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I am the TMG. I leave and return twice a year, or so it seems. I like to write and I love music. Yeah.
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20 Aug 2009
Sorry, I was experiencing computer issues xD I'm back now.
13 Aug 2009

After Van went to his tent and started snoring, Gilmoria walked up to Jadron, but when she got there, she didn't know how to say what she wanted to say. She was usually so direct when she spoke. Now she couldn't find her voice, and looked at his feet. "I...," She began, nervously grabbing her right elbow.

Gilmoria imagined that she had never looked so vulnerable as she did now. "I... Jadron... I have... no idea how I can... repay you," She stumbled through the sentence. She had looked at his face when she said his name, but looked away afterwards. "Do you... know?"

Jadron was not sure how to respond. This woman is in my debt! She isn't as much an ingrate as I thought... And, as his thoughts usually went, they became an argument. I am a holy man! I do good for good's sake, not to be repaid! "You don't need to repay me, Gilmoria. It is my honor to help others." The answer sounded so bland, so recited. Jadron smiled meekly to show some authenticity. "Your gratefulness is enough."

Gilmoria didn't know what to say. This was probably the first time in her life that she was rendered speechless by someone other than herself. And she didn't care. She was grateful, yes, but that didn't seem like enough. She looked at his face with an expression of wonder. How could something immaterial be enough? "How is that enough?" she said softly.

"I do these things for Vhiliu's sake. I've learned that truly sincere goodness cannot be for personal gain." Jadron's smile didn't waver on his face, though inwardly it did, a little. Not from insincerity, but from feeling that his answers were weak. He truly meant them, but they were the same things that the hypocritical Vhilists said. The ones who killed "Children of Asphyra" in the night as an ongoing, undeclared holy war.

"That's what... the hypocrites say...," she said, confused, looking down. "But..." Gilmoria pressed herself to him and shuddered violently, a tear of fear rolling down her face. "They would have... hit me. Killed me." Her hands were gripping his somewhat loose robe with a vice-like grip. She held on like... like Jadron were a fleeting, ephemeral dream that she had once wished for, but knew couldn't be true. She looked into his concerned eyes, not quite aware that her face was marred by unseemly tears.

It was all very strange to Jadron. Here he was, a monk, with no memory of romance, staring into the eyes of a crying woman. She looked at him as though he didn't exist. She obviously wanted some kind of support. He hesitantly put his hands on her shoulders. Only to comfort her! I mean nothing by this! But he wasn't sure he believed himself. Putting aside his inner turmoil, he tried to answer her about the hypocrites. "I try, over all things, not to be one of them. But I fear sometimes I am. I was raised by bad, bad people, Gilmoria... people who assassinate in the name of Vhiliu and think nothing of it. It's holy to them. Worship. I've left them all behind. I don't even want the dust of that church on my sandals. But they follow me. That is, they threaten me and don't leave me alone, but that's not the worst of it. Their attitude is ingrained in me. Deep, where I can fight it, but so deep that it won't go away easily. I'm terrified of it."

Gilmoria listened as Jadron told her about his fear. He would have already guessed hers. Death. His fear was... overzealotry? She considered it for a moment, drying her tears in her robe. I suppose that it is a legitimate fear... Especially if you don't want to be what you are... "I... think I understand... You want to be something that you can agree with. Something that you can't... despise." The mage felt a smidge of guilt for that remark earlier. She put on a small, guilty smile, looking at his chest. Her grip had loosened. Her hands were resting on his chest, on either side of where she was looking.

This is quickly becoming something more than comforting each other, and each of us knows it. Jadron moved reluctantly away from Gilmoria's hands, and stood up, still smiling. "I am truly exhausted from the combat of earlier today... I must rest. Good night, Gilmoria. You have taught me much about myself." He wasn't quite sure what he meant by that, but he meant it.

When he moved away, the sorceress had to restrain herself from moving with him. When she realized this, Gilmoria hid her shock. "I understand. I should, as well. Good night," she said, making a small wave. What's gotten into me? I don't understand.
29 Jul 2009
Paint? Write? Draw? Take pictures? Splatter mud on a wall and call it art? Proceed to post this pretentiousness on deviantART.com? This is the place for you!

Basically, just a place for the exchange of deviantart profiles so that we starving artists can keep tabs on each other (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/grin.gif) Post a link to your profile if you want to join.

-TMG: formlessforce.deviantart.com
-Daejien: daejien.deviantart.com/
-Rock'n'Roll: psychorror.deviantart.com/
-Celes: minitiger.deviantart.com
-Anastasia: noshorterversion.deviantart.com
-Doc: themoonarcher.deviantart.com/
-Mint: idol-studios.deviantart.com/
-Lizerus: lizerus.deviantart.com
-GMG: guymelefgirl1990.deviantart.com/
-Gemini Shadows: geminishadows.deviantart.com/
27 Jul 2009
I've returned. Word to your mother.
16 Jul 2009
Second vacation this summer. Going to Wyoming. Be back on the 27th.

Peace, yo.

P.S. I just finished FMA and have to leave on that huge cliffhanger without seeing the movie yet x[ Not that any of you care. But that sucks.

Edit: my life is awesome. Thanks to the local library being amazing and my portable DVD player, I will be watching Conqueror of Shamballa on the plane xD NOW peace, yo.
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