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4 Jul 2007
All right guys. First things first. I am not coming back. This site is far too stupid and immature for me to deal with happily, and I'd rather avoid the inevitable headache that I'm going to get. That said, I'm not even going to look at replies to this topic. This isn't a question and answer deal, this is a lecture. Lectures happen to be one way, and thats from me, to you.

So, despite my attempts to not swear, I'm going to cuss up a storm in this thread, and I don't really care if I get banned, because I'm never coming back once this is posted.

DM, you are a fucking god-moddder of the highest caliber. If I was still in charge, you'd be unseated immediately and banned from DoN permanently. I don't care what kind of battle it was, you should never lose 300 fucking troops to almost all of the enemies. That is the biggest example of god-modding I've ever fucking seen, worse than the shit fucking Kilo pulled. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for that, and for the next example of BS: simulating Agoge training by using potions. First problem with that, Agoge training takes 12 fucking years. You can't mimic that in 3 weeks and with some potions. The second problem, is that alchemy doesn't even exist in Maris beyond Vulneraries and Elixirs, which was fucking stated before I left. The third problem is that the Dark Brotherhood had no troops - no troops were listed, so by the rules, you had 0. So, you cheated to get all 2nd tiers, you cheated to get them to look like Lequallians, and you cheated by pulling troops out of your ass.

So, why the fuck are you going to be in charge of a country after the reset?

That's the real problem that I see with what happened to DoN. DM is an energetic asshole, and can just browbeat anyone (almost) into submission, so he got whatever he wanted.

The rest of the problems were just people trying to get my vision after I left and failing, because no one is telepathic. I forgive you that, especially because the one who was most guilty of it came to me and apologized. I can't see Mr. God-fucking-mod Extraordinaire apologizing, but if he does, I'll accept his apology for god-modding and ruining a perfectly good RP on everyone's behalf, but I don't understand why any of you would even think of allowing him to be a country leader after those uber example of god-modding. He's fucking lucky I didn't stay, because if that shit happened on my watch, he would've been fucking banned before 3 seconds were over, and he wouldn't come back ever again.

Anyways, have a happy 4th of July! God Bless America, and I hope all of y'all Americans have fun with some fireworks! For those who actually care as to how I'm doing, I'm on AIM a lot, but I'll head you off at the pass and let you know that I'm doing great. Anyways, intelligent people, give me a ring (SN is still the same) and do what's right and get rid of Mr. God-mod as a regular mod.
7 May 2007
The whole "revolt" thing. The entire thing is just Leaf glorifying his sexual orientation and shoving it down our throats that its 'ok,' although it's entirely up for debate as to whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong. No secret, I am of the opinion that it's wrong, and I will argue to defend that.

Anyways... I do not think that the Vadal would care enough to revolt just because one of the officers is gay. ZOMG, one of hundreds of people are gay, let's revolt. Like I said, I swear that its just Leaf shoving his ideas and preferences down our throats.

Yes, you can say that this was brought about by my argument with him in Skylessia RP, but it wasn't. I'd already been bothered about it and him being an arrogant towards DM, Revenant and myself are what brought the match to the fuse.
2 May 2007
Wolfgang's spell took him to the place he expected- The Illovendial Warp Tower. The usual greeting of dozens of crossbows and spells ready to destroy whatever entered the pads was missing. The Lequallians knew that they were coming. Instead of a volley of quarrels and bolts of fire, they were met with the beating of drums and the blare of the sarpinx. A full escort of the Hoplon Guard had waited for them to arrive, prepared for the usual fanfare of visiting royalty.

Gideon Saldares, The Barite Ore and Head Assassin of the Hoplon Guard, walked forward to meet them. He placed his fist over his heart and bowed to Ulrich, not a degree more or less than what was required. He then rotated on his heels and saluted those to Ulrich's left and right as equals, before turning to face Ulrich once again. He was tall for most groups, but among Lequallians, he was a giant. Brown hair, dark among the Lequallians, topped a handsome face with skin almost as dark. His face and a little of his neck was all that was visible, before disappearing into the high purple collar that marked him a member of the Hoplon Guard, and the golden-steel armor of a soldier. His eyes, wary and probing, somehow managed to rest on Ulrich's.

"My Lord, the Grand Marshal, he waits for thee. If thou wouldst come, we hath a short walk ahead of us, but do not fear - the soldiers of the Hoplon Guard will see thee safe to the Grand Marshal's Palace." The hint of a smile touched his face, because he was well aware that Ulrich was known around the continent as a great warrior. It was just the usual saying, and he had to go through with it. The smile never touched his eyes, though. Those always remained wary and cold.

Gideon gestured for them to follow, and the escort of the Hoplon Guard, a full thirty men armed to the teeth with lances, swords and anima tomes clutched and ready to cast from surrounded the group, walking forward almost in step with Ulrich. Despite the extremely law abiding nature of Illovendial (most people didn't want their hands cut off for stealing a purse or executed for mugging someone) they peered into every alley and doorframe as if a dozen Adramelechs waited inside.

The marble paved streets gleamed in the sun, the marble walls of the buildings likewise. Several civillians had heard about Ulrich's arrival, and by the time they reached The Agoge, it had turned into a full fledged parade. Thousands of Lequallians lined up in the street to cheer his arrival, remembering the friendship his father had possessed with their nation, and praising his son for it as well.

The ivory walls crowned with gold made it seem more for show than for any actual combat, but they knew better. The Lequallians were a vain people, with form and function carrying equal weight in their books, instead of just function. Everyone knew that the Agoge was one of the great fortresses of the world, on par with Dessau Castle and second only to Pax Endalia and Fortress Ankert. The gilded steel doors swung open, revealing the tree lined boulevard that went straight to the Grand Marshal's Court.

Once inside and with the doors slammed shut did the Hoplon Guard relax, although not by much. Numerous squads of soldiers saluted Ulrich as he walked past, cheering and yelling jokes, most of which were lost on the Ainori. Gideon's face had become far too smooth, though, and it was obvious he was laughing inside. They all had to do with men accidentally cutting their arms off or their wife stabbing them because they spent too long at war. That appeared to be a reference to a song, because the punchline was sung.

After a few minutes of walking, the group was in the Ivory Court, the plaza surrounded by palaces of the visiting ambassadors and Marshals. The Grand Marshal's palace itself lay directly ahead, its great gilded doors decorated with the symbol of Ahura, Tyler Hitori, and Evandele Hitori - the god, father and mother of the Lequallian race.

"If thou wish, we will take thee to the quarters prepared for thee, in order to freshen up before meeting the Grand Marshal. I wouldst not know, but I hath heard that riding horses can be quite uncomfortable." Gideon said, gesturing to the manor closest to the Grand Marshal's palace. He smiled a little bit - he was from the Shield Land, that rugged place where riding a horse meant a lamed horse or a broken neck.
2 May 2007
Falkyn, you need to post the list up and roll them for the Fall of 127 After Sundering.
22 Apr 2007
OOC: For the record, this RP is completely secret. No one other than the Grand Marshal and Ambassador Branwen know the outcome of this meeting, so you cannot act upon it until what happens is revealed.

It was a gorgeous day.

For Lequall, anyways.

The sky was only mostly cloudy - the volcanoes hadn't been very active over the past month, and blue sky was actually visible between the dark clouds. The sun seemed extra bright that day, splashing light onto the ivory coated spires and towers of Illovendial. Gold, cresting the graceful spikes of the capital city of Lequall, shone in the light, beaconing for all within sight the majesty and power of Lequall.

The Agoge sat at the edge of the city not guarded by the shell of The Mother's Mountain, one of the most powerful and defensible fortresses on Maris. Although it was graceful and beautiful, it was intimidating. Steel tubes, the mighty magoballistra themselves, bristled over the gold crested walls, ready to destroy any fool enough to attack with a barrage of magic blasts.

It was in this fortress that the Grand Marshal's Court lay. It was there that the Grand Marshal sat, awaiting the arrival of the Vadalian ambassador.
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