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My philosophy on life is: If you can do something, fucking do it!
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I'm not dead yet
25 years old
College Park, Maryland
Born June-26-1992
Mostly I like baseball and being with my friends. I also love music, especially playing the guitar. I go to class, I watch cartoons, I party, I chill. What more do you need?
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1 Oct 2013
No matter how many times I leave this damn place, I still wind up coming back every few years to lurk a bit. Guess it's just about that time again, because here I am. I left because this place started to fall apart, and every time I came back it never seemed to be getting any better. But if what Fala has been saying is true, then this place might finally be returning to it's former self, even if it's only a little at a time.

I'm not gonna ask my usual "what'd I miss?" because from the looks of it the answer is nothing (except a new Admin, hey sirocyl). So I'll just say hey everyone, long time no see. Guess I'll stick around and see if this place really does start heading uphill.
8 Feb 2013
Ok, so this was supposedly release on Monday, but anyone who went out to try and get it quickly found out that it wasn't so easy. Every Gamestop I went to told me they would probably be getting them Friday, so today I called to ask if it was in stock. It was not, so I called every electronics store within 5 miles of my campus, to no avail. Finally I called Walmart and they said they had one copy leftover after all the preorders, so I raced out to get it.

So...anyone else get it? Thoughts? I've only been playing for about an hour and a half but I can already tell this will be one awesome game. I would have played longer but I got frustrated because Sumia keeps managing to get herself killed. I've accidentally spoiled a few huge plot details for myself, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy the story all the same.
17 Nov 2012
Well, I made this topic on another forum and it got absurdly popular, so I figured I might as well try it here too!

Anyway, time for the great American pastime, drunken arguments! I'm drunk and ready to argue with anyone about anything. Post any argument and I will most certainly rescind. The only reason I didn't post it in the "Debate" forum is because this will most likely lack the "maturity" it asks for. With that being said, I've been drinking Kraken all night and I'm ready to debate!
9 Aug 2012
Saw a couple people making "Let's Play" topics for some of the later FEs, figured I'd give it a go for this classic. So you know the deal, I'll be taking screenshots of my progress and giving my input. Savestates will not be abused, and I will only restart my chapter if a unit dies (I may also decide not to restart and use the Valkyrie staff, but that's unlikely). Hopefully my units don't get screwed over by the RNG, and here we go!
Prologue: Part 1: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Ah, here we go, good old Geneology. I haven't played this in years. Memories of losing units at the end of an extremely long chapter, accidentally making the wrong units fall in love, skills not activating when I want them to...this is gonna be a long run.

And the scene is set. The game just starts and already Midir has failed miserably, something he will most likely continue to do throughout the rest of the first generation.

Yea yea, make fun of the fat guy. I know that there aren't any enemy reinforcements that can possibly take the castle in this chapter, but I usually leave Arden back here anyway. It might just be a habit at this point, but he stinks and I never use him anyway. 10 skill growth? No thanks. 20 speed growth? Sit down, tubby.

First chapter and thrown into battle in a 4 against 32 skirmish. Not gonna lie, this was intimidating when I first played it. When I first played this a few years ago, I thought "my ROM is broken!" because there was no way that the friggen prologue could look like this. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Surprise, Midir has failed once again.

Alright, now this is how it's done! As we all know, Lex is god. So naturally I will be using him and his axe throughout this run. Thank god he has a solid starting speed, because the growth is just as bad as Ardan's.

Midir needs to take a lesson from Lex! Although Azel has also been raping everything that comes near him. Just need to make sure they don't hit him, because then he'll lose over half his health.

Sigurd basically mops up the entire lower half of the map by himself. I tried to give Alec a good amount of experience too, but he can't kill the enemies in one round like Sigurd.

Well, shit. Decided I would try and let her kill an enemy or two, and lo and behold they managed to hit her, even with her avoid and the slim sword. Well, restart number 1.

Blazed through the map a second time, and finished the first half of the prologue with Sigurd. My level ups weren't as good this time around, but I managed to spread the exp around a little more. Still debating who to give the speed ring to though. Noishe is a good candidate, but he can't use pursuit anyway so it doesn't matter. Maybe Lex or Fin.

And that's all for this half of the prologue, tune in next time for the anti climactic battle with Gerrard!
for the next edition!
31 Jul 2012
God damn was the last chapter a disappointment. It took two turns. One turn walking up to the final boss, and then Roy was able to kill her in one turn (two rounds) while not being at all overleveled. He was level 20/4 and only had 16 strength.

After an overall fairly hard game, I found all the chapters after you kill Zepheil to be almost pathetically easy. The only challenge was in chapter 23 where there were so many sleep/berserk druids.
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