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4 Apr 2013
I was just wondering as a concerned Role-Player ((and massive fan of this role-play system))
If there are plans in the works for a new sitewide RP or If this is the end of the Wonderful Work you guys and gals have done
25 Mar 2013
I have been looking for a character retirement thread for about a week to no avail so if someone could post the link or tell me the way to retire one I would be much abliged
1 May 2012
Name: Ann Darkweave
Title: "Dark Lady" (given by her mother's apprentice)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Sacae
Nation/Group of Allegiance: "N/A".

Class: Shaman
Level: 7
Weapon Levels: Dark {D 3/5}
Weapons AKA: Elder Tome: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Elder Whip: Intermediate: Close Range, Mercy
Ann conjures a black whip in her hand, with it she can immobilize or inflict minor injures upon an opponent
Shadow Blade: Intermediate: Close Range, Shade
Ann conjures a shadowy blade in her hand and attacks an opponent with it
Ray of Shadow: Simple: Homing
Ann produces a ball of shadows and launches it at an opponent leaving a blackish-purplish streak in the air
Swarm of Flies: Intermediate: Area of Effect, Pestilent
Ann conjures a swarm of disease-ridden flies, which bite every one around her for ten feet except her and infect them with diseases
Elder Knife: Simple: Close Range
Ann conjures a black knife in her hand and attacks with it
Elder Explosion: Simple: Charged
Ann creates a black ball of magic and sends it at a target where it then explodes upon contact.
Shadow Silk: Simple: Hex
Ann launches a black ray from her hand that lowers the target's resistance to dark magic

Height: 5'4"/ 162.56 cm
Build: Slim, Slight
Appearance: Ann's hair is a deep purple. She has chaotic purple green eyes. Her skin bronzed like so many of the Sacaen people. She has a spiraling tattoo of a black snake going down her arm ending with its open mouth on the back of her palm. She wears a long purple dress with a sleeve cut off to reveal her tattoo and a long black hooded cloak, she wears her hood up so her eyes do not disturb people.

Overview: Ann is a polite and rather quiet person. She is a laid-back person; she's a go with the flow sort of person. She tries to help people when she can having inherited her mother's kind heart. She prefers to intimidate her enemies. She is currently traveling the world trying to find mercenary work. She has a habit of talking back to people that have not gained her respect.

Biography: Ann was born to a druid's family at the forested edge of the plains. She grew up learning the art of elder magic from her father. She started training in magic with her uncle the summoner and her father the druid when she was ten years old. One day about three years ago her happy life was ruined by an attack from bandits coming to kidnap her for her mother they succeeded by killing her father and uncle and brought her to her mother in Etruria. Her mother attempted to train her in her way of living, being a Templar, but failed to get her to turn from the dark magic Ann loves so much. Her mother also trained her in the ways of the court and nobles of Etruria, that training was received with a bit more enthusiasm. Her mother's apprentice fell in love with her and helped her leave. Ann left a message of thanks and farewell to her mother with the apprentice, and left with his promise to complete his training and to find her.
Additional Comments: Ann gains a new spell every other level, becomes proficient if a spell was used a total of 10 times in RPs, a spell becomes a cantrip once per lv if any are applicable
Ann can cast a total number of spells equal to her level per day
Spell Cost: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Simple costs 1
Intermediate costs 2
Intricate costs 3
Proficiencies(ability to cast spells without tome[must be at least a rank lower then current WEP EXP]):Elder Knife,
Cantrips(spells that don't count towards her limit of spells per day[must be at least two ranks lower the current WEP EXP and proficient with the spell]):
13 Jan 2012
Name: Luna Mystwyrm
Title: Journeyman Tailor "her Cover Job"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: The Western Isles
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Thief
Level: 7
Weapon Levels: Knife C (0/5)
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Iron, Manaslayer Knife
Steel, Shade & Projectile Knife
Steel, Defender & Light Knife
Steel, Venin & Shade Knife

Height: Four-foot-nine, 144.78 cm
Build: Slim, Firm
Appearance: Luna is a small girl with midnight black hair that goes to the small of her back, her eyes are an entrancing blue on a plain face. She normally wears a short dress that is dark green and a pair of matching boots. When she goes out side she adds a long black cloak to her ensemble.

Overview: Luna is a little forceful when she is in her shop and in taverns but at all other times she is shy, quiet, and nondescript, she is currently doing well, she has built up a steady repertoire of customers, she has a habit of fidgeting with her hair when concentrating, is exited, or scared.

Biography: Luna was born in the orphanage she grew up in, her mother died shortly after giving birth living only long enough to name her child. At age five she ran away from the orphanage and found a young man who was living off the streets she fell in with him and worked with him for four years before they had saved enough money to buy her an apprenticeship at a tailor's shop. Luna enjoyed the work and did occasional night jobs with the young man for the next two years. Then tragedy struck, one day on her day off she and the young man were strolling in a park when a man came out of nowhere and stabbed the young man. As the young man lay dieing he told her to ask him any question, she quick thought and asked her question, "Why did you keep me around?" he answered "because you look like the woman I wanted to marry long ago. My name is Luke and I am a banished son of a noble house, I figure some one should know. *gasps for air* I want you to take my knife, and promise me you... *gasp* will finish... *gasp* your apprenticeship... *fading* for me." She took his knife and ran back to the tailor's shop and poured her self into the work becoming a tailor in her own right, and all the while quietly practicing her fighting skills so she could protect herself for her friend.

Approved by Shuuda
13 Sep 2011
Name: Ice Darkheart
Age: 16
Homecountry: Valhassa
Gender: Female
Height: about 5' 4"
Build: in between medium and skinny so slim has some muscle

Class: Dancer
Level: LV 4

Weapons: Diana's Wit, Bast's Laughter, Knife
Weapon Levels: Rings: E 3/4

Summary: Ice is a shy person the exception being while she dances. While she dances she loses track of all but the dance. She pours all of her emotions into her dances. She also has quick temper and fiery attitude once roused. She seams to be a loner but she is fiercely loyal to her friends.

Appearance: Ice has waist length midnight black hair. She is well built and fair skinned. She wears a long dark blue dress and a light blue silk cloth. Her eyes are blue and have a faraway look to them. She has a tribal dragon tattoo that coils around her body from the tail on her left foot to the head on her chest

Bio: Ice was born in Valhassa to a Gladiator and a Dancer. Her parents taught the girl how to dance and encouraged her to perform in public. Ice often always refuse to go and it was not until her 12th year that she finally started performing in public regularly. She has started traveling the land to gain experience to start a school in Valhassa.

Additional Notes/Comments:
Forgot: Affinity is Ice
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