grew his body into that of a fine warrior. It was then that he set out with other knights to patrol the lands, looking out for trouble.

Despite promises to be at his father's side, Conrad didn't see much of the marquess. With various bandit gangs becoming threats, the marquess chose to keep his son away, preferring him safe in the castle than as a potential target for brigands. Though they still found time to tour the territory, the trips were sometimes canceled at the first sign of trouble. In addition, Conrad learned much of courtly matters from other nobles. Much of it was quite boring, though the future leader did get a feel for his neighboring territories. Conrad also learned about matters outside Lycia, such as Sacae's rise as a united nation and Bern's desire to return to its former glory. Though Conrad was proud of his lineage, he did not envy his father's position as a leader who had to worry about such matters.

At 22, tragedy struck. While Conrad and his father were visiting the villages, an assassin attacked from the rooftop. In all the commotion, the marquess received a fatal blow from an arrow. While the assassin was quickly dispatched, no one knew where he came from or who gave the order. Just like that, the entire fate of his homeland was thrust upon Conrad's shoulders. He had so many feelings, most notably that of avenging his father's death. Fortunately, the guidance from Queen Regina herself convinced Conrad to honor his father's memory by preserving the land he loved.

And so, the young leader took his father's title: Marquess Khathelet. Even with his training, nothing could prepare Conrad for the turmoil about to be unleashed. His age meant that he lacked the wisdom and experience of his fellow Lycian lords and even his own knights. What he did have was the support of his people. Growing up amongst the villagers, Conrad was seen as one of their own, someone they could identify with. Perhaps that didn't matter as much as the qualities he lacked, but it meant a whole lot to Conrad.

7 Aug 2011
Morphs were one of the grunt enemy in Blazing Sword (FE7). They were created by the villian Nergal from the souls of fallen warriors (that's the basic idea at least). Now that this RP is taking place in Elibe, there's no doubt someone will bring this up. Nergal's army may be gone, but the knowledge to create morphs must exist somewhere in the world. Nor would it be difficult to implement in the RP. They use the same weapons as humans, so it would simply be something you would write up in your profile. No need for a third race.

So...Morphs in ROE?
7 Jul 2011
With all the talk of creating a new RP, one may be mistaken to think that RL would not be accepting new members to the RP. Is that the case? If the RP is still accepting, what would one expect out of a supposedly dying RP?
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