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2 Oct 2013

Noah Garod, on an aimless journey, decides to stop at the remains of his old village, to pay his respects. Little does he know, however, that it's become something of a refuge for raiders and other unsavory sorts. He has, however, heard of the unrest around the border and set out the call for those willing to accompany him to investigate.

...Yeeeaahhh. I kind of don't have much to say about this one, other than that since we're just starting out I figured a regular ol' "go to objective, fight angry outlaws" might do. Anyhow, small (4-5 people) beat-em-up rp in Plegia since there doesn't seem to be one of those yet.

Slot 1: Noah Garod, Me
Slot 2: Ariel, Blonde Panther
Slot 3: Emilia Grimaldi, Squishy
Slot 4: Emmy T. Slought. Maybe you could fill it?

Knight of G: Question: Ylisse or Plegia?

BP: Considering Noah is a Plegian character and travelling out of Plegia is hard, I'm gonna guess Plegian.
Could you use a Dark Mage/Dancer hybrid with enough energy for both of them?

UD: Yeah, Plegia. I'll try to make the little "Plegia" notice more...well... noticeable next time.
And yeah, a dark mage is always a good thing to have. Except when they're angry. oh god she's not angry right?

Squishy: As promised, Emilia is here to wreck everything and steal everything that isn't nailed down. (And violently destroy everything that is)

UD: Late, but added to the queue. Also, it's a bit short, but the thread is up.

[ v ]: Is that last spot still open for signing up?

UD: Sure thing. I don't think we're all done with the first round anyway.

[ v ]: I'll take the spot with my second then.

BP: Uhhhh.... Vice? You may want to finish your post there XD I would post, but I don't know if you had the final part of that sentence or another half a post in mind.

Vice: Must be too sleepy when I posted it... Fixed
2 Oct 2013
Writing Contest #1

To celebrate the grand opening of the Ylisse roleplay, weíre hosting the first of hopefully several writing contests! The idea is simple: We provide you all with a prompt, with which we expect you to write a short story featuring one or more of your approved roleplaying characters. All mods who havenít entered the contest will then read and judge the stories, after which a winner and two runners-up will be chosen. (Exact number of winners will depend on how many people participate.)

This first time, the theme is ícelebrations!í Write a short story about your character or characters at a festival, party, banquet, or any celebratory event for whatever reason you can come up with!

Of course, 'short story' has as many definitions as there are writers, so I won't impose a word count that you have to stay within. However, please don't submit entries the length of a solo RP thread or a NaNoWriMo project. Entries are to be submitted in this thread, we can't consider entries that have been PMed to us.

There is no limit to the number of entrants, but every entrant can only submit one story. Weíre accepting entries from now on until July 31st, and will have our judging done by August 15th at the latest. We allow placeholder posts, but obviously we canít take incomplete or not-posted entries into consideration for judging. You can change your entry as many times as you like.

Winner: 2 levels and 4/5 of a weapon level for a character of your choice.
Runners-up: 1 level and 2/5 of a weapon level for a character of your choice.
2 Oct 2013
Lottery #1: 6871, free 1/5 for first lottery
  • [ v ] 3127; +1/5 WLvl
  • Ultra 8967: +1/5 WLvl
  • Double 6154: +3/5 WLvl
  • Willow 9072: +3/5 WLvl
  • Clooby 7778: +3/5 WLvl
  • Kei 2222; +1/5 WLvl
  • Knight of G: 5628: +1/5 WLvl
  • Fcgfyv 1337: +1/5 WLvl
  • UD 0926: +1/5 WLvl
  • Darth 5792: +1/5 WLvl

Lottery #2: 2992
  • BP 4790; +1/5 WLvl
  • UD 0926: +1/5 WLvl
  • Light 2750: +1/5 WLvl

Lottery #3: 7908
  • UD 0926: +1/5 WLvl
  • BP 8468: +1/5 WLvl
  • Ultra 7951: +3/5 WLvl
  • Darth 5304: +1/5 WLvl
2 Oct 2013
The Ylisse Team

The moderating team of Ylisse presently consists of three dedicated mods chosen specifically on their passion for the project, agreeableness and availability. We may have the power to approve or reject your profiles and decide on your level gains and support options, but weíd like you to know that before anything else, weíre human like anyone else! Weíd like to use this thread to introduce ourselves and inform you about our responsibilities and how you can contact us.

Blonde Panther
Names: Iíve been referred to as Panther and as BP.
Position: Head mod.
Work days: I try to be available daily. If for whatever reason I cannot be available, I will make sure to notify everyone well in advance.
Responsibilities: I hold executive decision-making power over all RP matters. Like the others, I grade profiles and RPs. Iím also specifically in charge of grading all profiles that use Special Classes, I write the plot posts, and I keep the census up to date.
Timezone: GMT +1, or EST +5.
Accepted methods of communication:
You can always, always PM me on this site.
My gmail, WildcatsGalore@gmail.com, is entirely dedicated to HC matters.
About me: Iím a Dutch, 20-year old female student of psychology. Iíve been a major fan of the Fire Emblem series ever since playing Blazing Sword, and as such itís no surprise that I jumped to the opportunity of helping set up an RP based off of the latest instalment. However, I hadnít expected to be left in the position of head mod. My philosophy is that you canít run an RP without RPers, so Iíll do everything in my power to make everyoneís RPing experience the best it can be.

Darth Slaverus
Names: Darth or D_S is fine.
Position: Second-in-command.
Work days: I'm usually around every day. I may be bit busier on the weekends, and I may become less available upon returning to school/getting a job, but it won't be a major change to my schedule.
Responsibilities: Aside from grading and providing setting information, I also manage the weapon modifier thread and update the weapons list when a modifier is approved.
Timezone: GMT-8, I believe. I run on PST.
Accepted methods of communication:
-PMs on this site are the easiest way of reaching me. I'm also around on both AIM and Gtalk as Darthslaverus and Darthslaverus@gmail.com respectively, if you want to IM me.
About me:
I'm a 20-year old Canadian currently going to college for an English degree. I've been a big fan of FE ever since I was introduced to the series. In addition to playing video games, my hobbies include writing and roleplaying, both in a forum format and with official products (like Pathfinder). I also used to fence. I'm quite shy in real life, but never hesitate to ask me if you need something. I'm much more sociable online~

Names: Squishy, or any variation thereof.
Position: Moderator.
Work days: Iím available daily.
Responsibilities: All-around mod. I help out in every possible field.
Timezone: GMT +1, or EST +5.
Accepted methods of communication: Preferrably PM since I'll see those quickest, but AIM and Skype are fine too. (Feel free to ask for them!)
About me: I'm an animation student from the Netherlands and I like to spend my free time either drawing, animating of course, roleplaying, drinking tea and baking the occasional cake. I also like cats. A lot.
If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask! I don't bite~
2 Oct 2013
Weapon Levels
What types of weapons can be wielded is decided by your class. You'll notice that most classes specify a weight category along with the weapon type- Ylisse deviates from the games in that we've divided Swords, Lances, and Axes into lightweight, mediumweight, and heavy categories to create more diversity amongst the classes that can use the same weapon. Weapon level is shared between weight categories.

The complexity and general power of the weapons or spells you can create and wield are determined by your Weapon Level, which is denoted by a letter and a fraction. Your starting Weapon Level is indirectly chosen upon creation, as it is proportional to your starting level: A level 1 character starts with an E-rank in all weapons, a level 10 character starts with a C-rank in their primary weapon type and a D-rank in their secondary weapon type if they have one, and a level 10/1 character starts with a C in their primary weapon type and an E-rank in any weapon types gained from their promotion.

E is the lowest possible weapon level, followed by D, C, B, and finally A. How far you are from reaching your next weapon rank is shown by the fracture behind the letter. All weapon ranks require five 'points' to increase. Upon creation, the weapon levels are freshly gained, and thus all start at 0/5. Upon the completion of roleplaying threads, the grading moderator may award anything between no experience to 5/5 of a weapon rank. Note that this means that a D-rank with 3/5 experience can grow to at most a C-rank with 3/5 experience, not at most a C-rank at 0/5.

Weapon Creation
Weapons in the Ylisse RP are entirely custom-made form-wise, while the less subtle effects are limited by the modifiers that are placed on them. For every weapon rank a character gains, they can pick one modifier of the corresponding rank: so a C-rank spell would have at most one E-rank modifier, one D-rank modifier, and one C-rank modifier. Multiple modifiers from one rank can't be chosen, except if an A-rank weapon or spell uses the Masterful modifier. Picking a modifier from each rank is not mandatory, but skipping a rank results in a modifier less on your weapon or spell. In addition, materials for physical weapons overwrite each other, meaning a weapon can only have a D-rank OR a B-rank modifier, not both. This limitation does not apply to spells and Staves.

As such, the maximum number of modifiers on physical weapons is four, whereas the maximum on spells is five. The exception to this are weapons wielded by the classes Berserker, Sniper, Swordmaster and Halberdier. At A-rank, these 'mastery' classes can apply an additional modifier from any rank to their weapons. There is no minimum number of modifiers- a spell or weapon can be as basic as the RPer wishes.

It should be noted that unlike in the games, weapons in the RP do not have a finite number of uses. Weapons will only break if the RPer so wishes for whatever reason.

This may all sound a little complicated. If so, refer to the example below. If after reading the example, there are still confusing aspects, contact a moderator.

Name: Julia
Class: Pegasus Knight
Level: 1
Weapon levels: Lightweight Lances (E 0/5)

Julia begins with an E-rank in Lances, and her class restricts her to lightweight lances only. She carries a Bronze Pilum and a Bronze Javelin with her. The Javelin is for ranged attacks, and as such she chooses the Thrown modifier for it. The Pilum instead gets Chain, so that the odds of Julia losing it when fighting in the skies are that much lower and so that she doesn't have to get QUITE as close when using it.

As she survives through many battles with her two trusty weapons, Julia reaches Lances level D and upgrades both weapons to be made of Iron, for better durability and more punch.

Living through more battles and gaining more skill with the lances, Julia reaches Lances level C. Because her superiors often make her fight magic users because of her naturally high resistance, she adds Wither to her Pilum to enhance her effectiveness in this role. Her Javelin, however, is good as it is, and as such she chooses to not apply any of the available C-rank modifiers to it.

And so forth. Julia can repeat this process with as many weapons as she can reasonably own, as often as she likes, as long as she only works within the limits of her weapon level and the weight classes that her class allows- for example, she can't make a Great Halberd, as Pegasus Knights can't use heavy Lances.
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