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Welcome to my desk, I'm Cless Alvein, the unofficially offical secretary of FEP. I do all the dirty paperwork that will most likely recieve an obligatory shredding and/or burning. I'd also give some cooking advice also, since I'm a pretty decent cook.
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Cless Alvein
FEP's Unofficially Official Secretary or FUOS!
28 years old
At my quaint desk awaiting orders.
Born Sep-5-1991
Anime, Videogames, History Textbooks, RPGS, "Tales of" Series, Baking, Asian Cultures, Cakes, Sweets, MMORPGs, et cetera et cetera.
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24 Feb 2011
Ehehe, those of you who notice this are probably wondering what this is doing here. I'll be posting something similar in the Temporary Leaves topic.

Well, long story short, I have been having some issues with schoolwork and I've been trying to do better but unfortunately I can't seem to do well balancing stuff here all at once.

So basically considering that my only active RPs are one that's probably finishing up soon and one that hasn't really gotten off it's feet. (I'm aware I am the problem there) I figured I'll be taking a break from RPs or anything from RPing anyhow. I haven't been too proactive anyways, but I'll be back of course. Eventually.

Don't worry though, I'll be poking around on AIM still. So I'll be there to chat still.

So, see you all later then!

6 Jan 2011
"...Project Fenrir?"

"Not the best name I know, the main members here drew straws to decide on a name. Yohan said it was named after...something fictional. I wasn't paying attention to him all that much. Name aside, if this project succeeds, we could change Skylessia as we know it forever! Perhaps even bring a halt to the fighting, even if only for a little while."

"It must be quite important considered the captain said we were specifically assigned to come here."

"Of course it is! No one's ever come this close to creating something of this mass. It's why we're getting support from various people of high power. We've received volunteers from the academy, funding from nobles and even one of the Trade Princes, some needed 'muscle' from some mercenary groups, hell, we even received secret backing from people closest to your prince. This project will be recorded as one of the biggest collaboration efforts in the entire world."

"But what is this project anyway? Everyone who we've asked refused to answer, even the captain."

"...alright, I'll tell you. You know how the Thing is the one who brought all the demons here, yes? The Thing would widely be considered one of the most powerful beings known in this world. We're going to fight fire with fire. Or to put it simply..."

"...we're going to create our own."

Project Fenrir

Within the mountain range between Araducia, Nagarath, and perhaps Sk'harrah, lies a secret underground facility where some of the best scientists and mages are working on a secret project to combat the demonic forces that plague the continent. However, due to the location of the facility, the organization is recruiting any able fighter for some assistance. Given the high pay and secretive nature of the recruitment, many mercenaries and warriors alike are brought to the facility where the project itself is entering its final stages...


The number of people accepted will be a 'standard RPG party' so about three to four people. Not a first-come first-serve basis. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll give a couple of days before I decide.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. So if you're interested, please do say so in here as well!

Status Screen:
Insufficient Data
29 Aug 2010
"Uh... hi there. Are you the one that's supposed to take me to Chartreyne?" A middle aged man in somewhat formal clothing asked the taller more imposing looking man with a lance leaning on his shoulder. They were standing in the docks area of the town by a warehouse, they both appeared to be alone. Sven glanced downward at the smaller timid looking man, examining him for a moment.

Made contact with target. Proceeding with mission. The dark haired man soon motioned the man to follow and started walking towards the town square, which was at the height of its market day. Crowds were formed as people tried to buy and haggle goods and other necessities. No matter, he had already procured the supplies required to make the journey to the capital. This mission was a simple task, the man was someone who had been gaining steady influence as of late, and his superiors have requested he be brought to the capital. He was not given any specifications as to why, but that didn't matter, so long as he completed his objective.

Bring the guy to Chartreyne, a mission that would require minimal effort. He was given permission to eliminate any threats with lethal force and was to carry out any requests the target may have.

"Hey, uh..." the man spoke up. Sven also noted that his superiors had not given him much information on the man, not even his name. Minor issue. "Are you sure I'm going to be fine with just you taking me? I don't doubt your abilities of course, but perhaps it would be better with some more soldiers or something protecting me as well?" Sven stopped and turned to his charge, and from the reaction he got, he may have unintentionally scared him.

"Are you requesting that additional guards are to be acquired?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh, yes. Yes I am." The man answered, "Actually, before I met up with you, I had set up a few notices around town just in case. Oh, and it'd be good to bring along anyone who needs to travel there too. We're supposed to meet anyone interested at the front gate around now. So, we better get going, I'd like to get there as soon as possible." He said with an oddly spontaneous burst of confidence as he walked towards the direction of the town gate.

Sven wordlessly followed.

OoC: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Basically, let's all meet at the gate of this town/city so we can get this escort mission on a roll. If there's any confusion, please feel free to ask.
25 Aug 2010
Basic premise is that Svenny boy here will be escorting a guy from Valhassa's docking city all the way to the capital. It is shorter than it sounds. While Sven may not think so, the escort is willing to take on as many bodyguards as he thinks will protect him. I'll take on as many or as few as possible, depending on how many people join. It's a rather simple story this time.

So, who's up for a trip through Valhassa? Please?

The Cast
1) Sven Fringvalts
2) Penelope McCollough
3) Maticus Morgan
4) Natasha Gaines Bexelheim
5) Shuuda's Character! ...maybe.
12 Aug 2010
Hello there everyone! Ara~ I hope you all are excited for Gen II opening! Now you're probably wondering why this topic's here when you first look. Well, in celebration of it's Grand Opening, we're holding an RP Contest! Yays and all that! Alrighty then, this Contest's theme, is...!

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

Every act one makes can affect someone or something, even if they aren't aware of it. A simple can create an effect that can extend far into the future, long after you're gone. The contest theme is to take one of your characters of the past and describe a 'simple' act they have done in their live and show how that action affected others around them. To the point that their action affects others far into the future, even if they are long gone.

A variation in which another character's act affect your character is also acceptable.

The Theme!...in simpler terms:
Basically, you folks should pick an instance in the past, oh say... Gen I past or something really far back, and how that action effects your current character years later. Like that. Hopefully that makes sense. Well, if it doesn't please feel free to ask me. Though for new folks, feel free to make something up if you'd like, so long as it works.

If there's anything you do not understand, please feel free to contact me and not clog up the thread. Ah, anyways~ the deadline is on the 10th of September at Midnight. EST

I'll be the one judging this contest this time around. Oh and basic grounds are; One Entry, One Character. No saving spots.

Alrighty then! The Prizes shall be as so:

1st Place Prize: +2 levels, +2/4 weapon exp
2nd + 3rd Place Prize: +1 level, +1/4 weapon exp

Ara, that's all there is to tell I believe. Well, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through PM or IM and ask. See you all soon! I look forward to your entries!
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