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When you pirate mp3s, you're downloading Communism! :o
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I'm certainly uncertain, at least I'm pretty sure I am
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25 Mar 2013
I know the Skylessia RP had a means of checking if your profile was rejected, but I can't find such a thread here, and I haven't heard anything about the profile I posted a few days ago. So, I guess a question and a suggestion: how would/will I find out if my profile has been rejected; and maybe a thread to post when profiles are rejected could be useful?
21 Mar 2013
Name: Zedrick Zela III
Title: n/a.
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: n/a; closest to Lycia, see bio.
Nation/Group of Allegiance: n/a

Class: Brigand
Level: 5
Weapon Levels: Axe: D
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
The Little One (hand-axe): Iron, Projectile
A small axe with a variety of uses; Zed usually throws it at stuff though.
The Big One(heavy axe): Steel, Heavy, Armorslayer
The axe Zed had made for hunting. It's needlessly huge and can cut through iron, neither of which are actually necessary for hunting. But he wouldn't have it any other way.

Height: 6'6" / 1.98m
Build: Large, tall, wide, built.
Appearance: The first feature most people notice about Zed is his size: he's tall and wide, coming off to most people as a fleshy wall with hands. 'Fat' doesn't quite apply here though, as most of his body weight is pure muscle. Included among his small list of belongings are two pairs of identical clothes, each consisting of: a bright-green shirt, tailored specifically with his body size in mind, and thus lacking sleeves; and a pair of similarly fitted tan pants, large enough so he doesn't accidentally rip them, and by that token, large enough to fit entire children inside.

Additionally, he has a pair of boots that look like they've been eaten, digested and spit back out by a dragon. Besides his clothes and size, the only other standout features of Zed's appearance are his mop of unkept reddish-brown hair, and his green eyes.

Overview: Zed is a generally cheery person, particularly if he's just found something new: having lived in a secluded village for much of his life, discovering new things brings out a sense of childish wonder in Zed. He was raised with a decent moral compass, having been taught that killing people is bad, but he nonetheless has little trouble killing for money, assuming it's at least somewhat justified.

While he tends to be open and friendly with most people he meets, he has few to no close friends; partly because of his solitary upbringing, and partly because he's just wandering around most of the time, moving on to a different part of the continent as soon as he gets his pay.

He rarely gets angry; however, if he does, he can get destructively violent, made even worse by his immense strength and size. If something makes him sad, which is also surprisingly rare, he any number of ways to deal with it; this is likely due to his abandonment as a child. He's pretty good at hiding just about all of his emotions, save cheeriness, and as an optimistic result of what was likely a dark childhood, he does tend to actually be cheery most of the time.

Biography: Zed was born and raised in a small community living cut off from the rest of Elibe in a hard-to-access valley, nestled in the Taliver mountains. As a young child, he was raised by his father, Jed; however, at the age of nine, Jed left Zed and the village without so much as a note.

By this time, though, Zed was surprisingly self-sufficient. The other villagers showed him compassion and tried to help, but for the most part, he got on pretty well on his own. He farmed a small plot of land for his food, built on the hunting skills he'd learned from his father, and even traded hides and meat for services from the other villagers, like tailoring and blacksmithing. He got a minor education as well, as the village had a tiny schoolhouse, but the villagers were all aware the information was far out of date, so they mostly taught the basics: simple math, very general geography, language skills, and survival skills.

As he became an adult, he continued to be a stand-out member of the community, teaching the other young men how to hunt and farm, so they could support themselves. However, the longer he stayed, the longer the question of his father burned in the back of his mind. The townspeople rarely acknowledged his father, pushing aside the subject if he ever came up. So, one day, he decided to search for him. He told the townspeople he wanted to see the world, traded his home and food supplies for weapons and traveling supplies, and he set off, planning to take mercenary work until he could find his father.

Approved by Shuuda
20 Mar 2013
Well, I got Fensti's email and now I'm here. No promises that I'll be around long or often, but hey, we'll see what happens. Though I'm sure I'll be on a lot once I finally get a 3DS. =P
8 Apr 2010
Name: Seamus Glenroy
Age: 28
Homecountry: Valhassa
Affinity: Ice
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Build: Slightly overweight, more agile than he looks.

Class: Monk
Level: 5

Weapons: Lightning, Corona, Knife
Weapon Levels: Light - D

Appearance: Seamus is fairly average in most definitions, leaning towards general attractiveness; his face has just enough baby fat to give him a friendly, jolly look, and what fat he does have on the rest of his body is hardly notable. His face is quite easily his most striking feature, with his stunning icy-blue eyes and a rather dashing smile, complete with perfectly-kept white teeth. His hair is kept somewhat short, but long enough to give his once full mane of fluffy brown hair a look of respectable age, now receded, thinner, and tinged with gray, most notably around his temples. Being important to his image, Seamus tends to use his face to it's utmost ability, having trained himself to display emotion (usually fake) to a much greater extent, as if he were an actor (which, by some definitions, he is).

The rest of his body is average, and he compliments that average with fairly colorful, if otherwise average, clothing. He tends to wear robes of blue, lined with red. Underneath, a much simpler garb of generally grubby wool shirts and pants, which he plans on replacing as soon as his income allows. His physique is misleading; he looks somewhat overweight, but thanks to his young life, he's fairly agile and stronger than he looks, though certainly not strong enough to wield any weapons with much effectiveness.

Personality: To an outside observer, Seamus is a crusader for the people. He hears the words of his lord and knows that the world is sliding into disrepair. Not content to sit back and let it happen, Seamus serves as an alarm to the sleeping people of the world, waking them from their symbolic sleep and showing them the terrifying path Skylessia is moving down. Using his intelligence, wit, charm, and morals, Seamus is out to help the people of the world get what they deserve out of it.

But hey, everyone's an actor, right?

In reality, he could give two shits about the world situation. The only holy words he intends on spreading are whichever ones get him the most money. He's a performance artist, through and through, and he uses that to his advantage whenever he can. His greatest strength, even greater than his superb acting ability, is his ability as a wordsmith. Give him any phrase and he can twist it into some way to make him money. He has no real close friends, but he really doesn't need them, since he has alcohol and whatever illicit substances he can afford at the time. Also, in his own words, "Money can't buy you love, but it can sure buy you women!"

Overall, he's fairly bitter and doesn't like people all that much. His real sense of humor is also much more twisted than his acting humor. Despite general bitterness, he is never depressed, and manages to turn any situation into general content.

Bio: Seamus was born in Marcellus to a wealthy landowner, who moved when Seamus was still young to Valhassa, having earned vast sums of money and intending on finding a more lavish, comfortable lifestyle. As a child, Seamus quickly showed an aptitude for acting, becoming a go-to person for young parts. At the same time, he and his similarly rich friends learned the joys of alcohol and drugs, and thanks to their parents, they had a seemingly endless supply. This had little effect on Seamus's acting or general social skills until, when he was still 17, his father died in a duel with another gambler, and his mother subsequently killed herself.

This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but to be perfectly honest, Seamus could have made something good out of this; the money his father left him was seemingly endless. Had he taken this money and used it to live a quiet life, even until he found a larger purpose, he could have lived to see 100 and still died with vast amounts of money. However, in the ten years that followed, he used a variety of substances, especially alcohol, to help cope with the sudden and tragic loss of his family. By the time he hit 26, he was nearly out of money, and addicted to more obscure substances than you can count on one hand.

He lived this way until, while drowning his sorrows in a bottle of whiskey he bought solely with change he found on the ground, he found himself watching a (free) performance of a show he once played the lead in: in the play, a strong-willed Devlani nobleman forsakes his money and power for his faith and values and helps stir up a rebellion, in the end was rewarded with money, power, and a better world (as one might expect, this show is illegal in Devlan). Between this plot and hitting rock-bottom, Seamus had a moment of clarity. He realized that not only could he no longer do nothing but drink, but that he could use his skills as an actor (especially with acting that part) in order to implement that plot in real life; maybe not with Devlan, at least until he had some kind of following, but he figured (while drunk) that it was bound to lead to some kind of monetary gain.

So he began refining his character, slowly using it, in conjunction with light magic, to astound and scare locals into believing him and throwing money at him. He isn't completely refined, and thus didn't make a load of money, but he made enough to get himself fancy new robes and a ticket off the island.

Additional Notes/Comments:
8 Apr 2010
I never really thought about this until now, but what kind of drugs are available in Skylessia? I mean, alcohol is generally established, but should we also assume tobacco, marijuana, shrooms, and other naturally occurring drugs are also available? And, in lieu of man-made drugs, should we assume that magic offers some kind of strange new twist on mind-bending substances?

Just curious on other people's thoughts.
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