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Qatami Alexandria, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by TotallyACat, Sep 16, 2013.
post Sep 30 2013, 04:11 PM
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("TotallyACat @ post: 16787, member: 546")
Name: Qatami Alexandria
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ylissian
Allegiance: More Ylissian than anything else

Class: Tactician
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: Light Swords C (0/5), Magic D (0/5)

Thunder Mine
Magic, Delay, Complex
Thunder Mine creates a hard-to-discern trap which will explode in a burst of electricity if disturbed, such as by a foot. Qatami likes to seed approaches and chokepoints with mines, but the spell is too complex and too short-lived for proper saturation.

Acid Breath
Magic, Corrode, Potency
Qatami's signature spell is aimed primarily at stripping foes of their defenses. Acid Breath corrodes and weakens armor, letting her light blades have a chance to harm.

Crocea Mors
Gladius, Rending, Iron, Quick-draw
Generally covered by her cloak, Crocea Mors rests at the small of Qatami's back, out of sight and just short enough to be concealed at first glance. It is her all-purpose weapon, to be wielded against any foe.

Combat Dagger, Ridersbane, Glass, Reverse
This smaller blade is usually carried strapped to Qatami's thigh. It's drawn against anyone clever enough to go for her apparent weaknesses. She uses its broad, short blade to fight in very close.

Appearance: Qatami looks very much the mendicant mage, with a loose tan cloak edged with mystic-looking runes along its edges, weatherproofed spellbooks at her sides. Beneath that is a young woman, clad in practical, hard-wearing shirt and long pants of a darker brown. From boots to fingerless gloves, the same neutral color scheme and simple look is preserved. That is her day to day wear, and she prefers not to change it up unless she has to.

What the surface covers is a wiry young woman with somewhat concealed blades. While lacking in both height and build, she's still clearly decently athletic. Her hair is black and cropped short, while large brown eyes belie the often mocking smile on her face.

Qatami usually stands with her feet spread fairly wide, with her arms crossed over her chest. It's a pose she can pretty easily spring from if something startles her, but she usually huddles up somewhat, even if at ease. She's just not a very open person.

Personality: Analytical is probably the kindest word to describe Qatami. She isn't vicious or uncaring, but everything runs through an algorithm which puts her safety and happiness at the top.

Her next most obvious traits are her sense of 'humor' and her tendency to chatter. She's always happy to share something of what's on her mind, which is usually a non-too-kind take at someone else's expense or else just something to throw other people. If everyone else in earshot is more uncomfortable than she is, she's winning.

At times she'll reveal hints that she has a kinder, more sensitive core, and that the surface abrasiveness is just an act. Actually, it's the other way around. She's happy to act somewhat vulnerable if it gets her something of value, but the abrasiveness is what she's really like. At least at the moment. Perhaps something could change her.

Backstory: Qatami was born to Ylissian parents during the time of the last Exalt, and was young while that war raged. Despite being from Ylisse, the young couple were Grimleal, worshippers of the dark dragon in the belief that after his rampage would come a kinder world.

Qatami's father was conscripted to fight for Ylisse, but he found himself unable to fight for a follower of Naga against those of Grima, so he deserted, rushing home to take his family to safety before any action could be taken against them. The safest place at the time seemed to be Plegia, and that's where they fled to.

As the war died down, Qatami grew up. Plegia was little kinder to them than Ylisse had been, particularly on Qatami's part. The village kids saw her as a foreigner, and they rarely got along. They picked on her until she, by inches and determination, won more fights than she lost, and developed a reputation for being willing to fight dirty.

She presented another face to schoolmasters and other adults, that of an eager pupil. Magic seemed to beckon her, with a promise of easy power, and all she had to do was jump through a few hoops to learn that.

Sadly, magic turned out to be more work and less reward than she hoped, though she gradually picked up the basics. As she shaded towards adulthood, she eventually tried a military career, as nothing else seemed promising.

Here she was tipped for a certain scheme of King Gangrel. She and others would raid into Ylisse under the cover of being bandits, inciting unrest on that side of the border. Being ethnically Ylissian and even usually able to hide her Plegian accent, she was an easy choice, able to add plenty of deniability if caught.

It wasn't much fun for her, despite the chance to be a squad leader and the extra perks that gave. Qatami didn't like to hurt people unnecessarily, and the raids weren't exactly much of a challenge as long as she avoided Shepherds and other actual warriors from Ylisse.

That changed quickly when Risen appeared. Surrounded and outnumbered by unfliching dead warriors, Qatami's squad was devastated. They had heard of such monstrosities, but had laughed at the very idea until they stumbled across them. In fact, Qatami was the only one to escape that encounter... in no small part thanks to her 'for the good of the squad' orders to her men that gradually spent them as shields for her.

Now rudderless, she abandoned her post as her father had before her, claiming now to be an Ylissian mercenary in need of work instead of a deserter or even a bandit. While the Risen seem to mostly be in Ylisse, she figures it won't be long before they're seen in Plegia as well, and Ylisse seems to be unstable enough to offer more possibilities for a bright, ambitious young woman, especially one with some leadership experience. So... Ylisse it is, unless she finds a better offer in Plegia before that. She would be loyal to any outfit she found (except in the case of sacrificing herself, which is hopefully something she can mitigate by dictating tactics), but on a national level one country looks pretty much the same as another to her just now.

Notes: Her Ylissian accent becomes distinctly Plegian when she's feeling stressed.
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