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16 Feb 2012
I'm a little confused about if a char starts with a weapon, and if there's extra limitations to that weapon.
14 Feb 2012
Name: "Switch Hand" Marcus Alderain
Title: Mercenary for Hire
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Bern
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Whoever he feels has the most honorable cause that pays.
Class: Mercenary
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: C (0/5)
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Height: 6'2 feet or 188cm
Build: Tall and Sturdy
Appearance: Marcus is a strong, sturdy individual who looks ten years older than he should be. His body is tanned, muscled, and scarred in places. The scars crisscross over his arms, and his body, though the body scars are seldom seen. He wears a sleeveless blue tunic with black pants. He wears a pair of black gloves with the fingers cut off on his arms. They cover his entire lower arm up to his elbows, and on the right hand there are metal plates that are dented and chipped. On his waist sits a black belt on which he keeps his coin purse, food sack for traveling, and his wineskin. Black boots with metal plating over the toes protect his feet, and his sword is slung over his back.

His face, is sharp, but not without the scars. Three intersect across the right side of his chin, forming a lopsided astrix. Another runs from the left side of his mouth all the way up to the ear. To add to his grizzled appearance, he constantly has fine stubble on his face. Vibrant red hair is kept short, and by how uneven it is, one can accurately guess that he cuts it himself. Contrasting with the red are his deep, dark blue eyes.

Overview: Marcus is easily described by most as a man of war. He lives for the thrill of the fight, and is often bored when there isn't one. He is constantly looking for stronger opponents to test his limits. In his mind, if they pick up a weapon and point it at him then they are fair game. Men, women, elderly... he will fight them all if he thinks they will be a worthy challenge.

However, Marcus is not without morals. He prefers to take up fights that have a good cause. Bandit hunting, usurping a corrupt leader, stomping an unjust rebellion. Those are the jobs he prefers. Money means little to him, outside the next meal and drink, and maybe a tavern stop.

He is a quiet man off the battlefield. Quiet, and as stated before, bored. On the battlefield, he can often be found grinning, or even laughing if he's found a good opponent. He does however, to his dismay, empathize with the downtrodden and those good people who lost everything when they didn't deserve to. Often the crying of children or young maidens will compel him into something he otherwise wouldn't do. And while he is quiet and reserved, he's not above forming friendships with people, given that he's with them long enough.

Marcus is rude, blunt, and straight to the point. He hates when people beat around the bush, or can't be forward with whatever needs saying or doing. He has no problems being vulgar, and takes some amusement in the disgust it earns from others. He refuses to speak proper english, as he feels proper speaking is for rich upper class weaklings who cannot fight.

Biography: Darius was born in Bern, where his father, and his father's father was born and raised. For the first few years of life, everything was fairly normal. His father left occasionally to hunt bandits as a captain of wyvern squad. His mother had been a mage of little renown that had worked as a mercenary herself once upon a time.

When he was six, his father set out and did not return. His mother became distraught, and struggled to support herself and Marcus with a small job at the inn. The work was often stressful, and Marcus often found himself home alone with no play mates outside a hand carved wooden sword.

When he was seven, his mother started teaching him basic things like reading, writing, numbers, and the very basics of magic. By the time he was nine, he had the basic theory of anima magic memorized, and was well on his way to becoming an academic mind in Bern.

That is until his father returned. At first the two were overjoyed when he came back. But to his mother's dismay, the man she'd fallen in love with had changed. He would repeatedly get drunk, and quarrel with Marcus' mother. Often this would lead to him physically hurting both his mother, and himself.

By ten years of age he had an infant sister to look after. He did his best to look after her when their mother was away at work. Their father was seldom called to fight bandits, but Marcus celebrated it every time it happened.

The next thing to change his life happened when he was twelve. He had been tasked with taking his sister outside and some of the other kids came over and started pushing him around. When he didn't cry or fight back, they started going for his sister. In that moment he snapped.

He didn't remember much of what happened then. But Marcus does recall standing with a bloodied and broken stick over three other boys. It was then that he realized he was strong enough to change things. Or so he thought. That night when his father found out, Marcus was beat within an inch of his life. After a couple weeks of recovery Marcus decided that he needed to get stronger.

So he spent the next few years picking fights with the other kids, sometimes losing them only to come back at them when he could. Other times he would win, only to be jumped by many of the other kids.

When he was sixteen he came back to his home to find it on fire. He could hear the screaming of his sister screaming from upstairs. When he opened the door he found his father shouting at the two upstairs to burn. Seeing his father's sword laying on the ground he grabbed it up and ran his father through. He was unable to get into the upstairs to save his sister and mother. To his knowledge, they burned to death inside that house.

It was the first time he took a life, and it wouldn't be the last. The innkeeper that had employed his mother knew what had been going on and when Marcus came in and told him what had happened, the man eagerly handed Marcus a small purse of gold, and some advice.

Following it he made his way out to the western isles. Once there, he took up the sword to fight the brigands, and whoever picked a fight with him. It didn't take Marcus long to realize that he enjoyed battle and bloodshed. And he quickly embraced it. He earned the name Switch Hand Marcus within six months due to his fighting style. Many a bandit died when Marcus simply switched which hand he was holding the sword in to unballance his opponents.

Four years passed after that, before he was finally brought low. He'd been sent out to escort a ship from the isles to Euteria. The captain was someone that Marcus had wronged in the past, and the man took the opportunity to leave Marcus with the pirates. For several days he was tortured by them, giving him most of the scars he has to this day.

When night fell he broke free of his bonds and constraints. Then one by one he ran each pirate through slaughtering the crew. It was a couple weeks before a trade vessel found the derelect pirate vessel, and the then starving Marcus on board. They took him in and brought him to Badon, in Lycia.

He's since spent the last two years traveling as a mercenary hunting bandits and the like.
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