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Ah, Fire Emblem the best strategy role playing game ever made ^^
Ah, Fire Emblem Planet the best Fire Emblem media source ever made^^
Ah, Dritz, the best Fire Emblem player ever made^^

My favorite FE game is Sacred Stones
My favorite FE character is Joshua (I would've c
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24 Feb 2009
Name: Dritz Grey
Age: 22
Homecountry: Skyr
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 148 lbs.

Class: Huntsman
Level: 5

Weapons: Iron Sword
Weapon Level(s): Sword (D)

Appearance: Dark lank hair about shoulder length and usually pushed behind his ears, green eyes and a thin scar running along his cheekbone and an odd tattoo like pattern on his back. Usually wears a slightly tattered black coat trailing below his knees basic trousers usually blue (on formal occasions he wears a much lighter blue and a newer white jacket and red sash) as well as a simple grey tunic. He hangs his sword on his left side under the jacket, along with a hidden knife on the back of his belt along with his bone flute.

Personality: Dritz is usually quite the upbeat and fun loving individual, especially considering his past. He always tries to find a party to travel with when moving about and is often quite welcome for his storytelling and music. He always tries his hardest and can get caught up in a friendly competition easily. Though other times especially on full moons, he silently weeps alone (reasons found in his bio). Even rarer than that, when he is truly furious (like if his best friend was killed) he goes not into a rage, but a sudden calm where his skills reach their peak.

Bio: He was born and raised by the shores of Skyr by his mother and grandmother and was told this about his father:

His father was a traveling mercenary who was found at the house doorstep half-dead, in bloodstained clothes. He was taken in by the family and Dritz's mother, Violet nursed the man back to health, being able to talk, but not get out of bed, he and Violet talked daily and soon found that they loved each other.

A continuation of this tale witch Dritz did not know occurred is as follows (He was told his father was killed while protecting the town):

Two years passed since Dritz's father had arrived in town Violet had become pregnant with Dritz, though she didn't tell Dritz's father, she wanted to wait until she was almost due to tell him, being afraid he would be angry with her (they had no plans for a child) and so she waited. One day, Violet entered the room Dritz's father and her shared, and found his bedroll neatly folded, with a note, and a small, cloth wrapped parcel. The letter read:

"I am sorry Violet, my heart aches in the sadness I feel in leaving you
but there are some things I am involved in that I never wanted you to
get caught up in, lets just say if I stay you and your mother will be in
danger. I will always love you, but I fear we may never see each other
again. I leave these mementos for you to remember me, the flute of
eagles bone was a gift from my father, your grandmother knows how to
play it quite effectively, please have her teach you and remember me when
you play it. The dagger was a part of my life long past, it has taken many
lives in fair combat, may their souls protect you......"
(Dritz's fathers name & more information will be revealed once Dritz reaches his third tier.)

Violet knew with a heavy heart she would never see her beloved again, as she had just gotten back from a week long trip to help her mother pick rare herbs that grew near the border, the package was also covered in dust before she opened it, he could have easily been on the other side of the continent by now.....

She wept for days on end, locking herself in her room with only the thought of raising her lovers son (or daughter-they weren't sure witch) to console her. Eventually Dritz was born, and Violet's joy was renewed at seeing her son grow. While he was still a baby, she would play a love song Dritz's father had wrote her during their time together as a lullaby.

Here Dritz's part in his story begins:

Dritz grew well, always wanting to try new things and helping aboard the decks of the pirate vessels, a well liked child overall, until that is, the day he turned ten.

Violet had planned to give Dritz his first real sword (he had been taking lessons for about two years with a swordsmaster living in town and found immediately he loved the art). The day of his birthday his mother and him were sitting at the family table (grandma had gone out to visit a patient of hers - she is a doctor by the way-) the box containing the sword lain on the table, waiting for Dritz's eager hands, when suddenly the door was broken down. A large muscular man stood in the doorway, holding a halberd and dressed in a military uniform, he appeared incredibly drunk, "Soooooo now, what is a girl like you doing in a rat hole town like this? the solider said groggily, it became apparent to Violet that this man had been stalking her for awhile, remembering shadows in alleyways and moments in the forest bushes. The man grabbed her arm and held tightly, bringing her face close to his own. "Come on lets say we go upstairs and...." she could smell the booze on his breath as he spoke to her. "Get your hands off of me you filthy brute!" she shouted, slapping him solidly across the face. "Mangy girl, learn your place!" he yelled back, thrusting the tip of the halberd through her. "That aoughta' teach ya" he said, spitting on her bleeding corpse. Dritz looked astonished at his mothers dead body, lying on the floor, like a carelessly throw toy. He silently reached his hand into the box, grasping the hilt of the sword, cold in his shaking hand. The drunkard was still cursing Violet while behind him Dritz stood in his stance, "Turn and face your opponent!" he called to the man, who turned around, annoyed, "and what is it you want, eh?" he slurred out. Dritz couldn't move any part of him, a shiver running down his back. "You've got a lot of guts kid, but not for long." he readied his halberd, seeing Dritz had drawn a sword on him, snickering at his joke. The drunkard lunged forward shakily barely missing Dritz's head with the halberd, but a miss was still a miss, taking this opportunity Dritz lunged forward, almost as if by instinct and drove his blade through the brutes neck. He stood there, stunned, he had taken the life of a fellow human being, the thought disgusted him and he proceeded to puke on the floor.

After he had recovered somewhat, he built a pyre for his mother behind their secluded, woodland lodge and waited for his grandmother to return which occurred two hours after the incident she wept for her lost daughter at first but, felt that the customs of her clan had to be followed, she dressed her daughters bod in the ceremonial dress of the clan and prepared the pyre, it burned late into the night, and after the ash had cooled it was gathered into jars to be then taken out to sea and thrown over the deck of a ship heavy enough to reach the bottom with a solid hit, they would break and spread her ashes with the tides. The other body was given the normal burial, with his armor and weapon.

Dritz's grandmother took him to the neighboring country of Teralynn where she had family, Dritz was made a special exception to their female only warriors being trained in the arts of swordsmanship by a legendary retired swordswoman. His life continued like this for twelve years, afterwords his grandmother passed away and he left Teralynn to go to the mainland, though he plans on returning to the Island after his martial training is complete, his grandmothers dying words were that his father had left Violet one more gift, and that it would be given to him once he perfected his skill. (Once he reaches third teir)

Extra info: my first try at a roleplay, I'd appreciate comments ^^
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