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1 Oct 2010
Some ideas I want to check for plausibility:

1. a guy who was mutated by dark magic and thus needs to eat souls("quintessence") to live.

2. an armoured priest. I mean armour on the level of the heavy infantry. In exchange he is as slow as them.


3. said armoured priest promoting to something like a dismounted Seraph Knight. Basically a heavily armoured priest with swords.
30 Sep 2010
Name: Rafik
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Country: Daein
Race: Beorc

Class: Thief, Level 10
Weapon Levels: Sword: C


As with all drunks, any positive feature he might have had were spoiled by the constant intake of alcohol. Despite being over six feet tall, his height is spoiled by the fact his back is constantly bent, his head lowered as if plotting something. He still has a massive upper body, covered in muscle mass as thick as a massive tree trunk, but the drink has caused a large beer belly to grow and his powerful muscles are not as thick and hard as might've been possible, with a lot more flab than there should be around them.

The same can be said about his face. Although once he looked rather handsome and dependable as a child, the current him looks just like any other drunk - flabby cheeks, an unkempt beard that looks like a rat that sits on his chin, a swollen red nose that drips with snot, reddish eyes with swollen bags beneath them and an uncut mop of hair on top his head, at some places reaching down to the base of his neck and in some not even passing the brows, result of his drunken attempt to cut his own hair. Despite being quite young, he looks at least fifteen years older than he is, appearing to be in his late fourties, if not early fifties.

Rafik's clothing is no different than that of an ordinary bum. The most respectable-looking piece on him is a large leather tunic, it's sleeves torn and a large piece of patchwork on the back, a grey piece of cloth over the dark brown leather. Beneath it he has a simple fabric shirt, once white, but now muddy-brown, with a ragged pair of dirty-brown pants, the left side torn from the knee down. He wears a wide blue belt over the pants and has woolen mittens over his hands all the time.


Rafik's personality is a one that has gone through many changes in his life. Starting as a violent urchin with murderous urges, continuing as a child slave of sorts in a church-run orphanage, down to a bum and a drunkard, eventually joining a large bandit militia and then leaving it, he has a wide range of experiences, not to mention bad habits. He has a bad case of kleptomania, developed by his years as a bum, as well as a natural lack of moral compass, which means he never hesitates to steal something even when not forced to do so by his condition.

For him, the most important thing in the world is money - it is what makes him tick, so to say. For money or something valuable, he has no qualms about killing or otherwise physically or mentally harming others, as well as other crimes, ranging from robbing a traveler to kidnapping a little child for ransom. He also does the occasional mercenary work, but is not reliable at all, since his allegiance lies with the better source of money, so he is prone to getting bribed by the other party.

As a member of the Gazak Bandits, he was the leading "expert" of torture and interrogation, since his lack of a consciousness made it easy for him to hurt others until they were willing to speak, not to mention that he had a knack for coming up with creative ways of inflicting pain without any actual risk of killing the person. This has further muddied his heart, making him a person who is rotten to the core - no deed is too evil for him and no person is exempt from being hurt by him.

As someone who was locked a long time in a church-sponsored institution, he has a very deep hatred for the Church, which means that any priest that he meets risks quite a bit by being near him. He has similar hatred for the nobility, which he is not afraid to express vocally and in deeds - the mansions of nobles are his favorite target for robberies and any noble of knight he might meet on the road are likely to end up as corpses in some trench, after being made unrecognizable even as a human's remains.

His hatred for the clergy and the nobility is explained by one simply thing - his childhood. As someone who was born into the bottom of the social chain, he always hated the upper classes, consisting mainly of the nobility and the clergy, who had the central power in the city he lived in. After seeing firsthand how the life of the clergy looked like, his hatred for these two classes burned hotter than ever.

During his stay at the church he learned only one thing - to hide the extent of his ruthlessness and brutality. Although he cannot fool even a rock that he is an honest and upright citizen, he can easily pull off the image of a simple bandit, not showing just how brutal and morally-corrupt a person he is. This helps him when dealing with others, as people would rather talk with a simple brigand than a complete monster that would rather wring their necks than listen to their bitching a second longer than necessary.


Born in the slums of one of Daein's northern cities, Rafik never had a chance in his life. Raised by a drinking mother and without a father, he quickly found himself among the other street urchins like himself, already forming gangs at their young age. Due to his large size and aggressiveness, he earned himself a small following of kids who were similar to him in their aggressive natures. With these kids in tow, he quickly became a menace for kids both younger and older(but niot too much) than him, starting large brawls on a daily basis and generally leading a delinquent life.

By the age of eleven he was already a well-known bully and hooligan, although criminal would be the more appropriate word - he and his gang often broke into houses to rob them, stole from the stalls and shops in their district and went as far as steal from the district officials. Of course, with the notoriety they had, they always had to run away from all kinds of dangerous people who were after them - from the authorities to older kids who wanted to commit violence as much as them to real gangs that didn't like kids sticking their noses into their turf and doing whatever they liked.

Considering his temper and viciousness, it was no surprise to those who knew him when he killed his first person, stabbing him in the gut with a stiletto he found during one of his burglaries. From there on, it was an ongoing flight downstairs for him. After more than half of the boys who grouped around him left due to fear of getting killed, unfazed, he ordered the rest of the gang, who were as brutal and heartless as him, to hunt the 'traitors' down and bring him a few. Together, they abused the captured boys, eventually leaving them in the alleys as sacks of meat that couldn't be even recognized as human corpses.

The following two years would've been enough to break the sanity of any decent human. Despite being just kids, Rafik's inherent vicious and evil nature fuelled the dark instincts of the other boys, making them just as brutal as him. The image of the madly laughing Rafik bashing some poor kid's head into the stone pavement became something the gang grew used to, as it was accustomed to the new rule that all members must always have a weapon, usually knives or slings, on them and the amount of times they had to use those weapons.

However, much to the thanks and blessings of the local citizens, the authorities' patience with the outburst of violence in the streets was eventually gone. In one fell swoop, a force of both church-sponsored mercenaries and the local garrison's soldiers raided the slums, killing anyone above a certain age and capturing the younger ones, sending them to special institutions opened by the church to rehabilitate the delinquents through physical labour in the fields and mines, as well as cleaning public places around the city.

Seeing Rafik's vicious and black-hearted nature, one of the priests, a more-or-less decent person, decided that the only way to reform the child monster was to raise him to be a cleric himself. Since in addition to a decent personality, he also had a rather high standing in the local church organization ladder, he was able to pull that off and Rafik was moved to the a small church just outside the city, where he was to go through his education as a future member of the clergy. He lasted just about five years in the

Although these five years failed to teach him any morals or reduce his viciousness, they taught him something about hiding his aggressiveness, although not on the level of appearing to be a normal person. Eventually, tired of the constant nagging of the priests, he waited for a night when there were the least people awake, during which he stole as much as he could cary, took a priest's clothing and left, intending to use the priest get-up to get shelter in churches instead of paying for rooms in inns or sleeping outside.

And it turned out to be a rather decent idea, as wherever he went, people saw nothing but a slightly rough-looking priest, instead of a brutal criminal. Using this disguise, he often stopped lone travelers or small groups of two to three people on the road, as if to bless them in Ashera's name, but instead robbed and killed them, burying their corpses to hide the evidence. With this method, he managed to travel from Daein's north to the south, where he eventually settled in a small village, occasionally robbing people who passed nearby and spending the rest of his time in the local tavern, using drink as his entertainment. Also, by paying a poor farmer's debts with money he collected through his robberies along the way, he got the man to give him his daughter as a wife, despite the girl being five years younger than himself.

Now, fast-forward eleven years, during which he gradually turned into a good-for-nothing drunk who was despised and hated by the village people. But since he still retained his old brutality and brute strength, no one dared oppose him, all they could do was talk behind his back and complain, as well as pity his wife, who always showed up with one or two more bruises whenever she went to shop or any other errand she had. Thankfully for her, she never bore a child from Rafik, thanks to a friend that hid her whenever "that" time of the month came. Since he was usually immersed in drink, Rafik usually didn't notice his wife's disappearances.

However, this life soon ended for him. As his wife was not that strong a person, there was an obvious limit to the amount of abuse she could take. Her death was the straw that broke the patience of the villagers. Taking up any kind of weapon they could get their hands on and gathering en masse, they headed towards the hut that Rafik used as a house. A few hours later, a group of men with a tied Rafik in tow left the village towards the closest city, where they wanted to have the murderer tried and executed - only the intervention of the village elder, who wanted a trial so they wouldn't be blamed for anything, saved Rafik from an immediate lynching.

However, destiny would not let the group reach the city. As they were passing through a hilly forest area on their way to their destination, the group was attacked by a local bandit group, with the intention of robbing them. After finding out that their cargo was just one man, the enraged brigands slaughtered the men and would've killed Rafik as well, if he didn't ask them to join the gang. Seeing that he was a big guy with a temper, the type that they needed, the leader of the gang agreed, making him an official member of the Gazak Bandits.

For the next two years, he slowly reduced the amount of drink he had every day, and became quite notorious among the gang, for his brutality and lack of hesitation in harming pretty much anyone, be it man, woman or child. As he was one of the biggest and most brutal members, he became somewhat of an elite member, used to solve the more "delicate" problems, like convincing people to tell things they wanted to keep secret and the like. This also meant that he was usually at the front lines when the gang raided villages for loot, quite a frequent happening, which allowed him to shape up quite a bit from the bundle of fat he had become during the decade of alcoholism he lived through.

Due to the specialty of Gazak's gang, in the fact that it moved locations every few weeks to avoid being annihilated by the authorities, Rafik was slowly approaching the north, where he grew up - a fact he didn't particularly like, simply because it reminded him of the shitty life he had in the church orphanage. As they grew ever closer to that particular area, he grew firmer in his decision to leave, going as far as stealing from the gang's "treasury" to make sure he left with a nice ringing in his pockets.

But, as fate would have it, his leave was not entirely voluntary. Feeling overconfident in his numbers and after receiving a tip from an old buddy, Gazak decided to raid a small military fort, which had a number of soldiers that was nearly half the number of bandits in Gazak's gang. Feeling that he could rack some more cash in that last raid, Rafik postponed his escape to participate in the bold venture. In the middle of the night, the bandits approached the fort, the gates of which were unlocked thanks to Gazak's friend and rushed in for the kill...

...Only to find a formation of heavy infantry in front of them, armed to the teeth and outnumbering them at least three to one. As the massacre began, half of the bandits managed to slip out, only to run into cavalry and wyvern riders, who had their share of the action as well. Gazak's friend was a mole, as it turned out. The ambush was simple and brilliant - lure the bandits in and trap them for the kill.

While the ensnared bandits were fighting the military, Rafik was running away, having hid behind a barricade near the gate once the fighting started. As soon as the cavalry closed in on the escaping bandits, he sneaked along the wall, breaking through an old door at the back of the fort(which wasn't as much a fort as it was an encampment with a high fence) and escaping into the forest.

Thus, without the money he stored up before the assault, as it was captured along with the bandits, and nothing else on him, he was stranded in the middle of Daein, with nothing much to do.


Stiletto PRF

Mithril Keen Thin Bladed Perfectly Balanced Dagger

Description: A needle-like straight dagger, used mostly for stabbing people, usually in the back or when they're unguarded. Of course, this is Rafik's favorite way of fighting, so he likes this dagger the best.

Cinquedea C

Mithril Broadsword Double Fuller Dagger

Description: A dagger than it more like a shortsword, used as a real weapon used for frontal fighting.

Main Gauche C

Steel Flamberge Perfectly Balanced Double Alloy Dagger

Description: A parrying dagger, simple and easy.

Dirk C

Steel Perfectly Balanced Killer Keen Dagger

Description: Around twenty black throwing daggers that Rafik uses. When aimed well, they can easily penetrate even the hardest of muscle or flesh, being perfect for surprise attacks and feints. He constantly needs to pick them up after battle.


-What a bad guy he turned out as... a bandit, a drunk and a wife beater to boot... might be hard to roleplay him in most RPs due to the amount of positive characters in RL... I have a feeling I'll be getting headaches in trying to figure out how to fit him into RPs.
-He was something like twenty when he settled in said village and turned to drink as a way to pass the time.

28 Sep 2010
Name: Godfrey Delbray
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country: Crimea
Race: Beorc
Affinity: Light

Class and level: Sword Knight level 5
Weapon Levels: Sword: D


Tall, blond and very handsome. His theme colour is white. What more do you need? If you do, here it goes:

As mentioned above, he's quite tall for a medieval person of his age - around five feet, ten inches, despite not having finished his growth phase. Due to his constant training in preparation for knighthood, his body is lean and fit, but it still doesn't have that much muscle mass, since he is still in the growing stages. He does have a quite well-developed back, as shown by his straight posture, trained so that he will always look dignified and have the strength to ride a horse for hours straight.

He sports a blond patch of hair of medium length, reaching just below his ears normally, but brushed backwards to look more orderly. A small patch of hair, kept around twice the length of the rest is braided at the back of his head. His skin is a balanced mix of brightness with tan, meaning that his skin is fair, but has seen the sun for long enough to get a darker hue. His eyes are grey. Since I suck at descriptions, I'll just say that, even though he still looks like a teenager, he is already in the Bishounen group, which means that he is quite damn handsome.

Wears almost exclusively white clothing. Without his armour he looks like some noble's kid out on a picnic - a full suit of white clothing, white gloves, a white cape, white plated boots and even a white (obviously) cravat to complete the image. Just beneath the cape and over the shirt, he has a white short coat, with a white steel plate armour on his right shoulder, a chestplate and a pair of plated armguard, set in a balance that doesn't mess his sleeves up.

He rides a, surprise surprise!, white steed. It's a white horse. You don't need any more info, do you?


Can anyone say Wide Eyed Idealist? Well, as a squire he can't really be anything but that. Basically, he is the type that believes that being righteous and resolute is enough to defeat anyone that doesn't meet his standards of justice. He is still at the stage in life when he sees all evil as unforgivable, even if it is a small one meant to do a bigger good later on. Won't budge if someone tries to force him to do something, but due to his inexperience, he is easy to confuse and trick into doing things.

Due to his image of an ideal knight, he always strives to look like he's going to a ballroom and not a battle. This generally means that he is very picky about what clothing he wears and simply can't stand getting his outfit dirtied, even if it is an inevitability during battle. More so, if the reason is a person - even if it is in the middle of a city, he will usually boil over with anger at the "offense" and usually fly out to strike back at the offender. This generally means that he spends most of his free time fighting, as with his style of clothing it's impossible to keep them clean.

Energetic and outgoing with other guys but shy and quiet around women. Despite his difficulty talking with them, he tries his best to act as gentlemanly as possible with women, although it tends to go awry half of the time. If there's a person he takes a liking to, he will generally talk and treat him in a very familiar way, having little consideration for the question whether the other person considers him a friend or not.


Born as the second child of a Crimean count. Since his elder sibling was a girl, it was decided that he would be the heir to the county, which meant that his childhood was pretty much dictated by his family's needs and not his own will. From the moment he could walk and comprehend words, his time was divided among various tutors, instructors and trainers. Since he was the son of a count, he could only meet children of similar stature, which obviously meant that his playmates were nobles like himself.

While he studied, trained and played, his father, whom he rarely seen due to this exact reason, was fighting a fatal illness he contracted during a hunting trip. The sixty two year old Count Delbray, Eustace, despite his years and condition, kept up his effort to stay alive, despite his ever-worsening condition - all to prevent any mess over the inheritance from rising, as happens when there is no decent heir and a lot of relatives who are hungry for the land and riches oif the family.

Which reached a state of near-vegetative state by the time Godfrey was fourteen, the age when he was to become a squire, the first step to becoming a full-fledged knight. On that day, despite being a heap of bones and skin that could barely communicate with his wife, Eustace, with the help of the healing magic of the bishop of the region, got up from his bed to give his son his blessings and a sword, which would serve the squire until he was worthy of his inheritance as Count Delbray.

For the following two years he served as the squire of the son of one of his father's old friends, Henry, training under him and learning from him all he needed to know as a knight. The two bonded quite well as mentor and student, as well as friends, and participated in several small battles, mostly bandit-elimination expeditions, where Godfrey, as the squire, usually sat back and took care of the logistics for Henry, while the latter fought.

A couple months after Godfrey's sixteenth birthday, he and Henry agreed that it was time for Godfrey to gain some real experience before he could continue his training, as he had little to learn as a squire under Henry. And so, Godfrey readied his sword and mount and set out into the world, to gain the experience he needed to become a knight and eventually get his father's approval.


Steel Blade (False) D

Heavy Steel Reverse Broadsword (Handsword)

Description: A squire's training sword.

Misericorde D

Steel Killer Armourslaying Dagger

Description: A simple dagger meant for up close and personal encounters.


*Third tier pic
*Based on the not-exactly-accurate stories about Godfrey of Bouillon, aka the first christian king of Jerusalem.
*I'm aiming for around level 5-8, with D rank in Swords. Basically a well-trained, but inexperienced, squire.
*Just noticed it, but bandits are the Slimes(DQ) and Goblins(FF) of Fire Emblem.

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