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Divinity Duval, Oh god, another one
post May 30 2011, 06:51 PM
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Name: Divinity Duval
Age: 23
Homecountry: Araducia
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8''
Build: Willowy

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 5 (four levels taken from Sara)

Weapons: Rapier
Weapon Levels: D

Summary: Through sheer force of personality, Divinity manages to turn beauty into a character flaw. As an individual who already looks down on anyone she considers to be of a lesser nationality, social class or heritage than herself, adding on anyone who is less attractive than she is certainly doesn't help matters. To those "beneath" her, she is patronising, unsympathetic and often outright cruel.
To her equals, she is little better. Known for her glacial temperament and sharp tongue, Divinity is not in possession of an overabundance of friends beyond the occasional insincere hanger-on, and she does not seem bothered by this in the least. She fills her days with idle hobbies; writing in particular, but dabbling frequently in fencing as well.

Surprisingly, in light of the state of nearly all of her other relationships, but for all appearances, Divinity's marriage seems to be a happy one. She and her husband are openly affectionate, never speaking of one another in anything short of loving terms. All in all, despite being the target of much dislike both in and out of her family, Divinity lives a very happy life.

Awesome Shia Sketch: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Appearance: Divinity is in possession of a pale, slender beauty which she maintains with utmost care. Her face is soft and delicate, framed by long, platinum-blonde hair. Her eyes are the same striking blue iconic of her family line, wide enough to drown in without dwarfing the rest of her face.

Her elegant figure is most frequently covered by beautifully embroidered clothing stitched from expensive fabrics; long, sweeping dresses while at home, with more practical garb reserved for the occasional bit of travel. In the latter case, she has taken to wearing her rapier at her hip; she believes she has enough skill to defend herself, and sees no reason to rob herself of the capacity to do so.

Bio: Divinity was born the eldest child of Scrutiny and Ivory Duval, entering into a life of luxury, privilege and family politics. A few days after her birth, she was declared to be engaged to her first cousin, the warlord`s son, who was scarcely a week older than herself. Even from an early age, the girl proved to be a nightmare for most involved with her. She was wilful, stubborn, prone to tantrums and, once she could speak, surprisingly harsh insults. The friends she had growing up were few and false, but she seemed quite satisfied with the company of those too timid to do anything but blithely nod along with her.

For many years, Ivory served as right hand woman to her brother Emory, the Duval Warlord. She had a strong head for matters of finance and politics, making for a very good balance with her fierce and warlike brother. As such, Divinity lived her life at Quail Peak, the chief stronghold of the territory. It was a modest castle, but its positioning and sturdy construction had seen it through the demon wars in their entirety. The walls ensured her physical safety, and her mother's position her political safety. No one wanted to too greatly displease the child of the warlord`s favourite sister, after all.

Years passed, and finally, during her 11th year, both her parents and those of her betrothed breathed a collective sigh of relief. Although they had literally grown up together, Divinity had remained as cold and distant to him as she had been to anyone else. Equity had, as instructed, done his utmost to at least befriend her, but had been rebuffed at every turn before that point. All of a sudden, though, it was as if the Divinity in Equity`s presence was a completely different child from the one in anyone else`s. She smiled freely, spoke kindly to him, and went out of her way to seek out his company.

The next decade of her life passed as smoothly as those before. On a whim, she decided to take up the art of fencing. With her natural grace, her tutor declared that she could become very adept at it with enough dedication. Unfortunately, Divinity was not willing to invest too much effort into what she considered to be little more than an amusing diversion. She discovered her true idle passion in writing, although she let few ever read what she would spend hours every day on.

At the age of 21, she finally married Equity, and for the next two years, they lived happily together. For once, though, the good things in her life wouldn't last...

Additional Notes/Comments: This is both the cousin and sister in law of my other Duval character, Amity. They are both descended from my second gen I character, Harmony.
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