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11 Dec 2006
I need a new mug for my RP charecter. ^^;
It's really bad though, so it would be great if it could be redone.

The link is probably in my profile or you can find it somehow, I'm going to put up ze link soon^^

ze linkie

20 Nov 2006
[b]Name:Elys Eiren Sylver
(Eiren is what her family used to call her...)
Age: 17
Homecountry: Marken
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 95lbs

Personality: Elys Sylver was a girl full of depression. Her music lets her saddness flow out like a river and her faces shows no emotion but dreaded tears that flow down one in a while. She tends to be cold hearted to people and her mood changes with each hour that passes. She is shaken, and never talks about what happened with her family, other than to those she knows could keep a secret, or if the burden was too much for her. Although she could be a pain in the ass, she can be sweet and caring. Elys changed from her quiet self after a short little trip with a group od people. When she left the island, she became kinder, and held back with the attitude and remarks. Her smile shows and her tears dried up. She began to 'mature' into a young woman and left her past with it, she also has a tendacy to be afraid of dark things. Still, she is as lovely and caring as an angel, but cold and harsh, like a frozen Satan.
Appearance: (IMG:http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r11/JustGimmeAThumbsUp/elys32.gif) Changed her appearance a bit

Elys grew her hair out, and tied her long silver-purple hair into two ponytails that sit on her shoulders, loosly. She still has her side bangs, and her dark red eyes. Her robe is dark red, unlike her old silver one. It's rimmed with gold and has decorations around the non-revealing top. Around the sleeves, there is small stich-mark-ish-thing. The robe only reaches to her knees in a flowy way, and her shoes are red and gold flats. Since Elys had completely changed her look (And her attitude), and she decided to go for a more princess-y look, and has a small tiara with a ruby on top. No, she isn't a real princess, but she takes her looks into real consideration, and her head 'seemed to boring' for her taste.

Bio: Elys Eiren Sylver, yes, everyone knew her. She was elegant and well raised, plenty of money and musical talents that would make anyone feel like dancing. She lived with an older sister and brother (twins), and her mother, Lady Sylver. She was quite happy her whole life, nothing too tragic. 10 years before her mother died, when she was 4, her father had passed away. He was a famous bard and played everywhere around Wardea. A deadly disease had killed him, on his last breath he had sang Elys a song, one he had just made for her. It was beautiful and he played the last note on a wooden flute. When he had died, he left the flute in her possesion, some say that's how her musical talents came to be, others say that it is just how she revieved the flute.

Elys Eiren cried for days, she would hold the flute, which her father had named after her, Eiren, and sit outside on her balcony and just play her heart away. Her older brother and sister were not musically talented, but they were like her mother, beautiful without a flaw. Both would dance until their feet would swell like troublemakers butt after their good beating. Elys was 8 the day the next tragedy would happen...

It was a Sunday morning, and the mist was unusually thick in Marken. Lady Sylver and her two eldest children were off to a performance in Artonia, which was quite far. Elys Eiren had chosen to stay at home and practice her flute. When Lady Sylver and her two siblings had left, Elys made her way into her gazibo. She started to play a depressing song. A few minutes later, her slave, Jesseneme (Jess-en-eem) had come running to her. When Jesseneme had finished, Elys Eiren was whiter then a day outside after a blanket of snow. It was obvious something bad had happened, and what Jesseneme had told her was this:
"Misstress Elys Eiren! Oh, terrible news Miss. Your mother, Lady Sylver and your two lovely siblings had been killed by a few slaves as they boarded a ship! A slave ship from South Artonia had come and killed them! Oh! M-M-Misstress Elys Eiren?! Oh GOD! Somebody!-"

Elys lived alone in an estate big enough to fit 800 slaves per room. It was lonely and she made a living from her parents money and by singing and playing her flute, Eiren. Few years later, Elys had gotten mighty curious. She was able to use abit of magic taught to her by a master down the road and she was going to find out who had killed her family and do something as horrible as she could. She left detirmind and when she found that the slaves who had killed her were already killed, she headed back to Marken. A terrible storm had hit her ship and she went from South Artonia to Kirnoth. While in Kirnoth, somehow word had gotten out that she was there, and Jesseneme had come. She said the house was burned down to ashes and murdered men were everywhere. Elys was shocked, she had nowhere to go and she freed Jesseneme and wandered around looking for a life, and playing songs.
Class: Female Bard
Level: 1

Weapons: Aqua
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments:
Elys Eiren Sylver <---Last name
^ .....^
| ......L> Nickname given by parents
first name[/COLOR]
25 Sep 2006

You probably came here because you have a request. I'll take it!

I do recoloring, customs (I'll need a decription) for either sprites or mugs.

I don't have any exaples right now but you can look at my Siggy, I did that... It's

kinda old so it's really bad (IMG:http://www.feplanet.net/forums/style_emoticons/blue/tongue.gif)

And If you want I can make the back transparent.

I don't do FE9, I can do FE6-FE8 though.

15 Sep 2006
Name: Serena Ainel
Age: Just turned 16
Homecountry: Kirnoth
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 92

Personality: Serena is usually shy. Her feelings are soft and her emotions can easily be swayed. She is quiet but talks when needed, and keeps her mouth shut when she should. Serena sometimes dosn't finish her sentance. After, "...er...." she just stops and keeps her mouth closed. To add to that, she avoids anything about her family.


Serena Ainel has long golden hair. Two braids rest on her shoulders and a long high ponytail tied with a golden ribbon is high on her head. She has golded earrings and emerald eyes and a feather that is tucked firmly behind her ear. She is dressed in a baby blue-silver cloak that is rimmed with gold. A golden cresent ties both ends together around her neck. In the middle of it is a emerald. Her long white shirt is like a tank-top, but it is longe, around an inch lower than her butt. Around her slim waist is a golden belt with an emerald encrusted into it. She wears white high boots that end an inch or two lower than her shirt. Lastly, Serena holds a gold covered book/tome. It is her most prized possestion and she won't let it out of her sight for even a minute.

Bio: Serena Ainel was born in a noble family in Kirnoth. Her family was mostly killed while fighting in a battle when she was 4. Her brother went missing after and she was sent to Artonia when she was 5. While in Artonia, her Uncle, Evite, took her in and his wife, Asher, was from Kirnoth. Asher taught Serena anima magic. She gave Serena a fire tome with a golden cover, ever since, Serena held onto it no matter what. When Serena was 9, Evite and Asher took her back to Kirnoth. Evite was a wyvern rider from Falstine and was recruited to fight with Falstine. Asher gave Serena a map to find their grandfather. Serena said her good byes and left Asher and Kirnoth for Galavin. Her grandfather taught Serena more magic until she was finally able to be an apperentace.

Three years later when Serena was 12, her Master was framed to have killed 3 generals in the Army. Her Master was killed and Serena fled, trying to find a new path. Over the next 3 1/2 years, she was finally a mage. Because of her parents heritage, she inherited the gold and used it to buy tomes and new clothing and foods. Se can usualyl be found standing around at night lookling into the sky.

Class: Mage
Level: 1

Weapons: Fire
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments: Serena trades strengh for speed and acuracy, like a myrmadin.
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