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I die when I am killed.
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7 Nov 2015
12 Dec 2011
We get like 2-4 members validating per day, and like one introduction thread per week. Damnit! How can we make them feel included!?
Maybe we should greet them before they even get validated...!
20 Feb 2011
Fun Fact: I've been her for six and half years and I haven't hosted an RP on my own before. That ends now.

At this very moment I lack a visible profile, but I'm gung-ho right now and Mr. Sky Leader told me my profile checked out, so why not start this up early. So the low-down:

A nameless, generic town we're mostly uninterested in that resides in Araducia has a legend we're mostly interested in. A hut at the edge of town has the bulimic habit of regurgitating the corpses of whoever enters, and with a ghastly twist...! Anyway read the post here for the backstory but uh we're all stuck in a demon's world that we were sucked into so they could feast on us. It's a labyrinth and it'll take us approximately a whole RP to escape.

Signups are quite open. Join with whoever you want, but if you're a really high level then I'll have to raise the combat bar and you'll end up babying poor little Kierra, my level one Mercenary. People limit is pretty flexible. I'm going to set it at five including Kierra and if any more ask I'll probably let them in anyway! So:

1. Space Flower - Kierra Kaeri
2. Agent R - Grace Fen-Rufierre
3. Sety of Silesia - Andrew Vastor
4. Emy - Venus Aureliana
5. Musketeer - Zanzib

Dumb Question: What should I do if someone joins with a character named Open Slot?
20 Jul 2010
(Kyaaaaa~ [obligatory self-deprecatory comment on short entry])

Name: Jenna Dorr

Age: 15 (I... I humbly request permission for my character to be below the recommended age... and yes, sir, I did get the memo!)

Creation Points: 15

Appearance: When one visualizes a teenage girl, not often does one picture a haggard, pitiful lass, with two sets of secondhand clothing to her name. A girl who looks nearly feral; her brown, sun-bleached hair is sheltered from comb and scissor alike, and her shorts are tattered remnants of old jeans. The sole contrast to her unkempt look is a set of radiant blue eyes. Her father's Native American heritage flows through Jenna's blood and manifests its presence through a brown skin tone, though not a full-blooded bronze. Her face is soft and rounded, a lucky trait considering how common malnutrition is to Jenna. Her body is more indicative of a weak diet. Her frame is irreparably frail, and her muscles aren't useful for much more than supporting her own weight. ([note on poorly written, unsatisfying appearance section])

Background: Life was given to Jenna on a silver, diamond-encrusted platter. From the beginning, her parents vowed to abandon their hedonistic lives and give their daughter everything. Their affection, their patience, and even their multimillion-dollar inheritance. Everything was set up for her, the little princess. An estate, servants, private schooling... It would all be for her.

The plans for Jenna's pampered life were supposed to continue even after her parents died within the crossfire of an Ethiopian conflict. It wasn't terribly hard for the orphan to adjust. After all, she was only six, and the truth was never revealed to her. The parents' will was extensive in its instructions to Jenna's godparent--her grandfather. Her inheritance had disappeared with them in war-torn lands, but they had trusted her grandpa to take care of her with the ample savings they had been giving to him. They never would have foreseen him piling up gambling depts and filing bankruptcy. And that's where they screwed up. Jenna had no other relatives, and her grandfather refused to leave her with an orphanage.

Instead, the girl lived in poverty with her grandpa, jumping from one apartment to another. Jenna took it well for a little girl whose life was consistently flipped topsy-turvy by school transfers and room evictions. Perhaps it was the stories her grandpapa told her about her parents and the grand fortune they possessed. She believed with all of her heart that her parents would come back for her one day and embrace her with their prosperity.

If that day was ever to come, her grandpa was too late to witness it. His mind began to regress, and before Jenna entered high school, he was deemed unable to support himself or his granddaughter. One was put into a nursing home and the other into a children's home. Life began on a silver platter, but in this current state, it festered and molded on the ground.

Jenna refused to put up with her circumstances. A normal girl may have seen through the lie by now, but this stubborn, rebellious girl clung to her imaginary parents--a last, desperate hope. She would give anything to find her mother and father. Determined, Jenna constantly ran away from her shelter. Most of the time she took refuge at a friend's house until she was found out by parents or ratted out. She had numerous problems with the law as well, and none of her options were working out. It seemed like rather than finding a way out of Bethany, Jenna was digging a hole into the town that she would never be able to escape if she continued living as she did.

She wanted a friend who was self-supporting, like... an adult! A kind person, but without any parents waiting like cats to pounce upon Jenna. She was in luck when she met a man named Paeter. After some trouble with demons, the two formed a small bond. (more stuff, then cue RPs! rawr!)

And she's totally cool with that tall, scary bouncer guy that stalks the streets. They're tight, man.

Statline: 0/3/2/3 Weak: Mystic

Weapon: Stuffed Rabbit

Active Skills:

Sexy Beam: Group (+3) Normal (+0) Almighty (+3)
It's powerful, but... is it sexy?
Chaos Impact: Single (+0) Normal (+0) Fire (+1) Mystic Combination (+1) Attack Weaken (+2) Pancakes (+0)
Would you like your enemies charcoaled?
Raiden Missile Single (+0) Normal (+0) Lightning (+1) Mystic Combination (+1) Defense Weaken (+2)
One-hit wonder.
Espoir: Single (+0) Short-ranged (-1) Normal (+0) Support (+0) Clear Mind (+1) Clear Body (+1)

Passive Skills: Mana Surge (+5), Electric Rise (+4), Anti Fire (+3), Anti Ice (+3)

Manifestation: Persona; Echo, the mountain nymph.

Macca: 1000

Garm - Tier 3
A dog whose howling shall herald Ragnarok.
1/0/0/1; Strong: Fire, Mystic; Weak: Ice, Wind
Slash; Agi; Dodge Fire, Counter
Racial: "Devil Speed" - Enchants the whole group to sprint at high speed for a brief moment.

Kikimora - Tier 2
A Russian house-sprite that helps out around the house.
0/1/0/1; Null: Mystic; Weak: Wind
Slash; Dia, Zan; Mana BonusKikimora - Tier 2
A Russian house-sprite that helps out around the house.
0/1/0/1; Null: Mystic; Weak: Wind
Slash; Dia, Zan; Mana Bonus
Racial: "Devotion" - Group Sniper Normal-Powered Support with Healing

[Insert spineless worries, request for forgiveness in the event that something has been done terribly, terribly wrong.]
26 May 2010
Maybe this is better in Forum Games? I don't know! All I know is that games are good for building forum activity. So here's one I like.
(I guess a mod would see the merit in moving this if they thought posts here don't deserve to boost post count.)
Rate the song above you (3/5, 8/10, 93%, whatever floats your boat) and post another song from a video game for the next person to rate!
Feel free to discuss any shared interests you may find.

I'll start with a frequent fliers on my nerdy playlists.
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