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Let's just say, I like a lot of things, and I hate a lot of things. The end.
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26 Sep 2006
« Sorry for screwing up. »

"So... What about the next chapter of your life? What happened a few days after you turned seventeen?"

"Well, legally, I was an adult, but I wasn't ready to become king of my empire yet. I mean, succeding the Shogun of my country was kinda... I dunno... It was just something that I didn't think I was strong enough for yet. I decided I was to be a mercenary for a while, while my father watched over my new shogunate. I so I left my home, to a place called Derethe, with my friend Sifel Mitsurugi."

"Ah, I see... That's pretty lame of you, and at the same time, it's kind of cliche... So, Sifel Mitsurugi... And who's he? A friend of yours?"

"Well, yeah. He and I grew up around the same general area, his father's country neighboring mine. We were so close... Like brothers almost... We shared the same likes, dislikes... even fighting styles, we both studied together... But I learned many of those styles from my little sister."

"Hm... So you two decided to be mercenaries around the same time. Did you know how you were going to begin your mercenary lives?"

"Well... no. We really just went around the towns in Derethe, asking people if they needed any work done or whatever. We never really got anything big done, per se... All we ever had were jobs like... defending someone's farmland from lesser monsters, or escorting some loser to a lake while he fished for his family. The pay wasn't even decent, either..."

"So... how did you get your big break, so to speak? From what I understand, there was one mercenary clan that would take you seriously, wasn't there?"

"Uh, yes... They were a small, but well-organized mercenary clan called Samyaza located in the forests to the south of Ekzall, which is where we came into this world from. We were asked where we were from, and we told each other before 'we will claim we're from the southern coast' no matter where we were. So, we spoke to the clan's leader, some old geezer, and... long story short, he gave us a job to assassinate the leader of an enemy clan in a town in western Galavin.

Within a week, Sifel some other mercenaries and I arrived in Galavin. It was a smaller job than we thought... and well, within the night, the guy was dead. We had our money before the sun rose."

"I see. But wait. There's already a gap in your telling, here. How did you get paid? Don't tell me the mercenary clan leader was with you this whole time? I thought the headquarters was across the straight in Derethe?"

"I never figured this out either, until after the mission was over. Apparently there were contacts hidden among enemy ranks, or like, there was already somebody waiting in a set location. We were given our money, and our next set of orders. Sifel and I never even got any action... But we figured out, there was always someone who was always somewhere where we would be... It was as if, the mercenary boss knew where we would be. Sifel and I always thought he was secretely some sort of oracle..."

"Well... That is strange... Anyhow, let's get deeper into the story... Let's say after your first mission, what happened then?"

"We were supposed to take a trip to Kragel, the capital, and rest a night and stocked up on supplies... And gather information if needed. We were soon on the way. We were being brought there by a caravan from the village we just came from, and we were being briefed by another mercenary. I remember, it was a cold and snowy April morning..."

"Oh, yeah!! It's starting to come down!"

In the caravan, Prince Marusu Matsue and Sifel Mitsurugi, waited in the covered wagon on the way to Galavin's capital city of Kragel. It appeared as if they, along with the rest of their fellow mercenaries were being briefed on what was to happen during their mission in the morning. Snow was flashing by as Marusu looked out of the back of the wagon, contemplating why he was there in the first place. His first missiong seemed easy enough, but as the story of his life has been dictating, it was only to get worse and worse. Marusu was sharply pulled out of his small reverie by a quick jab in the ribs by Mitsurugi.

"Hey," Sifel began. "Pay attention, alright? He's already started to talk."
"O-Okay." Marusu quickly responded.

"I guess all you boys managed to stay alive. I'm the commander of this operation, and I'll be telling you about our next set of orders. Now you'd better pay attention, and not let your newly acquired sack of gold affect your egos. This won't be as easy as last night's mission."

Marusu could do nothing but nod, as he was taking every bit of information into his head.

"Starting tomorrow, thanks to a defect amongst the enemy's ranks, there is to be an attack on a small twon south of Kragel. There'll be approximately six Wyvern Riders, moving to begin the attack, and they will be escorted by five Cavaliers and six Nomads. One of those Nomads will be our contact. He'll be wearing the insignia of our clan on his right breast. Do not harm him in any way. But if we happen to have misinterpreted the boss's letter and the Wyverns come early, we can do nothing but continue on until we reach the capital, and nobody bails. I'm sure nobody wants to bail out onto a mountain of ice. Now, Mitsurugi, we're counting on you."

"Tch." Marusu scoffed.

He knew that in such little time, Sifel Mitsurugi was already known as an exceptional mercenary because of his father. Sifel's father was the king of a militaristic empire, and was known for sparing nobody when it came to war. Sifel, his son, inherited the fighting abilities of his father, was already a master of sword techniques that many could never hope to even begin to learn.

"Also, this small mercenary band may not be enough to take the Wyverns out, so if you feel the need, recruit any other people you may find, and give them pay as you see fit. Of course, the people you hire will be paid with the money from your pockets. Understand?"
"Sir!" I shouted, a sign of understanding.
"Alright." Sifel said as well.

At about sunrise, we were all in Kragel. Apparently, one of the small inns just outside of the city's main castle was rented out just for the few of us mercenaries. We had nothing to do so upon arrival, so Sifel and I just looked around this place after dropping our things off in our rooms. I had never really been outside of Derethe or my home in Himejii, so this was a whole new experience for me. Of course, I took my sweet time checking this place out.

Walking through the snow covered streets of Kragel was quite peaceful. And this early in the morning, the town was surprisingly active. All the people seemed to have been smiling, or so Marusu thought, as he walked.

He stopped in and out or different stores, mostly weapon shops and blacksmithies. Marusu flipped his hair and rubbed the side of his face, as he checked out yet another weapon store. Marusu wasn't in desperate need of another weapon, seeing as he already had a sword. It was a long and heavy katana that he had brought from home. It was the Matsue family's Muramasa, but, Marusu was unable to even draw the sword.

Walking inside the shop, he slowly browsed through the weapons, as Sifel impatiently waited outside with all his supplies already taken care of.

"Come on, damn it!" He shouted from outside.
"Patience, man!"

Marusu continued to shop, until he had found what he had wanted, an Iron Katana. Although it was poorly made, it still qualified as a good weapon. Its blade was straight, as opposed to curved such as a normal katana. Marusu though, hadn't known that it was poorly crafted. He just assumed it was a Ninja-Tou, a sword used by ninja and assassins. He'd always wanted to be a ninja, so, Marusu wasted his money on this and a well-made Slim sword. Although the knife he had been carrying this entire time seemed obsolete now, Marusu decided to keep it on the tuck, on his back and under his sash.

Marusu, after paying and thanking the man at the counter, backed out of the store, apologizing to Sifel.

The two continued to walk, Marusu's scarf and Sifel's cape flowing withe the cold seasonal winds. There were tons of people around, and the two stood amidst them, scanning the area for any one who they deemed worthy of coming to aid them with their future perils.

The choice was not easy, and they had no idea of how to go about asking somebody if they wanted to join them in a the life of a Mercenary. The two only stood there raising their remaining gold above their heads, and shouting "We're hiring mercenaries! We pay well, we promise!"

This was Saligia, A Mercenary's Axiom.
19 Sep 2006
Recruiting for an RP of mine.

It won't be as long as Akai Tsuki was supposed to be. But it's supposed to be a quick three chapters, filled to the brim with a lot of action, guaranteed to get a few quick levels. I'm looking for anyone, from seasoned veterans to the most inexperienced roleplayer.

I'll take five members, but I'll start the story when we have three, excluding myself and the NPC. Now, remember you can quit anytime. Because this roleplay is a little different, I don't really require you to stay in for all three chapters of the story. But I do require people who can post at least three times a week.

Current Members:
¤Marusu Matsue
¤Sifel Mitsurugi
-[Matix - Axel Sangrefina]
-[chrislee149 - Christiän Lee]
-[WyvernSlayer - Adrian]
-[jotnar - Finnbarr Trueflight]
-[Natu - Kurenai]

I've got a lot of the story planned out, I just need about a week to prepare. I'm still in the process of writing the story out in full detail, from what I have already written in my systems notebook. There will be a lot of story to fill, don't worry about getting bored.

The story will begin next Tuesday, September 26th. PM for any further information or any inquiries.
23 Jul 2006
Demon Prince, Marusu Matsue, the "Crimson Flower"




Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: September 13th, XX89.

Affinity/Element: Fire

Height: 6 feet and 0 inches tall [182.88 cm]

Weight: 163 pounds [74.002 kg]


Class: Nomad Warrior [though he calls himself a "Ronin"]

¤Iron Katana [refers to as Shoto]
¤Slim Sword [refers to as Tanto]
¤Knife [refers to as Kunai]

Weapon Level: Level E [1.00]



Prince Marusu's crimson red eyes are thin, cold and made to strike fear into his opponents, but with his glasses and thick eyelashes, he does not do much of an effective job. His gunmetal colored glasses have a light, under-rim style frame, whose lenses are very dark, and appear to be made of thin clear stone, such as obsidian. He claims to have bad vision, but not enough to need glasses at all. Perhaps he uses them solely as a fashion statement of sorts.

Prince Marusu lets his partially wavy hair fall down and it sweeps forward around his ears, and somehow he manages to keep it out of his face. His bangs, are normally split cleanly and styled to cover most of the top half of his face, making his left eye hardly visible. His hair by the way, is a very dark brown, but many mistake it to be black. The ends of his hair usually end in a little curl, which some may think he does on purpose to retain some kind of childish cuteness.

Marusu's skin is dark, and those who see him are taken aback by his pigmentation. He is quite a bit darker than the average person, although in the Netherworld, his true home, this dark skin is quite common. On his shoulders are tattoos which he's been told he got at birth, that he always keeps hidden for a forgotten reason. On the left shoulder, there is an Ankh tattoo, and on the right, is a very ornate winged Cross. In the middle of his back, Marusu has a tattoo of a set of demonic-looking wings.

He wears an earring on his right ear called a Magatama, a sacred jewel that only certain Angels and certain Demons like he and his sister have. They change color according to fighting prowess. Being only a "D-" or perhaps even "F-" ranked fighter, Marusu's Magatama is green. On that same ear are two silver earrings on the top of his ear. On the left ear hang two silver earrings from the lobe.

On the small of his back, is a small leather bag, about the size and shape of a small box, colored black, with a pearl white trim. Think of it as a fannypack, but less lame. In here, Marusu carries money, medical supplies and rations. His family's sword is supported by this bag. Although he can't draw it yet, Marusu always has this sword with him. It is a sword with an unusual blade design, and is made of a very dark-colored metal. The hilt is wrapped in a very deep red threading, with a gunmetal colored guard and end. It rests on him sort of diagonally, with the hilt on the right side.

On all occasions, Marusu wears a deep red monstuki, a formal kimono. He's had his montsuki made to have shortened sleeves, so he can wear the guards that the samurai normally wears. These guards are black with a silver trim on the edges, and under them is a bit of silk to keep from annoying marks and scratching of his skin. Marusu wears a dark grey obi [sash] over his middle, where it should be. Underneath that obi is a thin sheet of metal, that only barely qualifies as armor. It's only tough enough to keep his vital organs from harm, things like arrows or shuriken that may come at him at any given moment. Any force greater than twenty-five pounds will break this armor and render it useless for the most part. Also under the obi, is a small throwing knife. Like the members of high status, Marusu wears a haori, an overcoat with his family crest on the right breast. His is colored black, of course. Marusu is one to mix eastern and western clothing, as he wears the pants and black boots of a westerner instead of the hakama and setta he should be wearing. The pants are made to looke like hakama, as they are split down the side, but are not designed to look like culottes. Everything he wears is dyed black, if it wasn't already, except for his obi and his pants [that are a cool grey color]. Starting from the knee, Marusu has metal guard for his shins and knees. The pads over his knees, are sculpted to depict a lesser demon's face, complete with a set of horns. The guards only cover the front of his legs, though, and leave the back unprotected. Under these guards, are also thin peices of cloth.

On Marusu's long fingers rest nine small silver rings. One on each finger except for his left ring finger, of course. All of his long and pointed nails are black. Some may think he's had them painted, and others think they are the natural color of a demon. He sometimes usues these nails along with his rings to fight if things get too rough, and needs to fight without a sword of knife.

The young Prince of slender proportions and has often been mistaken for a woman, due to his feminine looks and his clothes that may be a bit tighter than the average man's clothing. He is also more "beautiful" than the men he may come across by comparison, being thought of as a "classical beauty" by the Matsue city residents. Though, they do think of him as an inferior swordsman because of this. How girly does he look? I'll just say he's killed any man who's mistaken him for a woman by yelling, "Hoo boy! I'd like THAT on a cracker!"



Being the Prince of Demons himself, Marusu has the personality of the type of person many people do not make friends with immediately. Many consider him dark, shady, cold, even. He's normally the typ who likes to spend time by himself, away from anything from large crowds of people to small gatherings which he is sometimes forced to go to for reasons usually involving his imperialist government.

Normally when faced with a question, Marusu normally blows it off, or gives a very sarcastic remark, making his statement obvious. Marusu speaks with quite a sharp tongue at pretty much all times, and if the situation is dangerous, he normally gets himself into serious trouble. Prince Marusu is the type to throw an insult at a person just for looking at him the "wrong way," and can turn a small gathering into a fight, into a bloody massacre.

While his usual appearance is that of a very proper young man well versed in Netherworld culture, he sometimes has the eyes of a demon and becomes extremely violent. He is an incredible swordswoman whom few could hope to face. He is a very serious character, but also very just and in his own weird way, only cares for the well being of his sister, and anyone he happens to get close to.

Marusu's attitude when it comes to fighting is actually kind of scary. He can get into a fight at the drop of a hat, even when unarmed or facing impossible odds. He fights mercilessly using a combination of his fists and a sword of knife. He saves his insults until after the fight is over, normally comments like "You never could have hoped to best me, fool," or "You should have fled when you had the chance."

Marusu can also be a trickster of sorts. he loves trouble and conspiracy, and he likes it even more if he is the source. He gets a twisted enjoyment of watching people in distress.

He has difficulty dealing with other people; he finds many people to be a distraction that keep him from being able to concentrate fully on his studies and kendo practice. His relationships with new people initially fail quickly; people all too often find themselves on the receiving end of various attacks as a result of frequent mishaps, which can be anything, according to Marusu. Marusu can mellow out, and he becomes used to certain company and eventually finds himself developing feelings for some people, along with a habit of writing trashy romance tales involving the two of them in a small book he keeps tucked away under his obi. He writes in Makai so no human can read his book.

Unfortunately, he has a habit of trying to kill people when they lie to him or don't tell him the full details of a situation when asked. He also gets into a bloodthirsty mood whenever his allies appear to be lazy and do not do their best, whatever road he follows.

Interestingly, Marusu has only two serious fears in the world: someone named Sparda, and for some reason, turtles.



Born to two demons named Sousuke, and Mana, Marusu, the soon to be crown prince was born.

Living with his younger sister, Maki, Marusu Matsue is the Prince of the Demons in the Netherworld city of Matsue, the water city. Living in Matsue-Jou, Marusu always though of his life as boring. By themselves, Marusu and Maki began to study swordsmanship on their own time in secret. They read up on many different styles, but Iaido and Kendo in particular. Over time, Marusu grows into a sixteen-year-old ronin who is extremely serious, athletic and into Kendo and Iaido.

By the time Marusu was thirteen years old, he and Maki devised a plan to get their father's throne, due to their mother Mana's talk with them one night. She explained how she disliked the way their father ruled their country of Himejii, with useless slaughterings, and killing of his own people, and wanted him to rule no longer, but she was much to weak to do anything about it herself due to an illness. In a month's time, the plan was done. Mana was sent to the small island country of Aoshi to the southeast of Himejii.

The day afterwards, it began. Marusu and Maki rushed their father with the family swords, Muramasa and Yamato in hand, and Demon King Sousuke was defeated in a single blow. He was told to leave the country, his tail between his legs like the sniveling cur he was. Sousuke wasn't seen until another conflict later in Marusu's story in which he regretably kills his own father in a field of white daffodils in holy lands.

After the event of dethroning Sousuke, Marusu and Maki sent a group of soldiers by frigate ship to retrieve their mother. The siblings eagerly awaited the arrival of their mother. Even after a few month's time, the frigate never returned. The soldiers, and Mana were unofficially pronounced dead by the siblings, but they never gave up hope to go to Aoshi and figure the issue out themselves. Marusu and Maki inherited the throne, but still were referred to as Prince and Princess.

Another three years had passed since those dark days.

Maki, is energetic, and loyal to her brother. Marusu is far stronger at Kendo than Maki, but Marusu still greatly admires and fears her for many of his own hidden reasons. However, Maki knows that Marusu has more potential than herself, and that Marusu will have lost his drive to improve when he marries. Becuase of this, she's always doing her best to be sure that Marusu keeps his skills as sharp as they can possibly be. Before he marries, which is an event that she does not want to face. Maki is also the next in line to inherit the dojo the Matsue family. She's currently entrusted with the keeping of their family's Shinmei school tradition. She is not active in running the school, unless Marusu's gone, and she assumes control of the school herself. When Marusu later accepts having to give up the life of the sword for marriage, it is his duty to hand the school over to Maki's care when the time comes.

Years before this incident, Marusu was part of an arranged marriage between him and a girl named Yuuka. She was very beautiful, but Marusu didn't want to be married against his will, and thereby, fled Himejii. Through a magical gate, Marusu came to Earth, and began a new life. He still went home every now and then to visit his sister, who he left in charge of the country. From one of his visits, he obtains a small Phoenix named Tsuruko as a gift from Maki. Its down feathers do not have revitalizing power.

While on a visit home, Marusu and Maki learned of their mother's death, and their father Sousuke's involvement in the murder. It was then they learned as well, that Sousuke was under the employ of the Celestial King, who was known as 'God' to the people of that realm.

As time passed, Marusu became involved in an incident between the himself and the Angels of Celestia called the Celestial Host, the Angel's military force. He was to collect thirteen objects called Celestial Seals, each an embodiment of different elements. He was then to bring them to the gate of Celestia to open them, and there, he was to kill the God, for what happened to his mother on Aoshi and what his father was driven to do under the God's power.

Marusu had earned the title of Crimson Flower, by the people of Himejii in the Netherworld, and was crowned King.


Current RolePlay:
¤Saligia, A Mercenary's Axiom.

Past RolePlays [in chronological order]:
As of now, none.

Current Inventory:
¤Iron Katana [refers to as Shoto]
¤Slim Sword [refers to as Tanto]
¤Knife [refers to as Kunai]

Current Stats:
Nomad Warrior
Level: 1

Weapon Level:
Sword - E [1.00]

Supports Conversations [in chronological order]:
As of now, none.
21 Jun 2006
I was just checking something out, here. I was about to post my rewritten profile upon its completion. I had gone to check out the profile template to see if there'd been any changes. Nothing's really changed. But you know what I did notice?

QUOTE(Cynon @ Jun 11 2006, 10:30 AM)
Name: *Don't rip off anything else. That means other FE games, so no naming your character Marth, or one of his many Japanese names*

That's a problem for me. As you may or may not know, my character's name is Marusu Matsue, and has been for just over a year now. My question to you all is; does this mean I have to give my character another name, even though it's been this way at the first FEP RPG for such a long time? Or...?
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