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Computer, duh.
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21 Apr 2010
Because of how inactive Jeff and I are (due to real life work as well as having to run GTS/GPX), two new admins have been promoted: Fensti and Jamie (Crimea River).

New global mods will be promoted sometime soon as well, though they will be handled by those two, so I'm not quite sure who they have in mind yet.

I'm sure they'll do a good job managing this place, and if anything too terrible happens, you can still get ahold of me at least. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/tongue.gif)
28 Aug 2008

Movie looks pretty awesome if you ask me. I think it having our beloved Samuel L Jackson is enough to prove any points of its awesomeness. He plays a cop that gets new neighbors and he doesn't approve of their interracial relationship so he's an ass and is trying to force them into moving. The trailer just makes it seem like it will rock.

22 Mar 2008
I've created an image uploader program that has some useful features while remaining compact. The images get uploaded to PicOodle.com because they are a personal favorite of mine (since TinyPic became too cluttered with other features).

This is programmed using Visual Basic .NET so you will need at least the .NET Framework 2.0 installed. However, here is a link to the .NET Framework 3.0 so you're even more up-to-date.

Here is the "read me" for the program:
readme.txt: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
About / Credits
Program created by Nick S. of SiteXero.net for a quick and
easy way to upload images and screenshots.

Thanks to Matt S. of Haxed.Net for help along the way.

Program created using the Visual Basic .NET language.

Image hosting services provided for free by PicOoodle.com

Easily and quickly upload an image to PicOodle.com!

Features / Notes
Supported image formats:
-BMP (auto-converted first; user-settable conversion format)
-GIF (yes, this includes animations)

There are several different ways to upload through this program:
-Drag & Drop image onto main window
-'Upload from clipboard' option which will take image data from your
  temporary clipboard (such as a screenshot) and upload it.
-'Upload screen selection...' option which will enable you to drag
  a selection box across your current screen and upload only that
-'Upload from computer...' option which will allow you to search for
  a file using a file dialog box and upload it.
-By enabling 'Right-Click Uploads' and right-clicking any image file
  on your computer and choosing the 'Upload To PicOodle' option.

Once image is fully uploaded, the URL to the image will be
automatically copied to your clipboard so you are ready to link to
it immediately.

When a file is uploading, a partially transparent progress bar will
display in the middle of your screen to let you know the progress.
It will disappear once the upload is completed. You will also get
notifications via bubbles from the System Tray icon.

Closing the main window by clicking the X will not close the program,
it will simply hide the window while remaining in the System Tray.

Double clicking the System Tray icon after closing off the main window
will make the main window visible again.

Option to set which image format to convert BMP files to before uploading
including PNG (default), JPEG, and GIF.

Ability to enable program to add an 'Upload To PicOodle' option to the
right-click context menu of all image files on your computer.


For any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, contact the creator by
email (zerxer@gmail.com) or AIM (zerxer).

Check out creator's website at http://www.sitexero.net/

I'm still technically new to Visual Basic .NET and overall not the BEST programmer so if you come across any bugs/errors, feel free to post them here (it helps if you hit the Details button when it errors and send me all that it shows you). I've had several beta testers however and it hasn't errored yet. I'd also appreciate any other comments and suggestions as well. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

Oh right, I almost forgot the most important part of this post! You can download the file here: http://www.sitexero.net/files/imgUploader.zip. I'd attach the file to this post but I'm never completely satisfied with my programs and always trying to make things better/have more features so I will leave the direct link so you can always be sure you're downloading the most current version. I will also post here if I for some reason upload another version.
21 Mar 2008
Yeah, you all seem to like your FEPoints for some reason, so I will pay a good amount since I have no use for them. If for some reason more than one person tries to do this, you all will have to fight nice, because I will only pay to the one I enjoy the most and want to use. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/worried.gif)

Images to recolor

Color scheme to match: this

Full directory here (just for references and quick access).

Also, make the background transparent (leave it as a PNG).

That is all. Come claim your points. Thanks. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/Ramenman.gif)

Disclaimer: Zerxer has the right to not completely like artist's work and ask for changes due to there being a hefty payment involved. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/shift.gif)
20 Oct 2007
I'm not sure if this is how it actually is but I could've sworn it was, and SaS agreed.

In the game, things such as Forest only cost 2 moves when you actually go through them, not to them, right? Now in FEO, my archer had 2 moves left, and there was a forest two spots away from him but he couldn't move to it because of the terrain cost ( there was no special terrain between him and the forest)

So, if I'm right, should make it so forests only cost double the moves if you actually travel through them and not directly onto them. Make them cost one when leaving it and cost one while entering it, that's 2 right there.
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