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26 Jan 2014
Go check them out, make an account, and etc.
23 Nov 2013
I'm going to be relatively inactive for a while, so I may not jump on top of glitches as quickly as I'd like.
So, a note both to GM/admins and users: Anyone caught knowingly exploiting a known glitch to gain an advantage will be:
- DQ'd from the current tourney, if entered
- Fined an amount of gold at the GM or Admin's discretion
- Repeat offenders will be suspended from FETO for a short time and unable to participate
It's as bad as cheating, if not worse.

Don't worry about stumbling upon bugs though. Just report them in the bugs forum, or in PM to an admin, if it's serious enough.

And remember:
23 Nov 2013
Life happened.
I'll pop in once and again, but I won't be as active as I was for a while.
I didn't even have the time to come in and post this until now, I've actually been gone for about a fortnight.
I'll be working on the new forum behind the scenes, and working on deploying the webchat sometime.

FETO activities have been held off, except for investigating some bugs (like the "/" character character name glitch).
2 Oct 2013
(IMG:http://feplanet.net/~sirocyl/fepdev.png) FETO 3 Approved Features.
Fire Emblem Planet Development Committee Proposal DCP-01a

ok, enough "official" bureaucratic sh17
let's get right to the
Major features:

Map Maker
Idea: sirocyl
  • Included as part of a tool useful for GM's and users alike: OMEGA
    Editor and
  • Allows for map viewing, map editing, scenario viewing, and battle visualization.
  • Also includes facilities for editing SenScript and previewing scenario/campaign
  • Will use a standard tiled-map format, or be convertible from/to such format.
    This allows for custom editors, extensions to the format, and to use your favorite existing tools for map-making.
    However, OMEGA will remain the de-facto method of importing and creating maps for FETO.
  • Map making follows these guidelines:
      The short version:
    • You can make, share, and display on your profile, any map you make.
    • You can play any map that you, or someone else has made, in Test mode and Custom Campaigns.
    • You can play a map against others once you mark it as "Done".
    • OMEGA securely keeps track of authors, contributors, and changes automatically, though you can disable this for your map (not others' though, because of this next point!!)
    • Map theft is a bannable offense. Being able to freely edit and share maps opens this as a possible surface for conflict, so we'd rather avoid such issues as soon as possible.
      Re-creating maps from other games is ok.
    • Maps will be tagged as such:
      [WIP] while being edited,
      [Test] once marked "Done", and while being nominated/selected for inclusion,
      [α] for Alpha, once approved but still being tested by staff,
      [β] for Beta, once testing is done and staff is confident that the map works,
      [New!] once the 14-day trial period has expired and you need to buy the game to continue pla.... and the map is ready to be played.
      The [New!] tag will disappear after 30 days out of Beta.
    • If an issue is discovered on an Alpha map, the map will not be pulled, but you will have an opportunity to make changes and resubmit for selection.
      On a Beta map, the map will be marked broken, pulled after a couple hours' notice (or immediately if the bug is serious), and any issues/losses caused by it will be undone or compensated for.
      If said issues are truly at fault of the map designer and not the map (like, an intentional exploit or cheat), fines will be levied.
      On a released map, the map will not be pulled immediately, but it will be marked as broken, and compensation will not be as likely if you have played on it. After 72 hours, the map will be pulled.
    The long version:
    Map-making and map-editing guidelines, and map-approval process (LONG!) (Subject to change): Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
    • Any user may make a map.
    • Maps can be shared between users, either as a link on the site or as a FETO map file.
    • Maps can be listed on one's profile if made public, or hidden if made private.
    • Any map can be played in "Test Mode" against other users, bots/NPCs and NPNCs.
    • You must mark a map as "Done" in OMEGA under Map Properties in order to be able to play it in Test mode with other players.
      You don't need to do this to play against bots/NPCs, share the map, and let other people play against NPCs.
      Maps marked as Done will have a [Test] tag; maps not marked as Done will have an [WIP] tag.
    • Every time you save the map or make it "done", it increments the version number.
      You can change it manually, but older revisions/undo trails are saved for convenience.
    • Maps have the following version numbering: <major>.<minor>.<commits>.<changes>[.<rollbacks>]
      Changes is incremented every time you make a change; the system auto-saves.
      Rollbacks only shows up if you undo an action, and only shows up if two or more changes have the same change number.
      Commits is incremented every time you commit your changes and lock editing by marking it "Done".
      Minor and major are incremented on your own schedule. I recommend minor for small changes (bugfixes and the like) and major for large-sweeping changes.
      If minor and major are left at zero or blank, only commits, changes and rollbacks are counted on the version string (so it will look like 17.455, rather than
    • Maps can and by default will, audit and track the contributors, by cryptographically signing the Author and Contributor information.
      You can turn this off easily in OMEGA's map properties. If you are the author, the cryptographic signature information will be replaced with a hash stating that you don't want author/contributor tracking in this map.
      If these are changed without permission from the original Author or any Contributors, it will be visible and noted.
    • You can opt out of being listed as a contributor; your ID will be encrypted and salted with the map file hash, and you will appear as "Anonymous" or "Anonymous (#)", if there's more than one.
      You will only still be seen as a contributor by certain staff. If you completely want to be de-listed, you should ask the author to cryptographically sign your proposal on having you de-listed, or have a staff member delist you if the author is no longer available.
    • Map theft is serious business. You will be banned for it.
      I cannot stress this enough.
      For one, if you mark your map as public domain or similar and someone rips off of it, it's not theft, and we thank you for being open about your map.
      If the map you want to borrow from is copyright, copyleft, copyup or copydown, you must follow the copyright rules set forth by the user.
      If a map is submitted without copyright information, it is owned by the user.
      Legal note regarding copyright: Re-creating maps or levels from other games that are well-established in the market, is considered a fair use, as FEPlanet/FETO and its users/players make no profit from such endeavors, and FETO does not intend to compete with or supersede the original work, and has little to no effect on the marketability or saleability of such work to our users and players. Such levels are included for research and study, by our members, in level design and game mechanics, and our purpose is educational, in that regard.
      The key is, well-established. If it's a brand new/pre-released game, or is an independent, fan-effort and/or a small-group effort (like FETO) I wouldn't appropriate things from it.

      Furthermore, learning from another mapmaker, on FETO or otherwise, by experimenting with and incorporating techniques into your own work should also be considered fair, as long as you're not plagiarizing off another map, or outright pirating it and calling it your own.
    • In order to make it into the game, maps must be reviewed by staff for balancing and stuff.
    • Map approval and selection process:
      • Pre-process:
        • Maps may be selected by staff for inclusion, or elected for inclusion by members and/or staff.
        • Maps may be nominated for selection by members (even the creator!) and staff.
        • Maps will only be selected if their status in OMEGA is "Done",
          We recommend, if you see your map being nominated, that you finish up what you can.
        • Only the creators and contributors can see nomination and selection status.
          Maps will not be tagged for these pre-process steps.
        • Once a map is nominated for selection or selected for inclusion, we expect that you're done editing its layout and data.
          Please tell us if you're not actually done and it's been selected, so that we can de-select it.
        • Maps that were once an alpha, beta or released (recalled) map before, will be higher in the map review queue, in order of release process.
        • Semifinal votes toward inclusion are cast by Game Managers, FETO Admins, and the site admin.
        • If there is a tie or close (one off) vote, assume that the map has been selected. It can be further tested in-system for worthiness.
        • If your map is selected or elected to make it into the game, you will collaborate with the staff on any changes that must be made.
          Some such changes may be non-negotiable, due to a game-breaking issue. You may fix the issue yourself, or use the staff's recommendation.
      • ALPHA process:
        • Maps that are approved, but in testing, are marked as ALPHA.
          They will have a little [α] next to them, when viewing or selecting.
        • Once in ALPHA, the map is expected to remain the same, unless you need to fix a bug that you found before the staff.
        • If you edit your map in ALPHA, it will lose its ALPHA status and [α] tag.
          You will need to get your map re-approved. If it was an alpha map before, it will be higher in the map review queue.
        • If you need to edit your map due to a bug, you should report that you're changing your alpha map, to the staff, and explain the bug if at all possible.
          There will be an easy way to do this through the OMEGA system, too.
        • You cannot use ALPHA maps outside of Test mode.
          This is so that anything that is done in an ALPHA match does not count for or against you.
        • ALPHA maps will not appear on the map selection, are hidden by default on users' profiles (this is changeable, both the default and per each map), and can only be accessed using the Test Mode map select, or through Debug Mode by a Developer.
      • BETA process:
        • Once a map is approved and clears internal testing, it is put on a trial period for two weeks (14 days).
          It will be marked as such on the map selection, as "BETA".
          Like Alpha, BETA maps will have a little [β] next to them.
        • Once in BETA, the map and its mechanics are absolutely final.
        • If an issue, glitch or bug is found and verified, the map will be immediately removed from BETA.
          This way, you will be given an opportunity to either fix it, or apply our recommended fix (if any), and have the map be re-approved.
        • On BETA maps, we expect the users to do what they can to break the map, and report back to us with the findings.
        • You can use BETA maps in Test or regular battles, but we will be more apt to "undo" an unfavorable battle on a BETA map, if it was due to a game-breaking bug or glitch.
        • BETA maps will not be used for Tournament or main Campaign modes.
      • Once a BETA map clears its fortnightly testing period, it will be vetted as FINAL and integrated into the game.
        Maps that were vetted within the past 30 days will be marked as [New!]
      • At this point, any game-breaking issues will be fixed, but we are not directly responsible to undo your battle on such a map if a bug is found, because a massive number of players will be using it.
        It is therefore recommended, if a FINAL map is broken, to discontinue using it and report the issue to a staff member.

AI units ("bots") and special AI/NPC squads/unit formations ("Null squad", etc)
Idea: sirocyl
Skype log with some explanations: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

QUOTE(siro (11:06:46 AM 10/2/2013) via Skype)
for example:
Your unit, opponent's unit, 3rd, 4th player's unit, are PC's (player-characters).
CPU/AI unit, CNPC's (combatant non-player characters)
Null squad, random campaign-mode standby person, NCNPC's (non-combatant non-player characters)
Sandbag wall deployed by player, Washing machine, tree (without hornet hive), non-moving car: NCNPNC's (non-combatant non-player non-characters)
Sentry turret deployed by a player, rabid washing machine, tree with hornet's nest, moving car, CNPNC's (combatant... all the rest)
Mountain, bridge, rock, some trees, fences/walls: Map objects.

So, here's the cliffnotes:
Player vs. Non-Player denotes ownership.
Character vs. Non-Character denotes control.
Combatant vs. Non-combatant denotes action.

Lemme tree this out.
C vs. NC/P vs. NP/C vs. NC tree: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
  • Player
    P: Anything that is controlled or set into play by a/the player.
    • Character
      PC: The main unit in direct control by the player.
      • Combatant
        CPC: Anyone that can attack.
      • Non-Combatant
        NCPC: Anyone that cannot and does not attack.
    • Non-Character
      PNC: Any field units or objects deployed by the player or player character, that are not directly controlled by the player, but by their own script.
      • Combatant
        CPNC: Anything that can attack or cause damage.
      • Non-Combatant
        NCPNC: Anything that cannot attack and cannot cause damage.
  • Non-player
    NP: Anything placed by the map or script, controlled by the map or script, or placed or controlled by a non-player/AI.
    • Character
      NPC: Any unit controlled by a map, scenario or campaign script/AI.
      • Combatant
        CNPC: AI units that attack as if they were players.
      • Non-Combatant
        NCNPC: Does not and cannot attack even if provoked.
    • Non-Character
      NPNC: Anything deployed by the map, scenario or campaign script or AI, that follows an independent script/AI code. Same as PNC
      • Combatant
        CNPNC: Almost anything else that can hurt you.
      • Non-Combatant
        NCNPNC: All other things.

  • Map objects (considered as NPNCs)
    • They have no soul, no life, are inanimate objects.
    • They have a terrain marker on them, and can be traversed like terrain.
    • They can usually be attacked, or interacted with in some fashion, and typically are destructible.
    • Like other NPNCs, they can be combatant or non-combatant.
      • Combatant map objects include volcanic lava, poison swamp, acid, cacti, electrified things, poison clouds and such (touching/traversing it hurts your unit)
      • Non-combantant map objects include kitchen appliances, furniture, trees, shrubbery, bridges, mountains, houses and buildings, and other "destructible" field/environment items.

Proper Campaign Mode and Scenario Battles/Games
Idea: sirocyl
  • Custom Campaigns and Custom Scenarios are campaign/scenario battles that are user-created and not run through the approval process.
Scenario Editor Notation (SenScript)
Idea: sirocyl

Game interface and usability/accessibility:

Better mobile device support
Idea: Falaflame, sirocyl
  • Better support for phones, tablets, and game systems like Wii U and 3DS.
  • There will be a number of compatibility profiles available, which mix client-side and server-side code to get the best performance while staying within the limitations of the system at hand.

Big/Little Picture Mode
Idea: sirocyl
  • Enables a more "game-like" menu system and action/view layout, for Wii U/Wii, 3DS, PS3, PS Vita and anything else that fits those form-factors.

FEPlanet interoperability:

Unified user account for FEPlanet, FETO, Forums
It's already like this, really, but needs a rewrite for 3.0/2.3.

Announcement system
Send out a PM or e-mail alerting you to new tournaments and other things which you subscribe to.

Game mechanics and features:

Test Mode
Idea: sirocyl
  • Test/Sandbox mode allows for users to mess with things they couldn't ordinarily, set up battles and test strategies.
  • Test mode can be multi-player, or single player with NPC's of the user's choosing.
  • Test mode battles can not, and will not have any significance to the player's credits, ranking or stats, and cannot influence player information in any way.

Selling Characters
Idea: Goodguy, Execution: Falaflame
  • 250 gold base for selling characters.
  • +50 gold for every sub-sequent level-up it has gained.
  • +1500 gold if it's promoted.
    This covers half of the master seal used.
  • +8725 gold if it's a lord.
    This covers half of the Master Crown used.
  • If it was created and lorded within 30 days of creation, full refund is rewarded.
    (17500 for Master Crown, 3000 for Master Seal, and 500 gold from creation.)


Map cleanup and removal
Idea: Falaflame
Remove or revise the following maps:
  • T-minus 15
  • Castle Dungeons
  • Bidoof Brawl
  • Aquatic Labyrinth
  • Opposing Dynasties
  • Akitsaws
  • That other swastika map
There may be others.

Server, Development and Debug Features:

Debug Mode
Idea: sirocyl
  • Debug mode enables more verbose reporting of game status, and allows a developer to view variables, SQL queries, PHP code, and other "secret sauce" in FETO.
  • Debug mode capabilities will be modular, and assignable per user or usergroup.
    Some capabilities are, for security reasons, reserved for the administrators by default.

Accessible bug-reporting, and user-reporting
Idea: sirocyl
  • Adds a "Report an issue" and "Send feedback" option to all FETO pages
  • Issue-reporting and feedback submitting will not interrupt gameplay.
  • Upon clicking the "Report an issue" option, a snapshot of the relevant users' and game state will be taken.
  • The user then selects whether it's a software or user issue (e.g., trolling, flaming, AWOL, AFK or ets.)
  • The user provides relevant info (screenshots, explanation and what lead up to it, and software information if it's a software issue)
  • It will report, if it's a user issue, to the Super-Mods and FETO managers.
  • If it's balancing issue, or stat issue, to the FETO managers and FETO admins.
  • If it's a system or software bug, it will be reported to the Devs and FETO admins.

In-game bug report post: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
What this does, is allows a user to instantly report an issue while in-game on any screen (battling, viewing stats, scanning user etc.)
Issue reporting will not interrupt gameplay.

When the user clicks the "Report an issue" option, the system takes a snapshot of the user's and game's state.
The user will then have the option to select whether it's an issue with a user, or an issue with the software.

The user will be asked to provide:
- a link to, or upload, a screenshot if the issue pertains to something onscreen.
- If a software issue, an explanation of what they did leading up to the error.
- If a user issue, an explanation of the issue.
- If a software issue, any add-ons installed or user CSS/scripts, and what OS and connection speed they have.

It will report, if it's a user issue, to the Super-Mods and FETO managers.
If it's balancing issue, or stat issue, to the FETO managers and FETO admins.
If it's a system or software bug, it will be reported to the Devs and FETO admins.

This way, we can hope that the players, the platform, and the game all coalesce in harmony and concordance to eachother.

Movable, modular code
  • Allows, for instance, OMEGA to pull in modules for the Map functions and SenScript logic.

Networking overhaul
Idea: sirocyl
  • Next-generation asset, user-originating content down/upload and static file delivery subsystem.
    • Eases the load on the server by only loading what's necessary, when it's necessary
    • Only loads things once. Client-side caching will be used extensively.
    • Centralizes file uploading and file URL linking to one script, to avoid breaking things again like sprite/mug uploads.
    • Allows for a CDN to distribute file delivery, making the main server a lot less stressed.
  • Open up a near-real-time AJAX long-polling-method connection over HTTP, for communication with the game.
    Into this pipe, will be fed:
    • Player actions, such as declaring an attack,
    • Chat messages
    • Game actions that require server-side verification and that sync across players
    • Queries and requests for information and statistics
    And from it:
    • Bootstrap code
    • Lists of assets to pre-load
    • Client commands
    • Data to fill templates with
    • Synchronization of game state
    • Results of player actions
    • Chat messages
    • Information and statistics
    • Announcements, news, notifications, and such
    • Broadcasts
    • Error messages
    • Responses from server-side scripting (Tourneys, for instance)

I'll continue adding to this in the next few hours after I clean out the posts in here.
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Thanks for all the work you've been doing for the site :D it means a lot to all of us.
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