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Nekirom of Valm, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Velyoukai, Aug 12, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Velyoukai @ post: 15618, member: 387")
Name: Nekirom, the Scalelord
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Nationality: Valm
Allegiance: Lord Walhart

Class:Wyvern Rider
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: Heavy Axes [C], Medium Axes [D]
  • Galvos: Chained-Killer-Iron Battle-Axe
    Normally maintained as a large, circular shield reinforced by and wrapped around his arm by a heavy chain, Galvos is the first heirloom passed down by Nekirom's house. Galvos is also known as the "Shield That Bites All Who Attack," as the shield itself is sharp around the edges, and adorned with spikes along its plane. It is a shield just as adept at attacking as it is defending, as blood seems to empower it to even greater strength. At times, Nekirom unwinds the chain from his arm, turning the shield into a deadly weapon able to attack from a short distance.
  • Maria: Crushing-Breaking Iron Hammer
    Darkly burnished and clearly brimming with power, Maria is the second family heirloom in Nekirom's possession. Maria is a beautifully cared-for war-hammer, with a leather-wrapped handle and a head flat on one side and pointed to a sharp spike on the other. Every generation has passed power from Galvos into Maria, empowering the war-hammer into easily tearing through even the hardest of armors and all but the most divine of weapons. "The Blow That Shatters All," Maria is Nekirom's favored go-to in times of challenge.
  • Galakros: Poison-Iron War-Axe
    "The Fang That Fells All Warriors," Galakros is the third and final of Nekirom's family heirlooms. Wickedly sharp and well-kept, Galakros is a purple-hued war-axe enchanted with a poisonous core, allowing even the slightest slice of flesh from the fang's edge to infect the injured. Galakros' poison is ritualistically empowered by Galvos, just as Maria's power is, though due to Nekirom's own lack of magical potential, the poison itself is not as lethal as his ancestors had achieved.
186 cm / 6'1"
Weight: 250 lbs / 113 kg
Hair: Light-Brown, high-tail to middle of back, tied with a golden ring at the bottom
Eyes: Dark green
Skin Tone: Tanned
Build: Broad-shouldered, Solid


As the son of a land-owning Valmese noble, Nekirom possessed the ample time and resources to train and feed himself properly in order to obtain a strong, sturdy body. His shoulders are broad, easily the span of two men side-by-side, though not as great as Walhart's own, and his physique is a large mass of heavy, hard muscle covering fat covering muscle. He is not a lean man, like many of his former-soldiers, nor is he a rotund man, like his own father. He is simply a huge man, with a sharp jaw, built large and fit with the muscles needed to keep his greatness in battle-ready physical condition.

Though his body is kept in prime condition by rigorous training, Nekirom's lessons of presentation are not completely faded. His soot-colored hair is kept out of face and pulled back high in a tail and several smaller braids, as the warriors of the territories to his home's south often did, and his facial hair is kept trimmed clean. He very rarely wears anything more formal than his armor, tight, form-fitting leathers adorned and fused with scales from the most ferocious of wyverns that dwelled in the peak to the south, but possesses a noble's suit of ceremonial arms for times when battle-wear is unaccepted. His one vice are the earrings he earned from a thankful wandering warlord. which he keeps on both ears at all times.

Personality: For the longest time, Nekirom has been accustomed to disappointment and frustration, ever since first discovering banditry and his father's response to said banditry, that being paying the bastards to go pillage somewhere else. Growing up with such disappointment, Nekirom chose not to dwell and let the frustration fester within him, but rather than train and become strong enough to repel the dastards himself. As such, Nekirom holds his own resolve and diligence to high standards, expecting only 100% from himself and detests sloth and weakness.

Recently, however, with the momentum of Lord Walhart and the sense of rightness that has surrounded all of the Crimson Emperor's forces, Nekirom has been able to lighten up some. He is more tolerant of the flaws of those around him, instead focusing on helping them overcome them if necessary, and permitting them so long as they cause no harm. This has followed him all the way to Plegia, even on his mission, causing him to regard some of the men and women assigned under him as his own.

Backstory: The first half of Nekirom's life was boring. Standard, routine, and tedious. It was a child's life of being groomed to succeed a father whose own childhood had been exactly the same, as had his own father's before him. Between meticulously arranged and pointless studies with tutors, assemblies between the various other lords at his father's station, pinned in unseen rooms with other heirs when not being used to interest daughters, Nekirom's childhood was an utterly unremarkable and undesirable affair, made bearable only by the soldiers who trained him to wield arms with strength and control.

It wasn't until the aftermath of his 20th birthday, the celebration of his becoming a man in his father's house, that Nekirom's life started to turn around. As a man, he only answered to the command of his father, and so threw himself into even greater training with his father's personal guard. Unlike the house's militia, formed mostly from conscripted villagers trained by more competent veterans, the personal guard were all veteran mercenaries and warriors kept in the lands by his father's coffer. Under their tutelage, Nekirom was able to empower himself, gaining strength and purpose as he strove for higher and higher levels of conditioning.

During this pursuit of strength, however, Nekirom became aware of the existence of banditry throughout his father's territory. More than that, from the other heirs, that of Valm's especially, there grew word of banditry across the entire continent. The stories of bands of desperate violence displacing and ruining the lives of mere villagers enraged Nekirom. It was not the place of villagers, simple and content to lead their lives of farming, to worry over being weak and unable to defend themselves from violence. It was the place of the ruling, of Nekirom and his father, and the various other lords of Valm, to handle struggles such as banditry.

And yet his father did nothing! The same with the other lords of Valm! Even many of his peers, the other various heirs to the countries of Valm, cared little for the banditry, only when they would leave their lands! It was enough to infuriate the normally composed Nekirom into action, and after gathering those from his land that shared in his rage against the bandit menace, he launched a country-wide campaign to destroy and rout as many of the bandits as he could. Despite his father's insistence on giving up on such an endeavor, and after an extremely humbling series of defeats in the beginning due to a lack of tactics, Nekirom's forces managed to rid his country of the first of many bandit forces.

To his disappointment, however, simply defeating one force of bandits was not enough to motivate his fellow heirs into action. Time after time, more of his neighbors would simply pay for the bandits in their lands to move elsewhere, eventually requiring Nekirom to summon his people to fight again and again. Even as he petitioned and called for heirs who had become lords to rally and put down the threat to all of their people, he was met with paranoid accusations and excuses of other neighbors waiting for a moment of weakness to strike. To the simple and focused Nekirom, these meaningless obsessions with allies, with other noble lords, expected to maintain the people of Valm, were beyond baffling.

Nonetheless, even when met with refusal and dismissal from all the lords, save the newly-lorded Walhart of the Country of Valm, Nekirom refused to allow the bandits to continue to ruin his people and their lands. Time and time again, he sallied out to put down the menaces and secure the peace of his people, while his father sat and grew fatter in his brothel of a fortress. He grew stronger and more cunning, turning defeats into lessons and victories into examples, until the day that a missive from the country of Valm arrived in his father's court.

The missive was an official notice of war, in which Walhart threatened to march into their domain and destroy them unless they submitted. For Nekirom's father, a man used to his life of luxury thanks to his son's efforts at maintaining the safety of his domain, the missive was a symbol of dread, come to threaten his very way of life. For Nekirom, far too used to the weakness and ineffectiveness of most of the lords of Valm, the missive represented something else. Motivated, Nekirom gathered his most loyal of forces, those devoted to him and his bandit-routing missions in the past, and marched to meet Walhart and his forces along the northern border.

Walhart and Nekirom met each other on the battlefield, each deigning to duel before spending their militias' forces against the other's. They met for 20 blows, exchanging strikes along with words, until the peace following their 20th strikes. Their duel came to a pause at that point, in which Nekirom asked Walhart the question that had been in his mind since the arrival of the missive, why he had acted. Walhart's response was both the only thing Nekirom expected, and that which he had hoped for since the start of their duel. In less than minutes, Nekirom had knelt down and sworn allegiance to Walhart, pledging his axe, his men, and his land to the other's ambition.

Together, Nekirom led Walhart and his forces back to his father's fortress, where Nekirom forced his father to accept Walhart's rule and command. He restocked supplies for his own forces, gathered the rest of his father's militia into his own, and set out with Walhart to conquer the rest of Valm. Countries fell as lords were either slain or knelt in service to Walhart, and for a good year, the unstoppable force of Walhart's growing armies swept over the countries of Valm, claiming victory after victory, becoming stronger, more trained, and even more devoutly loyal to the Crimson Emperor who spearheaded victory after victory in the name of unification.

It was after the surrender of King Yen'Fay of Chon'sin, the symbolization of having conquered nearly half of Valm, and clearly the strongest half, that Walhart's tactician, a eunich, Excellus, assigned Nekirom a mission. Nekirom was sent to Plegia, to oversee the actions and war of King Gangrel to determine if the Plegians might represent a worthy foe for Walhart. Others would be sent to watch over Ylisse, leaving Nekirom with the task of testing Plegia's mettle. Though unnerved and distasteful of Excellus' glee in this mission, Nekirom dutifully reported his departure to Walhart, gathered a handful of trusted, capable soldiers, as well as wyverns from the southern peak before sailing for Plegia.

Weeks later, Nekirom and his soldiers arrived in Plegia, and began their reconnaissance under the guise of a roaming band of mercenary warriors.

To maintain their hidden presence in the foreign nation, the Valmese soldiers adorn Plegian armor and fight from atop wyverns. This task is testing, as none of them have great experience from wyvern-back, but as true Valmese soldiers of Walhart, they will persevere.

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