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Lilithe Sarangerel, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by [v], Jun 29, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

, post: 15023, member: 389"]Name: Lilithe Sarangerel
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nationality: Plegia
Allegiance: Plegia, Grimleal

Class: Dark Knight
Level: 10/1
Weapon Levels: Magic - C, Sword - E
  • Rending Sword : Rending |Glass Wither Silver Cursed|

  • Miasma: Malady => Complex => Pestilence | Silentspell + Thrall |
    The caster summons black mist around her body to blind nearby enemies as well as tenderly damaging them. At the same time, it also inflicts malfunction in body system that victims become unable to control their body as normal.
  • Hollow Fang: Delay => Complex => Drain | Silentspell + Brave |
    A plain energy draining spell that comes in a form of dimension sword slash.
  • Dark Prism: Defensive => Potency => Area of Effect | Silentspell + Dragon-blessed |
    Defensive dark magic, the caster summons triangle-shaped barriers to defend herself or allies. It can also be formed in a pyramid shape to protect the caster from all direction. The bigger shape, the more exhausting caused to the caster.
  • Phantom Rain: Corrode => Complex => Area of Effect | Ritual => Siege |
    To a group of enemies, the caster summons an acid storm to damage as well as rust away their weaponry.


sketch: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Standing at 177 cm, Lilithe is a quite tall woman who possesses a thigh-long raven black hair, bangs at front and a portion of side strands are tied at the back of her head with her precious hairpin. Her mysterious eyes are emerald greenish. Her body, while it is quite well developed, is rather lithe and is not suit for heavy weapon or armor.

Although Lilithe adorns her body with some light armors, for example a breastplate with shoulder pad that covers only her right side, light gauntlets and greaves, the Grima follower still maintain the fashion of Grimleal by keeping use of sorcerer’s robe as well as the tight suit. Her addition gothic long dress is also navy blue, laces are visible below her chest area.

However, due to the fact that she carries a saber and garbs with armors, some people fail to notice of her Plegian identity.


Quiet, reserve and intelligent. Lilithe has personal reasons that causes her to avoid social interaction with most strangers, unless necessary. She tends to distance herself from a group of crowd, especially when it gets noisier. It is as though there is this miserable, or pessimistic, air around her that people find it unease. Due to her tragic past, she is also a very negative person, thinking for the worst to happen.

Behind her calmness, the armored magician is afraid of almost everything that is dangerous. She was neither brave or skilled enough to act like a hero, and so she cares most for her own safety and personal space. She acts upon reasons, not emotion, most of the time. She despises people who judges others all all time, as well as she hates social rank system, nobles or king. Grima alone is enough to be her guidance.


Lilithe was born low, she was in a group of Grimleal as soon as she remembered anything because her parents were. She was raised up to believe that Grima was the only one true god and there was no other choice for her to choose. She was familiar with hunger and blood since she was a child. Her father was slain in some ambush with the Ylisse, while her mother became ill from the same event, and passed away few years later.

However, the life of Lilithe turned to be better when she became teenager. It was about time that some other follower found out her enlightenment in Grima’s teaching, and supported her to be better at it. Not many follower realized it was because she had nothing to do but reading, not to mention that all most every document in Grimleal library was about the fell dragon and some make-up teachings. She just basically read every book or journal there. Whatever the real reason was, Lilithe began practicing dark magic and not so long became capable for combat, and it turned to be her chance to go outside this shelter.

After a few combat experience, with not much achievement, Lilithe found that Grima was not the only god exists in Ylisse. She learned about Naga, about other countries and their people, became curious of them, enough to create a desire to learn more. Finally, taking the sword of her father along, the lifetime Grima worshipper made some excuse to her Grimleal leader to travel world for expanding her knowledge.

- Avoids fighting dark mage, or any of Grimleal, if possible as well as avoids using dark spell when a non-Plagian in sight
- Not own any horse yet, she rents one when needed
- More anima spell may be add as RP goes
- Don't steal her hairpin

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