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Sirius Marshfellow, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Velyoukai, Sep 18, 2013.
post Sep 30 2013, 04:12 PM
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Velyoukai @ post: 16837, member: 387")
Name: Sirius Marshfellow
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nationality: Ylisse
Allegiance: Naga

Class: Priest
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: Staves (E)
  • Hangover Cure: {A magical effect that Undoes any temporary mental or physical impairment} "I guess it's time to sober up, you drunks."
  • Hangover Cure v2: {A magical effect that puts a mental haze over the target. Can self-target} "Ugh, my head...Somebody get me another ale!"
  • Tangible Protection: {A weak, magical aura of energy that dulls impact damage to the target. Can be Undone if needed}
  • Theoretical Protection:{A weak, magical aura of energy that dulls impact damage to the target. Can only be offered to those who profess faith in Naga's greatness. Or booze}
Sirius is blessed, as many of the clerics have told him, with a handsome face, sharp jawlines and a charming smile to serve as his most effective weapon against the hearts of maidens. His red hair is straight, unlike his mother's and her husband's own curly kind, and is kept tied in a braid behind his head, laced with green ribbon to bring out the color. There is no small number of women that he's charmed with his fetching green eyes, winsome smile and infectious laughter, only to be disappointed the morning after.

Personality: Glib and mostly disinterested more than half the time, Sirius nonetheless has the capacity of proving his noble birth. He is well-mannered and acts the gentleman well, when sober, and has ingrained from his mother a sense of chivalry and propriety for how women should be treated. His brief stint as an escort for his mother in the courts and homes of Ylissean nobility honed a faint sense of manners and politeness for those above his station, but it is mostly a background template that he's ignored during his time as a member of an eastern Church of Naga.

Backstory: Sirius was born from an affair with the Countess of an eastern Ylissean territory and a Plegian scholar. Though her husband knew Sirius to not be his child, he chose to still acknowledge him as his son and care for his needs, though Sirius was raised with the expressed knowledge that he would never have power or hold land in his father's realm. Instead, he mostly was an attendant and escort for his mother, who doted on him more so than her other sons, and enjoyed showing off her handsome son to the other noble ladies.

Eventually, as Sirius came of age, his distant father shipped him off to a local monastery for the priests of the church to hopefully instill discipline in his son. To the dismay of both his father and the priests, Sirius simply redirected his attentions from the daughters and wives of his father's peers to the sisters of the church, and the eager young women who would visit the church hearing rumours of his presence. In time, Sirius grew bored with the church and the people around his home and offered to serve as a missionary for the church, spreading Naga's blessings across the nation.

The priests were happy to see him go.

Notes: Faith-wise, Sirius is devoted to Naga, but many of the Fathers of the Church wonder if that isn't because of the reliefs bearing Naga's image.

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