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I was happy and I know'd it,
so I clapped my hands!
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20 years old
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Video games, reading, Fire emblem, FEP, spriting and L'arachel! (Not an interest really... But my favorite character!)
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15 Sep 2012
Yap. Me again. Trying to spark a little activity maybe. Sooo.... What do you use your promo troubies for?
Please drop a reply if you vote, 'cuz it's no fun if I get only votes and no conversation.
Please vote! ~CMK
(Edited so that the second question is multiple choice.)
10 Jun 2012
OK, I would like a battle sprite for my star- SKYFIRE-knight-to-be, Begni. (FETO of course.) (Her name used to begnion healer, (Filler unit) but she has reached level 20 in a training battle so I started a poll and people said dark magic is best on pegs and blah and blah and BLAH! So I decided star SKYFIRE knight.)

She was a heaven knight. She wears begnion armour, uses that begnion soldier female mug in FETO. If you could, (person-that-make-my-sprite) I might like to have her wearing that armour? (No dorky helmet.) Ummm.... Experienced spriter? I don't really care, but I would like a good sprite... Anyways. if anyone tries, please post here or give me a PM. I am willing to pay a FEW hundred points if anyone wants. (Duh you do.)

Aaaaand thats about it! I tried it once myself and failed.... So, sprite, sprite, sprite! (Please?)

Edit: I made a star kngiht already but I want her to be a skyfire knight. I posted this a little too soon.
If anybody could help?
10 Jun 2012
Name: Rolfen
Title: Monastery orphan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Etruia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Church of Elimine

Class: Bard
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: E rings
Weapons: Petition ring
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Petition, rejuvenate. Rolfen sends up in offering praise to Saint Elimine in hopes of gaining strength.

Height: 5'4
Build: Weak, but lean.
Appearance: Rolfen has a greeny-blue coloured hair, and wears monk's robes. As he is just leaving, he has yet to find something better to wear. He has blue eyes and his golden lyre.

Overview: Rolfen lives with brothers as an orphan, at a monastery in Aquleia. He is not actually a brother, but prays and sings songs of praise to Elimine with them. Rolfen has found that he was quite talented with singing, and is often praised for his ability. In the surrounding area, around dawn, a strong, deep voice is often heard ringing from the halls of the monastery. While Rolfen prefers to sing deeply, he can sing at any pitch.
While some might question it, Rolfen does not intend to find his parents. Or what happened to them. Dead or alive, he is happy as he is. And his fellow brothers are the only family he needs.

Biography: Rolfen was orphaned at a small age, so he cannot remember his parents. The first person he met was brother Michael, who began to teach him to sing at five years of age. Michael was not an expert singer, but he enjoyed chanting songs with his brothers. He was delighted to find an "Apprentice" as he called Rolfen. Even though Michael wasn't Rolfen's best teacher, he did help him to learn different singing styles and good practices from the best brothers in the monastery. On his tenth birthday, Michael brought Rolfen a gift that he thought he would enjoy. He had bought a lyre for Rolfen. Rolfen was absolutely delighted. He could preach and sing and pray at the same time. While he still could before, the lyre made it much easier. Michael was a musical man, and helped Rolfen to learn the lyre. At 14, Rolfen began to think that the monastery life was not for him. He believed that people should hear his voice. He wanted to be able to sing better than he could already. On his 16th birthday, the whole monastery gave Rolfen a warm farewell. They told him to return when he wanted, and that he was always welcome. Michael wept at Rolfen's departure, but looked forward to his promised return.

8 Jun 2012
Ok everybody, it's me again, and I just love polls.
So this time, I was wondering, What is the best type of magic? Can be from personal opinion, just favoritism, or facts. Please state the reason for your choice.

(I made this poll because I'm promoting a Heaven kn. and I don't know which class to promote her to!)

Thanks for your participation, and as always, VOTE VOTE VOTE!
19 May 2012
Name: Arch Rocher
Age: 15
Homecountry: Daemonte, Alimond
Gender: female
Height: 5'4
Build: Well toned, fit
Class: Pegasus knight
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron lance, Short spear
Weapon Levels: D

Summary: Arch is a noble. A pretty young lady, she was recently sent to a training camp in Valory, Kaflar, to train with lances along with other people her age. She usually doesn't do much in a day. She isn't very active, and will often spend most of a day inside. She finds her life slightly purposeless. She is smart and has much tired of working towards higher knowledge in her house all day.
The one thing she thirsts for is adventure. Being able to travel to find new things, and then move on to find more, Arch just wants to find a purpose in her life.

Appearance: Arch has long brown hair, she often ties it into a loose ponytail to the side or the back during her battle training. She wears armour the color of her family's household, black and white. While it stands out, she feels she needs to honor her family in this way because they chose to send her to learn to defend herself, her household, and her country. She wears a black skirt over her grey tights.

Bio: Arch was born to a noble family in Daemonte. She is an only child, and is often lonely. She has caught the eye of many a young noble boy, but she keeps to herself and is well disciplined, so she stayed around her parents, instead of flirting with boys at parties and meetings.
Arch felt like a prisoner in her own house. She never in her life has felt free. Arch tired of many things, studying and reading, she would speak with her parents about other activities out of the house, but she tired of the few they allowed her to participate in. Arch bored of everything her parents could find her to do. She didn't know many other girls her age, so she didn't have friends to talk to or play games with. Arch eventually grew impatient of waiting for nothing.
Arch asked her parents if she could learn to fight in Kaflar. Her parents were completely taken aback by the idea. They wondered why she would ever want to do such a thing. But they decided to allow it. They always believed in their daughter and wanted the best for her, also, they figured that she would tire of it soon anyways.
Quite the opposite happened. Arch mastered her training and went on to leave her house for an adventuring life. Her parents were sad to see her go, but Arch promised to visit often. She bought a pegasi and after a quick few days of learning, left Daemonte...

Additional Notes/Comments: N/A
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