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Magda Ganelon, Bandit Queen of Sacae
post Jan 17 2012, 08:29 AM
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Name: Magdalena "Magda" Ganelon
Title: Queen of the Ganelon
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: On the Sacae/Bern Border
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Sacae Mountains, though her only real allegiance is to the Ganelon

Class: Brigand
Level: 15
Weapon Levels: Axes -B-
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
-Might: 14 Weight: 8 Crit: 5 Hit: 85% Uses: 35/35 Rank: B
-Material: Steel
-Traits: Brave, Light
-Description: A rare, one-of-a-kind Axe, handed down from Ganelon leaders for generations. Though it mainly serves a ceremonial purpose, Magda may find that she may have to call upon it's power.
-Might: 11 Weight: 12 Crit: 0 Hit: 70% Uses: 25/25 Rank: C
-Material: Steel
-Traits: Projectile, Killer
-Description: A commonly made Hand-Axe from Bern. This was received from a group raid on some marauding Bern Wyvern Riders. As Magda's personal weapon of choice, she's never seen without it tied to her hip.

Height: 5'11 (71 Inches Tall)/ 1.80 Meters
Build: Brolic
Appearance: Standing in at 5'11, Magda easily towers over every woman she's ever come across. In fact, she also towers over most men. Only the Ganelon Bandits, her tribe of people, match her height. Her muscle mass is also not matched by many others. Her arms are thick, massive trunks from which her muscles bulge.

Her outfit is a very standard brawler's garb. She wears two bronze shoulder pads as well as a matching chest piece for protection. Despite the number of scratches in the alloy itself, it still holds together. Underneath it, she wears a ruby red one piece dress, pinned together with animal ivory. The dress itself ends at her upper thigh, revealing her muscular legs. These long, powerful legs end in her simple brown hiking boots.

This is all when she isn't wearing her brown cloak. When she is, you couldn't make out her heavy set face or her long raven hair. Her hair is styled up in a functional high ponytail. It keeps her hair out of her dark red eyes and off of her wide-set face. She isn't considered an ugly woman, but her face is pretty chubby.

Overview: Despite initial appearances, Magda does not act like a typical mountain brute. Yet at the same time, she doesn't act like a typical woman. On one hand, she is staunchly against attacking defenseless villages for loot and doesn't condone unnecessary violence. On the other, she is crude, loud and drinks with the rest of her men.

She is very quick to befriend and negotiate. She's especially comfortable around men, who she can share a nice ale and stories with. With women, she finds they share little in common. She's not actively seeking a suitor, nor does she care about the latest court gossip or fashions.

Instead, what interests her are few things; battle and brew being at the top of that list. Conversely, despite her battle-hardened personality, she is incredibly maternal to her allies. She places the needs of her bandit brethren over her own; almost to a self-detrimental level.

Biography: The Ganelon Bandits, formerly nestled on the Sacae/Bern border, always had a reputation for being violent marauders. Despite their claims that they were better then their rivals, the Taliver, the Ganelon Bandits had just as much animosity from the villagers as any other bandit clan. It didn't help that the primarily male group would often kidnap young women to serve as ransom, or worse; brides. The result of one such union, Magda was born the sole female from a family of seven.

When the former head of the bandits, Bug, died to Lyndis' Legion on the Bern border, the Ganelon spiraled down to chaos. Leadership would abruptly be snatched from the cold, dead hands of the former head, only to be taken right back from a younger and more powerful warrior. Eventually, the leadership was held by Magda's father Brent.

Brent would hold the leadership for two dozen years, fathering seven children with three different women. One of the children would be Magda. Despite being female, her father placed no lower expectations on her than he did any of his six sons. She would train with axes daily, earning the right to be called a Brigand of the Ganelon.
Eventually, Brent would succumb to illness and the Ganelon would once again be in disarray. Magda, a diplomatic and sincere negotiator, would win over the majority of the bandits and gained their support to usurp leadership from her older brothers. However, one brother would challenge her to a duel to the death. Far beyond reason, she had no choice but to fight her kin, splitting him with her Francisca.

Today, she had held leadership for around seven years. It's her duty to change the reputation of the Ganelon bandits. A former group of thieves and ruffians, she now targets only those who are corrupt and abuse their powers. Taking inspiration from tales of the Black Fang, she hopes to change a group of savages into a group of heroic raiders. But this won't be an easy struggle.

Personal Extras:
Personality Type: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Your type is ENFJ
The Teacher (ENFJ)
The Counselor (INFJ)
The Champion (ENFP)
The Healer (INFP)
You Are:
~Very Expressed Extravert
~Slightly Expressed Intuitive Personality
~Moderately Expressed Feeling Personality
~Very Expressed Judging Personality
For more information, click the links below:

Stats: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

(Ignore the mistakes. They'll be corrected next level up (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/-_-2.gif) ; )
Level 15 Exp: 0/100
Hp: 36/40 -70%
Str: 17/20 -60%
Skl: 9/20 -35%
Spd: 13/20 -50%
Luck: 11/30 -20% +2 From Goddess Icon
Def: 12/20 -35%
Res: 2/20 -10%
Mov: 5
Con: 9
Aid: 8
Affinity: Light


Threads Magda's been in: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

A Simple Escort Mission
Progress: In Progress.
Characters: Hadrian (Shia), Nerine (Viceman), Klara (Gunroy), Lawrence (TheNoun), Magda (Shangela).
Comments: A blind priest by the name of Hadrian (Shia) has hired three mercenaries (Nerine [Viceman],Klara [Gunroy], Lawrence [TheNoun]) to escort him and his merchant friend Serov (Shia) from Worde to Ostia on his way to Etruria. Magda (Shangela) happens to overhear their discussions and joins voluntarily, on her own way to Ostia as well.

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