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6 Dec 2012
Name: Keith Arkurj
Title: The Mountain Smith.
Age: 26, looks to be about 32.
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: The Mountains Near Khathelet.
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Lycia

Class: Blacksmith (Brigand) -> Mastersmith (Berserker) -> Forgemaster (3rd Tier.)
Level: 10/0/0
Weapon Levels: Axe (Hammer) - C
Weapons: Please list the weapons you build with the weapon system inside the spoiler tag below. What weapons you have access to are dependent on your class and weapon level.
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Warforged- Heavy Steel Armor slayer Hammer. (D)
A giant Two handed Warhammer, with a massive flat head. Its make is rough, but solid with good craftsmanship and high quality leather bindings. Its weight makes it a hard weapon to use, but to an experienced user, it will echo throughout the battlefield, toppling giants.

Mammonite- Heavy Silver Armorslayer, Double Headed, Brave Hammer. (A)
A beautiful giant of a Warhammer. Adorned with many gems and a gold plate finish, it belonged to Keith's Father, Dustin Arkurj. With his passing, the hammer had passed down to Keith... but its way beyond his ability to handle now. It sits, hanging on the walls of his forge, awaiting the day when it may be used once more.

Height: Metric-178, Imperial - 5'10.
Build: Bulky, Well Defined.
Appearance: He mainly wears cloth Apparel, As it works like a makeshift towel for sweat nicely. He mainly wears a gray shirt, black jacket, gray pants and black boots (With plenty of pockets.) When he's working, he's typically only wearing pants... and sometimes, not even boots. When traveling, he thickens his clothing with various leather workings, among other carrying utilities. If he is soon to knowingly go into battle, he will don a medium armor for practicalities sake. (However, he is not proficient as a formally trained solider.)

His physical appearance fits his lifestyle; well built and muscular. His skin is hard and slightly tanned from long hours of manning the forge, yet has a healthy glow to it when in the sun. He has gray eyes, 4 o'clock facial hair (He believes he is too young to truly have a full grown beard.) and black hair on the shorter side of things.

Overview:He's a very calm man. His voice is very commanding, but only rarely does he get assertive and put muscle behind said voice. Usually, he speaks with the tone of an older brother/man. He has a bit of an accent and is very informal when it comes to most conversation. When he gets focused at the forge, he breaks past this silent barrier and his respect to an old art is obvious and will not stand for someone to disrespect it. Keith is still a single man, but looking. He has established a forge in Tania and takes customers when he is not out doing errands and favors. Otherwise, his apprentice or mother tends to the forge.

Biography: "...Names Keith Arkurj... unusual last name i know. means' 'Golden Metal'. 'family's a line o' smiths for eons, proud of it... 'orn on a mountain, unintentionally 'course, but i couldnt' ask for a better place to come into life 'ere. Had a hammer in mah' hand from day one, the anvil bein' my personal toy... my Pa' was a good man. Rose me best he could, when he wasn't' drinkin' or going round' drunk as a skunk. Mum was much harder on me, had to be after pa died... may not of liked it, but we had' to be strong. Eight onwards', we had Heart's of steel and wills of iron. I took 'ver our forge 'round 16.. no, 15. Im 'bout 28... no, 26. somewhere between there. Set up in Tania now, mum's lookin' to arrange a wife for me... took on a youngin', he's still black as coal, amusingly enough. he'll clean up 'ere when he develops the talent. I say he learns better when im out of 'ta house... I still have a curious soul in me now... just have to find an excuse to travel now... Ah, nevermind me though! what can i get'cha?"

Approved by Darth
19 Nov 2012
Alrighty, so i want to bring in a blacksmith-type character who purely uses axes. That would take him down berserker path, but he isnt a angry, ragey person. Is it fair ground to go 'Im not a Brigand/Berserker! im a Blacksmith/Mastersmith/Forgemaster!', with the only difference being the name (Same style, limitations, etc)? and if thats a no, Can there be a 'calm' berserker? or must it be a 'RGHAAAAAA' Berserker?

Just being sure, thanks for responces!
7 Nov 2012
Ooookay, lets see how this goes.. *Ahem*

1. Ianaandru De Bushido
2. ~CMK (ColorMageKnight)
3. IrishBarbarian
4. GrandMaster
5. Zac

Well, bad news and the point is, we're in anarchy. Books pretty much open for everyone and anyone to write in it, which is kind of bad. Rules and whatever thrown to the wind, its going to be hell for the 'survivors' to try and get anything going, and that's not even trying to stay within 'fluff terminology' really. Ether by bad character design moving on through or stories such as 'TEH RICHES AER ALL KILLED IN FIVE MINUTES AND TEH DEMONS DED WE WIN LOL' (For most extreme), we'll be kinda screwed.

TLDR; Bad stuffs.

So i elect we root out the problem as early as possible and TRY to keep a community together. (Try being the keyword.) With the mods relinquishing power, that basically leaves a player to player bias to do things such as handle supports, loot and what the adventure entails. as previously stated, it'll most likely end badly due to no checks. So to the point of the paragraph; i say let us form together and form our own form of order.

We cant stop anarchy style for now, no duh. But we can a least have some sort of quality standard for awhile/replacement, and ensure that Skylessa characters have SOME place to find a quality experience. Thus the (un)official creation of this pact, as we try to find those are still here for the long haul/a good experience. Those who still desire to keep some kind of ball rolling and are responsible enough to keep to a code of honor.

I dont care who you are, if you want to sign this pact and your active, go ahead and do it. leave a post saying you do and agree, etc etc. HOWEVER...
Signing this pact, you pretty much are saying;
'Im here to have a good RP experience, I will do my best to keep to rules and true to the original wishes of those who have written before me. If i struggle, i know that i can ask my fellows for help and they shall assist me. If i can, i shall help those who are struggling and assist them as i can to help guide them to the best answer. Agreeing to this puts me at a higher standard as i KNOW my characters will be checked, my stories cross-examined for legitimacy and friction may be created through my actions, but i do not fear. I trust in my fellows to give me criticism to improve, tips to assist me in broadening my hobby and a good pat on the back when i have done right. Entertainment, fun and storytelling are my only motivations in the end, as i hope to pursue this hobby further amongst good company of respectful individuals who share a similar likeness, as we write the new chapters in this tale.'

If you don't want to keep to a said standard or ideal, please don't sign. There is a difference between 'trying' and 'trolling' and this is really just trying to be in good taste.

...Now that i have said my piece, you may naysay, insult and diss the cause. its a fling effort i know. the odds of it producing anything are slim at best, but i feel that i might as well try at least. Better to have failed, then nothing be done at all.
30 Sep 2012
Name: Eydis Vindrarr
Age: 21
Homecountry:West Araducia
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8.
Build: Average. She feels 'evenly spread' rather then a bulk of muscle, giving the impression she is skinner then she actually is. She is also a bit more 'womanly' then average, but it does not impede her combat ability and has a strap of cloth on that makes her appear flat.

Class: Pegasus Knight

Level: 6

Weapons:Skytravelers Companion (Slim Spear) - Given to Eydis upon setting out. An old heirloom, it shows it age, scratched up and with obvious signs of reforging. Despite this, it remains as a powerful testament to the clans history, protecting Vindrarr's throughout the generations. (Has a "reliable" forging if applicable.)

Javelins - Pointy thingies that hurt.
Weapon Levels: Lance D 2/4

Summary: Eydis has been brought up from birth to be a rider, being one of the two born to the clan leader. She fights proficiently on foot and better on Pegasus back, and has had a few pointer with swords despite not being proficient. She is uncomfortable in metal armor and prefers lighter/cloth armors, despite being proficient. In the eyes of clan, she is received well due to kinship. In the eyes of society, she's just another vagabond, aimless and just another wanderer. She doesn't attract much attention other then the fact she's a sky rider. She's a sucker for baked goods, especially if they're slightly under cooked and still have the 'fluffy' taste to them with her absolute favorite food being Olive bread with sticky mozzarella cheese (Or A-like.) baked inside. She has a distaste for fish and has never mastered the 'deboning' tricks. She is rather self confident, but not to the point of arrogance. She has a problem handling money, as she can never seem to 'keep the pocket book tight'.

Appearance:She has long light purple colored hair that almost fades to white in the light and blue eyes. Its not as 'neat' as most, but there is some obvious attention as to make sure that she isn't a walking mess of human hair. Her clothes are move 'hunter' in nature, as she lacks even iron plating for armor (although she knows how to wear it.) and instead prefers cloth and leather. She bears a distinctive maroon cloak w/hood, black under armor shirt and dark blue pants with padded leather armor serving as bracers and a chest piece with a chain shirt over it. She also wears leather gloves (With her left hand being fingerless, the right still having its fingers. as to take advantage of both 'grips'.) and riding boots. One could easily confuse her for an archer if she didn't have a spear. Also, she bears a pendent with her clans mark, a cloud with a spear and sword cutting through.

Bio:Eydis and her sister Sigridr were born in a small hamlet in West Araducia. It had ready access to lumber due to the forests nearby and good farm ground, making it self sufficient and was viable for good taxation. It was was a "Surprisingly" ready source of Pegasus Knights, as deep in the forest grounds lay a Wild pegasus breeding ground. It is a closely kept Vindrarr secret, being one of the few (To their knowledge) Independent Pegasus families not officially attached to a lord. The first generations of Vindrarr chose not to participate in the political structure, losing their chances of becoming nobility, but remaining neutral in the conflicts that occurred. As a reflection, the clan (Including Eydis) would grow up amongst farmer and warrior castes.

Eydis was grown to be a Vindrarr woman, with clan ideals and traditions as her morals and code. As per clan tradition, she was pacted with her Pegasus, Thermes. She developed a deep fondness and synergy with her mount, and is seldom seem without her. She was also practically born with a weapon in her right hand and a book in her left, having to master the art of combat and academics. Hating it at the time, she mastered the art of combat and achieved literacy at a young age. Her time spent mastering skills and academics left little room for out-of-clan socializing and personal development. However, she did manage to also develop a talent with a musical instrument (With a Violin/ A-like) and baking.

When she came of age to 'fly away from the nest', she declared her intent to become a wanderer to find her path, not feeling comfortable becoming a mercenary or solider in the army. Becoming 'thesauros venatorem', aka a treasure hunter, she set out to seek her fortune and true calling wherever it may lie.

Additional Notes/Comments: She's fluent in an old dead language. A hobby amongst the clan to keep in touch with old roots and helps to keep battle plans secret. (Latin/ a-like.)

(Apologizes if this is a double post! the first apparently didn't go through.)

(Mug is a FETO Starter Mug base, working on it piece by piece.)
28 Jun 2012
(I've been trying to make my own mugshots for awhile, but i haven't been able to hit my mark very well... So, i come, humble as can be, requesting assistance in acquiring one. If someone could help me make one, that would be awesome. Planning to use it for FETO... and if i get REALLY lucky, potential RPing, but i doubt i could use the character. Again, thank you kindly for reading and if you decide to take the request. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/clap.gif) )


(Also, could the mugshot white eyes, no pupils? Its a thing about the character... Thanks again ^^; )
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