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11 Nov 2012
So, considering there is no official leadership at the moment, I'm taking the initiative to ask exactly what people want to do with Skylessia and their reason for it. I can see us doing any of the three options above (or anything else someone can think of) and rolling with it. At this point, we're a creative playground, so it doesn't really matter too much. I'd personally rather just scrap Skylessia and go with an entirely new world, and see what we can make of it. While we can attempt to salvage Skylessia itself and try to make it different somehow, I really don't see this happening without making things even more convoluted. Of course, we can always forge on ahead as is and hope for the best (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sealed.gif)
1 Oct 2012
(A collaborative effort between IrishBarbarian and Ianaandru De Bushido)

Moira arrived in town, but felt no closer to her destination. Or, at least, her intended destination. As it turned out, she managed to have the luck to get a hold of a diary of one of her ancestors, and read about a town in which she found an immense treasure - big enough where all her money issues were resolved forever, there was plenty for her companions at the time, and with plenty more left over that should still be there. Her ancestor described the town as Babur'ak, and also drew what something like an odd-looking medallion that was supposed to lead to this treasure. From what her ancestor wrote, she hid it just outside of town.

Sadly, this town didn't seem to be the Babur'ak described in the diary. Rather, it didn't seem to even be Babur'ak at all (judging by the map that was given), it was a town called Tan'okan. It was a disappointment, but the monk was sure she was closing in on her destination. Thankfully, it was the middle of the day, so it wasn't urgent to get a room at the inn. The town itself was lightly guarded, which was something of a surprise to her - perhaps the activity of demons was lower here than what one would expect.

Figuring that she might as well enjoy the day while it lasted, Moira parked herself on a bench and leafed through one of her tomes. She'd have to leave town eventually, and perhaps she could ask around and see what she could find. Local villagers would probably have more up-to-date information, at least.
27 Aug 2012
The Cast:

1. Etain (IrishBarbarian)
2. Lucine Relgenria (Aviv)
3. Avalon Price (Cave Johnson)
4. Sophie (Satori)
5. Nerine De Florenthia (Vice)


It was the absolute coldest that Etain had ever felt in quite some time - it was clear that she had picked the worst time to travel through Ilia. After her recent little adventures in Lycia, the sniper decided it was time to move on to somewhere she had never been before. She regretted this decision as she trudged through the mountainous terrain in snow that was up to her knees.

Things eventually got worse, as snow started to fall - a little bit at first, but it soon turned into a complete blizzard. Etain knew she needed to find shelter, and soon; she was on the lookout for caves or anything that could give her cover. The sniper soon got her wish, as she saw the outline of a cabin built up against the wall of a cliff. Figuring that whoever lived there would understand the urgency of the situation, she made her way up to it.

Noticing the distinct lack of smoke rising from its chimney, the sniper was under the impression that the cabin was currently unoccupied. The fact that the door was unlocked helped confirm this, as it opened easily. After she quickly closed the door, out of force of habit Etain called out a simple "Hello?" before she got a good look at the place - an unoccupied front room with two doors, presumably leading to either a bedroom or some kind of storage room.

She needed to get a fire going soon - she was sure whoever lived here would understand.
26 Aug 2012
A not-so-unexpected blizzard has cropped up just as Etain decided to pass through Ilia, significantly slowing her progress. She (along with anyone else lost in the storm) managed to find a lone cliff-side cabin to provide some shelter until the storm lets up. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones who want to occupy the cabin... and there may be more to uncover.

I'm thinking about taking three other people, maybe four at most. Otherwise, just the usual disclaimer: I'm allowing anyone to apply to sign up. I'll start it once I close signups, or whenever I feel it's appropriate beforehand. If you're interested, post here, send me a PM, or poke me on AIM requesting to join. This won't necessarily work on a first-come-first-served basis, and I explicitly reserve the right to pick and choose who joins this.

Current Members:

1. Etain (IrishBarbarian)
2. Lucine Relgenria (Aviv)
3. Avalon Price (Cave Johnson)
4. Sophie (Satori)
5. Nerine De Florenthia (Vice)
14 Feb 2012
Given the return to using levels, a thread like this is necessary again. When a thread is completed, please submit it here an available moderator will grade it. Whoever grades the thread will read the thread, give levels based upon the performance of the individual participants, and give appropriate commentary and criticism. Gradings will also include how the outcome of the RP affects Skylessia as a whole from now on.

If for whatever reason a thread has yet to be graded from before the change, or received a rushed grading right before the change, please resubmit the RP here so a moderator can take care of it.
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