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7 Nov 2013
Bye. Demote to normal member etc.
7 Jun 2012
Now, I've never really played a Phantasy Star game before, but everything about this game looks promising as hell.

Keeping hearing series players call it the best PS game hands down after playing in the closed beta.

It's a free to play model with cash shop items, which means you can hop on in without paying a thing.

The next beta is speculated to be June 20th and if its like the last one, will last an entire week--likewise any progress made in the beta(s) carry over to the main game.

One character can be every class, and each class has its own "level" to it, while the character them self has no level. In other words, you can experience every class in the game with one character, but you can play the three 3 classes with 3 different characters at pretty much the same pace. Or anything in between.

Right well, enough of that, I don't know enough to be all that informative, the whole point here is sharing some download links if you're interested in getting in on the next beta event.

The Client:

English Translation Patch:

Registration Guide:

Just keep in mind this is the JP version of the game if you attempt to play and understand that even with the English patch most of it is in moonrunes. I am unsure if the next beta event is open to anyone that registers (its call a Pre-open-beta) or just the open one, but its not like being set for it ahead of time hurts.

If you want more information, well, I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, so here's the thread from Something Awful with the first post being fairly informative. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...mp;pagenumber=1
30 May 2012
Greetings wanderers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, travelers, soldiers, and everything in between! If you like sharp metal objects as much as I think you do, then my services are just what you're looking for! Armor? Shields? Martial weapons? All are serviceable and creatable. Tell me what you're looking for and, if you're lucky or have a little patience, I'll be sure to get it in your hands as soon as humanly possible. Fees are modest and maintenance is cheap, so why wait? Take a look.


Thread's just a fun way to perhaps get your PCs new weapons or fixes outside of happening strictly within threads. Any characters meeting Renee through this would be considered a canon event should they ever meet in an RP. For now her availability is restricted to inside the Lycian borders, but who knows, maybe later on that will expand along with her budding PC hacked business.

Currently craft capable weapons: Any Sword, Lance, or Axe E to D rank, and E rank arrow heads. Expect this to expand as the character advanced.
12 May 2012
Action-RPG Free to play "MMO". Its not quite full on MMO like some games, its more similar to games like Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter in terms of how multiplayer is handled. (And how the combat plays out, really.)


Unfortunately its published by Nexon which means you can kiss any form of customer service goodbye if something goes wrong.

I've recently gotten re-interested in the game and was wondering about any other interest in it. Between the F2P model and the nature of its playstyle, its very much something you can pick up and play whenever as long as you don't care about the raiding scene. (I find the overall leveling process of the game pretty fun without that.)

I play on the US West server and have been trying to round up some interest. Might not last very long but I figure it might have some potential for a little fun while it does. I have been struggling with some crippling technical difficulties on my side, which I think are largely related to my internet issue, as many other people do not have the issues I do with constantly disconnecting at unpredictable moments.

That said I'm quite willing to help any newcomers out with learning the basics and such.

Game's got plenty of faults but the core gameplay is, far as I'm concerned, pretty solid.


Some basic things I learned as I played that the game doesn't outright tell you;

Characters that can grab [all but Evie] (E key next to enemy) and then SLAM JAM (right click while grabbing)--if you use it next to a wall/pillar/fence, other enemies, ledges, or unbroken objects on the ground... you will get some health restored for doing so, its a great economic means of keeping your HP up while clearing through dungeon trash.

"Soul Bound" items are nearly non-existent. There some quest items you -must- acquire as drops for yourself, but many of them, quest related included, can be traded openly through the marketplace (auction house, basically). You can buy a set of gear that's an upgrade for you, use it, replace it with even better gear later you buy, and then resell the previous set back into the market.

Dungeon dives/sessions are hosted locally by whoever is the group leader. That means anyone on wireless (like me) should -not- host rooms whenever they can help it. This isn't an issue if you're soloing, though. And from my experience, you can solo most of the questing content. Some of the hardier bosses can be really difficult alone though. Higher level you get the less easily solo'd the content is.


Personal opinion;

Karok/Fiona and Lann/Evie make good synergies when two-manning content.

Crafting system is completely worthless. So is fishing.

While the character height you select does modify your attack range and attack speed, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things unless you can't but help min-max your stats.
1 May 2012
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, I just really feel like having some sort of crazy ass thread where a few badass as fuck PCs find themselves in the same situation and badass their way through it.

Obviously, only Manly Badasses need apply if they are interested, we can worry about sissy stuff like details later.


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