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18 Jan 2012
Well, some people wanted to do a villainous magical girl game. And I (finally) found a system that works okay enough for it, so...

How It Started

"What if I gave you the power to fulfill your wishes?"

If you heard these words over a month ago, you probably wouldn't believed it. Well, not that you believed them even now. Not when it came from the mouth (?) of some strange stuffed animal that appeared to you one night. But you already heard the rumors, or maybe you saw them yourself. Like something straight out of a frilly-laced cartoon - gorgeously dressed women that wielded amazing powers against monsters and villains from another dimension. Self-proclaimed arbiters of justice and love and every emotion they cared for. Magical girls.

It didn't make sense, then. You didn't really care for any of that. You had a lot of issues, but in the end, you're the type that was angry, frustrated, and carried nothing but apathy to the world. Even if this nonsense turned out to be true, you weren't really the type to become a magical girl. But the stuffed animal picked you, anyway. And it didn't even care what you did with whatever powers you acquired from the agreement. The only clause was that it bounded your for life. There was no backing out from being a magical girl.

There was something behind this. Maybe some dark ploy, or a weird way to bring cosmic balance in the universe. In the end, you didn't care. Neither did the other girls you banded with, an alliance you created against any force of love, courage and whatever else that stood in your way. You gained the power to do whatever you wanted to the city. The stuffed toy asked again,
What are you going to do with it?

What Your World Is Like

Metrocity is where you live, a large industrialized area in the coast of Japan. On the surface, it looks like the city of the future. Tall, shining skyscrapers tower the sky, and the concrete streets are filled in the cusp of technological marvel. Sliding doors, television phones, electric automobiles, you name it. The fashions haven't kept up just yet, though; your school uniform and street clothes are still quite modern.

You've heard a lot of nasty rumors about the city though, that it used to be the site of strange phenomena and mass burial sites from centuries ago. The government tried to cover as much of that up as possible by plowing over the cursed land and placing really, really shiny buildings on top of it. Even its original name is rubbed out from the maps; everyone just calls it Metrocity these days. Despite these efforts, a lot of urban legends from the past persist, all the more magnified with the appearance of "real monsters" in the news.

According to your stuffed animal companion, it's because of this (weakened dimensional border or something) that otherworldly monsters found it quite easy to slip through worlds with Megacity as the entry point. Any time a monster crosses over, it leaves dimensional distortions at its wake. Any mundane door or window becomes a portal between worlds to those powerful enough to open it (like magical girls).

The alternate dimension is both fascinating and bizarre. Each portal will almost always lead to a different world, with its own laws of reality and its own strange denizens. Sealing these portals (by destroying the portal's master) is one of the main objectives of the "good" magical girls, as it keeps reality from destablizing or some such. Of course, nothing should keep you from seizing one of these alternate worlds as your own.

Your companion isn't willing to tell you where it came from, though. Stupid toy.

How Our Game Works

This is a game for Savage Worlds, using the Super Powers companion. Settings rules are as follows: Baseline Environment, Inherent Power (Natural Growth), Knockback, Super Teams, and Unarmed Defenders. The RP will be open-ended, and hopefully PC-driven as they decide how they are going to use their powers for their own ends.

Standard character creation rules apply here: just follow the Super Powers Companion rules where applicable. You get Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge for free with 15 power points to spend. As a trade off to that, PCs also have to take Gimmick (Magical Girl) as a Major Hindrance, requiring you to switch into your costumed magical girl form before you can use any of your powers. In-game, I'll say it takes a full action for this to work.

And yeah, there's a lot of influence to Madoka. Look at the first picture. That said, the tone of the game is expected to be follow closer to a Magical Girl formula. Not exactly light-hearted, but not overly violent or bloody either (doesn't mean it can't get pretty dark in tone, though). The PCs are self-regarded villains, though none of them are expected (or encouraged) to be morally reprehensible. So as long as everyone's cool with each other's approach to things.

That all clear? I have a few people already interested and working on sheets, but if anyone else wants to join, just let me know and we'll work it out. Here we go, then.

Character Sheet Template: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

[u][b]Character Information[/b][/u]


[b]Wounds[/b]: [ ] [ ] [ ]
[b]Bennies[/b]: 3
[b]Fatigue Level[/b]: -

[b]Parry[/b]: 2 + (1/2 of Fighting's die value)
[b]Toughness[/b]: 2 + 1/2 vigor's die value + armor
[b]Charisma[/b]: 0

[b]Strength[/b]: (d4, or what you raise it to)

[b]Skill Name[/b] (Attribute): (The skills you don't have are d4-2)
[b]Skill Name[/b] (Attribute):

[b]Gimmick[/b] (Magical Girl)
[b]Hindrance Name[/b]

[b]Arcane Background[/b] (Super Powers)
[b]Edge Name[/b]

[b]A list of things[/b]

[u][b]Powers[/b][/u] (15 Power Points)
[b]Power Name[/b] (Cost): Effect, modifiers and (Trapping)

The People We Know

Gaomaru: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


Gaomaru is a magical familiar, clearly from the other dimension though refuses to say more on that. He takes the form a lion cub with a halo, bearing a plushy exterior with ticking clockwork parts underneath. Despite appearances, he seems remarkably resistance to all physical force, and his spellcasting abilities are nothing to take lightly. He likes to eat, well, anything, and seems to take personal pride in getting bunch of odd girls and getting them to work together, even if their cause is ambiguously malevolent.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Tracking d8, Notice d8, Stealth d4, Knowledge (Magic World) d10, Persuasion d8, Spellcasting d8
Charisma: -4; Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 14
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Headquarters, Power Points
Hindrances: Alien Form (Familiar from Another Dimension?), Distinctive Appearance (Sentient Lion Cub Doll), Small, Vow (Minor: Take Care of Contracted Magical Girls)
Gear: n/a
Powers: (25 Points)
  • Super Sorcery (15): Level 5 (dimensional magic).
  • Heightened Senses (2): Tracking. +2 to Notice and Tracking rolls (lion senses).
  • Armor (8): Heavy Armor. Adds 9 points to Toughness (magical plush).
12 Sep 2011
Name: Ea Rosa Adeline
Title: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ilia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Ilia, as a sellsword

Class: Partisan
Level: 6
Weapon Levels: Lance: E
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Boar Spear [E] - Treated Iron Lance
A spear weighted almost precisely to Ea's liking, just long enough to offer reach regardless of her size. It's sturdy enough to resist most blades, making it a good weapon on the terrible event she needs to fight close up.

Javelin [E] - Projectile Iron Lance
Throwing spears of standard make and varying quality, Ea keeps at least three of them with her at any time. She spends a lot of time training her throwing arm for these, as they're often heavier than they look.

Height: 157 cm / 5'2"
Build: Slender
Artwork: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Ea sports the soft shade of pink hair that her family is known for, partly in the style of small twintails on top with the rest going down to her waist in a loose braid. Her blue eyes provoke a curious, cautious tone, while her features remain soft and subdued to compliment them. She is quite pale as an Ilian should be, though to her disappointment, her figure isn't much to be proud of. The girl just finds herself too short, too plain and too frail, even for her young age. She tries to find ways for make up for all of those.

Since she doesn't fight as a pegasus knight, Ea can afford to wear more on herself for protection. She is fond of long-sleeved coats in scarlet dye, plain in design and with a solid black trim. This she wears over her white blouse and bow ribbon on her neck, along with a wooly scarf if the weather forces her to dress heavy. It follows down to her pair of heavy, dark colored slacks, wool leggings, and long boots to make it all look right.

Her size doesn't let her wear much for armor, so she makes do with a leather chestplate, a pair of heavy gauntlets and greaves, and light pauldrons. She has a harness around her waist, with a strap that carries a few of her weapons around in easy reach. Around the wrist of her throwing arm is a strap meant to support the weight of her spear, and apply more force to her throws.

There is little that Ea doesn't like, and those things tend to fall in the unpleasant side anyway. She's a rather sunny young girl, with a voice like sweet sugar and a smile quite infectious to see. Although she's fairly bright for her age, she's also rather unfocused and easily distracted when it comes to work. Her heart and her will is pretty strong though, and she's quite eager to impress and succeed, almost to a fault. Often it happens that she either overshoots her mark or misses it entirely, simply because she didn't pay enough attention to her situation.

Ea has a large range of interests, and she pursues them all with equal, unbridled enthusiasm. Some of them are easy to sort out, like her appetite for sweets, though some things, like her commitment to her family and her pride as an Ilian knight, isn't as simple to get to the root of unless one has enough patience for her. She's a decent soldier with about a few years worth of training in her, and little experience to show for it. There are no fancy tricks in her repertoire, just a set of a spear maneuvers and the boldness to pull them off to great effect.

Ea was born in a small, sleepy village, to a family that has served under the banner of Castle Raemy for as long as anyone cared to remember. As a matter of fact, her family's gone through a long, unbroken tradition of pegasus knights, with Ea's older sisters next in line for their generation. She therefore felt a lot less pressure on her as she grew up, and she even got spoiled a fair bit as the youngest girl. Not that she became exempt from knighthood, of course, so that remained in her mind for a long while.

She did a lot of housework after her mother, mostly with baking. Her childhood was less about drills and training manuals, and more about what to make to get her siblings distracted enough to stop bickering over dinner. And that sort of thing made her happy, really. Ea loved the stories of the pegasus knights, and became proud of what her family's done for years. Still, she didn't seem cut out for that sort of thing. She tried to bond with a pegasus when she was nine, after all. One near-death experience with a bucking winged horse simply turned her away from the whole idea.

But that changed when her sisters returned from their long tour in Etruria. Her second eldest faced the worst from Lord Helter's rebellion, and took a debilitating injury that forced her to ride back with the help of the eldest's steed. In fact, Castle Raemy experienced a lot of losses during that war, that they needed more knights to fill in their numbers. Ea didn't have a choice about it, and her parents couldn't protest. She wasn't about to be the one that broke tradition and all.

For the next years, Ea and many other raw recruits entered a period of basic training. Most of the youths were much like her, very young with little to no experience with arms, horseback or the life outside of Ilia. Still, the lot of them picked up on those qualities quite quickly. Ea knew how to bake, the spear drills somehow came easy for her, though for her life, she still didn't have much with either horses or pegasi. No shame in that, it seemed, though it probably made going around much harder than it should have.

She'd live with it. Even without a mount, Ea became a fairly competent skirmisher, and learned to take her practiced precision to throw spears mostly on the mark. After she succeeded her field exam in the shores of Castle Raemy, she finally became eligible to become a knight. And as all aspiring Ilian knights before her, she now needed to leave the country, and take service in a foreign mercenary band to fulfill what it meant to become a knight of Ilia.

Ea Rosa Adeline soon set off her village to accomplish just that, with a bright smile and the wishes of her family as she left. With the pride of her line behind her, she couldn't fail at the task. She really couldn't.

21 Aug 2011
Name: Evangeline Alashire
Title: Saffron, The Taliver Witch
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Bern
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Shaman
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: Dark Magic - C
Weapons: Please list the weapons you build with the weapon system inside the spoiler tag below. What weapons you have access to are dependent on your class and weapon level.
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Height: 179cm / 5'10"
Build: Full-figured
Artwork: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Whenever the Taliver Witch comes up amongst the Bern peasantry, the usual mental assumption is that of a old crone in the barest scraps of clothing, who speaks only in the words of madness and delirium. The few that have actually met the said witch, however, know those rumors are mostly borne from the fears of the dark arts and the sort that live in Taliver in the first place. The rumors also happen to partly describe Saffron's late mother, but that's probably not the point.

Saffron herself looks quite well as a lady, and that isn't about to fade any time soon. Her features are soft and attractive, framed by a heart-shaped face that she takes after her mother. The length of her scarlet hair runs brazenly down her form, while her bangs barely part away from her steely, amber eyes. She has a tall, pronounced figure that is difficult to ignore, a trait of her blood and somehow of her lifestyle. The muscle in her form doesn't count for much, though she seems healthy enough with a olive tone in her skin that betrays her mixed heritage. Well, that's what she used to believe, at least.

This all in contrast to much of her attire, which may lend credence to some of the rumors. The shaman likes to dress as simply as she can, wearing light cloths of dark greens and greys. But far too often those same clothes appear in tatters, the result of too many brambles and scrapes without enough thread or patience to mend them back. She knows barely enough needlework to avoid serious affronts to her modesty, though otherwise finds it completely fine to walk about with tears on her blouse and cloak. Needless to say, this doesn't make her look any better than a bandit or beggar. An attractive one, perhaps, but nonetheless.

Even Saffron's not sure anymore where she got the nickname from... but if her books mean anything, it's probably from the spice. A mild fragrance with a bitter taste, and that sounds about right.

She is a well-mannered lady for a witch and an outlaw, formal in speech and manner though rather unfamiliar with the graces that nobility expects. This doesn't actually make her very engaging for everyday conversation, though. While Saffron isn't entirely passive, she does come off as rather taciturn. She speaks tersely when she has to, and tends to push away others when it's more convenient for her.

It's not something that she does lightly, though. She really wants to be kind, but a lack of experience with people really hurts her ability to be too close. Sometimes, she thinks that only the dead are the only ones that listen to her. That's probably the reason that she believes so much in her mother's ability to perform séances. Saffron hasn't gotten her method quite right yet, but she was sure she'll figure out how it works.

When it comes to most anything else, she plays it in rather straightforward and pragmatic manner. Her life was once very simple, so she doesn't really understand much of the higher ideals and allegiances that motives certain people. All that matters most to her is further her own understanding of magic. It's her only real means to make sense of anything in the outside world.

Saffron knew only very little of her life before the Taliver Mountains. She was only a few years of age, when her mother spirited her away from Bern for reasons vague to her. Her father was a terrible man, she heard, a Bern noble that grew to despise his Sacaen mistress when her presence became inconvenient for him. Mother said that she saved her from a life of misery and hate, and why would the girl not believe in her words? As she grew up, those trivial things no longer mattered to her. Taliver was the only home she's ever known.

In this harsh place, the young girl learned discipline here. She lived with her mother in a small hermit house, where she took care of the daily chores such as cleaning house and milking the goats. It was a peaceful sort of work, as seldom did anyone cross the mountains trails to disturb them. On those rare occasions that a traveler came close enough to their home, Saffron usually watched as her mother engaged them in conversation and trade. Or she scared them off in a blast of black magic. Or a bit of both, even. Either way, her mother often came back from those engagement with a gift for her daughter.

Saffron wouldn't have known those were the sort of things that started the rumors of the Taliver Witch. Nor did she hardly make conversation with people herself. All she cared for were the gifts, particularly the books. Her mother taught her to read over time, mostly so that the girl could help read out the recipe of some herbal mix or magical broth. In time, she found a fascination for them as well, and she enjoyed every time a new book found its way into her library. She took all the stories and the poems, all the treatises and essays, and put them all to heart. This is how she knew about the outside world, as much of a patch work as it was.

The knowledge of magic itself eventually followed afterward, when she reached her sixteenth. Saffron learned the basic principles from some of the documents she read, though they meant little to her without context. Her mother moved up her tutelage to that regard, and began to teach her the magic of their people. It was a strange form of magic, the sort the magic essays warned as dark and dangerous to the mind. Men supposedly drove themselves to madness and isolation in pursuit of the power of elder magic. Her mother assured her though, that there was little danger in the art... so long as Saffron followed every lesson to the letter.

Nonetheless, the process turned out as harsh and trying. It started simply at first, when she learned to draw her power from the essence of small creatures and plants. Her mother's magic drew from the cycle of life — a sacrifice that (as she claimed) granted much more power than the ways of the scholars, as it kept her own magical reserves in check. Indeed, Saffron managed to do so much with little. The life of a few violet flowers became enough for a fluxing blast that shattered a large rock, while a rodent or two allowed her to twist a small patch of grass into burned, corrupted glass. It horrified and fascinated her at the same time.

Even as she contemplated the extent of this power, her mother soon led the girl out of the house for a while. After half a day, when ere they crossed a part of a mountain she never entered before, the young shaman smelled something terrible. And then she saw them. The stretch led down on a far off pit, where a mass of bodies stewn down like a pile of discarded toys. Men and women, with bits of armor and weapons stewn along in terrible positions. Some of them looked like they passed away only recently, while most of them decayed long ago. All of them bore some sign of magical damage. Mother's magic.

Bandits and hunters, her mother explained, people driven to the rumors of a witch in the mountains. People that have harassed them for years, but Saffron never realized they did until now. But that wasn't the point of this. The old seer wanted the terrified girl to look at these bodies, stare straight at terrible, senseless death. She warned that this was inevitable, even for Saffron, for the token of blood granted the greatest power in their arts. Saffron sobbed, and only understood much later what mother meant.

A life should never be taken lightly, but she's went far enough on this road to avoid that now. On that realization, Saffron chose to embrace the path. If this is what her mother meant for her, then so be it. For the many years that followed, the redhead became devoted into the understanding of the power of life. She started to visit outside the mountains to the local villages, a daunting idea, but a necessary exercise when merchants traveled there with books to trade.

With new knowledge coming in from her book trips, she came to the idea that perhaps though magic, it became possible for one to still communicate with the recently departed, even for a short while. This of course interested her. Saffron realized that if she could learn this ability, even the people she needed to sacrifice can have some peace in the afterlife. She figured that the dead wouldn't be as awkward to talk with than people, anyway. Sadly, her texts didn't offer any real clues to go about it, but she knew in her heart it was possible.

Around this time, Saffron's mother was at last on her bed. The seer wasn't particularly old, but even with the power of life, the elder arts took a heavy toll on her well-being over the years. Her mother never really smiled much in all twenty or so years of her life, though that night she came to a particularly frightening grin. That was the night that Saffron heard her full name for the first time, the name that her father gave her at birth. Saffron frowned... why did that matter now? Because, the old seer admitted, it was something that she took away from the girl. Just as the woman took her away from her real family.

Saffron was never related to the Sacaen seer. The woman did love the girl's father once, though... that was a time where the two made frequent trysts, away from the attention of Saffron's mother. Her real mother, a pure, blonde Bern noblewoman, who already bore a few children into the Alashire line. The Sacaen mistress greatly wanted a child of her own in Bern descent, so she became the nobleman's mistress for that purpose. When that child died within the year, the seer became mad and spiteful, and her fit of madness, she took one the noblewoman's young, true-born children and took her away to the mountains. And in that way, the seer cackled to Saffron, was how she took all that she wanted from that family. And now the redhead needed to live with that.

Her Sacaen mother died that night. And, of course, Saffron's attempt to contact her spirit didn't work, especially for a soul at peace. The girl wished she responded to her that time... but it didn't matter, did it? It was too long ago, and the only one who cared whether she lived or not was soon buried in a field outside her house. Saffron indeed chose to live with what she knew, and took her mother's place as a hermit in the mountains. For the next several years, she did as her mother always did. She tended to the house, milked the goats, led lost travelers back into the path, and made sure that people that wanted to hunt the witch never came back to tell of her.

Saffron's magic lived on essence and the blood of those fallen, but she tried time and again not to enjoy doing it. The more she used the elder arts, the harder it became to tell what was right. But she remained in pursuit of the study of life and death, even if after all the years, the cheap texts of merchants no longer felt satisfactory. Regrettably, she needed to travel much further than Taliver to find her answers. So it was at her twenty-sixth that she cleared out the house, paid respects to her mother's grave, sold the goats, and went on her way.

Saffron had a vague notion to go west... that's where the nation of magic resided, she thought. There was a pretty picture about it in an old encyclopedia, a land where castles were made of ivory and magicians flew around and about in their own power. Well, she'd find out when she made it there.

Approved by Satori
Satori approval is in beta. Approval images will not be available until the full version.
20 Aug 2011


Trident, third planet of the Hoplos System. It was once the site of a Salarian marine biologist station, until human settlers "discovered" and colonized the place in the massive expansion that followed the First Contact War. A sphere of calm, blue oceans and teeming underwater life, the settlers found it the perfect retreat from the overarching grip of the Alliance or the influence of the alien Citadel. That only lasted for a generation, before the pirates and smugglers took notice and entered the system. The small local navy soon became overwhelmed by the sudden rise of violent crimes, organized raids and illegal arms deals under their noses.

The corporations soon entered the picture, who offered the fledgling government their services in curbing the pirate infestation and other advancements in exchange for certain concessions. Before anyone even realized it, many large enterprises from all the over the galaxy seeped all across precious Trident land, taking advantage of the local resources without giving anything back. Corporate troops started to patrol the seas and streets, above the authority of the government, more interested in protecting company interests than the welfare of the locals they hired for their factories. The pirate threat was never curbed, and in fact, some pirates are even known to work under the corporations themselves.

The people of Trident fled the Alliance to find freedom, yet it was taken from them all again. But there's no end to hope just yet.

You are a member of Siren Company, a private firm that hires out military and security assistance amongst the various powers in the Hoplos System. That's on record, at least. What's less known about them is that Siren's members were once part a gang of pirates, famous for a daring raid that left the local navy baffled and a year's shipment of arms stolen and circulated into the black market. Elanus Risk Control Services has placed an interest for these raiders for their abilities and experience and, in exchange for their subsidization and a little tribute, provided them with the credits and equipment to become ERCS's main arm in this system. Aside from their regular operations, Siren performs a gamut of illicit operations from supply raids to infiltration and cyber crimes.

Another corporate tool? Perhaps. But none of you scallywags intended to stay under some faceless conglomerate's heel for very long. With Siren, you have the resources to make a difference. Perhaps tou'll take this planet first, drive out all the competition and the other corporations, and see if the suits are man enough to take it back from you. Maybe return Trident to the government's control, or take it with your own hands? The choice is yours, but you'll have a long way to go before that.

For now, your crew received a missive from one of your regular Salarian contacts. Apparently, an Alliance medical ship has crash-landed in the eastern sea expanse, and he needs those supplies "extracted" in a hurry. He has some valuable information in exchange, but only if you take the supplies intact. It's time to get to work.

Elevator Pitch

A Mass Effect campaign set in high seas and outer space, players are reformed members of a pirate gang engaged against other rogue gangs, corrupt corporations, and alien mercenaries for dominance of a degrading ocean planet and the neighboring worlds.

Game Information
  • This is a campaign mostly focused on the ocean planet Trident, her wars and her intrigues over the seas, but will also take the PCs throughout the Hoplus System, perhaps the rest of the Terminus Systems. I plan to have an equal amount of naval and space combat throughout with a dash of exploration and empire building, so if you're interested in that sort of thing as I am, come aboard.
  • The year is 2184, between the events Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 (although it's possible that we'll overlap into the latter). Aside from the aftermath of the first game (Paragon ending, with the council still present), I'm not particular in whatever plot choices in the games that you introduce in the campaign, as long as no one contradicts each other. Hopefully this won't come up too often, though.
  • This will be an open-ended campaign. This means that while I'm going to try to steer an overarching plot here, you guys are allowed to freely explore the setting and beyond at your leisure. Of course, you have to make sure there's good reason for it; acts such as leaving to space just to find Shepard and kick him in the nuts will be frowned upon. If you want to introduce any plot points that take place within and outside the Hoplus System, let me know and we'll see if we can work it out.
  • This game will run in Savage Worlds. If you're not sure what it is, I offer a small 16-page PDF with all the basic rules attached. I prefer this system because it's flexible, easy to understand, and easy to track stats with, but if you have questions about it, just contact me. All the rules relevant to Mass Effect will follow shortly.
  • I don't really want long posts at all, enough that I will explicitly discourage it. If you can do large posts without compromising your response time, fine... but what's important is keeping the pace and focusing on roleplaying. It's just as important that you definite your characters by their actions than just their thoughts.
  • If you know what you're doing for a post, go ahead and do your own rolls for a trait test - I trust you guys. Just place them at the end of your posts (or link a roller like Orokos to track/verify your rolls), and I'll be one to resolve your actions at the next post.
  • Likewise, if there's anything reasonable you want to do at any time (find cover, grab an opponent and shove him off a ledge, grab a rope to vault a between two platforms), play it out and I will decide the results for it with the appropriate these. Savage Worlds is more comprehensive than the Test Drive rules will apply, but you don't really need to worry about that unless you're really curious. I'll be open for any questions about the system.
  • EDIT: Your characters don't have to be hardened criminals or anything ignoble. Siren can be populated by the romantic sort of pirates that have their code of honor and dashing pretty faces and all that. And that's fine. This is your company, define it with your PCs.
Game Rules
As mentioned, we're using Savage Worlds. Here are the basic rules again, the rules needed for Mass Effect conversation will be here. The following are additional information to all that.

Character Creation: Follow the character creation rules in the Test Drive. Characters will be created with 5 points to raise Attributes, 15 points for Skills, an edge, four free advances (see hindrances for what that means), and the benefits of your chosen race. You can take up to two minor Hindrances and/or one major Hindrance for the usual benefits. Also take note that all characters start with the Arcane Background (Tech) Edge for free, unless you have a good reason not to take it, by which you can trade it for another edge.

Skills: There will be as much seacraft than land vehicles in Trident, but you only need the Driving skill to handle them both. As I figure, VI interfaces are common in patrol craft, making navigation and driving easy. You can take Boating if you want, but it's not likely you'll find too many ships with sails about, even considering fishing trawls. If boats aren't your thing, spending points in Piloting will do just fine too - should be plenty of fighters and interceptors to play with in the planet.

Initiative: Here's how it works: I bought a deck of cards, just for you guys, and I'll do the shuffling and drawing before each conflict. Once turn order is decided, the person who goes first has twenty four hours to post, or else his character will hold and the next person can post. And so on.

Equipment: Disregard prices for now; since the PCs are part of a security company, most if nearly not all equipment as requisitioned from the armory before every operation. That said, only low-end weaponry and first tier shields are the standard right now, while heavy weaponry is limited to the M-100 Grenade Launcher. Your character can start with one Average Weapon, the rest have to be low-end stuff. As the campaign progresses, your company will be given a chance to update the stock of the company armory (Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shields, Heavy Weapons), wherefore they'll be available when your characters need them.

I will probably introduce a system for the company's wealth and holdings later on, but that's not important for the start up.

All guns have two slot to install upgrades: one weapon upgrade and one ammo upgrade, while a suit of armor can have one slot for upgrades. During the campaign, your characters may come across high-quality equipment that come with more upgrade slots. The upgrades available for your company are in the Codex below, and will be updated as your party finds new upgrades.

And That's It: Well... if none of this scared you guys away, please make a post declaring your interest in this RP, however much or little you have. You don't need to post a character concept or a sheet right away (the former is nice though), but I would like to get a gauge of how big (or small) this game will be. Also, I'll be working on a Codex to keep track of things, expect the first few bits of that to come up early this week. Thanks, and I look forward to you guys.
11 Aug 2011
Name: Mary Lynn Machall
Title: Pherae Scout
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Pherae, Lycia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Lycia; sworn lady of Sir Rugal and Marquess Elias

Class: Thief
Level: 8
Weapon Levels: Knife: E (2/5)
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Butcher [E] - Provoking Iron Knife
A large knife that is easily recognizable as a vicious, bloodstained mess of a weapon. Nothing like a bit of flash to get those jerks lining up straight for her.

Baker [E] - Knuckleduster Iron Knife
When it comes to not ripping things violently, Mary finds a lot of use in this one. It cuts well and it cuts precise, plus there's a whole sheet on metal on the knuckle grip to clock anyone she meets.

Candlestick Maker [E] - Armorslaying Iron Knife
It's a stiletto, which sort of looks like a candle if one squints really hard enough. Probably not, but no one should be laughing when Mary gets to shove the thin point of this through the armor of some jackass.

Height: 168cm / 5'6"
Build: Thin
Mary is, in her own mind, not much to look at, though neither is she close to terrible on the eyes. She is a slight, yet healthy girl with sun-kissed skin, with strong hips and legs that she finds some pride in flaunting. Her raven black hair is short, only going down to her nape but making a scraggy mess of her face nonetheless. She has a sharp face and a small nose, probably bent after one too many bloody smacks. Her grey eyes make a mild contrast to the light brownish strike of freckles across her cheeks.

Her tend is to dress lightly, since that helps with her job and helps the men glance at where it matters. She gets bits of leather armor for protection, though they only matter enough to her to get long bracers for her forearms, a jerkin for her torso, and greaves for her lower legs. Her tunic underneath is a light grey, with a loose hood along over it that comes in a line of fur across the trim. It helps when it's warm, especially since she decides that wearing ragged shorts is more important. After all, she can't show the sway of her gait if she doesn't lay them bare.

Much like her collection of knives, Mary comes in sharp, and cuts. She goes out of her way to make herself difficult to ignore, coming in as fast and as forceful as a hurricane. It comes off in a manner that makes her surly, foul-mouthed, and unsavory, but on the other hand, it does get her attention. Violence is usually her best answer to things, and she certainly has the means to provide it. As easily as she can drive her blade in careful precision, Mary can simply fly off the handle, and Elimine help those that are rend to ribbons by her hand.

That may paint her as some livid berserker, but that isn't entirely true. Mary certainly gets angry a whole lot, though for the few loyalties she has, she will never let that blind her from them. For what means to her the most, she defends it without relent, even at the sake of her self.

As for the things she likes? Aside from men? Well, she does like jewelry, the sort encrusted in gemstones and the like. They make her look pretty, and sometimes, they're even magical. Something less obvious is her interest in literature, particularly in romance and tragedies. She doesn't intend to squander her ability to read, and reading on the failures (and sometimes triumphs) of others makes her feel much better about herself.

Mary Lynn was born in Machall, a small port town along the coast of Pherae province. It was a quiet place that only busied on its own affairs, but that wasn't enough for it to escape the rebellion of that time, nor the mass levy of troops to fight against it. Mary's father left for war when she was only a babe, while her mother took care of things in the household. It was not an easy childhood at all. Machall was not quite the same when most of the men left, that even a girl like her wasn't exempt from the roughness that village boys played at.

So she learned to bite back. Even as young as six years old, Mary took it to herself to get things in order before her father returned. The elders and mothers didn't take well to her methods, though — in their eyes, all the times she finished a fight the boys started on her just made her a bully as well. Her mother needed to detain her at their home more and more often at all the pressure, and taught the girl to read so she can... amuse herself with the little texts they had. Mary certainly passed the time with books, but it didn't do much for her frustration.

The next few years didn't help, when word came that the rebellion finally settled down. Mary's father and his troop soon returned home from duty, seven years after they left. Mary herself waited almost nine years to see her father for the first time, but that moment wasn't going to come. All that she saw return was a quiet, listless man, something in him rattled to his core. He didn't even notice that the girl who greeted and hugged him was his daughter. No broken bone or busted skull even measured to the pain she felt.

His troop explained that he has been like that for a year already, since a massive battle in Laus. It was amazing that they even got to bring him back. Mary didn't know what to think about this anymore, but for some reason, it felt like a betrayal to her very self. All that changed in the house was that there was another mouth to feed, and her mother wept even more. But things were never to get better. Her life was never going to get better if she waited for someone else to do it for her.

Some time passed, and Mary spent her years at the docks to earn more money for house. But when another call for troops rang in Machall, she didn't even hesitate. She took the best chance to live outside the village, and snuck in a caravan to Pherae at the age of fifteen. It didn't matter if that chance was the army. Whatever her father saw there, she knew she had to be stronger than that. There was no choice about it.

Mary went to Pherae castle, where the sight of a city larger than her village already surprised her. Still, she figured her way through, and soon stumbled upon one of the many recruiters around the city. She took her vows as a loyal Phraean soldier (a hard thing they made her do), and fell under the watch of a knight. Her training started there, as did her daily menial tasks of peeling potatoes, passing letters between knights and lords, and sometimes cleaning the floor in the military quarters. At least it paid more than the docks, somehow.

After two years, her liege, Sir Rugal, finally took her with him in his border patrols. She served as a scout and a courier, the girl they sent in case they couldn't spare a horse and needed results quickly. She much preferred to fight though, such as the time se chased a fleeing highwayman after a rout, or smacked down a small camp of thugs on the advance path. Sir Rugal couldn't fault her enthusiasm, especially with Pherae as militant as it was these days. It was nice to have someone at last appreciate her methods.

In a short time, she earned some fame (and infamy) amongst her own troop, and even to some of the other men-at-arms at Pherae castle. That girl from Machall, that spitfire with the hips, Sir Rugal's bloody shadow... names of all sorts. That was fine... fame was good, no matter where it came from. And Mary hasn't enjoyed herself like this in long time, but even now, she still felt that wasn't enough. She wanted a real fight, a real opportunity to prove what she was capable of. She wanted a name so large that even the lords knew of her.

At the north, where Araphen laid wasted, she wanted that chance to prove herself better than every damn ingrate left in Machall. And then...

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