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I have during my stay at FEP been an advisor, an RP leader, an RL mod and an Admin before vanishing (as most seem to have) for a few years.
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Smile, because you are beautiful.
26 years old
Houston, Texas
Born Sep-7-1991
My home state of Texas (and most things pertaining thereto), reading, learning, thinking and drinking.
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10 Jul 2009
I would like to request an attempt at this, to see how it will look, and to be kept if it turns out well. I'm willing to pay FEPoints if they're desired, but regardless I really appreciate anyone willing to try this.

I need to see if it's possible/how it would look to have Sothe's scarf/cloak edited onto this existing mug. It can stay the color it is.

Thank you again.
16 Jun 2009
Which do you prefer? Why? What are some of your favorites from each category?

I ask this because for whatever reason I highly prefer nonfiction to fiction. I like to learn about stuff that has actually happened. This is not to knock fiction at all, because a good story can completely take you away. I was simply wondering if anyone had a clear preference or liked both and had some recommendations.

Right now I'm reading Public Enemies, about the crime wave of 1932-33 and the rise of the FBI, Emotional Intelligence, and Blink.
16 Jun 2009
To anyone who can help me, I'd highly appreciate a try on this. Not sure how many FEPoints I have but I'll give as many as you'd like.

Hair: http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-archive-character-body10/206
- Hair: dark brown

Head: http://www.feplanet.net/media/sprites/10/c...dy/geoffray.png
- Eyes: hazel/green

Body: http://www.feplanet.net/media/sprites/10/c...er/body/lay.png
- Shirt: white
- The rest: any mix of shades of brown

If they all fit, that is. The head is probably too big or angled wrong. If so, the body I'd like to be this with an off-white vest and white sleeves and a slightly darker brown for the beige stuff.

Or both if it's possible/you'd like to try. Again, I'd be very thankful.

14 Jun 2009

Name: Tobias Leventhal
Nation: Crimea
Age: 22
Race: Beorc

Appearance: Tobias is a basic model of an early-twenties beorc male. He stands at an even six feet and packs a decent amount of muscle onto his frame—enough to lend tone and strength, but not bulk—thereby weighing in at around 170 lbs. Atop a thin, oval-shaped face, he features a crop of darker brown hair that appears black when wet and chestnut in sunlight; it is wavy on top and curls at the bangs, ears and back of his neck. Often he will cover his hair with a faded brown hat reminiscent of that a paperboy might sport, but when he does not, he still maintains a calm and charming look. His chin, set along a defined jawline, is rounded and, being the one place he does not shave, is highlighted by a thin and short goatee. The most fascinating feature of his face is his eyes, which appear naturally hazel but in certain lights can have a tint of blue-gray (this occurs more often in his right eye). A proponent of making solid eye contact when speaking, these eyes are blazingly sharp and can hold many people's attention. All of this is set against a skin tone that is fair though not overly pale. Thus, he does not appear to have spent much time in sunlight. He is modestly attractive to the point that he is generally acknowledged as good looking, but for the most part fails to turn heads or even catch wandering gazes.

Not standing out is a talent, he jokingly purports, in and of itself, that helps further his chosen trade. With this in mind he dresses very simplistically, often utilizing his hat in tandem with a sleeveless or informal white shirt and cargo pants or khakis. His only requirement is that his dress be non-constricting and not draw attention, although he at times carries a nice dress shirt for occasions or situations that necessitate it. Generally, the pants or shorts that he wears have a belt or have been customized so that, one way or the other, they are capable of holding several loops and a satchel or two along with their usual pockets. This allows for easy transport of keys (or key rings), knives, small accessories, money and/or other items he may have on him at the time.

It is often hard to notice such items in casual conversation, however, as he moves very little when speaking or listening, not prone to talking with his hands or being overly animated. In so doing he avoids both the movement and sounds of the items that accompany sudden motions and appearing conspicuous; with some indeterminate combination of nature and skill, he is not a highly memorable person, and is often hard to describe (both in appearance and demeanor) outside of generic profiles. He has long been compulsively determined to maintain a good posture when standing, speaking, sitting or walking, and thus keeps his shoulders back and his head held up most of the time. In spite of his eyes, which can be piercing, he often smiles in a friendly way in interaction with others and more or less appears to be an intelligent, reserved and happy guy.

Personality: Despite the fact that he is a thief, a profession which would seem to call for a two-faced con artist or an expert actor, Tobias (referred to as Toby) actually is an intelligent, reserved and happy young man. He gets a heavy thrill out of learning and believes something can be learned from anything, which leads him to all sorts of undertakings; he loves to read, watch theater, speak to strangers, adventure and do anything himself that seems interesting and can potentially be a learning experience. Not one to let a moment pass by but aware of the fact that time is an unstoppable, constant flow in one direction, he tries to remain lighthearted and not take himself too seriously, thereby enjoying every moment he has. Being the unorthodox scholar that he is, he enjoys conversation but treats each one with the same level of discretion: It is better to keep one's mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. It is this that makes him appear thoughtful and sometimes quiet.

Toby views people themselves not through the lens of good and evil as many others do, but by the scope of intelligence they display. The world is not full of good people with a few bad nor bad with a few good; no, it is full of a lot of uneducated people, many of whom can be either good or bad depending on their situation, with a good collection of smart ones scattered in between. However, just because he believes someone to be dull in the mind does not mean he assumes he cannot learn something personally from them. Everything, after all, can teach something. But he is wary of trusting a large amount of people because he believes that it is not a hard thing for a person, even a very smart one, to make a very stupid decision. Never one to believe himself too good for humanity's norms, he casts this light on himself as well, constantly checking and measuring his feelings, thoughts and actions to prevent himself from making bad choices in spur-of-the moment situations. Laguz, to him, are essentially the same as beorc, plus or minus a few physical differences. He does not discriminate against them and any distrust he shows them he would also readily show to a beorc. If anything, he respects laguz a bit more for their open and simple lifestyles and their blunt attitudes.

Regarding his "job," he treats it as any person treats their profession. He enjoys it a bit, but at the end of the day, it is a job, and it is a part of life just like any thing else he does, and just like any other job. He does not consider his thievery to be wholly dishonest, in his mind thinking that he probably needed the item (and more importantly, would value it) more than its previous owner, and often justifies a successful heist by comparing its level of ease with the stupidity of the victim and reminding himself that it wouldn't have been stolen if it had been better protected—and it would've been better protected if it had been more highly valued. This belief underlies the two most essential facets of Toby's personality: that, one, he is a person who first and foremost looks at things (anything at all) and decrees that it is, at its very basic core, exactly what it is; everything is what it is; no exceptions; and two, he places a large emphasis on living things' tendency to lose focus of how much they should value who they are and what they have. This conviction that everything is of high value and should be treated as such is a large part of what led him to become a thief. It is probably that which prevents him from being a sociopath, given his lack of guilt over stealing. Thieving is his job and it is another part of life. He is not afraid of death, the law, guilt or heartbreak and he does not regret, repent or dwell. No remorse. No fear. All business.

It is what it is.

Biography: Born to happy, hard-working, upper-middle class parents Edgar and Abigail in Nadus, not far from Melior, in Crimea, a place most suited to make an honest living, Tobias Egan Leventhal was a healthy baby who soon grew into a joyful and admirable kid. He was provided for and did not want for much; his was simply an average life, free of strife, poverty or fear but also of gilded decadence, fame and power struggles. He was raised to be tolerant of laguz but probably would have turned out to respect them anyway. His is a case that psychologists could use to support both the person-situation controversy and the fundamental attribution error, in which neither nature nor nurture can fully account for the personality of an invididual—and in some, if not many, cases, neither can at all. His parents were honest and diligent, treating their son (their only child, as it would turn out) with care and respect without pampering or shielding him. They enjoyed his growth and company and were proud of him for what he appeared to be and of themselves for bringing up and along such an upstanding future adult. They fostered his love of learning and worked long hours to pay for him to be as well-educated as a middle-class child could.

While they did this, it remained unknown to them that around the age of 13 he had quickly gained an affinity for attributing to everything he saw a certain value (almost certainly high) and desiring several things he did not have—directly in spite of the fact that he already had quite a bit. Worse yet, he would rapidly begin simply taking the things he desired when presented with an opportunity. After reassessing its value and deciding for or against keeping it, he would either hide it amongst his things or sell it on the town market. He never had much trouble hiding the evidence considering the fact that his kindhearted parents trusted him implicitly. He quickly amassed a fair amount of spare change and items both valuable and trifling. It should be noted, however, that not all of this was done in cold blood, nor did it all go selfishly to waste.

When his parents paid out of their own pockets to arrange a tutor for him when his studies turned serious, at age 15, he took his first opportunity alone with his teacher to arrange to pay him a sizable amount (relative to his rates) up front and small portions afterward in return for a reduced price for his parents, of which they would never be notified. The tutor agreed and the deal was arranged in secret. Impressed by the maturity of the young, inquisitive man with bright eyes that sat before him, the tutor poured every drop of knowledge he could into Tobias, taking a quick liking to him. But was it maturity? Not to young Toby. To him, his parents had earned their money and had taken good care of him, meaning that they deserved to have some of the burden eased on them in this. It was give and take. It was what it was.

He studied hard and well, genuinely loving his studies, for two years under this tutor, who became a good family friend. At the end of the two years, Tobias, now 17 and nearing 18, was more or less prepared and ready to leave his home. With knowledge from his tutor, skills from his father, passion from his mother and work ethic from all three, there could not be a better paragon of a young adult well-conditioned to make the move into the world on their own. Tobias, for his part, was uncertain of his future, but he was eager to seek it. There were only three things he could decide on with any certainty: he loved learning and wanted to continue doing it; he loved thieving and wanted to continue doing it; and, his parents deserved a share of any benefit that came from either of the two. When the time felt right, he said his goodbyes and gave his thanks to the parents he loved and who loved him and departed towards Melior, having left telling them that he was immediately going to continue his studies and pursue some sort of certification. Truthfully, that may very well have been his goal at the beginning, or at the very least one of them. In any fashion, it was something he wanted to do in his heart.

But everything was what it was.

And truth be told, thieving was easy. He was rather good at it. After nearly five years of practice and with a whole new world opening up to him, he was excited to continue it. In Melior, he made friends at every turn, or in simple terms was well-liked by all he encountered, gaining respect in certain circles as an educated, attractive, friendly and honest young man with goals in life and the talent and conviction to work towards them. Yet he never indulged himself in women or the chasing of them, and it was often hard to get a hold of him or bring him along on excursions outside of friendly chatter. Somehow he was both popular and aloof, charming and distant. He was hard to figure out.

If the tavern and book club crowds found him hard to figure out, it was nothing compared to what those in small corners of the Melior underworld found him to be. Quickly accepting thievery to be his de facto job considering that he would not enjoy anything nearly as profitable nearly as much, he dabbled in parts of said underworld, knowing that the one in Melior was not nearly as severe or expansive as would be found in other regions (say, Daein), keeping a low profile while reaping modest profits. With much effort, he managed not to acquire too much of a reputation. Not yet. He did not need to be known or feared or respected, not yet, because—yes—he was what he was.

With his level of practice and expertise growing, he moved his studies from the library to the streets, morphing from an expert on books into an expert on people. In his mind, they were really two sides of the same coin that was knowledge anyway. While smartly managing his funds he continued to steal and sell and keep and treasure (both loot and life), leading an otherwise simple existence that would befit such an unassuming and cordial young man, searching, always searching, for the next drop of knowledge, putting off until tomorrow everything he could not get done today.

Thief Level 14

Weapon Levels: Swords - C
Keen, Thin Bladed, Mithril Dagger

Throwing Knife
Thin Bladed, Double Fuller, Returning Steel Dagger

Approved by IB!
13 Jun 2009
Any way to resurrect them? Actually, I can't find mine regardless. Maybe didn't look hard enough.
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