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Baldassare Vazzoler, Professor
post Apr 30 2011, 01:08 AM
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Skylessia Characters

Name: (Professor) Baldassare Caspar Vazzoler de Magani
Age: 36
Homecountry: Marcellus
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft4
Build: Thick

Class: Mage
Level: Level 4 + (Cosimo transfer plus a coming RP grade)

Weapons: Gaia Fist, Lightning
Weapon Levels: E


Baldassare isn't one to stick out in a crowd. This is due to his short stature. He does, however, possess a rather powerful, deep, voice and isn't afraid to use it. He prefers to go by the shortened version of his name, Sare.

Sare has, so far in life, been far from lucky in romantic pursuits and has lost several friends over the years. As he isn't one to waste words, he can be rather blunt at times and has a rather straightforward way of speaking. This can come as a surprise to many if they met him after having read his works, as in his writing, Sare tends to describe many things in detail and go into rather lengthy explanations. This has led to him having a rather memorable teaching style for students who take his classes.

He has, over the years, written several novels that have had a semi-wide printing. His name isn't unknown to fans of different kinds of literary works, as he has been credited with works from The Many Adventures of Shanla Thorgsmasher to biographies of several historical figures, to even several texts on Magical Theory.

He's an incredibly curious individual and always seeks to learn new things.

Sare dislikes to go by his full name, as it has become an unfortunate reflection of himself. For the past 5 years or so, his dark purple hair has slowly started to recede back upon his head. This has revealed more and more of the rather striking features that are scattered across his face.

A surprisingly wrinkled head and a rather prominent brow, Sare often has a rather intense glare emanating from his blue eyes. He also has a rather sharply pointed nose and his mouth is often set in a frown or some expression of concentration. Across his left cheek lies a splash of dark red pigment, a contrast to his mildly tan skin (a leftover from a rather unfortunate magical experiment).

Unlike many members of his family, Sare is built short, wide, and thick. He has a rather muscular build for being a mage and does his best to keep it that way. A mage who can't defend himself without a book isn't worth much.

Sare tends to wear a brown cape, as representative of his training and ties to Ashuram and and accompanying shoulder pad. It keeps the cape in place well. Under it, he has a light brigandine of a dark purple color. And below that, dark colored pants and boots. He keeps his small tome of spells in a pocket attached to the inside of his cloak, alongside a notebook.


Baldassare was born second in the Vazzoler line, younger sibling of Giuseppe Vazzoler. It was always heavily implied that Giuseppe would be the one to take over the house someday, and hopefully the seat of Magani. They both received education from the very best tutors their parent's money could buy and it was well appreciated, especially by Sare. He took to it exceptionally well and as he and his brother both grew older, Sare proceeded to stay indoors and read while Giuseppe would go out and practice fighting with his friends.

Eventually, Sare's natural aptitude for magic was discovered by one of his tutors. The family quickly grew interested, as magical talent had never been one of their strong points. Sare was most pleased and continued to read (and even practice writing) until the day his parents announced they were shipping hm off to the Ashuram International Academy. He was somewhat conflicted over this decision, at first, but quickly learned to accept it. After all, the school specialized in magic, something Sare had been growing increasingly more and more interested in.

The move from the Marcelli Empire to Azgarth was not too troubling for Sare. He had grown used to the comforts and the ease of life offered by nobility, but the transition became easier with time. After all, there were many things to distract him from even thinking much about home. Sare quickly grew dedicated to his studies and became quite the student. The majority of his time was not spent on the combat aspects of magic, but instead delving into theory. Why were some people able to wield it and some not? How were weapons enchanted? What skills had been lost throughout the ages, and what could be regained?

Sare left the Academy, briefly, to return home for his father's funeral and his brother's taking over of the role he had held. It was a mildly friendly reception but the two had grown far apart. Sare returned to the Academy and rededicated himself to his research, classes, and his writing.

It wasn't long before Sare graduated from the normal courses offered at the Academy. He was offered a job in the AMI, but decided to instead become an assistant to his favorite professor. Sare remained in this position, experimenting and educating for several years. The short, serious Marcellian became relatively well known around the Academy.

It was over this time that Sare started to publish his works of writing. They earned a fair bit of recognition for the aspiring writer and became a nice way to supplement his moderately low income. They also served as an excellent creative outlet.

Eventually, the professor that Sare had been serving so well retired. The head of the Academy, one Vague Blacklightning, appointed Sare to replace him. Needless to say, Sare was very pleased, even if it did mean more teaching for him.

Since that time, Sare has educated at the Academy. He occasionally makes ventures out into the world, sometimes for months at a time. While this isn't always appreciated by his fellow staff members, it's accepted as he always makes sure to well document his travels and leave plans and such for anyone who cares to substitute for him.

Additional Notes/Comments:
Approval for his professorship was given by Viceman. A professor of magic studies and the use of, primarily.
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