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Skylessia Characters

Fill in the blanks in the template provided by the code box and post as a new topic. Explanations for everything that may not be obvious are given after the box.

[b]Name[/b]: Most names are viable, but players are encouraged to choose names that won't get them laughed at in modern America.
[b]Age[/b]: 16 or higher is preferred.
[b]Creation Points[/b]: 15 to start--this may be raised over the course of the story.

[b]Appearance[/b]: A brief description of your character as he or she is seen is all that is needed.  Height, weight, build, mannerisms, hair and eye colors, and usual outfits would all be welcome.

[b]Background[/b]: The story in this RP is the adventures of those who discover the supernatural goings-on in the town of Bethany, somewhere in America.  Much of this seems to be centered on the local college.  It is thus suggested that your characters either be in or work around the college, although this is not required.  Your character will need to live and/or work somewhere around Bethany, however--range too far afield and you're out of the setting.  Your level of affluence, history, and other details of your character's life are up to you, subject to mod approval.

[b]Statline[/b]: Strength/Magic/Vitality/Agility; Elemental Standings

[b]Weapon[/b]: Your character's weapon of choice.

[b]Skills[/b]: See Skills topic for full rules.

[b]Manifestation[/b]: Persona or Phone

[b]Macca[/b]: 1000 to start, add or subtract as you finish RPs or purchase demons.

[b]Demons[/b]: Make sure you include all the relevant data

[b]Other Notes[/b]: Anything you'd like to share about your character that doesn't fit elsewhere.

Statline: This describes your character's abilities and how various types of attacks affect him. You can spend up to six points total, between both stats and elemental typings (meaning all the types listed in Skills except Almighty and Support, which are always normal). The four stats range from 0 (significantly deficient) to 3 (exceptional), with 1 being considered "normal". You get 1 point back if you choose to be Weak to an attack type, and it costs 1 point to be Strong to it, or 2 to be Null. Mystic counts double, for either weakness or strength.

"Strength" is used in dealing physical-based damage. "Magic" is used in dealing magical damage. "Vitality" determines how much physical stamina your character has as well as makes him better able to resist physical or magical attacks. "Agility" covers your reaction speed and thus how fast you act, how accurate you are, and how likely you are to dodge.

As this is probably going to be easier to grasp with examples, let's consider a player who wants to make his character into a physical dynamo and is willing to be weak to Dark attacks to do that. He may record his statline as "3/0/2/2; weak: Dark". This character has enormously powerful physical attacks, but is very weak with magic. If another player decided he wanted to play an ice user who was slow but tough, he might decide to record his statline as "1/2/2/1; weak: Fire strong: Ice". This character is neither incompetent nor stellar with his stats at the moment, he's used one point from choosing a weakness to pay for a strength and had both play into his theme, and with the right skills he could be a very effective ice caster. For a somewhat sillier example, let's say we have a player who doesn't want his character to ever be struck by the various Mystic skills, so he purchases "Null: Mystic". His statline only currently has 2 points for the four stats, because it costs 2 to Null a skill, normally, and Mystic skills cost double.

Weapon: What your character fights with in melee. This is, effectively, a Short-Ranged attack of a chosen Physical typing. Ranged attacks should be worked as skills (so, for a gun, the weapon listing would be using it as a club or using its bayonet or the like, with skills for using it to shoot) or else the character should purchase the passive skill "Reach". The nature of the weapon doesn't matter much; whether it's a sword or a holy text, it functions in a supernatural battle based on the user's belief that it's a good weapon. So if your character were using a hockey stick, your weapon entry might be "Hockey stick; bashing".

Skills: See the Skills topic for full rules. You are encouraged to name your skills and describe them in use.

Manifestation: For the moment, this is simply a flavor difference. Either your character awakens a Persona, which is an image of a figure, usually from mythology, that represents some facet of your character, and uses that to cast magic or use skills, or he uses a modified version of a certain popular app-driven cellphone to do the same.

If you are already familiar with the Persona games (or Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), you already have some concept of what this is like. If not, it's a power where an illusion of a pre-defined figure, usually from some myth or legend, manifests above the character for just long enough to use one skill, then disappears again. It is summoned by the user's focused will to fight. For Persona-users, all supernatural abilities are thus inherent and natural.

The cellphones were scattered over the town of Bethany just before the RP begins; these act just like normal phones in every way, including making calls and all the apps available, but they also have a few "special" apps that it seems people uninvolved in the supernatural activities have trouble noticing or remembering, among them some sort of summoning program and an app called simply "cath.exe", whose use is currently unclear. In combat, these telepathically interface with their user to let him freely use his skills, activating its magic rituals on command. Thus, it is simpler to use a modified cellphone than a Persona, but they could be lost, stolen, or destroyed... in theory. They are certainly tougher than their base material, at any rate.

Demons: See the rules on demon allies about these. You start with up to two, of up to tier 3.
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