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Min'nei, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Darth_Slaverus, Jul 3, 201
post Sep 30 2013, 03:55 PM
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Darth_Slaverus @ post: 15138, member: 375")
Name: Min'nei
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Nation of Birth: Chon'sin
Birthday: December 17
Height: 5'8
Weight: "In Chon'sin, those who ask a woman about her weight must cut out their stomachs to apologize."
Allegiance: Chon'sin and her family, though she works as a mercenary.
Religion: Naganite
Handedness: Right

Class: Soldier
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: Lances C (1/5) (1 point from Lotto 1)

Ya'ri - Mediumweight Spear. Ridersbane, Iron, Enchanted (Ice).

An heirloom passed down through the family of Min'nei's mother, this spear was once employed in a heroic endeavor by one of Min'nei's female ancestors. The shaft is painted yellow, and though the spear has not seen battle for some time, the tip remains lethally-sharp and well-suited to warding off cavalry. Curiously, the weapon is capable of unleashing frigid blasts of icy air when swung, numbing the bodies of Min'nei's opponents to put her on a more even footing with them.

(IMG:http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx259/Tbjl2006/Transparent%20Mugs/MinniePale_zps243c702c.png) (IMG:http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx259/Tbjl2006/Transparent%20Mugs/NonPaleFinalTransparent_zpsfa50ea4c.png) (IMG:http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx259/Tbjl2006/MinnieDSDownTrans_zpsd9510a24.png) (IMG:http://i761.photobucket.com/albums/xx259/Tbjl2006/MinnieBSUpTrans_zpsa79478f1.png) *

It is readily apparent to even the most unobservant of individuals that Min'nei's body has been ravaged by a terrible disease. Her once-slender, athletic figure is slowly but surely wasting away, and her skin has adopted a ghostly pallor. The symptoms of her affliction are no less frightful, as Min'nei is occasionally wracked by severe coughing fits, involuntary shivers, and prolonged bouts of dizziness that threaten to confine her to a bed. Yet, in spite of her suffering, Min'nei strives to maintain a silent dignity, standing up straight and never leaning upon her polearms for support except in the most trying of times.

Min'nei takes great pride in her appearance, and does her best to suppress her discomfort when interacting with others. In this, she is betrayed by her eyes. Set into a heart-shaped face alongside a small nose and pale lips, Min'nei's weary eyes are dull and bloodshot, their purple hue now a faded, almost-lifeless remnant of their former selves. Nonetheless, her eyes are one of two sources of colour amidst her otherwise ashen countenance. The second is her long, dark purple hair, which has been tied into a large ponytail and allowed to fall just past her shoulders. In the front, Min'nei has also carefully groomed two particularly lengthy bangs, letting them droop down from her forehead to flank her face.

For attire, Min'nei dons the traditional garb of Chon'sin. She is virtually never seen without her dark blue, ankle-length kimono, which is both modest and elegant in design. The exquisite garment was hand-crafted by her mother, and she treasures it dearly. Even in times of war, Min'nei forgoes armour in favour of her kimono, such is the value she places upon it. Additionally, Min'nei displays her heritage by wearing a simple white headband. According to Chon'sin myth, this accessory will allow the wearer to better concentrate. Min'nei hopes that there is a grain of truth in this tale, so that she might counteract the effects of her condition, if only a little.

Although she owns a pair of sturdy blue boots for long marches, Min'nei often goes barefoot in casual situations. It is unclear whether this is a personal preference on her part, or merely illness-induced forgetfulness.

(* Thanks to Senpai for these amazing mugs and sprites!)


A warrior at heart, Min'nei possesses a calm, stoic demeanour as well as unyielding courage on the field of battle. Although tormented by her current weakness, Min'nei has come to terms with the grim reality that her illness will almost certainly claim her life, leaving her noble house without an heir. As a result, she has become obsessed with upholding her family's honour and seeks a worthy death in combat so that their legacy, if not their blood, will live on through the ages. This is further reinforced by the fatalistic philosophy Min'nei has embraced as a coping mechanism. Nonetheless, only a fool would believe that Min'nei's death wish makes her suicidal or prone to throwing her life away. Hers must be a glorious end, and she will sell her life dearly, as many of her opponents have discovered too late.

Min'nei's sense of honour governs her actions in everyday life as well, forming the basis from which she conducts herself and evaluates others. She idolizes the virtues of honesty, responsibility, loyalty, and dedication to a field of expertise and expects them of herself and those around her, even if these virtues are taken to an extreme or would be inconvenient to follow in a given situation. Furthermore, Min'nei rarely raises her voice and speaks formally to everyone she meets. The few insults that slip from her tongue are phrased in the most polite and courteous manner possible. Unfortunately, her unemotional attitude has proven a significant drawback when it comes to the acquisition of friends. As she rarely laughs or smiles, it is easy for a stranger to interpret Min'nei as being cold or withdrawn.

Long hours of being bedridden have allowed Min'nei to develop a hobby of reading. She specifically enjoys reading military texts and has gained a rudimentary understanding of battlefield tactics through studying historical accounts. That said, she vastly prefers fighting on the frontlines or sparring with a skilled adversary to devising stratagems in a tent, and thus her tactical abilities remain untested.

While not particularly vocal about her religious beliefs, Min'nei is a devout worshipper of Naga. She holds Lady Tiki, the legendary Voice of Naga, in the highest regard for her connection to the Divine Dragon. At the same time, she views the Grimleal with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension, wondering how anyone could see Naga's archnemesis as anything but a foul monster.


Born to an influential Chon'sin dynast, Min'nei was destined to be an only child. Some nobles would have balked at having only one heir, let alone a female one, but Min'nei's parents doted on their daughter with loving care. As the girl grew out of infancy and into childhood, she was presented with a surprising degree of freedom despite her lofty station. Though she could not escape the burden of responsibility that came with being the sole successor to her noble house, Min'nei was allowed to pursue her own goals, so long as she did not shame her family in doing so.

Overwhelmed by the variety of choices, Min'nei sought inspiration from her parents. Two paths appeared before her as she consulted with them. Her father, a wily old blademaster of some repute, offered to school her in the arts of war, while her mother, an old-fashioned woman, eagerly expressed a desire to train her daughter in more domestic pursuits. Following a period of experimentation, Min'nei found that she vastly preferred the former. Her tea brewing was mediocre, housework bored her, and she proved to be sadly inept as both a musician and a painter. Soon she stopped receiving lessons from her mother and dedicated herself to mastering her father's teachings.

Of course, the long exercises in the dojo were hardly easier. On the contrary, they were grueling for the young girl, as she copied her father's movements for hours on end. He pushed her hard, and at the end of the day he would spar with her. He always won these mock duels, effortlessly parrying her clumsy attempts at applying his teachings before using the appropriate counter to defeat her. Still, Min'nei quickly learned to not complain or cry. Her father took her lessons very seriously, and would tolerate no discontent. And even though the girl was regularly exhausted and sometimes bruised from where her father's dulled blade had struck her, hearing his praise after a particularly-taxing session filled her with joy.

Whenever her father was unable to tutor her, he would assign Yue'ri, one of his chief retainers and a superb swordswoman, to teach Min'nei. Yue'ri was less stern than Min'nei's father, and in spite of the large age gap between the two women, a fast friendship formed. Min'nei's mother had never quite forgiven Min'nei for forsaking the household arts, and while their relationship remained cordial, a lingering air of disappointment permeated their interactions. As if to fill the gap, Yue'ri took on the role of an older sister as well as that of a mentor, offering encouragement to the fledgling Min'nei.

As the years passed, Min'nei grew stronger and more agile. Suddenly, as she reached her adolescence, she began to rack up accomplishments. At age fifteen, she bested Yue'ri for the first time in a duel. At age seventeen, she entered and placed first in a local combat tourney. At age nineteen, she managed to achieve a draw in a practice bout with her father. Among the other dynasts, Min'nei enjoyed some small fame, with many wondering whom would claim her hand in marriage. For her part, Min'nei stayed silent about the matter as she came of age, serving her father over the next several years as an emissary of the family. She taught herself the basics of several weapons during this time, but the sword was always her favourite.

Fate was not so kind as to let her idyllic existence go unmolested, however, and the next time Min'nei's marital status was brought to her attention, circumstances were considerably more dire.

When the mighty warlord Walhart rose to power in Valm and began his campaign of conquest, Min'nei's father was one of the first dynasts to ride against his host. Consequently, he was one of the first to be utterly crushed under the Conqueror's heel. Min'nei, who had remained in her family's castle at her mother's behest, could only watch in horror as the battered remnants of their army returned, with the Valmese hot on their heels. Thankfully, her father and Yue'ri had survived the battle, but this happy revelation was soon spoiled as Yue'ri advised her lord to flee the continent and seek vengeance at a later date while she and the other retainers bought them time. He reluctantly agreed, and although Min'nei protested leaving Yue'ri behind, she knew in her heart that nothing would dissuade the faithful swordmaster. In the dead of night, Min'nei's family slipped out from the castle and boarded a ship that would take them to the neighbouring continent, in search of a new home.

They found one in the northern reaches of Regna Ferox, with both Min'nei and her father competing in tournaments to win the respect of the locals. The proud warrior culture of the Feroxi was something Min'nei could identify with, yet the memories of the flight from Chon'sin were fresh in her mind. Even as the Feroxi welcomed the refugees, Min'nei and her family pondered how they might one day take back their beloved nation.

Ironically, it was Min'nei's mother who proposed a solution. She suggested that if her daughter were to be wed to a powerful patrician of Ylisse, Plegia, or Ferox, she might be able to persuade her husband to send reinforcements to Chon'sin as a gesture of friendship, cementing a new alliance. Recognizing that she would not be marrying for love and fully prepared to accept the consequences, Min'nei swallowed her pride and agreed to the plan. Hiring messengers with the gold they earned from competitive tournaments, Min'nei's family spread word of her eligibility across the continent.

Oddly, the first to answer their summons was a sorcerer from the Theocracy of Plegia, the nation that worshipped the Fell Dragon. While Min'nei and her parents were immediately suspicious of the man for his study of dark magic, he professed to not personally believe in the Grimleal religion, and his credentials as a nobleman were remarkable. His name was Lord Alsar Lemaat, and in the end, necessity won out. Min'nei and Lord Lemaat were formally introduced.

Lemaat almost immediately became infatuated with Min'nei, attracted by her exotic appeal. But Min'nei herself found it difficult to feel anything but revulsion for the man. He was arrogant, petty, and cruel toward those he considered beneath him, descending into a rage if not afforded what he deemed the proper respect. He also constantly boasted of the schemes and machinations that had brought him to power, and eagerly told Min'nei of plots to come. Worst of all, Min'nei found a talisman of Grima among his belongings, suggesting that he had lied about his religious affiliation. At last, when she could bear no more, Min'nei told Lord Lemaat exactly what she though of him. She called him a sniveling rat bereft of any honour whatsoever, that she could never love someone like him, and that the only reason she wasn't calling off the marriage was because Chon'sin needed her. Min'nei then stormed off, leaving a fuming Lord Lemaat in her wake.

The very next day, Lemaat sent a letter of apology to Min'nei, asking her to come to a discreet location that evening so that he might express his regret for his behaviour in person. Surprised by the apparent sincerity and detail of the letter, Min'nei decided to see him. But when she arrived, Alsar Lemaat ambushed her without a word, using his mastery of dark magic to place a terrible curse upon her. Amplified by strands of her hair and other reagents he had prepared, Lemaat's hex caused Min'nei to become violently ill. As she fell to her knees, Lemaat laughed, claiming that a slow, inevitable death was the price she paid for spurning him, before fleeing into the night. By the time someone stumbled across Min'nei lying sprawled across the ground, Lemaat was long gone.

Min'nei was promptly rushed to a healer, where she slipped in and out of consciousness for several days, incapable of relating what had happened to her in her delirious state. When she finally awoke and told her parents of Lemaat's treachery, she found that she was in no condition to give chase and avenge his misdeed, feeling dreadfully weak. The Feroxi physicians commended her fighting spirit, but recommended that she rest and recuperate her strength. With little choice in the matter, Min'nei resigned herself to recovering. Her father vowed to hunt Lemaat down, but Min'nei, who considered the curse a slight on her honour, demanded that she be the one to exact her blood price.

Months passed as she remained bedridden, and her health did not improve. If anything, her affliction became worse, strength seeping out of her limbs and the light fading from her eyes. Nothing the healers tried worked. At last, they reached a fateful conclusion: Min'nei could not be cured. Her illness was terminal. Min'nei's parents were distraught, but the woman herself was silent. She spent the next few days pondering the inevitability of death alone in her cot. It was at this time that word reached the Ylissean continent of Chon'sin's complete subjugation. When Min'nei heard the news of King Yen'fay's surrender, she forced herself out of bed with a supreme force of will and sought out her parents.

"Chon'sin has died, and so will I. But I am a warrior. Let me meet death with a weapon in my hand and defiance on my lips." Refusing to spent her final days in the mortal realm cowering in bed, Min'nei asked to be given leave to seek a glorious death in battle. Her parents could not deny her this last wish, and solemnly voiced their approval. Min'nei was disheartened when she grasped her old sword, only to discover that she had been robbed of the reflexes required for swordplay by her affliction. In a display of grim resolve, she took up her mother's spear, one of the few family treasures her parents had been able to keep, and set off into the world.

"Farewell. Mother, Father... Know that your daughter, Min'nei, shall die well..."

As she embraced her parents and uttered these words, Min'nei offered a prayer. Conflict was brewing all across the Ylissean continent, and there would be ample battle in which to find a heroic end. But, if Naga was listening... If Naga, in Her infinite generosity, could grant a boon to a dying servant... Min'nei prayed that she would have the opportunity to face her hated enemies. She prayed that Lord Lemaat and the Valmese who had stolen Chon'sin's future would taste her spear before death took her.

The tale of her struggle has yet to be told...

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