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27 Jan 2012
Yes, I owe you. No, I don't care. I've blown this popstand.

Yeah, I think everyone around here has caught on to the fact that I haven't been around lately. And, well, there's a reason to that. The bottom line is that I really shouldn't have come back. There's too much baggage here and too many bad memories. AIM just is not healthy for me, I've decided, as I was starting to regress back to an unhealthy state. That's a place that I just can't go. Upon making this post, I'll be changing the registered email address here and scrambling my passwords, so a return won't be possible.

In the immortal words of anastasia, sometimes you've got to be a bit selfish to take care of yourself. I'm cashing in my selfish chips and doing what I need to do to take care of myself. I apologize that I'm leaving a bunch of broken threads in my wake, but my first priority is to take care of myself. Maybe Vel a few of you will take some sort of pleasure in being bad for my mental state and can list this on your resume as proof of your evil corruption skills.

Here's lookin' at you, FEP. We fought so hard and tried so hard. But in the end, you didn't even matter.
9 Dec 2011
Here's the rundown. Sheila needs an RP, and since nothing else seems to be opening up, I'm now contractually obligated to make one. Here's the scenario that I have thus far: Sheila, the Pegasus Thief, has been knocking about some random port town in the Wilds for the past few weeks. Naturally, a girl can't operate out of an area without making a few friends, and one of the unlikely friends that she's made is that of a young serving girl. The serving girl is a slave.

Now, Sheila's not the sort to get worked up over those sorts of things. Slavery's all around her and there's not a lot she can do about that, especially since the innkeeper has sold the girl off and is delivering her to the new owner that evening.

That night, while trying to swipe some gold from an old sea salt's barge. Fur hits the fan when some unknown assailant takes a torch to the place, burning the ship to the nubbins and forcing Sheila to just barely escape with her life. Unfortunately, it turns out that the serving girl was below that ship's decks awaiting delivery to her new owner. The girl has now died a horrible death.

That's put Sheila in a bad mood, and Sheila decides that its now her responsibility to find the man responsible for that arson and smear his guts against the wall. She's also, probably, going to need some help to do it.

As you can probably see, this is not going to be a thread full of sunshine and dasies, so your super-lawful PC types probably won't fit in too well here. This is a thread that's going to look at the murkier side of the Wilds and slavery and put some of the horror back into the concept after the way I've trivialized it with a few PCs. Don't worry, this isn't going to be an 'R'-rated thread or anything, I don't roll that way, but it's going to deal with a few heavy subjects.

If you're interested, drop me a line below. I'm looking for two other PCs, preferably, but I may end up taking three more. I'd also like this thread to maintain a steady pace, so I'd prefer it if you can post at a reasonable rate.
22 Nov 2011
What this is.

Basically, I'm going to go back and revisit some of Echo's old RPs for the purpose of handing out critique, comments and general lambasting. Why? Because Echo asked me to. It's Echo's fault. Blame her.

The reason for this thread, proper, is because Echo also claims that everyone else in said threads would want feedback as well, so rather than sending a few million private messages to everyone involved in the threads, I figure that it'd be easier to keep all of this in one centralized location for easy viewing for anyone who cares to read my thoughts on the matter.

Also, I'm going to be stealing borrowing Text's experimental format for rolling thread grading since {A} I liked it, {B} it works very well for showing the reader's stream of consciousness, {C} it's a whole lot more entertaining to write this way than in the typical grading format. Therefore, I ask you not to take any of this too personally or read into it too much as I'm going to be pretty frank with my reactions and thought process. What I view as strange in one round might be explained away in the second and I'll accept that-- but this will let you see how the reader responds to every step of the RP.

All that said, the first RP on the block is Eye of the Storm Part II.


Opening Post: Echo

I was mildly surprised, upon reading the opening post, to realize that I had actually taken place in EotS Part 1 with Nathan Render. This led me to pause for several moments and try to remember what happened in EotS Part 1. As best my foggy memory serves, Marik got involved in some sort of brawl/fair fight and killed a man in self defense only to be charged with murder and end up shackled to a ship's mast for... some arbitrary reason. This led the PCs to congregate around him and while Nathan and Hannah got to know Marik, some other performer-type PCs stowed away on board and then revealed themselves with a song and dance number that may or may not have led to Nathan directly punching some other guy's lights out.

Yeah. My memory is worth a hill of beans.

Anyway, the post begins in media res with Marik awakening to find himself still shackled to the mast and eyeballing a storm a mile away. Evidently the ship he's on has left port and is in the middle of the ocean since the captain comes up and 'against her better judgment' decides that Marik deserves some time off for good behavior. She announces her intention to move him from the mast to the storeroom. A few other sailors unshackle him from the mast, chain his hands together, and then start carting him downstairs.

The 'in media res' works against this opening post quite a bit since there's barely any explanation of why Marik's being left exposed to the elements-- for what I can only assume is several weeks-- instead of in the brig or something. This is a bit of a problem I've noticed with long-running plotlines. Those involved in the plotline just pick up and move on assuming that everyone knows what the backstory is... which means that those of us who don't are in for a rough time of it.

The other thing that I end up wondering is why the Captain isn't at all concerned, and even seems pleased, that Hannah is becoming such a fast friend of Marik's. Since, as far as the Captain knows, Marik is a criminal and a murderer I can't see the benefit of having a lone girl starting to get cozy with him. That just seems asking for trouble.

Despite the nitpicks, this was a fairly decent opening post. It could have just stood to a bit more exposition to the Batman Cold Open.

Reply #1 - Lysander

Amusingly enough, Lysander's post opens with Mousey Hannah fuming that the Captain is treating her with kid gloves and acting over-protective of her a bit. With my last nitpick about the Captain's actions in mind, this paints a rather sorry picture of what, I feel, is intended to portray a strong woman figure in the role of authority. Adding to this amusement is the fact that Hannah feels she can intimidate the men just because the captain likes her and take them to task for not helping Marik shuffled downstairs.

Taking the amusement even further is Mousey's mental decision to learn from Marik how to be a better sailor and pirate. Isn't that what I was just afraid of?

Setting that aside, I like how Lys ties his post into Echo's by referencing the same thunderclap. While the mini-epiphany is a bit of a stretch at this point, I'll give Mousey some benefit of the doubt as she seems the overeager type. All in all, a solid post.

Reply #2 - Echo

Mousey Hannah's attempt at intimidation seems to have failed as, rather than shirking away, the guards just give her a grunt and a brush off. Heh.

It looks like my guess about them being several weeks at sea was reasonably accurate as Marik is now weak as a kitten and has lost his sea legs. A quick fall leaves him with a mostly dislocated shoulder. Honestly... I'm not sure how I feel about that. I still can't quite remember why he was chained up on the mast in the first place or what warranted such a level of behavior. Without that reason being re-iterated in the thread, it just seems to have happened for the sake of happening... I'll have to look it up later to put this question to rest.

The guards are less than sympathetic, Marik just leans on Hannah for help and hopes that that can convey his thanks. Meanwhile, he has building rage at his captors. Kind of a mixed response, but I guess we can roll with it.

Reply #3 - Lys

Lys backpedals a bit with his post, rolling back time so that Hannah can respond to the guard before the rocking of the ship knocks Marik over. Now, this is me personally speaking, but any time an RP-er does that, it really throws me for a loop. Especially when the previous poster detailed several long events immediately after what is being backpedaled to. Suddenly, we've gone from Marik being injured and in pain to uninjured but weak and then tumbling to the ground all over again. Again personally speaking, I would have just started my post after Marik was on the ground so that the chronological order didn't get all topsy-turvy like this... but to each their own.

This post also hints that the reason that Marik was tied to the mast in the first place was because he sabotaged their ship somehow. Okay... that's a bit better than just for sake of plot, but... uh... still would like to know the details of that. Anywho...

This post also reveals that Hannah's not quite so innocent as the town and style of her posts leads the individual to believe. She mentally belittles the crew, plots about how to give them food poisoning, and then mentally declares her intent to free Marik from his confines.

And the Captain thought it a good thing for Hannah to get to know Marik... why?

This, however, brings up what I think is a developing strength of Hannah's character: as written, she's mischievous and bitter but still retains a bit of innocence about her, as though she's acting without malice but just because she believes this to be what is right. Interesting blend, that. Hopefully, that will pay off in the future.

Reply #4 - Echo

Looking at Marik's condition, where he can hardly stand and walk, I have to wonder how he'll possibly be able to survive combat. I guess we'll see.

Beyond that... he's shackled to a cot so that he can't move and the guards feel the need to establish themselves as unsympathetic jerks by displaying mild sexism. Granted, this isn't entirely Echo's fault as Lys has been playing up this angle as well, but... seriously? Between the guards, Marik and Mousey Hannah, is the Captain the only decent individual on this ship? I understand that everyone is trying to portray Marik as sympathetic, but this seems to be overdoing it just a smidge. I'm not talking about the sexism angle, per se, just the general portraying of the guards and crewmen as jerks.

Despite my grumblings and nitpicks, this is still a decent thread, so please don't think that it isn't. Marik himself is just sort of on cruise-control here, routinely switching between grumbling about his condition, plotting revenge, and justifying his need for Hannah's presence, so there's only so much to be said about him.

Reply #5 - Lys

Again mood whiplash is experienced as Lysander rewinds time so that Hannah can laugh at a joke. However, this time reversal isn't explained until after the fact, leading me to believe that Hannah's laughing at the insinuation that all she's good for is mopping floors. Such turns out not to be the case.

Things escalate between Hannah and the guards as Hannah begins insulting them to their face. In the process of this, she, evidently, insults Marik's constitution. She then apologizes to him for it. Genuinely apologizes.

And her attitude towards Marik still isn't setting off any alarm bells in the crew's mind?

Reply #6 - Echo

... At this point, I think we've lost all hope of any competency among the crew. One of the guards, Rumsey, gets so offended by Hannah's insinuation that he's a coward that he storms out of the room, away from guard duty, to go topside and help prep the ship for the storm. What does the other present guard, Jarrod, do?

He chases after Rumsey leaving Hannah alone with Marik. He leaves Marik alone with a vocal sympathizer. And to put the icing on the cake, he givers her a verbal warning that if anything funny happens, it'll be on Hannah's head. Great idea, Jarrod, let's leave the murderer alone with his only voice of support and hope that she won't do anything rash. Which one of you was supposed to be the idiot, again? Why didn't you or Rumsey just eject Hannah from the room? That would have made a lot more sense.

Oh, right. Plot armor. Carry on.

Reply #7 - Lys

Again, time is rewound; again, I don't think it works.

Hannah laughs at the guards and lampshades their idiocy. Then she decides to go get her mattress and give it to Marik. How she thinks that will fly with the guards and captain. I don't know. But, hey, she's gotten away with her master plan this far. What's a little detail like that to stop her?

Right about now I begin to wonder how Marik is handling the storm that well. While both PCs have noticed the hubbub and the storm overhead, neither one of them has made mention or notice of the boat rocking back and forth or up and down, which was a large plot point a moment ago when Marik almost dislocated his shoulder. In theory, shouldn't the boat still be rocking all around, and Marik, still being weak as a kitten, be having a large amount of trouble staying in his bunk?

Reply #8- Echo

Marik vetoes the idea of switching mattresses on the grounds of that requiring him to move and it being dangerous to move something so big around by herself in the middle of a storm. This, again, makes me wonder how he's doing so well with the pitching and rolling. I guess now we'll never know how Hannah would have gotten away with it. Bummer.

Marik again proves himself to be completely weak as he's having a hard time talking. But, since he's starting to have what looks like a panic attack for some unexplained reason, he tries to initiate conversation.

"Hey, baby, ever been on a stormy sea before?"


And on that note, I think its time to put this on hold for a refreshing pause. Despite my gripes and fussing, the RP has been rather enjoyable. I really like Hannah as a character as she has many layers to her character and actions that give her a lot of depth. She's an abrasive little mouse, I'll give her that.

Marik on the other hand... he's harder to pin down. His own thoughts and feelings seem blurred into the narrative such as that it's hard to get a real sense of him. I'm told thus far he experiences, and seems to rotate between feeling, pain, weakness, anger and a desire for help. But none of that is really fleshed out enough to stand against the token idiot NPC presence either. This makes me wonder if something similar happens to my characters in the threads that I'm running... so it might be wise to try and make the PC 'pop' a little more out of the narrative.

Anywho, I'll try to review a little more of this thread tomorrow, but I can't promise anything. This is Solo the Wingman, signing off.
5 Nov 2011
Deep within an Etrurian province lay the province of a baron. For the past several weeks, there have been whispers of rebellion and sedition. Concerned with these rumors, the baron asks his finest knight to investigate. A short time later, a rabble of foreigners and dissidents are placed within the custody of the dungeons, and the knight reports back success.

Little does the baron suspect that he has just asked the fox to guard the hen-house.

So, the basic idea here is that a knight is planning a coup and he needs a few scapegoats to cover his backside. Enter the PCs. At the start of the RP, the PCs will be arrested on charges of forming rebellion and locked away. What happens after this depends on what actions the PCs take. Do they escape? Wait it out for a better opportunity? Try to send for help? Their actions could decide the fate of the entire province.

A few quick notes:
`Usual rules apply. Dust-ups happen IRP, but try to keep the OoC relations civil. Don't gripe or complain about who else is applying for the thread and don't send me any messages about who you will or will not RP with.
`If you join, then you're expected to read the posts of others in their entirety and to play off of them. There can't be any one-man-bands here.
`For sake of this thread's existence, I'll be instituting a four day time limit. If four days pass after the last post, then expect to be skipped.
`On an entirely different note, think of this as an NPC-run thread. I'd like everyone to try and participate and move the plot forward, like you would in an NPC-run thread, as I find that infinitely more interesting than one person telling everyone what to do.
`As an addendum to the above, don't hijack the thread, work with myself and the others to react realistically to the situation.

If you're still with me after all that, feel free to apply below.

Cast List:
Devora Lasenby -- Wingman
Possibly Reserved for Foe
6 Oct 2011
The next time that you need posting motivation, just take a gander at these. And feel free to submit your own.

solowingpegasi: Demand double time of your participants.
solowingpegasi: Expect the most; make them post.
(piratehystrix) Don't make it easy, make it squeezy.
solowingpegasi: One dragon head per RP thread.
(piratehystrix) Don't just coast, go make a post.
solowingpegasi: If you don't post, the RP'll be toast.
(piratehystrix) You should reply, if you don't want it to die.
solowingpegasi: The greater the amount, the higher the thread count.
solowingpegasi: If you don't wanna disappear, then you'd best get it in gear.
(piratehystrix) Good to post often, so the thread can avoid the coffin.
(piratehystrix) You don't have to post an essay, just make it classy.
solowingpegasi: Your posting lapse allows others to make tracks.
(piratehystrix) If you know what to do, don't let the post stew.
(lysander478) If you're feeling too terribly down, then get out of town!
solowingpegasi: If you listen to your muse, you'll be eaten by grues.
solowingpegasi: When you hit submit, then others won't quit.
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