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1 Aug 2006
Name: Alan Septyn
Age: 21
Homecountry: Quinra
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 158

Personality: After his sister was killed by the wyvern, Alan was overcome with depression. But he soon came out of it, and went back to his normal self: cheerful and happy--though he still wears the dark clothes. He is smarter than the average person, but does not usually boast about it. He also despises blue wyverns, even those who are tamed.

Appearance: Dark brown hair with the occasional blonde highlight only visible in certain light. He has brown eyes and tan skin. He always wears his dark gray cape. He also wears black armor with silver lining. He also carries some casual-wear and a suit in his pack, which he keeps on Coalwing.

Bio: At a young age--somewhere around six--Alan fell in love with the pegasus in his village. His parents took note, and took him to the ranch where the pegasus were kept. The owner of the ranch immediately took to Alan and thought of the foal that two of her pegasus had recently had. She led the Septyn family to the young foal.

To the family's surprise--and to the delight of Alan--the foal's mane was gray-black and the body tinted light-gray, which contrasted greatly with the usual light-blue and occasional green pegasus. In addition, he was just the right size for Alan.

Because of Alan's show of affection for the foal, the owner (whose name was Cecilia Rouge) of the ranch offered Alan the chance to name the foal and the opportunity to train under with the foal. After putting some thought into it (a long amount of time for one of his age), Alan named the foal Coalwing, and his parents agreed for Alan to train under Ms. Cecilia.

Thus, Alan began his flight training. Everyday, Alan would go to the ranch to train with Coalfire. At first, he was clumsy in the armor he wore to protect himself if he were to fall. But, the armor was so clunky and heavy that it made him fall. So, Ms. Cecilia allowed him to take the armor off and almost immediately he became better. For a long time, Alan would ride without armor.

It was around this time that his sister, Helen, was born. She was a beautiful, small young girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes. When she became seven years old, she too began training with a pegasus. She trained with a tan pegasus named Peachfuzz.

When Alan was eighteen and Helen twelve, their parents went to a friend's house for supper. Alan later heard that his parents had had a great time. Unfortunately, it was on this same day that a rather large wyvern departed from its mountainous home in Skarlandil for a meal in Quinra. As fate would have it, the wyvern preferred small children.

Alan and Helen were outside playing with a ball (they had a rather good relationship). They were taking a break from playing under a shady tree, when Helen noticed a large, dark object flying in the direction of their village. She stood up and squinted at it, trying to get a better view of it.

Alan also noticed the dark figure flying towards them in the sunset. He also stood up to get a better view. He saw what seemed to be large bat wings in place of arms, large dangling legs, a pointed snout, and what appeared to be blue scales covering most of it.

Worried, he told his sister to follow him to the ranch. Unfortunately, the creature noticed them, and followed. Once there, they both had to mount Coalwing, because Peachfuzz had recently died. The creature was coming closer and closer. Rushing, Alan told Helen to hold on tight. At this point, the creature was only about ten yards behind them. Flying off before Helen could get a good hold caused her to start to slip off. Once they reached fifty feet in the air, the creature was right behind them. And then suddenly, Alan did not feel Helen's hands holding onto him anymore, and he heard a girl screaming below him. He looked down and saw that Helen was falling to the ground with the creature right above her.

Unfortunately, she never hit the ground, because the creature ate her before she could. There was a blood-curdling sound when the creature chomped down on her. Alan has never forgotten it.

Once the creature (which Alan later found out was called a wyvern) was finished with its meal, it started to return home to its mountains. Alan, filled with grief, landed back on the ranch and then returned home.

He then started to wear black clothing in mourning of his sister. He also started lance training--in armor--with Ms. Cecilia so that he would be able to defend the next person, instead of trying to run away.

After a few years of training with the lance, he decided to leave. As a knight or as a mercenary he did not yet know. But he did no one thing: he would never run away again.

Class: Pegasus Knight
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Lance
Weapon Levels: Lance - E

Additional Notes/Comments:

-His sister

-Blue wyverns
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