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There isn't really much to say right now. I'm just a guy who likes Fire Emblem, specifically, Thracia 776.
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Ced of Silesse
The Bearer of the Forseti Tome
30 years old
Silesse on the continent of Jugdral
Born Dec-4-1989
Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog (Mostly the older ones), hunting and killing Bidoofs...ok, maybe not that last one.
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Ced of Silesse


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28 Sep 2013
I think it's time I leave.

I enjoyed RPing with a lot of you folks, but those days are long over it seems. Thanks for the memories.
17 Oct 2012
Sk'harrah...Andrew hadn't been here in some time. He and Grace decided to return to the place where they had first met Kraid. Andrew was alone at the moment though, seeing as the dancer had taken Kraid out for a walk. Andrew had questioned that, wondering why she would take the mauthedoog out for a walk without him. But he wasn't about to argue. Kraid needed the exercise after all and it would only help keep him busy.

In the meantime, Andrew decided to do some exploring of his own. The lands of Sk'harrah still held many mysteries for the magus. He had only been there once in his life and he hadn't done much. He hadn't ever really dealt with dragons much. It was mostly humans...and fighting demons. But he had never really done much with dragons.

The young man wandered the land for some time and he was just about ready to head back to where he was staying. Of course, fate wouldn't be so kind. After what seemed like a long time, Andrew was about to find himself dealing with something that wasn't so simple.
3 Jun 2012
Andrew Vastor didn't expect to be back in Nagarath so soon. It was odd. He recently traveled to Araducia briefly, only to get roped into protecting one of the members of the Duval family. He didn't even really want to, considering how her demeanor had been. Perhaps the arid nation wasn't all bad though as he and Grace Fen-Rufierre found a nice, warm beach to stay at. It was a great change of pace from the place he had been at Araducia. He also had the chance to get a little something for Grace. However, he held off on presenting it to her. He wanted the moment to be just right. Doing so in Araducia after a very annoying run-in with a nasty Duval wasn't his idea of the right moment. But sunset on a Nagarathi beach would certainly work.

He couldn't wait. He wondered just what her reaction would be to his gift to her. He spent his own money on it rather than just use money he and Grace earned through their performances. It was a functional gift, yes. But it would also symbolize something Andrew hoped he was ready for and hoped that Grace would accept. Leave it to Nikang to push him to do this.

Nightfall was near, so Andrew decided to head back to the inn. He didn't wish to keep Grace waiting after all.


As nightfall came to be, Andrew entered the inn and went up to the room. He smiled as he opened the door.

"Grace, I've returned," Andrew said as he entered the room. The young man still wore most of his typical attire, but he wore a shorter sleeved tunic to account for the climate change.
11 Feb 2012
"It is so hard to believe everything that has happened..." Andrew Vastor thought to himself. And it did seem quite surreal. His last adventure placed himself and Grace Fen-Rufierre in a rather interesting, though dangerous situation. In Araducia, there was a manse where a hero planned meetings to battle demons who had been attacking the town. Ultimately, the hero sacrificed his life and the demons were annihilated. But as it turned out, the hero was revealed to be Andrew's ancestor and the former wielder of the legendary tome Excalibur. After a battle against a powerful lamia, who also turned out to be the one behind the deaths of Andrew's parents, Andrew and Grace were victorious. Andrew also managed to inherit Excalibur from the spirit of his late ancestor Richter Vastor.

From there, Andrew and Grace continued their travels. They had no set destination in mind. The two mainly just wanted to enjoy each other's company. There were other reasons as well though. Andrew enjoyed learning more about the world and he wanted to further Grace's cause. The dancer had intended on becoming well-known across Skylessia, much as her ancestor Dineyl Vinder had done.

There was a third traveler among them too though he was not human. He was a mauthedoog named Kraid. Andrew and Kraid got along well enough, but the mauthedoog's loyalty was mainly with Grace. That didn't bother him at all though. He just helped Grace take care of him as well as he could.

Things had been peaceful though ever since the last adventure though. Andrew and Grace, right now, were simply traveling along a path. They were not too far from a town. But peace could only last so long.
6 Feb 2012
So basically, awhile back, Andrew Vastor ended up breaking out of prison. He had been put there by corrupt guards after trying to fight off bandits. Long story short, help came in an unexpected way in the form of a woman named Violet, who broke him and a fellow inmate out. But until now, Andrew hadn't faced any danger from that fact.

Now however, the young man finds that bounty hunters are in pursuit. Despite his strength, Andrew can't just fight them off.

This is where other characters come in. They can see the scuffles caused by the bounty hunters or whatever. This will be a four-person RP. This isn't first-come first serve though. As for location...perhaps the Marcelli Empire. Seems like a logical area where Andrew would be tracked.

1. Andrew Vastor - Dark Sage
2. Grace Fen-Rufierre - Maestro
3. Karla Nairi - Dancer
4. Kachua - Performer
NPC. Clarice Callis
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